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Bush Invades Syria. Take His War Warrant Away

by Matthew Rothschild

Bush just attacked another country over the weekend, this time Syria.

Not enough that he's got our troops bogged down in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Not enough that he's attacking sites in Pakistan.

No, this self-described war president can't seem to get enough of war.

Using Iraq as a launching pad, U.S. forces attacked a village inside Syria on Sunday, killing eight people.

According to Agence France-Presse, Syrian state television showed a woman lying in a hospital bed saying, "I heard shooting, I ran to get my son and they shot me."

Another man said he was fishing when U.S. helicopters started raining down bullets. "I saw eight soldiers coming out with weapons. . . . I tried to flee and I was hit."

The Bush Administration contends that foreign fighters enter Iraq from Syria, but does this give Bush the right to attack Syria?

The biggest number of foreign suicide bombers have come from Saudi Arabia, and you don't see Bush bombing that country, now do you?

Hawks in the Bush Administration have long itched to go into Syria, and now Bush is scratching that itch.

The point is, by what right does Bush have to go into Syria?

He seems to believe that he has the right to attack any country he wants any time he wants.

This is what Rep. Barbara Lee warned us about when she was the lone person to vote against the sweeping grant of war power that Congress gave Bush shortly after 9/11.

That warrant should have expired by now, except for going after bin Laden and Zawahiri.

But those two aren't in Syria.

Congress must take Bush's war warrant away.

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