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February 2007

Wednesday, February 28
George Lakoff: The Words None Dare Say: Nuclear War
Sarah Olson: Is Lt. Watada an Isolated Case of Military Dissent?
Ray McGovern: Iran's Very Bad N-Word
Elizabeth de la Vega: Public Misconduct: A Call to Investigate All of the President's Men
Dean Baker: Small Government and the Medicare Drug Benefit
Amy Goodman: We'll Lock Up Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Huddled Masses Yearning to Breathe Free
Susan Van Haitsma: Mark Wilkerson: Standing for a Soldier's Right to Conscience
Eric Klinenberg: Saving Radio in the Satellite Era
Harvey Wasserman: The Sham of Nuke Power & Patrick Moore
Robert Scheer: Going Back to North Korea, Hat in Hand
Ruth Conniff: Universal Health Care Gets a Bump
Colleen Patrick-Goudreau: Selective Compassion: Early on, I Learned that Animals were Arbitrarily Categorized in Our Society
George Galloway: These Orchestrated Attacks on Chvez are a Travesty

Tuesday, February 27
Christopher Cooper: Just Do What You Think You Should Do
Joyce Marcel: Anna Nicole Smith: She Died for Your Sins
DeWayne Wickham: When It Comes to Gay Rights, is Cuba Inching Ahead of USA?
Pierre Tristam: Whether 'Horseman' or '24': Hate Propaganda's No Fantasy
HDS Greenway: Cheney's Fixation
Ed Garvey: Hillary Coronation Wanted by 'the Bigs'
Bruce Schneier: Privatizing the Police Puts Us at Greater Risk
Susan Patron: 'Scrotum' as a Children's Literary Tool
Kirsten Hummel: Journalistic Responsibility and the Human Face of Iraq
Michael Winship: Israel and Palestine "Like a Greek Tragedy"
Katrina vanden Heuvel: The Sanity of Jimmy Carter
Dennis Kucinich: Collision Course With Iran
Matthew Rothschild: Oscar Plays It Safe
Linda Andros: The Justice Department Massacre
Jesse Jackson: America Has Poor Excuse for Poverty
Howard Friel: Bird Flu, Martial Law, and the 2008 Elections
Kevin Martin: "Dear Mr. President, Please Wait to Bomb Iran Until My Friends Leave"
Gary Bass/Rick Melberth: Bush Executive Order Will Make It Harder to Protect the Public

Monday, February 26
Gareth Porter: Dems' Me-Too Iran Talk
Marcia Angell: Taking Back the FDA
Michael Klare: Bush's Future Iran War Speech
Chris Hedges: Nader: Pariah or Prophet?
Jim McDermott: Give Department of Peace a Chance
John Nichols: Announcing Al Gore
James Carroll: Discourse in the Middle East
Geoffrey Wheatcroft: This Was Always a Needless, Immoral War. Yet Still They Won't Admit It
Ryan Elsey: Lt. Watada-an American Hero
Jeff Leys: Do the Markey Two Step: Or How Democrats Are Buying the Iraq War
Ralph Nader: Asymmetrical Warfare in Iraq

Sunday, February 25
Cindy Sheehan: Iraqis are People, too
Robert Parry: Gore's Other Global Warning: Iraq War
Frank Rich: Where Were You That Summer of 2001?
Nels Christianson: US Culture: War or Peace?
Katrina vanden Heuvel: Suppressing News: Dj Vu
Linda Milazzo: "A Woman in the White House"
Elizabeth Sullivan: Chalabi Surges Back to Prominence
Chris Kromm/Jill Doub: Tracking the Ghost Pilots
Eric Margolis: Don't Ignore Putin's Warning
David Swanson: Cindy Sheehan, George Will, and Loving Your Enemies

Saturday, February 24
Susan Lenfestey: Are Democrats Soft on Terror?
William Hartung: Armed Chimps Draw Mixed Reviews; NRA: "Welcome to the Club!"; Neocons: "Are They Being Armed by Iran?"
Mike Konopacki/Kathy Wilkes: US Redemption Mandates Impeachment of Bush
Christopher Brauchli: Bicycle Racing and NASCAR: Doping Brings Them Together
Valerie Schultz: Molly Ivins' Writings, Life Serve as Example
Dave Lindorff: Impeachment: Breaking the Dam in Olympia, Washington
John Nichols: Cheney's New Front in War on Reality
Duncan Campbell: The Same Old Anti-War Songs

Friday, February 23
Naomi Klein: A Trial for Thousands Denied Trial
Kathy Kelly: Do Something Good
Jeffrey Sachs: We Must Reverse Global Warming
Laura Flanders: Getting Conyers His Conscience Back
Mark Weisbrot/Robert Naiman: Is War with Iran Next?
Rosa Brooks: America Tortures (yawn)
Brigitte Schn: The Higher Power Of Scrotum
Helen Thomas: Bush Full of 'Red-Hot Baloney' on Iran
Andrew Greeley: US Keeps Making Mistakes in Mideast
Paige Doughty: To Flush or not to Flush? Battling the Social Stigmas of Environmental Action in the City
David Michael Green: "Karl Rove Killed Anna Nicole Smith!"

