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June 2006

Friday, June 30
Rosa Brooks: Did Bush Commit War Crimes?
Marjorie Cohn: Bush Loses Guantánamo Case
Tom Hayden: Shifting Winds on Iraq
William Hartung: U.S. Nuclear Superiority Forms Backdrop to "Talks" with Iran
Chip Ward: Fireworks Deferred: Divine Strake, Hellish Repercussions
Peter Maguire: Putting the Blame For the Iraq War Where It Really Lies
Maud Schaafsma: Vermont Green: Monsanto is the Cow Hiding under the Rug
John Nichols: Freedom of the Press Loses 220-195
Ken Gude: Ruling Negates Premise of Bush's War on Terrorism
Reg Henry: The Sad Poetry of Iraq: "Someone Had Blunder'd"
Christopher Cooper: If Once You Have Paid Him The Dane-Geld
Hubert Locke: Guantánamo Suicides Sound an Alarm
Mark Engler: Mexico's Left Turn
Larry Beinhart: Treason at the Times
Steven Hill: America's Increasing Democracy Deficit

Thursday, June 29
Bill Quigley: Ten Months After Katrina: Gutting New Orleans
Russell Mokhiber: Whole Foods CEO Mackey Endorses Cato Book - No More Corporate Crime Prosecutions
Ted Daley: Three Nuclear Ironies Between the US and Iran
Paul Campos: GOP Elites Are All About Money
Andrew Gumbel: The Coming Ballot Meltdown
Robert Koehler: Spreading Cancer: Depleted Uranium Turns Bush's Lies into High-Tech Horror
Arianna Huffington: Don't Be A Hack, Hillary
Sidney Blumenthal: House of Shame: Congress Republicans are Steering Clear of Bush as They Struggle to Hold Their Seats in Midterm Polls
John Nichols: Who Will Stand Up For Freedom of the Press?
Molly Ivins: Maybe If We Tried A Slingshot
Michael Weisman: Telecom Bill Would Leave US Lagging Behind Rest of World
Amitabh Pal: Withdrawal From Iraq or Political Sleight of Hand?
Bob Burnett: Derailing Dictator Dubya
Karen Kilroy/Alan Canfora: Hippies Homeland Security Threat

Wednesday, June 28
Nir Rosen: The Occupation of Iraqi Hearts and Minds
Nicholas von Hoffman: Rich Man's War, Poor Man's Fight
Gloria Feldt: Core Issue Missing in Birth-Control War Reports
Robert Scheer: A Disgraceful Attack on the New York Times
Marjorie Cohn: Playing Politics with Timetables
Dennis Persica: When the FBI Raids the Times
John Nichols: Veterans Defending the Bill of Rights
Larry Schweiger: A Law to Safeguard the Nation's Waters
Paul Mulshine: American Press Stuck on Sunny Side of Iraq
Tom Teepen: Bush is Close to Closing Court Circle
Floyd McKay: There's A Reason Iranians Like to Tweak the Giant's Nose
Andrew Bacevich: The American Political Tradition
Philip Kovacs: Gates, Buffett, and the Corporatization of Children
Ari Berman: SEC Lawyer Dismissed For A Donor?
Andrew Bard Schmookler: How Can the Democrats Be So Clueless (About How to Fight the Bushites)?

Tuesday, June 27
Tom Hayden: Mexico's Presidential Front-Runner May Roil U.S. Conservatives
Medea Benjamin/Raed Jarrar: US Spoonfeeding Turns Iraqi Peace Plan into Pablum
Ira Chernus: US and Israel Shoot Down Chances for Middle East Peace
Molly Ivins: An Epic Week of Cutting and Running
Sean Gonsalves: Cooperative Power or Coercive Power?
Pierre Tristam: Bait A Predator "to Catch A Voyeur"
Juan Gonzalez: Italian Seeks GI Shooter
Jesse Jackson: US Leaders Try to Shift Blame For Their Failures
Trudy Rubin: Shameful Debate on Iraq Pullout
Larry Beinhart:The Basic Questions: Do Our Government Anti-Terrorist Programs Actually Do Anything?
Richard Gwyn: "American Dream" Turning Into A Nightmare
John Nichols: Bush's Guide to Good Leaks and Bad Leaks
Matthew Rothschild: Bush Goes After the New York Times
Rebecca Solnit: Of Illegal Immigration and Bloodshed -- In 1846
David Corn: Senate Takes on Pre-War WMD Controversy -- Sort Of

