Andrea Germanos, staff writer
With atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations having reached a "symbolic and significant milestone" in 2015—and with no signs of them abating this year—the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) said Monday that "a new era of climate change reality" is upon us.
Nika Knight, staff writer
Children in the "Jungle" refugee camp walk toward a clearinghouse, where buses wait to transport them to reception centers throughout France.
After violent clashes over the weekend between migrants and police in the "...
Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
In the face of rising violence, including two recent murders of local land...


We honor Tom Hayden - tireless activist, lawmaker, writer - both for how long and hard he fought, and the cogent, hopeful way he did it. From his view of this election season as "the end of one generation on the left and the rise of another," to his reportage on the 1967 Newark riots - sparked by the police beating of a black man - he faithfully upheld "the idea and practice of democracy (as) a revolutionary idea." Crosby, Stills et al commemorate what he saw as that lofty "unfinished business."