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November 2006

Thursday, November 30
Ray McGovern: Robert Gates is Rumsfeld Lite; Hadley-Just Lite
Matthew Rothschild: Is the Colorado Peace Wreath a Victory Sign?
Roberto Rodriguez: If It's a Police Beating, I'd Rather Trust My Eyes
Neal Peirce: The Transportation Tipping Point
Winslow Wheeler: Don't Just Ask Gates Questions; Dig Deep
Mahmood Ahmadinajad: Letter to Bush and the American People from the Iranian President
Jennifer James: Public Money Could Solve Ethics Woes
Dean Baker: Will the Democrats Cut and Run on the Medicare Drug Bill?
Bob Burnett: The Politics of Triage
Elizabeth Sullivan: Only Honest Analysis Can Salvage Any Good in Iraq

Wednesday, November 29
Bill Moyers: Message To West Point
Elizabeth de la Vega: The Indictment: United States v. George W. Bush et al
Michael Copps: Take Control of YOUR Airwaves
Alexander Artem Sakharov: Fitting ICBMs with Conventional Weapons Risks Catastrophe
Marie Cocco: Lessons From an Immoral War
Matthew Rothschild: Our Sinful Economy
Paul Rogat Loeb: Protect the Vote Locally
Derrick Jackson: Days Late Dollars Short
Erik Leaver: Think We're Leaving Iraq? Not So Fast
John Nichols: News Flash: Major Media Begins to Think for Itself
Thomas Homer-Dixon: The End of Ingenuity
Robert Scheer: Learning to Live With the Ayatollahs
Barry Lando: The Numbers Prove It - Iraq's a Civil War
Shannon Biggs: Buy Local This Holiday Season - and Throughout the Year!

Tuesday, November 28
Andrew Bacevich: Iraq Panel's Real Agenda: Damage Control
Pierre Tristam: Dismal Dream for Middle East
Elizabeth de la Vega: A Fraud Worse than Enron
John Buell: America's Troubles in Iraq a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
Medea Benjamin: US Military Expansion vs. South Korean Farmers
Felicity Arbuthnot: Dear Mr President: Thanksgiving Mea Culpas
David Sirota: Embracing The Era of Populism
Sally Kohn: The Victory That Masks Defeat: Democrats Right-Leaning "Win"
Stewart Acuff: After Election Push, Employee Free Choice Act at the Top of the Agenda for the AFL-CIO
Matthew Rothschild: Bush Loses Election in Ecuador
Richard Gott: Ecuador's Eruption is Irreversible
George Monbiot: Only Paranoia Can Justify the World's Second Biggest Military Budget

Monday, November 27
Jeff Cohen: TV Blowhard Barks at Iran: Let's Hold CNN Accountable
Michael Moore: Cut and Run, the Only Brave Thing to Do ...
Gary Younge: They Lied Their Way into Iraq. Now They Are Trying to Lie Their Way out.
Heather Wokusch: Impeachment Hearings for Bush & Co.? How about War Crimes Tribunals?
John Borowski: Would the World's Largest Science Teacher's Organization Ignore Climate Change Education?
Katrina vanden Heuvel: A Progressive Beat
Bob Herbert: While Iraq Burns
James Carroll: Israel's Land-Rights Problem
USA Today: 'Neocons' Abandon Iraq War at White House Front Door
Tom Hayden: Anti-War Movement Deserves Some Credit

Sunday, November 26
Brigitte Schön: Survey Says: "US Most Unfriendly Country To Visit"
Susan Van Haitsma: Using Words, Not Weapons: Students Weigh in on the Draft
Linda Milazzo: "Americans Can't Handle Another Impeachment," is the Republican Propaganda. Don't Be Deceived.
David Rossie: Euphemisms Die Hard within Iraq Discussion
John Nichols: Political "News" Replaced By Political Ads
Jonathan Chait: Bring Back Saddam Hussein
Carolyn Eisenberg: Beware the Lure of 'Phased Withdrawal'