Monday, June 26
James Carroll: Sowing Seeds For Salvation
Steven Freeman/Joel Bleifuss: A Call to Investigate the 2004 Election
Charleston Gazette: Internet Toll Road?
Gary Younge: If Wanton Murder is Essential to the US Campaign in Iraq, It's Time to Leave
Amartya Sen: It's Time For Global Control of Small Arms
Ru Freeman: Censorship - The American Version
Katrina vanden Heuvel: Rumsfeld Must Go
Matthew Rothschild: Calling the Roll on the Iraq Pullout Vote
Tom Engelhardt: Green Zoning It All the Way
George Lakoff/Marc Ettlinger/Sam Ferguson: Bush Is Not Incompetent
Stewart Acuff/Sheldon Friedman: Help Labor Stop Bush NLRB Assault on Workers' Rights
David Sirota: When Out-of-Touch Politicians Get Desperate
John Stauber: Pro-War "Vets For Freedom" Tied to Bush's PR Team
Neal Peirce: Jailbreak: Our Failing Prison System
Jared Bernstein: Path to Citizenship and Out of Poverty
Pottsville (PA) Republican: Are We On A Path of National Decline? Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Oh My!

Sunday, June 25
Michael Harris: War on Terror a Losing Game
Tom Hayden: Breaking Iraq News
Maria Cristina Caballero: In Colombia: Military Crimes Point to a Growing Problem
Andrew Bard Schmookler: We Musn't Ignore Founders' Message
Tom Turnipseed: Independence, Imperialism and Immigrants
Paul Johnson: Mystery Meat -- Let's Be Open About Food's Origins
Adam Harvey: Terror Plan Farcical
John Young: Democracy's Steroids Era
Gary Vance: The Judgment of Bush and Chavez

Saturday, June 24
William Greider: The Real Bank Scandal: Dirty Money
Jonathan Turley: "Big Brother" Bush and Connecting the Data Dots
Karina Lutz/Jo Lee: How Enron Conned Rhode Island, and How We're Paying For It
Ralph Nader: Democrats Finally Wake Up to Need for Minimum Wage Hike
Stephen Lendman: The Wall Street Journal Calls Hugo Chavez A Threat to World Peace
Robert Kuttner: Survival of the Richest
Larry Beinhart: Give George Bush His War
Jack Huberman: Who's Really Screwing America
Greg Palast: Democracy in Chains
Christopher Brauchli: Seeing Bush in Hu Jintao: An Imaginary Dinner

Friday, June 23
Stephen Conn: In Struggle For Women's Freedom, Which Side is US On?
Deborah Campbell: Nukes and Double Standards
Gordon Livingston: So Many Have Sacrificed So Much in Iraq, and For What?
Marjorie Cohn: Friendly Fire Ambush
Geoffrey Wheatcroft: Iraq is a Full-scale Military Balls-Up. Our Best Move Now is to Cut and Run
John Nichols: Lieberman Stays the Course With Bush
Ellen Goodman: Iraqi Soldiers Becoming "Terrorist Attractions"
Helen Thomas: Democrats Need A New Script
Mokhiber/Weissman: Jiffy Lube Caught With Its Pan Down
Tony Norman: Civil Rights Becomes Political Football
Steven Laffoley: Every Junkie's Like a Setting Sun: Enabling the President's Addiction
Paul Lamb: A National Technology Plan: From Digital Divide to Digital Enlightenment
William Greider: Cheney and HAL
St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Scenes From A War