Thursday, February 22
Juan Gonzalez: Oily Truth Emerges in Iraq
Amy Goodman: Clinton Draws a Line in the Sand over Iraq
Andrea Schmidt/Megan Boler: Will New Media Save Democracy?
Medea Benjamin: Italian Women Lead Grassroots Campaign Against US Military Base
Ira Chernus: A New Strategy for Ending the War
Yifat Susskind: Iraqi Police Commit Rape-Armed, Trained, and Funded by the US
Joan Chittister: Morality: Is it a Many-Splendored Thing?
Gwynne Dyer: Would Pace Attack Iran if Bush Ordered It?
Peter Hartcher: Cheney Down Under: Visitor is Just a Blast from the Past
John Nichols: Cheney: Thanks for Cutting and Running
Patrick Cockburn: The Retreat from Basra
Robert Koehler: Stale Glory
Adrian Hamilton: We Are Turning Tail, and Everyone Knows It

Wednesday, February 21
Thomas Schaller: How Failure in the War Has Meant Success for Conservatism
Robert Scheer: Hillary's Calculations Add Up to War
Ruth Conniff: Democratic Frontrunners' Duel of 'Firsts'
Curt Goering: Bring America Back from the 'Dark Side'
JM Coetzee: Exposing the Beast: Factory Farming Must be Called to the Slaughterhouse
Ted Rall: The Bush Who Cried Wolf
Guy Reel: A Sickening Moment in Journalism
New York Times: Shielding the Powerful
David Morse: The Myth of "Darfur"
Donald Kaul: Iraq Has Worn out My Patience
Strobe Talbott: Anatomy of a Disaster

Tuesday, February 20
Bill McKibben: Warning on Warming
Jesse Jackson: Time to Clip the Wings of Vulture Funds
Pierre Tristam: Where Does School Authority End? Supreme Court Will Draw the Line
Priscilla Huang: Which Babies Are Real Americans?
Shari Cohen: Parallel Movies
Leonard Pitts: The True Face of Homophobia
HDS Greenway: Renunciation of Reality
George Monbiot: 9/11 Fantasists Pose a Mortal Danger to Popular Oppositional Campaigns
Michael Brown: Dems' Disdain For Palestine
John Nichols: Clinton Would Rather Be Wrong Than President
Matthew Rothschild: George W. Is No George Washington

Monday, February 19
Robert Dreyfuss: Apocalypse Not
Hans Blix: Will the United States Attack Iran?
Sabihuddin Ahmed: 'We Are the Ones Who Will Pay for the Damage'
Gary Younge: Once George Bush Has Got Hold of a Bad Idea He Just Can't Let It Go
Heather Scheiwe: What We Can Learn from Heroes Like Bobby Kennedy
James Carroll: The Irony of Romping Monday and Fat Tuesday
John Atcheson: Casus Belli, Anyone?
Bob Herbert: The Real Patriots
Sally Kohn: My Candidate: The Presidential Speech I’d Like To Hear

Sunday, February 18
Robert Weitzel: Cluster Bombs: The Realpolitik of U.S. Foreign Policy
Adam Shatz: Why Iran 'meddles' in Iraq
Les Payne: Who Can Stifle the Urge to Surge?
Patrick Cockburn: First, the US Deluded Itself About the War, Then About the Source of the Weapons
Jared Blumenfeld/Susan Leal: The Real Cost of Bottled Water
Jeremy Brecher: A New Paradigm for Peace in Iraq
Amitabh Pal: Corporate Globalization Kills
Aziz Huq: Framing The President
Cesar Chelala: Palestinian Accord is a New Chance to the US
Sean Gonsalves: Black by Popular Demand

Saturday, February 17
David Michael Green: American Betrayal
Barbara Miller: Who Will Protect and Defend Our Military From the Bush Administration?
Tom Hayden: Ending It: How to End the Iraq War and Occupation
Bruce Friedrich: Food for Thought on Global Warming
Christopher Brauchli: God Working in Mysterious Ways
Mark Weisbrot/Robert Naiman: If 2003 was a Missed Opportunity, It's a Mistake to Refuse to Talk to Iran Now