Saturday, November 25
Tom Hayden: Documents Reveal Secret Talks Between U.S. and Iraqi Armed Resistance
Michele Naar-Obed: Letter to the Judge Who Sentenced My Husband to Federal Prison for Protesting Nuclear Weapons
Ryan Blethen: Hold the Line on Media Consolidation
David Drucker: Dems in Control? We're Still Staying in Canada
Christopher Brauchli: Bush Honeymoon with Dems is Short Lived
Ralph Nader Who is Real Estate for First? Real People or Speculating Financiers
Felicity Arbuthnot: Running out of Lifeboats: A Titanic Disaster

Friday, November 24
William Pfaff: France's Ségolčne Royal: A Candidate Out of the Ordinary
Rosa Brooks: Iraq is Broke Beyond Repair
Robert Parry: Gates & the Iran Arms Sales
Molly Ivins: Thanks - No, Seriously
Andrew Greeley: What is the Point of Iraq Deaths?
Sarah Boseley: Our Moral Superiority about Sex is Proving Deadly
Rupert Cornwell: Thanksgiving Day Massacre Highlights Waning US Power
Mark Hertsgaard: Big Win for Enviros: Dems Could Signal Change in Global Warming Policy
David Benjamin: Pseudo-Events Define Six Years of the Bush Regime
Matthew Rothschild: What's 20,000 More Troops Going to Accomplish?

Wednesday, November 22
Tom Hayden: US Retreat from Iraq? The Secret Story
Amy Goodman: Rumsfeld and a Mountain of Misery
Robert Scheer: In the Shadow of Ho Chi Minh
John Brown/Ray McGovern: Washington's Iraq Chimeras
Lawrence O'Donnell: Rangel Is Right
James Lardner: Populism's Revival
Julia Whitty: Global Warming: It's Personal
Daniel Nepstad: Diet for a Hot Planet
David Donnelly: The Time is Ripe for Public Financing
Alisa Gravitz: 12-Step Plan for Climate Action
Errol Simper: The Whistle Blown on Lies That Lead to War
Sol Littman: Canada's Health Care Lauded by One Who Knows
Raed Jarrar: Curb Unilateral Decisions Regarding Iraqis
Joyce Marcel: Empty Chair and Empty Sleeves

Wednesday, November 22
Tom Hayden: US Retreat from Iraq? The Secret Story
Amy Goodman: Rumsfeld and a Mountain of Misery
Robert Scheer: In the Shadow of Ho Chi Minh
John Brown/Ray McGovern: Washington's Iraq Chimeras
Lawrence O'Donnell: Rangel Is Right
James Lardner: Populism's Revival
Julia Whitty: Global Warming: It's Personal
Daniel Nepstad: Diet for a Hot Planet
David Donnelly: The Time is Ripe for Public Financing
Alisa Gravitz: 12-Step Plan for Climate Action
Errol Simper: The Whistle Blown on Lies That Lead to War
Sol Littman: Canada's Health Care Lauded by One Who Knows
Raed Jarrar: Curb Unilateral Decisions Regarding Iraqis
Joyce Marcel: Empty Chair and Empty Sleeves

Tuesday, November 21
Jesse Jackson: War Supporters Must Face the Music
Pierre Tristam: Al-Jazeera in the No-Fluff Zone of Eye-Opening Network News
Robert Dreyfuss: Going Long In Iraq
Sean Gonsalves: Havin' Cake and Eatin' It Too?
Thom Hartmann: Rangel and Jefferson Agree on a National Service Program
Jim Goodman: Corporate Ag Takes Us Down Wrong Road
Caroline Arnold: Turkeys: Personal, Political & Planetary
Maurice Saatchi: The Center Ground is a Barren Wasteland
Tom Engelhardt: The Uncovered War: Salvaging American "Dignity"
David Hartsough: Give Peace Department a Chance