Thursday, June 22
Katrina vanden Heuvel: Class Warfare: The Minimum Wage Goes Down
Molly Ivins: Bush's Hawaiian Education
Jacqueline Cabasso: Nuclear Arms in the Hands of Any Pose A Global Threat
Stacy Bannerman: Illegal Immigration: No Surprise in Bush "Emergencies"
Tom Hayden: Why the Senate Debate Means Progress
Caroline Lucas: Airlines Must Lose Their Right to Pollute the Skies
Paul Lewis: Politics as "Bait and Witch"
Baltimore Sun: Xenophobia Road Show
Matthew Rothschild: The Hit on Kerry
Ari Berman: Prisoners of Uncertainty
Minneapolis Star-Tribune: Shielding the Flag, Shattering Liberty
USA Today: Secret Government or A Free Press?
Toronto Star: Whaling Industry Belongs in the Past?
Gregory Foster: We Need A Patriotism Index
Laura Carlsen: Doublespeak in Congress and Soldiers on the Border

Wednesday, June 21
Norman Solomon: Their Barbarism, And Ours
Robert Shetterly: Messengers Represent Democracy
Jared Rosen/David Rippe: The Bridge of Choice in an Upside-Down World
Robert Scheer: Hillary's Shameful Straddling on Iraq
Holly Sklar: Congress Values Own Paychecks More Than Workers
John Nichols: The Next Big Fight Over Media Ownership
Danny Schechter: Dan Rather, RIP, Assassinated by the Media Company He Loved
Pierre Tristam: American Lives, Iraqi Props
Judy Ettenhofer: Gore's "Truth" Needs to Be Acted Upon Now
Nicholas von Hoffman: Bush's Baghdad Palace
Ruth Conniff: The War Comes Home
Steve Rendall/Peter Hart: Public Broadcasting Needs A Whole New System
Joyce Marcel: Why Can't the World Be More Like the World Cup?
Chris Huhne: Nuclear Power: Tried, Tested, and Failed

Tuesday, June 20
Molly Ivins: Without DeLay, Has the GOP Lost its Moral Compass?
Bonnie Erbe: Japanese Whaling A Barbaric Spectacle
Sean Gonsalves: Father, "What's Going On?"
Dave Zirin/John Cox: Hey Guys, The World Cup's Just A Game
Jesse Jackson: Big Oil Has Had Its Way With Americans For Much Too Long
Larry Beinhart: Bushenomics 102: Reality
Heather Wokusch: Pariah President: How Bush is Damaging US Standing Abroad and Threatening National Security
Jill Raymond: Face Truth About Human Sexuality
George Monbiot: Mass Medication With Omega 3 Would Wipe Out Global Fish Stocks
David Sirota: Politics 101: Broadcasting Indecision and Disunity Loses Elections
Tom Palaima: Viewing Foreign Policy Through Rosy Glasses
Robert Reich: The Specter of Deflation
Matthew Rothschild: State Trooper, Santorum Team Member Sued for Rights Violations at Barnes & Noble
Joye Brown: Standing Up For A Daughter Scarred By War
Ramon Castellblanch: Bush Should Get the Looters Out of Medicare

Monday, June 19
Noam Chomsky: A Negotiated Solution to the Iranian Nuclear Crisis is Within Reach
Barbara J. Miller: In Harm's Way
James Carroll: Sending Shameful Signals
Robert W. McChesney: Fight For A Free Press
David Model: Two Minutes to Midnight: The Nuclear Peril
Thom Hartmann: Reclaim the Issues - "Occupation, Not War"
Jared Bernstein: The Economist Behind the Curtain
Robert Dreyfuss: Permanent War? Dealing with Realities in Iraq and Washington
Stephan Smith-Said: Why Neil Young is Wrong
Neal Peirce: Stop Dancing With Dinosaurs
The Toronto Star: Hijacking Global Aid
Aziz Hug: The Guantanamo Peril

