Jon Queally, staff writer
The Bernie Sanders campaign and progressives across the nation expressed mixtures of frustration and contempt Monday night after major news outlets—following declarations by the Associated Press and NBC News —ignored the explicit instructions about how primary delegates should be tallied and declared that Hillary Clinton has won the nomination of...
Lauren McCauley, staff writer
President Obama alongside soon-to-be Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during his 2008 presidential campaign. (Photo: Emmanuel Dunan/AFP/Getty)
While Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton has publicly reversed her position...
Jon Queally, staff writer
Addressing concerns that the media may preemptively announce his rival Hillary...


Partnering with Brave New Films to counter the increasingly right-wing slant of a "new media ecosystem," intrepid independent Sen. Bernie Sanders has launched a weekly online show, "Senator Sanders Unfiltered," to speak directly with voters on health care, the class divide and other issues. See the first one here "Democratic debate has always been a two-way street. Now, it's more like five intersecting eight-lane highways. I'm pleased to be running out into the middle of that traffic."