Monday, November 20
Carl McDaniel: Our Salvation: Abiding by Limits
Carolyn Byerly: Those Missing Media Voices
Robert Jensen: Opportunities Lost: When Bullies Derail Dialogue, We All Lose
Seymour Hersh: The Annals of National Security: The Next Act
Katrina vanden Heuvel: Full Steam Ahead
James Carroll: A Feast of the Ordinary
Neal Peirce: A 100-Mile Thanksgiving
Linda Milazzo: Comic Relief, Celebrity and Remembering Little Harry
Robert Lipsyte: Driving Values: How the Republicans Lost the Garage
Paul Ash: Hunger by Any Other Name is Still Hunger
Andrew Bard Schmookler: The Dems' First Step on Iraq: The Kind of Hearings We Need

Sunday, November 19
William Odom: 'Cut and Run' Must be First Step in Iraq
Lawrence Pintak: America's Media Bubble
Juan Espinoza: Vietnamization Didn't Work Then, Won't Work Now
Frank Rich: It's Not the Democrats Who Are Divided
Will Hutton: The Truth is Out There ... Somewhere
John Nichols: Pelosi's Problem
Matthew Rothschild: Our Own Abu Ghraib
Derrick Z. Jackson: The Antigay Obsession

Saturday, November 18
Stephen Zunes: Falling In Line on Israel
Christopher Brauchli: Fixing Halliburton & Iraq?
Frida Berrigan: United States Rides Weapons Bonanza Wave
Ralph Nader: The Outsmarting of Karl Rove
Jarrar/Pourzal/Juhasz: Don't Iraq Iran

Friday, November 17
William Pfaff: Broken Promises: Spoils of Globalization go to Corporations, Countries, not Working Poor
Margy Waller: Why I'm Not Celebrating Yet
Susan Lenfestey: Bush Serves in Vietnam, Finally
Michael Moore: Let's Extend an Olive Branch to Disheartened Conservatives
William Greider: Watershed: The Democrats Weren't Ready for This
Bill Maher: A Re-Look-See at the Constitution
Smith/Costello/Brecher: Americans Abroad: The Mis-Adventures of AmCham in Vietnam
Chris Cooper: If All Men Count With You But None Too Much
Katha Pollitt: Why They Lost
Helen Thomas: Neocons Blame Bush for Iraq Fiasco
Matthew Rothschild: Bush's CIA Order Another Impeachable Offense
Tom Engelhardt: No Exit? What It Means to "Salvage US Prestige" in Iraq

Thursday, November 16
Martin Jacques: America Faces a Future of Managing Imperial Decline
Martin van Creveld: The Coming US Withdrawal from Iraq
Marianne Williamson: Waging Peace
David Sirota: A Majority Leader, Not a Follower
Diane Carman: Nuns' Canned-Food Offer Isn't up to Prosecutor's Palate
Sidney Blumenthal: The Neocons' Last Stand
Molly Ivins: Farewell, Rummy
Patrick Mulvaney: Dismay Grows Over US Torture School
Pam Martens: Media Ownership Takes On a Nightmarish Hue
Adil E. Shamoo and Bonnie Bricker: Corruption and Ethics: Number One in the Minds of Americans
Ruth Rosen: America's Election: Daddy's Swagger vs Mommy's Care
Kathy Kelly: Sources of Violence: We Need a U.S. Foreign Policy Based on Fairness and Justice Toward Iraqis
Tad Daley: Bad-Ass Democrats
Lawrence Pintak: Al-Jazeera English: Day One Report Card
Norman Solomon: The New Media Offensive for the Iraq War

Wednesday, November 15
Paul Waldman: Democrats, Don't Wimp Out
John Nichols: What Russell Feingold Wants to Do Now
Simon Jenkins: Why Stop the Great Satan? He's Driving Himself to Hell
Floyd J. McKay: The Republicans Need More Than a (Right) Wing and a Prayer
Amy Goodman: Bush Has Chance to Hold Terrorists Accountable
Joe Nation: The Cost of Climate Change
Thomas F. Schaller: The (Fictional) Triumph of the Conservative Democrats
Joseph Stiglitz: Global Warming: Don't Ignore the Risks
Derrick Z. Jackson: The Wake-up Call
Ted Rall: When It's Democratic
Lawrence Pintak: Al Jazeera's Chief: 'We are not politically-correct'
Michael T. Klare: The Meaning of Gates: From Imperial Offense to Imperial Defense
Robert Scheer: Murtha's No Lefty, But He's Right
Heather Wokusch: How the Republicans Could Win It All Back in 2008
Patrick McElwee: This Election Did Not End Saber-Rattling against Iran, Yet

