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Ongoing Spam Filter Glitches...

UPDATE: October, 2012

[If you are having trouble viewing comments make sure that the URL of the page you are viewing has an address with "" and not "". Remove the "s" from "https" and you should be able to view comments.]

The Common Dreams comments section has been under massive commercial spam attacks from mostly China-based IP addresses.

Working with DISQUS and the auto spam filter Akismet, we are constantly tweaking our automatic spam filters in an attempt to keep the spam to a minimum -- and every day we are managing to stop many thousands of spam 'comments' from getting through.

Unfortunately, sometimes legitimate comments get caught up in the auto spam filters - much like how your email spam filters sometimes send legit emails into spam folders. Putting multiple live links in a comment increases the chance it will be mistaken for spam.

We try to manually scan the spam folder and release comments that should not have been sent there but because of the vast amount of spam we often don't have the time to do this.

We do not censor comments for their political opinion. Period.

We do enforce our commenting policy and will ban commenters who abuse it.

In addition, commenters who react to the infrequent spam filter glitches by screaming "Censorship!" and spreading conspiracy theories about mass "censorship" will also be banned from commenting on the site.


Craig Brown
for Common Dreams