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July 2006

Monday, July 31
Merhi Rima: The World Has to Stop This Slaughter If A Democratic Lebanon Is to Have A Future
David Clark: How Can "Terrorism" Be Condemned While War Crimes Go Without Rebuke?
Pierre Tristam: Massacres at Qana: When "Never Again" Needn't Apply to Lebanon
Karen Armstrong: Bush's Fondness For Fundamentalism Is Courting Disaster At Home and Abroad
Andrew Davison: US Cease-fire Rejection May Be "Missing Response" From 1983
Cindy Sheehan: Camp Casey III and Iraq
James Carroll: America Transforms the Middle East, But Not As Envisioned
John Nichols: Lieberman Loses New York Times Backing
Mark LeVine: Qana Rules
Barbara Hensley: Who Will Save Us
Dave Zweifel: Wal-Mart Casts Its Shadow On Banks
The Oregonian: Cheney-Specter Bill: A Blank Check For Spying
Miami Herald: Child Custody Act Doesn't Protect

Sunday, July 30
Eric Margolis: The Final Say
New York Times: A Senate Race in Connecticut
John Holdren/Alan Leshner: Time to Get Serious About Climate Change
Linda McQuaig: Slaughter Taking Place While Canada Does Nothing
Haroon Siddiqui: Realities, Absurdities of Israel-U.S. Policies
David Rossie: Stem Cell Veto: President Doing Harm to Nation
Carl Hiaasen: Disillusioned With the War? Here's Why
Dave Zirin: You Can Keep the Faith

Saturday, July 29
Janet Baker: Remembering A Visit to A Vibrant, Diverse Lebanon
Derrick Jackson: Division of Uncivil Rights
Sadiq Khan: This Is Worse Than Iraq
Jennifer Martikean: Bush's Biggest Offense At Summit Overlooked
Rasid Khalidi: Anger In the Arab World
Matthew Rothschild: Condoleezza Rice: Midwife From Hell
Mokhiber/Weissman: Signs of the Times
Christopher Brauchli: Iraq's Construction Disasters
Ralph Nader: Stop ExxonMobil From Squeezing Us Dry
Russell Razzaque: How Can We Defeat the Extremists Like This?
John Nichols: The GOP's Sleaziest Attack Campaign

Friday, July 28
Rosa Brooks: Four Lessons to Make Us Safer
James Ron: Trapped In A Vengeful Machismo
Tom Engelhardt: The Middle East and the Barbarism Of War From the Air
John Nichols: Lamont Vs. Lieberman: A Fight For the Party's Soul
Geov Parrish: The Long and Warming Road
Tyson Slocum: Behind the Blackouts
Tony Norman: Reglar Rapscallions In High Places
Ari Berman: Democrats for Demagoguery
Andrew Greeley: Who Grieves For Dead Iraqis?
Mike Carlton: Children Die In the Name Of Israeli Protection
Stephen Wall: In Hock to George Bush
Rhonda Chriss Lokeman: Bush and Nixon: Far Too Close For Comfort
Dave Zweifel: Bush Just Keeps On Ignoring Railroads
Caroline Arnold: War & Words

Thursday, July 27
John Murtha: Strengthen By Re-Deployment
Susan Lenfestey: Never Quite Away From It All
Huck Gutman: A Modest Step Toward Fixing Our Health Care System
Ruth Conniff: Agony In Lebanon
Jonathan Tasini: On Israel, We Must Never Be Silent
Cindy Sheehan: Camp Casey III: The Struggle Continues
Mokhiber/Weissman: An Island of Socialism In A Sea of Capitalism
Jonathan Schell: Too Late For Empire
Matthew Rothschild: Maliki Parrots Bush, Gives Scant Hope of US Withdrawal
Ramzi Kysia: Lebanon, Burning
David Sirota: Dem's "Free" Trade Zealots Change Their Tune
Jeremy Brecher/Brendan Smith: A Road to Peace in Lebanon?
Molly Ivins: 24/7 Coverage Doesn't Cover It
Haroon Siddiqui: Twin Wars "A Calculated Kind of Madness"
Sidney Blumenthal: The Neocon Resurgence
William Greider: Whither the WTO
Bill Fletcher Jr: I Heard A Comment By An Israeli Soldier...
Oren Ben-Dor: Who Are the Real Terrorists In the Middle East?