Tuesday, November 14
Matthew Rothschild: Lieberman Might Jump Ship
Tom Engelhardt: A Presidential Vote for Torture
Elizabeth Holtzman: Calling Nancy Pelosi: The People's Case for Impeaching Bush
David Corn: Pelosi Backs Murtha for No. 2: Iraq over Ethics?
Richard Gwyn: America Becomes Hostage to Iraq
Robert Fisk: U.S. Tanks Will Roll out of Iraq on a Road Paved with Excuses
John Nichols: Voters Have Spoken: Bring Troops Home
Jesse Jackson: More of the Same? Not This Congress
John Buell: Protecting Democracy in a Lame Duck Congress
Robert Steinback: For Bush to Move Ahead, He Must Fire Rove
Jeremy Brecher/Brendan Smith: Ten Reasons Congress Must Investigate Bush Administration Crimes
Ray McGovern: Don't Look for Much From the Bipartisan Iraq Study Group
Molly Ivins: Now They're All For Bipartisanship
Tom Devine/Adam Miles: An Early Test of Democratic Leadership
John Brown: Another Triumph for Americas Overseas Image: Michelle Kwan Selected as Public Diplomacy Envoy

Monday, November 13
Ira Chernus: The Unfinished Story of Election 2006: We Get to Choose the Ending
Sheryl McCarthy: Americans Need to Learn the Lessons of Iraq War
Beth Quinn: What Now but Pain for Families of Dead Soldiers?
James Carroll: War, Religion, and Gay Rights
Bill Quigley: Robin Hood in Reverse: Corporate and Government Looting of the Gulf Coast
Peter Preston: The Root of Terror is Clear
John Richard Starkey: For Progressive Dems, Not So "Happy Days"
Chip Pitts: We The People?
Jean Daniels: Be Like Obama-Or McKinney?
Kay Campbell: Chew on Some Collective Guilt before the Turkey This Year
Sonia Shah: The New Tuskegee: Testing New Drugs on the World's Poor
Tom Krattenmaker: Confessions of a Values Voter (I'm not who you think I am)

Sunday, November 12
Paul Waldman: A Big Step in Nation's March to Left
Bill C. Davis: Whose Table?
Helen Caldicott: I Believe...
Jeff Faux: Reagan Era Is over: Are Democrats Ready?
Stanley Brand: Let the Investigations Begin
Matthew Rothschild: Change Needed in US Policy Toward Israel
John Nichols: Feingold Won't Seek Democratic Nod
Andrew Rawnsley: Will This Make America Easier to Share the Planet with?
Eric Margolis: Future is Made in China
Ralph Nader: Challenging the Chamber

Saturday, November 11
Leslie Layton: Grandmothers Rally for Change
Ray McGovern: Robert Gates-Gate
John Young: Believe it; Brutal Referenda on War, Corruption, 'Moral Agenda'
Steven Hill/Rob Richie: A Pro-Democracy Agenda for a New Congress
John Atlas/Peter Dreier: Waging Victory
Amitabh Pal: Gates a Bad Retread from Reagan Days
Martin Kettle: The US Conservative Project Has Taken An Existential Hit
Madison Capital Times: Listening to a Veteran
Robert Kuttner: Bipartisanship? Briefly.

