Views for 2008-08-23

Saturday, August 23, 2008
David Sirota
What Biden Means
I was on Fox News this morning about what the Biden VP nomination means. You can watch it here: If you don’t want to watch the clip, let me summarize my...
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John Nichols
DENVER — And the winner is: Joe Biden. It did not take a newfangled text message, just an old-fashioned leak, to identify Barack Obama’s running mate. Word of the Biden selection spread late Friday...
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Matthew Rothschild
Judge Sides with Maker of 'Bush Lied' T-Shirt
You’ve probably seen the T-shirt around. On the front, in huge capital letters, are the words ‘Bush Lied.’ And on the back, also huge, the words, “They Died.” In tiny type, on both sides, are the...
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Haziz Huq
FBI Seeks Sweeping New Powers
Lame-duck administrations with abysmal poll ratings and no legislative agenda attract little attention. But to ignore the Bush Administration at this point is perilous: in its waning days, the...
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Osama Qashoo
Intimidation Will Not Stop Our Boats Sailing for Gaza
This morning I am sorry to find myself back on dry land in Cyprus,separated from my fellow sailors who are now completing the final legof their trip to Gaza. They are carrying humanitarian and...
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Christopher Brauchli
Protecting US Citizens from George W. Bush
All persons born . . . in the United States . . . are citizens of the United States. . . . - Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States August 2008 was a banner month for passports...
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Deena Guzder
Mr. Future President: This Is Iran
As the hawkish debate on the "Iran Question" continues to possess Washington, most Americans' exposure to the country is limited to photos of a bespectacled, bearded Supreme Leader and an unshaven,...
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