Friday, February 16
Robert Koulish: Conservatives Waging War on Nonprofits
Ashley Sayeau: Dixie Chicks Among Esteemed Outlaws
Michael Parenti: Mystery: How Wealth Creates Poverty in the World
Mike Carlton: From Down Under: Stink of Blood Money in the Air - Must be Deadeye
Amy Littlefield: Protestors, Don't be Afraid to Show Your Anger
James K. Galbraith: What Kind of Economy?
John Feffer: Promising Start with North Korea
Sarah Shelton White: What's In A Word? We Americans Must Pick Our Words -- and Our Fights -- Very Wisely
Boulder Daily Camera: 'Trust us' Won't Cut It
Matthew Rothschild: Bush Backpedals on Iranian Role, Remains in Bubble on Iraq
Rosa Brooks: Insurgents -- They Buy American
David Clark: Like it or Not, the US Will Have to Accept a Multipolar World
Laura MacCleery: Unbundle the Benjamins: Just How Much Money is Being Collected by Lobbyists?

Thursday, February 15
Amy Goodman: Freedom of Press Needs Shield Law
Bart Jones: Chavez Remains Far from a Dictator
Cindy Sheehan: Money Trumps Peace...Sometimes
Jeff Leys: Money for Nothing: Iraq War Funding, 2004 to 2007
Robert Naiman: Is it "Meddling" to Open a Bank in Baghdad? Is it "Meddling" to Occupy Iraq?
Katrina vanden Heuvel: No Katrina Hearings? Gotcha, Joe
Robert Dreyfuss: Breakdown At The Iraq Lie Factory
Robert Reich: Balanced Budget Baloney
Stephen Zunes: Iran Charges Reflect Failed Iraq Policy
Dave Zirin: Out of the Closet and Onto the Court
Jay Bookman: White House Policy on Iran in Paralysis
Patt Morrison: Patt Morrison for President!

Wednesday, February 14
Jan Morris: Once the Most Beloved Country in the World, the US is Now the Most Hated
Robert Scheer: Before the Invasion, There Was Feith
George Lakoff: Escalating Truth
Anne Miller: Yes, Hillary, We Do Need Moral Leadership
Thomas Schaller: America's View of Republicans Crumbles in Iraq
Susan Van Haitsma: A Valentine to Newlyweds Separated by Their Country
Les Roberts: Iraq's Death Toll is Far Worse Than Our Leaders Admit
Joyce Marcel: Dear Hillary
John Nichols: Obama's Race a Factor in Howard's Attack?
Ted Rall: How America Marginalizes Millions
Heather Wokusch: Let's Go Crazy: The Decline in US Mental Health under Bush

Tuesday, Febuary 13
Robert Dreyfuss: Feith-Libby Lies Exposed
Susan Lenfestey: What About Iraq Isn't Sobering?
Antonia Zerbisias: Media Caught up in the Spin Cycle
Mari Margil: Companies' Support Goes against the Environment
Michael Crichton: Patenting Life
John Nichols: America's Not Ready to Make Nice
Gabrielle Rifkind: Want to Ease Tensions with Iran? Just Try Talking
Michael Winship: Barbarians at Both Sides of the Gate
Stephany Kern: Please Don't Make My Grandchildren Pay for the War That Killed Their Father
Pierre Tristam: Lost Cause: Remember Afghanistan?
Jeff Milchen: Loophole Bad for Competition
Thomas Palaima: Flawed American Policies Cast Long Shadows

Monday, Febuary 12
Holly Sklar: Minimum Wage Raise Is Good for Business
Bill Moyers: Discovering What Democracy Means
Thom Hartmann: Repeal the Military Commissions Act and Restore the Most American Human Right
Ray McGovern: Wake Up! The Next War Is Coming
Chris Hedges: The Road Map to Despotism
Debi Smith: Stop it Now
Dean Baker: Edwards Steps out Front on Health Care
Paul Krugman: Scary Movie 2
Walter Minot: Dump 'Free World' in Sea of Dated Words
Cynthia Tucker: Countless Alternatives for Billions Spent on War
Michael Schwartz: Baghdad Surges into Hell: First Results from the President's Offensive
Christopher Hayes: Barack's Announcement: Circling the Square
Dennis Rahkonen: Vindication: Dixie Chicks Dominate the Grammys
Tom Teepen: Warming Report Changes the Game