Friday, November 10
Robert Shetterly: When is a Crime so Great it Shouldn't be Acknowledged?
Elizabeth Holzman: Breathing the 'I' Word
Karen Dolan: Cities For Peace
Melvin Goodman: Wrong Man to Replace Rumsfeld
James Larocca: We Failed Our Children, with War
Nancy Snow: The People's Ambassador: State Department Should Nominate Politically Incorrect Howard Zinn to Help Michelle Kwan Polish U.S Image
Sean Gonsalves: Walking Through the Gates of a Well-Laid Trap
John Nichols: The Crowded Progressive Caucus
Andrew Greeley: Iraq Disaster Finally Caught up with Bush
Helen Thomas: The Ball is in the Democrats' Court
Paul Waldman: The Democratic Center
Cindy Sheehan: Another Open Letter to George
Alan Morse: Lockdown: It's a Different World Now -- for our Schools and for the Country
Doug Troutman: Reenacting War: Reflections on a Country Losing Its Humanity
James Klurfeld: We've Lost in Iraq; Time to Finesse a Pullout

Thursday, November 9
Guardian/UK: Thank You, America
Amy Goodman: New Vermont Senator Not Standard Fare
Erik Leaver: Elections Offer Hope for a Change in Course in Iraq
Laura Neack: Restoring the Good Nation
Molly Ivins: Post-Election Etiquette
Simon Jenkins: Republican Defeat Means the Iraqi Insurgency Has Won
Matthew Rothschild: Bush and Cheney and Their Disdain for Democracy
Katrina vanden Heuvel: We Voted for Peace
Timothy Garton Ash: This Marks the Beginning of an End - and the End of a Beginning
John Nichols: For Republic's Sake, Pelosi Must Ponder Impeachment
Mark LeVine: Prosecute Rumsfeld, Now
Joan Vennochi: Winds of Rage, Winds of Change
Robert Reich: What the Democrats Should Do Now
Tariq Ali: Nicaraguan Election: A Beacon of Hope for the Rebirth of Bolívar's Dream

Wednesday, November 8
Madeleine Mysko: Fire, Glory and the Old Lie Revisited
Tom Hayden: Iraq Wins the Election, What Now?
Tom Engelhardt: Outlaw Empire Meets the Wave
Garrison Keillor: A Hint of Possibility in the Air
Rory Stewart: US Must Get out of Iraq - Now
Timothy Karr: Internet Freedom Fighters to Take Command in Congress
John Nichols: The Iraq War Election
Robert Scheer: Bush's November Surprise
Peter Phillips: Human Rights Denial Deserves Impeachment
Joyce Marcel: Election Night Diary
Mark Engler: The Return of Daniel Ortega
Nancy Romer: The Current Struggle of Oaxaca
Ian Williams: Bush Crony to Head UN's Food Program

Tuesday, November 7
Bonnita Spikes: Death Penalty Isn't the Justice I Seek
Richard Falk: A Dubious Verdict
Molly Ivins: Campaign '06-Goodbye and Good Riddance
Billy Bragg: The Struggle for Belonging
George Monbiot: Britain is Determined to Protect Its Right to Kill Civilians at Random
John Dear: Why I'm Going to the SOA Protest
Gwynne Dyer: Why Hussein Ultimately Wins, and Dies a Martyr
Richard Gwyn: Saddam Verdict a Pyrrhic Victory for Bush
Edgar Bronfman Sr./Deborah Simpson: Public Election Money Levels the Field
Pierre Tristam: So We're Getting a Hanging from Bush's 'Ox-Bow' Mob
Jesse Jackson: We Know What Voters Want. Can the System Record it Fairly?
Keith Olbermann: Where are the Checks and Balances?
Mitchell Rofsky: Political "Buyers Remorse"? Or Is Our Electoral System Rigged? We're About to Find Out
Todd Huffman: The Politics of Hope
Andrew Bacevich: Fighting over Who Lost Iraq

Monday, November 6
Sean Gonsalves: Can You Hear Us Now?
Max Hastings: Bush and Blair Have Forfeited the Moral Authority to Hang Saddam
Madeleine Bunting: It's Hard to Explain, Tom, Why We Did So Little to Stop Global Warming
Beth Quinn: Our President Is Berserk Plus other Reasons to Vote
Matthew Rothschild: Union Appeals Firing of Bus Driver Who Flipped Off Bush
Joe Colgan: More Killing Doesn't Honor Son Lost to War
James Carroll: What It Will Take to End War
H. Brandt Ayers: The Quiet Cowboy Returns