Sunday, June 18
Frank Rich: Karl Rove Beats the Democrats Again
Carol J. Williams: Kicked Out of Gitmo
Cindy Sheehan: How Many More?
Caroline Arnold: Political Fundamentalism or Pot Luck Democracy
Linda McQuaig: The Best Way to Keep us Safe is to Learn the Truth
Eric Margolis: Massacre of Civilians Was Inevitable
Jonathan Chait: The Lie of the Anti-Estate Tax Democrats
Los Angeles Times: A Hurricane of Fraud?
Peter Rost: Father's Day

Saturday, June 17
Jerry Lanson: When Will the Mainstream Media Get It Right?
John Nichols: Who Supports the Troops?
Arianna Huffington: Announcing the First Annual "Inspire George Bush Film Festival"
Bill Quigley: HUD to New Orleans Poor: "Go F(ind) Yourself (Housing)!"
Derrick Z. Jackson: MVP's (Most Valuable Pupils) in the Boston Public Schools
Christopher Brauchli: The Right Divine of Kings to Govern Wrong
Matthew Rothschild: The Worst Ruling of the Week
Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Climate Change: 'Adapt or Bust'

Friday, June 16
Paul Rogat Loeb: Global Warming/Local Hope
Katrina vanden Heuvel: The Peace Race
Michael T. Klare: The Tripolar Chessboard: Putting Iran in Great Power Context?
Rosa Brooks: A Man, a Plan . Baghdad
Michael Honey: Soldier's Duty: Say No to Illegal War
Helen Thomas: Al-Zarqawi's Death Doesn't Slow War
Danny Schechter: Pattern Recognition in the Bush Media Era
Allan Solomonow: Illusions of Security in the US and Israel
Michael Berg: Father's Day Reflections on a Son Lost
Bruce Dixon: Black Caucus Caves to Corporate Power: Two-Thirds Vote Against Black Interests
Mokhiber/Weissman: Corporate Democrats
Paul Lamb: Following the Path Carved by my Father's Conscience
Richard Gwyn: Greedy CEOs Can't Help Themselves
David Cole: Manzanar Redux?
David Sirota: Trivializing Corruption

Thursday, June 15
Kathy Kelly: "Look Them in the Eye,--Honest Abe and the Residents of Ramadi"
Norman Solomon: A Big Problem for Hillary Clinton: "Premature Triangulation"
Peter Hartcher: The US Wises Up To the World Game
Susan Waltz: Can UN Stem Flow of Small Arms?
John Brown: Ambassadorial Suicide Initiative
Robert Steinback: American Volunteers Showing Compassion at the Border
Joe Conason: A Whiff of Brimstone, a Shameful Silence on Coulter
Neve Gordon: The U.S.-Israeli "Somalia Plan"
New York Times: A Leap of Faith, Off a Cliff
Patt Morrison: Ex-Cons Need Not Apply
Sidney Blumenthal: The Risks of Raising Hopes
John Nichols: Another Blank Check for Perpetual War
Ruth Conniff: State Department on Suicide as a 'Good P.R. Move'
Joan Vennochi: Kerry's Change of Heart
Tony Norman: Cheesesteaks, With a Side of Bigotry
Robert C. Koehler: A Vote of No Confidence

Wednesday, June 14
Stuart Vyse: On Selling 'Letter From Birmingham Jail'
Robert Dreyfuss: Bush's Iraq Offensive
Joan Smith: Bush Fails Women in Afghanistan
John Nichols: Now, What About Cheney?
Erin Aubry Kaplan: My Father, Man of Action
Amitabh Pal: Israel's Killings May Be The Start of a Bloody Cycle
Derrick Jackson:< Heading off a 'Coal War' with China
James Norton: Roots of US War Prisoners' Rights Run Deep
Adam Cohen: Could a 15-Year-Old With a Laptop Be the New Campaign Media Guru?
Robert Scheer: DeLay's Mission Continues
Nat Hentoff: Muzzled at the ACLU
Nathan Gardels/Mike Medavoy: The Fast-Fading Luster of the American Story