Wednesday, July 26
Jonathan Freedland: At the Heart of the Lebanon Crisis Lie the Lethal Mistakes Of George Bush
John Nichols: Bill Moyers For President? Absolutely!
Larry Kramer: Nuremberg Trials For AIDS
Joyce Marcel: A Dance of Death
Kerry Lobel/Julie Dorf: WorldPride Jerusalem: Why We Can No Longer Look the Other Way
Norman Solomon: Applauding While Lebanon Burns
Robert Scheer: Labor Pains of A Stillborn Foreign Policy
Dilip Hiro: Boosting Extremists With Bombs
Joan Vennochi: Hillary Can't Hide
Ian Williams: Khiyam: Accidentally on Purpose
Mark LeVine: Michael Walzer's Tortured Ethics
Donald Kaul: Dear Israel: Bombing Doesn't Work
Ted Rall: Landmines and WMDs are Verboten. Ban Bombs Too.
Brian Fogarty: What We Can Learn From 1920s Germany
Patrick Cockburn: Civil War Won't End Until Troops Leave Iraq

Tuesday, July 25
Molly Ivins: Run Bill Moyers For President, Seriously
Jonathan Cook: Five Myths That Sanction Israel's War Crimes
Kathy Kelly: Peace On Trial
Marjorie Cohn: Willful Blindness
Cindy Sheehan: Helplessly Hoping: Day 21, Troops Home Fast
Phyllis Bennis: Washington's Latest Middle East War
Beau Grosscup: Israel's "Shock and Awe" Bombing of Lebanon
Ralph Nader: George W. Better Stop "Losing Lebanon"
Stephen Zunes: Congress and the Israeli Attack on Lebanon: A Critical Reading
Ze'ev Maoz: Morality Is Not On Our Side
Stan Cox: Cooling the Mall, Heating the Planet
Pierre Tristam: Middle East Peace Begins By Ending Campaigns of Hatred
Antonia Zerbisias: Media Self-Censorship Hides Truth
Jim Compton: A Paralyzing Doctrine of Swagger
Rami Khouri: It's Not Only About Israel, Ms. Rice
Danny Schechter: The Media War In the Middle East Targets the Truth

Monday, July 24
Naomi Oreskes: Global Warming -- Signed, Sealed, and Delivered
Martin Sieff: Eye on Iraq: The Shiite Bloody Saturday
Chris Flavin: A Dying Planet
Gideon Levy: Israel: Stop Now, Immediately
Jorge Hirsch: Nuke Iran, Blame the Jews
Cecilia Lucas: Hezbollah: I Don't Want to Love You, But I Do
Jerry Lanson: Reflections In A Dangerous Time
David Cole: Why the Court Said No
Neve Gordon: Talking Down the War
Dave Zweifel: No Need to Ask If Bush Has No Shame
USA Today: Where Is Robin Hood When You Need Him?
Greg James: Republicans: Do As I Say, Not As I Do
Beth Quinn: Sure, Shit Happens, But President Bush Should Stop Making It Happen
Max Hastings: The West's Moral Erosion Has Undermined the War on Terror

Sunday, July 23
Gregory Foster: A Celebrity Culture in Need of Heroes
Lawrence Pintak: Lebanon: Black & White and Dead All Over
Michelle Mason: Learning,Too Young, of War
Stephen Zunes: Israel Will Create More Terrorists Than It Kills
Eric Margolis: Larger Conflict Looms: Will Israel stop after defeating Hezbollah in Beirut?
Cenk Uygur: We Were Right
John Nichols: Condoleezza "False Promise" Rice
Robert Fisk: The Empire Leaves Beirut to Burn
Joseph Galloway: Going from Bad to Worse
Sanford J. Ungar: Distorted Reflection
Andrew Rawnsley: It Wasn't the 'Yo' That Was Humiliating, It Was the 'No'

Saturday, July 22
Dahr Jamail: War Savages Everything
Cecilia Lucas: War of Choice: An Open Letter to Amos Oz
Lawrence Pintak: The Fog of Cable
Norman Stockwell: US Could Take Lessons from Mexican Voting Process
Christopher Brauchli: Blind Justice
James Zogby: Willful Fantasies and Reality in Today's Mideast Conflict
John Young: Casket Tempest is Revealing
Derrick Jackson: Bush Doesn't Measure up
Robert Kuttner: US Blunders Roil the Mideast
Peter Phillips: News Bias in the Associated Press