Sunday, February 11
Eric Margolis: Squandering Billions in Iraq While U.S. Suffers
Paul Siegel: Bush is Dreaming and Won't Wake Up
Elizabeth Sullivan: Flash-Frozen in Time
Noam Chomsky: The US Says it is Fighting For Democracy - But is Deaf to the Cries of the Iraqis
John Nichols: Obama's In, Predictably
Bob Barr: Privacy or Protection?
Andrew Rawnsley: Britain Needs a Declaration of Independence From America
Jon Wiener: Harvard's Drew Faust: Why We Love War
Amitabh Pal: Bad Feith

Saturday, February 10
Robert Kuttner: Deconstructing Nader
Gar Alperovitz: California Split
Mark Hertsgaard: Killer Weather Ahead
Maya Schenwar: The Latest Occupation: Activists Nationwide Confront Congresspeople about Military Funding on Their Own Ground
William Hartung: Bush Military Budget Highest Since WWII
Mark Weisbrot/Robert Naiman: President Bush's New Gambles in the Middle East
Caroline Arnold: The Costs of Killing
Jonathan Granoff: Time for US Values for the Heavens
Christopher Brauchli: Charity Begins at Home
Eric Herter: Sounding the Alarm
Derrick Jackson: This is When the War Hits Home

Friday, February 9
John Dean: Leading Experts Say Congress Must Stop An Attack on Iran: Is That Constitutionally Possible?
Ray McGovern: Helping Israel Die
Antonia Zerbisias: Real News Loses to Fluff Again
Christopher Cooper: Tolling For The Luckless The Abandoned And Forsaked
Deborah James/Todd Tucker: Dems Had Better Listen to the Public's Anger Over Our Failed Trade Policy
Jeremy Brecher/Brendan Smith: Will the Watada Mistrial Spark an End to the War?
Tony Newman: Obama: We Will Support You (In Your Effort to Quit Cigs) Whether You Are Successful or Not
Norman Robbins: No War with Iran
Robert Buzzanco: Is George Bush "The Manchurian Candidate?"
Rosa Brooks: Kiss a Baby Then, Support Our Troops Now
Tony Norman: Imagining a World without Newspapers
Tom Engelhardt: Thelma and Louise Imperialism
Jon Wiener: Terror at the Nixon Library

Thursday, February 8
Amy Goodman: Bang Pots and Pans for Molly Ivins
Richard Zitrin: Secrecy's Dangerous Side Effects
Rosa Mara Pegueros: "This Country Is Just As Corrupt As Mine!"
Matthew Rothschild: Pathetic Senate, Timid Reid on Iraq War
William Greider: Mike Gravel's Campaign
Christine Ahn: A New Fast Track For Unfair Trade
Roy Ulrich: Cheney's the One
Matthew Miller: The "Fast Food" Moment
Paul Findley: Carter Enters Lions' Den
Mia Farrow: Your Investments Might Be Financing Genocide in Darfur
Col. Daniel Smith: The Self-Destructive Logic of War
Bruce Dixon: Does the Congressional Black Caucus Really Represent Black America? And What Should We Do About It?
Dave Lindorff: Truth or Consequences: Some Questions for President Bush

Wednesday, February 7
Jeff Cohen: Jonah Goldberg's Gambling Debt: Will Tribune Company Pay It?
Phyllis Bennis: Congress: Treat Iraq Like The Contras
Dean Baker: Bring Back the Old George W. Bush
Nancy Snow: Why I Turned Down Hustler
Bob St.Peter: Who Stole the Soul?: The Decline of Food in America
Martha Burk: Faking Corporate Support for Women
Nick Turse: Bombs over Baghdad: The Pentagon's Secret Air War in Iraq
Matthew Rothschild: Bush's Budget Priorities: Fund War, Provide Tax Breaks for the Rich, Deprive the Poor
Patrick Cockburn: It is No Use Blaming Iran for the Insurgency in Iraq
Simon Jenkins: This Aerial Onslaught is War at Its Most Stupid
Mike Davis: The Plague of Bird Flu Will Erupt out of Java, Not Suffolk
Stanley Kutler: All Critics of Israel Aren't Anti-Semites
Robert Scheer: Bush Budget Delivers the Bacon