Tuesday, June 13
Medea Benjamin: Peace Activists at Hillary Clinton's Speech Try to Take Back "Take Back America"
William Fisher:
Saudi Arabian Cosmetics?
Molly Ivins:
Hope, Hope, Hoping Along in Iraq
George Monbiot: Behind the Spin, the Oil Giants are More Dangerous Than Ever
David Corn: Karl Rove Escapes Prosecution
Nicholas von Hoffman: Nightmare Scenario
Jeremy Brecher/Brendan Smith: Lieutenant Watada's War Against the War
Alan Roberts/Christopher Scanlon: Debunking Nuclear Myth of Greenhouse Friendliness
Cindy Sheehan: Cure the Disease
Jesse Jackson: Our Leaders Have Led the Nation Adrift: We Need Change Now
Doug Ireland: The Democrats' Marriage Problem
Elisa Faulstich: Graduation Speech: Fetal Eyes
Ivan Eland: Zarqawi's Death Is Likely a Plus for the Iraqi Insurgency
Nora Ephron: Farewell to Teflon

Monday, June 12
Tom Engelhardt: Zarqawi Mania
Kofi Annan: If Only World Politics Could Be As Well Organized as the World Cup Games
John Brown: The President Addresses the Good American People about Total Victory, Evil WMD, and VNTME
Marie Cocco: As DeLay Leaves, Shoddy Culture Lingers
Arthur Greif: Retrain Rumsfeld and Bush
Beth Bragg: After Six Years on the Road, 'XONSUX' Plates Get a No-Go From DMV
James Carroll: Sweet Summer Solstice Balances Life's Bitterness
David Francis: Democracy and the 'Death Tax'
Pat Gerber: How Not to Get Out Of Iraq: Why "Redeployment" is the Wrong Answer to the Iraq Question
Gary Younge: Young People's Protests are Easy to Mock. But Ignore Them at Your Perils
Madison Capital Times: Robin Hood in Reverse
Norman Solomon: Why Pretend That Hillary Clinton Is Progressive?
Zachary Katznelson: A Tunnel Without End
John Nichols: Murtha v. Hoyer
Eric Alterman: Truth Is for 'Liberals'

Sunday, June 11
César Chelala: New Actions Are Needed for a Safer World
Tom Turnipseed: Justice, Victory and Opportunity in Iraq: Another Woman and Child Are Killed With Zarqawi
Steven Laffoley: The Politics of Pronouns: "We the People" or "Us vs.Them"
Eric Margolis: The Final Say: The only people who may miss al-Zarqawi are the pro-war neocons, who claimed he was part of al-Qaida to justify the invasion of Iraq
Daniel Ellsberg: Iraq's Pentagon Papers
Elizabeth Kolbert: U.S. Foot-Dragging Fuels Global Warming

Saturday, June 10
Alexander Dryer: It's Alright, Ma Bell
William Greider: The Future Is Now
Tony Norman: If Ann Coulter's a Christian, I'll Be Damned
Tom Hayden: Abu Musab al-Zarqawi
Eric Sawyer: What 25 Years of AIDS Has Taught Me
Ira Chernus: Israel's Policies Assassinate Jews, Too
Ralph Nader: The Gospel According to the Dixie Chicks
Aaron Glantz: How Many Iraqis I Know Are Dead?
Bill Davis: Zarqawi and Berg - Quotes From The Rubble