Friday, July 21
Rosa Brooks: Bush's Burned Bridges
Karen Greenberg: The Color of "Transparency" Is Black
Bill Berkowitz: Bringing on "World War III"
Tom Hayden: Things Come 'Round in Mideast
James RePass: Gated Communities Are Enemies of Democracy
Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Sexual Harassment: Ewwww. Again
Helen Thomas: Bush Far From Neutral Player in Mideast
Arianna Huffington: A Different Kind of Three-Way: Bill and Hillary Triangulate on Lieberman
Rana El-Khatib: Israel Sows Seeds of Hatred
Mike Carlton: Stop Laughing, It's US Policy That's the Joke
Ted Rall: Collective Punishment Isn't Self-Defense
Ian Williams: The UN's Mideast Mission
David Sirota: Pull Up A Chair-- This Is the Funniest Show In Politics

Thursday, July 20
Molly Ivins: In Politics, Comedy and Tragedy
Norman Solomon: The Most Dangerous Alliance in the World
Greg Palast: Ken Lay's Alive!
John Nichols: Lebanon in Crisis; Bush, Most Democrats in Denial
Tariq Ali: A Protracted Colonial War
George Bisharat: And After the Attacks In Lebanon and Israel...
Robert Koehler: The Shadow Report
Matthew Rothschild: Arrest, Death Threat For Farmer With Upside-Down Flag
Salim Lone: Sanctioning Israeli Crimes Marks New Era of Lawlessness
Mokhiber/Weissman: Activism Inc.
Patricia DeGennaro: Peace in the Middle East? Maybe, That Is If the West Stopped Sitting On the Sidelines!
Robert Reich: Back-Dating the SEC

Wednesday, July 19
Ira Chernus: Israelis See Their Own Nation As "Neighborhood Bully"
Huck Gutman: Lying about the Ruinous Cost of the War in Iraq
Michael Klare: An Imperial Defeatist-- And Proud of It
Ruth Conniff: Knucklehead Diplomacy, Bush-Style
Joyce Marcel: The Spirit of War
Jeff Cohen: Can Al Gore Be Trusted?
Robert Scheer: What Bush's Open Mic Revealed
Marjorie Cohn: Bush Is Overruling Democracy
Mokhiber/Weissman: The Tobacco Industry Academy Awards
Diane Farsetta: Cosmetic Solutions: The Makeup Industry Gives Itself a Health Hazard Makeover
Dave Zweifel: "Cut and Run" Can Cut Both Ways
Saree Makdisi: Israel's Outrageous Attacks
CÚsar Chelala: Middle East: Punishing Children Is Not An Effective Policy
John Nichols: Republicans Reject Ralph Reed's Hypocrisy

Tuesday, July 18
Molly Ivins: The Suicide of Capitalism
Pierre Tristam: Savagery For Savagery: All Lose By Taking Bait of Islam's Fanatics
Madison Capital Times: Israel's On Wrong Course
Dave Lindorff: A Nice Mess Our President Has Made for US
David Korten: The Great Turning: From Empire to Earth Community
James Galbraith: Doing Maths In Mexico
Ahmad Samih Khalidi: If Israel Has the Right to Use Force In Self-Defense, So Do Its Neighbors
Ralph Nader: Please, President Bush: Don't Continue to Be Weak on Lebanon Crisis
Duncan Black: Why the Left Is Furious at Lieberman
Jesse Jackson: False Piety Is Wrong Cure For Dems
Victoria Mares-Hershey: Calling Out Casualties' Names Is One Way to Keep War In Mind
Roger Bybee/Carolyn Winter: Instead of Holding Bake Sales, the Pentagon Cooks the Books
Paul Campos: 9/11: Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy?
Sidney Blumenthal: A Pantomime President