Tuesday, Febuary 6
Norman Solomon: Making an Example of Ehren Watada
Robert Shetterly: It's Not Too Soon: Some Thoughts on a Memorial for the Iraq War
Pierre Tristam: Armed to the Teeth, America Marches Toward Military State
Maya Angelou: Molly Ivins: America's Jericho Voice
Ben Cohen: Whittle Deficit Without Raising Taxes?
Liza Featherstone: Think Globally, Act Globally
H.D. Greenway: Whisperings in Davos
Andrew Bard Schmookler: Know When to Hold 'Em, When to Fold 'Em
John Nichols: States to Congress: Block War Escalation
Jesse Jackson: War Privatization is Public Scandal
Michael Winship: When Bush Comes to Shove: Recess Appointments
Christopher D. Cook: Voting Beyond Our Forks

Monday, February 5
James Carroll: Retirement Syndrome
Brent Arends: Cheney's Fund Manager Attacks... Cheney
Gary Younge: Obsessed by Personalities, They've Forgotten What Democracy is for
Ann Jones: Not the Same as Being Equal: Women in Afghanistan
Jay Bookman: Iraq, US Face Bigger Catastrophe
Linda Milazzo: Ann Richards and Molly Ivins Ain't Done with Us Yet!
Ira Chernus: Take Some of Cheney's Words Seriously
Dave Zweifel: Fighting Bob's Words on War Ring True
Chris Edelson: Thinking About the Unthinkable
Helena Cobban: Kuwaiti Singer's Video Satirizes the Bush War
Ralph Nader: For Molly Ivins

Sunday, February 4
Eric Margolis: Fight Against Iran Too Familiar
David Sirota: Progressive Senators Learn How to Use Ben Nelson-ism for Themselves
Andrew Weaver/ Ray McGovern: Troops Return to Painful Wait for Needed Help
Paul Howey: If We Won't Ban Hunting, at Least Let Animals Have the Sabbath as a Day of Rest
Larry Beinhart: The Great Experiment in (Neo-con) Freedom
Morton Mintz: Will Congress Reform Wretched Executive Excess?
Frank Rich: Why Dick Cheney Cracked Up
James Fallows: No War with Iran: Where Congress Can Draw the Line

Saturday, February 3
Christopher Brauchli: 'Are the Children to Receive the Arms Race from Us as a Necessary Inheritance?'
Eric Herter: The Edge of the Abyss
Cindy Sheehan: Grannies do Heavy Lifting
James Galbraith: A Tribute to Molly Ivins from Friends, Colleagues, and Occasional Targets
Laura Flanders: The Next War Has Already Begun
Robert Kuttner: The Coming Showdown on Trade
Madison Capital Times: Of Eleanor McGovern
Andrew Cohen: Stay of Executions
Mark Lynas: The Hellish Vision of Life on a Hotter Planet
John Nichols: Compromising Compromises the Senate
Corporate Crime Reporter: Turner Broadcasting, Time Warner, Two Artists in Boston and the Big Double Standard
Sean Gonsalves: Football Season is Finally Over

Friday, February 2
Russ Feingold: How to End the War
Jeff Cohen: Will Healthcare Timidity Trip Up Hillary Clinton?
Liza Featherstone: Surge for Peace
Bill Moyers: Remembering Molly
Immanuel Wallerstein: The 'Alter-Globalists' Hit Their Stride
Tom Turnipseed: Changing the Subject: From Bush's Mess in Mesopotamia to the Peril in Persia
Jonathan Steele: As US Power Fades, it Can't Find Friends to Take on Iran
David Michael Green: Game Over: Thirty-Six Sure-Fire Signs That Your Empire Is Crumbling
Paul Krugman: Missing Molly Ivins
Ryan Blethen: Much Work to Be Done to Preserve Net Neutrality
Sarah Shields: Time is Running Out for Justice for Professor Al-Arian

Thursday, February 1
John Nichols: Remembering Molly Ivins
Amy Goodman: Resistance to War Cannot be Jailed
Eric Klinenberg: Local Media Content Shouldn't Be a Luxury
Bill Quigley: Grandmothers for Peace Get Federal Prison Instead
Diane Farsetta: An Army of Thousands More: How PR Firms and Major Media Help Military Recruiters
Ed Harriman: US Troops Will Stay in Iraq, and the War Will Get Worse
Dave Lindorff: This is like Hitler's Suicide Order from the Bunker
Paul De Marco: Please Listen Carefully As Our Menu Has Changed
Matthew Rothschild: Molly Ivins, In Memoriam
Sam Graham-Felsen: Obama Steps Up on Iraq
Peter Dreier: The New War on Poverty
Paul Rockwell: Truth Has Consequences for Soldier of Conscience
Carl Conetta: No Good Reason to "Grow" the US Army and Marine Corps
January 2007




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