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The Security Council votes on resolution reiterating its demand that Israel immediately and completely cease all settlement activities in the occupied Palestinian territory, including East Jerusalem. The vote was 14 in favour, with one abstention (United States). (Photo: UN Photo/Manuel Elias)
The United States has had a longstanding love-hate relationship with the United Nations ever since 1952 when the world body began operations in New York city on an 18-acre piece of land which housed an abattoir where cattle was being trucked daily for slaughter. The late Republican Senator Jesse Helms, a fulltime chairman of the powerful Senate...
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In a lengthy speech delivered with less than a month until he leaves office, U...
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Israel is lashing out in the wake of last week's United Nations resolution that...


Praising Israel's security as "the best" in counterterrorism, a group of U.S. police officials just returned from studying Israeli occupation-style policing - with its military gear, tactics and mindset - in hopes of emulating their expertise in racial profiling, excessive force, mass incarceration and other rights abuses in their own communities of color. From one lucid observer, "They're learning how to suppress a people, deny their rights and use force to hold down a subject population."