Friday, June 9
Greg Foster: The Specter of Command Cowardice
George Lakoff/Sam Ferguson: Framing Versus Spin
Michael Berg: Al-Zarqawi's Death is No Cause for Rejoicing
Rosa Brooks: Why Good People Kill
Jeremy Brecher/Brendan Smith: The Pincer Strategy
Matthew Rothschild: Why Zarqawi's Death Won't Solve the Iraq Crisis
Kenneth Bunting: Public Interest in News Topics is Beyond the Control of Mainstream Media
David Sirota: Mr. Obama Goes to Washington
Cindy Sheehan: When Will We Ever Learn?
John Nichols: House Rejects Net Neutrality
Jonathan Steele: Only a Provocateur: Zarqawi's death will not halt the cycle of violence set in motion by the occupation of Iraq
Tony Karon: How to Watch the World Cup: Politics and War by Other Means

Thursday, June 8
Molly Ivins: An About Face on Iran: Bush Administration Goes From Tough Talk to Diplomacy
John Nichols: No Majority for Discrimination
Diane Farsetta: Confronted with Disclosure Demands, Fake News Moguls Cry "Censorship!"
Hans Blix: Don't Forget Those Other 27,000 Nukes
Helena Cobban: It's Time to Get Serious About US Troop Withdrawal
Garrison Keillor: With Ineptitude on Full Display, the Party's Over for Republicans
Lawrence Lessig/Robert McChesney: No Tolls on The Internet
Julia Sweig: The Dark Stain of Guantanamo
Jared Bernstein: The YOYO Handcuffs
Froma Harrop: Bush's Pet Democrat is in Trouble
Giles Fraser: Suffer Little Children
Robert Parry: Why Democrats Lose
Josh Marshall: After Immigration and Gay Marriage, Look For Terror Alerts
Joshua Reichert: Saving the Whales - Again
Andrew Gumbel: The Dirty South: Politics as Loose and Corrupt as Ever

Wednesday, June 7
David Sirota: Populist John Tester Scores Huge Win Against D.C. Dems and For the Rest of Us
Melissa Van: Another) War is Not the Answer
Robert Scheer: Media Failed Its Duty in Lee Case
Tom Engelhardt: Collateral Damage: The "Incident" at Haditha
Ted Rall: Pro-War Pols Don't Deserve a Political Future
Derrick Z. Jackson: Our Rocky `Engagement' in Iraq
Colman McCarthy: Test-Driven Teaching Isn't Character-Driven
Dave Zweifel: Lesson From North: Fix Health Care
Reva Rasmussen: Post-9/11 America is Less a Land of the Free
Jonathan Freedland: Big Business, Not Religion, is the Real Power in the White House
Sami Ramadani: The Bloody Iceberg's Tip
John Nichols: Citizens 1, Corporations 0
Ruth Conniff: The Trouble with Trendspotting
Jean Elson: Poverty: The Real Terror of Singlehood
Russ Feingold: Feingold Statement on the Proposed Constitutional Amendment on Marriage

Tuesday, June 6
Paul Campos: Rose-Colored View of History
Ari Berman: Flying the Corporate Skies
DeWayne Wickham: Kansas Political Shifts Sign of Things to Come?
Sean Gonsalves: We Just Don't Get What?
Jesse Jackson: Poor Get Cuts as Rich Get Tax Cuts
David Helvarg: Catastrophes in the Making
Ian Gibson: Resist This US Backlash
Joan Claybrook/Dave Eiffert: Wealthy Should Pay Their Fair Share
Ed Garvey: Where Have All the Leaders Gone?
New York Times: Degrading America's Image
John Brown: Bush the New Internationalist? Don't Count on It
Norman Solomon: The Urbanity of Evil
Molly Ivins: Flag Burning and Other Dubious Epidemics
Bill C. Davis: The Essence of Marriage
John R. MacArthur: Semper Why? One More IIllusion Down the Drain

