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Sweet Love Springs Eternal at Bob Jones U
Published on Thursday, March 9, 2000 in Newsday
Sweet Love Springs Eternal at Bob Jones U
by Sheryl McCarthy


A few lines to tell you things are going well for me in my second semester here at Bob Jones University.

I love my advanced Bible studies class, but I think my homemaking class, which is required of all the girls here, is pretty stupid. I don't mind being taught that it's a woman's duty to submit to the man she will one day marry, since that's what you and Mama always taught me. But I don't see why we have to learn sewing, since everything can be bought ready-made these days.

Daddy, I have a request. Last week I met a boy at a regional conference of Christian college students. Tyrell is a sophomore at South Carolina State. He's majoring in political science and plans to become a lawyer. Anyway, he's very nice, intelligent, polite and very good-looking. He's also on the college track team. Tyrell comes from a good family, the Jeffersons. His father is a Baptist minister and his mother is a college professor. And you'll be thrilled to know that they can trace their ancestors back to Thomas Jefferson.

Tyrell is much more interesting than the boys at Bob Jones, who all want to sell real estate or run their own television ministries. I want to date Tyrell, but the thing is, he's black.

As you know, Daddy, President Jones has lifted the school's ban on interracial dating. He told us in chapel this week that he still thinks it's a bad idea because interracial marriage cuts you off from people. I happen to think keeping the races apart is what cuts you off from people. Anyway, he says we have to get our parent's permission to date someone of another race. So, Daddy, would you please write a letter to the dean, giving me your permission to date Tyrell? I'm sure when you meet him, you'll like him as much as I do.

Your loving daughter,


Dear President Jones,

I'm very angry with you. My daughter just wrote me, asking permission to date a black guy, now that you've lifted the ban on interracial dating. I never thought I'd live to see the day that you'd let those crazy northern liberals get to you. I sent Tawny to your school because I wanted her raised in the church, and because I wanted to keep her away from those scary-looking black guys with their baggy pants and their rap music. I don't care if they are in college. Now, a few newspaper and TV stories have made you cave in. George Bush beat John McCain in most states anyway, so obviously there are a lot of people who share our views.

If a man can't send his daughter to a Christian college where she'll be safe from that liberal claptrap, then what can he do? I refuse to give my daughter permission to date a black boy, and I hope, President Jones, that you'll remember why we send our children to you.


Sam Chiles

Dear Mr. Chiles,

I assure you that my appearance on the Larry King Show was merely a way to take the heat off of this beloved university. I also got a free trip to Washington, D.C. Why should Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell, those know-it-alls from Virginia, get all the publicity? I scrapped our official policy on interracial dating so that people would stop knocking our school. We can also use the federal tax exemption, which we lost because of it, as we need money for a new men's dormitory.

I knew most parents wouldn't consent to interracial dating, so we still come out ahead. Be assured that we will take good care of your daughter. If we see her slipping out with any black guys, we will take disciplinary action. And now the politicians who share our values can come here and fellowship with us without being called racists.

Yours in the faith,

Bob Jones III

Copyright 2000 Newsday


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