Sunday, November 5
Salim Lone: Mass Iraq Violence Outcome of US Divide and Rule Policies
Robert Freeman: The Bush Economy: NOT an Election Winner for Republicans
Matthew Rothschild: Bush and Cheney and Their Disdain for Democracy
John Nichols: A Referendum on Rumsfeld
Amy Goodman: Beyond the Nine-Second Sound Bite
Terry Jones: Julius Caesar Had Gaul; Bush Just Has Gall
Jonathan Adelstein: A New Opportunity to Craft Media Ownership Rules
Susan Lenfestey: Public Scrutiny -- of the Trivial
Cindy Sheehan: Resign, Rumbo.

Saturday, November 4
Dave Robinson: This Election, "Values Voters" Should Choose the Common Good over Fascism
Stephen Zunes: Fourteen Senators Face Voters for the First Time since Authorizing Iraq War
Christopher Brauchli: Big Pharma: The Republican's Friend
Ira Chernus: Another Hamas Peace Plan Ignored
Sanho Tree: War Timing and Opportunism
Ralph Nader: The Apologist
Katrina vanden Heuvel: The Peace Race
Phil Tajitsu Nash: Eyes on the Prize
Paul Loeb: Is There Meth in Ted Haggard's Heaven?
Karen Horst Cobb: What Do You Tell Your Children?

Friday, November 3
Helen Thomas: Election a Referendum on War and on Administration's Credibility
Josh Silver/Robert McChesney: Air America's ABC Blacklist: The Real Story
Rosa Brooks: Was Kerry Right?
Jennifer Pozner: Why Media Matters for Women
Jeremy Brecher/Brendan Smith: War Criminals, Beware
Korten/Pibel/Mozur et al: 12 Ways You Can Safeguard the Vote
Bob Edgar: The Faithful Will Vote for American Values
Celinda Lake: The Single Woman: The X Factor in the 2006 Election?
Mark Weisbrot: Twenty Years After Iran-Contra, Washington's Role In Nicaragua Still a Scandal
Bob Fitrakis/Harvey Wasserman: The Power of a Social Movement Can Beat the GOP Double Chickenhawks
Rob Richie: Campaign 2006 and Bringing Instant Runoff Voting to the Tipping Point
Scott Ritter: The Case for Engagement
Josh Harkinson: Swift Boating the Fighting Dems
Walden Bello: Microcredit, Macro Issues

Thursday, November 2
Debi Smith: Dear World,
Keith Olbermann: Bush Owes Troops Apology, Not Kerry
Molly Ivins: Keeping Our Eyes on the Ball
Sarah Anderson: For One California Profiteer, Iraq is Going Great
Christopher Cooper: How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times And Live?
Joyce Marcel: Vermont: Ahead or Behind the Curve?
Heather Wokusch: Bush's Permanent War Economy Must Crash (Before it Endangers You and Your Bank Account Even More)
Robert Scheer: Turning the Corner Into Madness
New York Times: The Great Divider
David Nasaw: Giving Back, Big Time
Sidney Blumenthal: To Stay the Wrong Course
Sam Graham-Felsen: A Needless Apology

Wednesday, November 1
Bill Moyers: America 101
James Norton: Prime Rib, Minus the Prime-Time TV
Juan Gonzalez: Camera His Weapon vs. Injustice
Elizabeth de la Vega: Move Over G.I. Joe and Han Solo
Bill Davis: ...Or You Get Stuck in Iraq
Jonathan Freedland: Let Us Hope Americans Seize Their Chance to Hobble George Bush
Larry Bailly: We the People Need to Take Back Our Country
John Nichols: A New "Moyers for President" Twist
Floyd McKay: A National Referendum on Six Disastrous Years
Wayne Smith: After 46 Years of Failure, We Must Change Course on Cuba
John MacArthur: A Pre-election Tour of Waterbury, Connecticut
Saul Landau: Bush's Anti Terrorist Record: Don't Look Too Hard!
Brian Tokar: The Real Scoop on Biofuels

October 2006




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