Monday, June 5
Cynthia Tucker: Hawks Attack Those Who Dare to Speak Up
Mark LeVine: Iraq Was Lost Before We Started
Cindy Sheehan: The Abominations of War: From My Lai to Haditha
Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Civil Disobedience: Tilting at War
Cynthia Bogard: Al Gore's Medium is His Message
Toronto Star: Bulldozing the Bottom of the Sea
Robert Jensen: Attacking Iran: Bad Policy is a Bipartisan Affair
Neal Peirce: Floods and Federal Land-Use Policy
Missy Comley Beattie: Preserving the Sanctity of Marriage
Danny Schechter: Big Media Bids Sayonara to Synergy, Top Exec Calls it "Bull..."
James Carroll: The Roots of the Holocaust
Andrew Bard Schmookler: The Bushite Regime and the Collapse of Civilizations

Sunday, June 4
Thom Hartmann: Stand Up for Democracy With Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
David Rossie: John Murtha is More Right Every Day
Marie Cocco: Yet Another Cover-up, Why Be Surprised?
Steven Laffoley: Blame is for God and Little Children
Linda McQuaig: Union Drawing Attention to Israeli Injustice
Bill McKibben: Welcome to the Climate Crisis
Haroon Siddiqui: Starving Palestinians is Inhumane, Stupid
Henry Porter: Al Versus Hillary? No Contest
Matthew Rothschild: Gagged Library Exec Speaks Out
Fitrakis/Wasserman: RFK and Rolling Stone Nail Ohio's Stolen 2004 Election, But Much More Must Be Done

Saturday, June 3
Robert Fisk: The Way Americans Like Their War
Marcus Raskin/Sarah Anderson: Napoleon's Ghost in Washington
Derrick Jackson: Vietnam Revisited
b>Larry Beinhart: Foaming Republicans
Susan Lenfestey: Prime Minister Maliki Shows Us the Door
Dave Zirin: The Rockies Pitch Religion
Christopher Brauchli: US Propaganda in Iraq: Manure Manufactured by Bush & Co.
Sam Husseini: Can Pacifica Network Live Up to Its Promise?
John Janks: Sun-Tzu Must Be Shaking His Head
Rich Gamble: Cantwell Can't Hide From Her Position on Iraq
Caroline Arnold: A Martian's Electic Observations of Earthlings

Friday, June 2
Leslie Savan: Regrets? Confessions? Bring 'em On!
James Galbraith: First Words: John Kenneth Galbraith Memorial
Richard Gwyn: Haditha Signals Beginning of End of Iraq War
John Nichols: Dixie Chicks are No. 1
Dilip Hiro: Wrong Mission Accomplished: How Invading Iraq Has Set Back Democracy
Mokhiber/Weissman: When Mom Dies
Kathy Kelly: Right Livelihood
Jim Chiavelli: US Soldiers Creating Road Rage in Afghanistan
Helen Thomas: Congress Legislating Our Rights Away
Greg Gandin: The Swift Boating of America
Jonathan Steele: If Iran is Ready to Talk, the US Must do so Unconditionally
The Nation: Why Haditha Matters
Salim Muwakkil: A Shared Vision
Matthew Rothschild: Rice's Iranian Ruse

Thursday, June 1
Robert F. Kennedy Jr: Was the 2004 Election Stolen?
Danny Schechter: Media Crimes Sanitize War Crimes in Iraq
Molly Ivins: Iran Badge Fabricator Goes to Washington
Sidney Blumenthal: A State Of Emergency: Bush a Danger To Constitution in His Wartime Capacity as Commander in Chief
Tom Hayden: Looks Like Long War, Friends
Richard Rockefeller: Estate Tax Repeal An Unfair Act
Ruth Conniff: Haditha Means Time to End Iraq War
Christopher Cooper: Tell Me Captain If You Know Of a Decent Place To Stand
Haroon Siddiqui: Nobel Laureate Flays Bush
Ted Rall: For Iraqis, American Atrocities Are Old News
Guardian/UK: My Lai on the Euphrates?
John Nichols: Impeach Alberto Gonzales? Why, Yes!
Robert Reich: Henry Paulson's Challenge
Mary Dejevsky: Instability and Death Count Rising
James Ryan: Cadet Bush at West Point: Screw That Chin In, Beanhead!

May 2006




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