Monday, July 17
Robert Dreyfuss: Neocons Rise From Mideast Ashes
Tom Engelhardt: The Force Is Not with Them: The Middle East Aflame and the Bush Administration Adrift
James Carroll: New Conflicts In An Old War
David Clark: The West Must Recognize That Israel's Agenda is in Conflict With its Own
John Nichols: Friends Don't Let Friends Ruin Lebanon
Ramzi Kysia: The Distance from Guernica to Lebanon
Danny Schechter: Is It Time For A Third World War?
Dave Zweifel: Clinton, Health Care Industry Get Cozy
Deepak Chopra: Who Owns Christianity?
John Atcheson: Running From Cut and Run: Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory
Neal Peirce: Repairing American Democracy
Matthew Rothschild: New York Times Tells a Whopper About Legality and Morality of Israel's Actions
Harvey Wasserman: More Atomic Bomb Balm From the New York Times
Robert Jensen: Florida's Fear of History: New Law Undermines Critical Thinking

Sunday, July 16
Linda McQuaig: Wildly Disproportionate Attack on Lebanon Seems Like Pretext to Confront Iran
Gregory Foster: Baby Boomers: The Ungreatest Generation
Morton Halperin: Bush: Worse Than Nixon
Joseph Galloway: Are We Heading for the Exit in Iraq?
Eric Margolis: The Final Say: Israel and its enemies will talk eventually, the only issue is how many civilians on all sides will have to die before it happens
Gila Svirsky: The Occupation? Fuggedaboudit!
Cindy Sheehan: Me, Hugo and George
Tom Turnipseed: At the End Of Cowboy Diplomacy: How Can We Support Our Cannon Fodder and Shell Shocked Soldiers?
Mark Hertsgaard: The G-8's Risky Nuclear Embrace
Jonathan Chait: Is Bush Still Too Dumb to Be President?
Terence Kindlon: Military, Civilian Leaders are Failing the US

Saturday, July 15
Chris Hedges: Mutually Assured Destruction in the Middle East
Tom Palaima: Bob Dylan Reminds Us of Our Common Dreams
Pierre Tristam: As Lebanon Bleeds: A Savage and Unwinnable Gambit
Mark Engler: Mexico: Allow More Time For Democracy
Christopher Brauchli: Bush Vetoes, Pope Excommunicates on Stem Cells
Robert Fisk: From My Home, I Saw What the "War on Terror" Meant
Kevin Baker: The Past and Future of A Right-Wing Myth
Robert Kuttner: GOP, Courts: Had Enough?
The Nation: Too High A Price In Gaza and Lebanon
Matthew Rothschild: Bush and Olmert's Dangerous Game

Friday, July 14
Dahr Jamail: "This is Going to Be A Big War"
Helen Thomas: Bush Needs Lesson in Statesmanship
Rev. Jim Rigby: Real Christians Don't Gay Bash
Greg Palast: Why Democrats Don't Count: Lessons from the Un-Gore of Mexico
Rosa Brooks: Terror-War Wackiness
Bob Geiger: Pro-Choice Groups' Out-to-Lunch Endorsements
Andrew Greeley: Iraq War Was Lost the Day It Started
Tony Norman: 9/11 A Bush Conspiracy? Get Real
John Dean: Triumph of the Authoritarians
Andrew Steiner: In St. Petersburg, G-8 Summit Will Forecast Our Energy Future
Elizabeth DiNovella: In Mexico, A Lot of Smoke -- But Where's La Pistola?
Robert Koehler: Wounded to the Soul: Fasting as a way to protest war and violence
Aaron Glantz: Iraqis Call for Timetable, America Cracks Down
Kenneth Roth: Who Profits Most From Torture?
Christopher Cooper: And Some Of Us Was Born To Run Out On Highway Sixty-One
Katrina vanden Heuvel: Dan Rather Stands By Controversial 60 Minutes Broadcast

Thursday, July 13
Ruth Rosen: The Hidden War on Women in Iraq
Michael Shtender-Auerbach: US in Israel Turning Into "Bad Cop, Worse Cop"
Chris Toensing: Letting Gaza Burn
Arianna Huffington: Bill Clinton: Dems Shouldn't Be Divided By Differences Over Iraq
Katrina vanden Heuvel: A Politics of the Common Good
Dave Griffiths: No Escaping Parallels to Vietnam
Joyce Marcel: Are You the Maker or the Tool
Dave Lindorff: Krauthammer and Justice Davis: Does a State of War Give Bush a Right to Commit War Crimes?
Patt Morrison: Crying Terrorist
Martin Jacques: The Death of Doha Signals the Demise of Globalization
Ahdaf Soueif: Only Sanctions Will Stop This Brutal Campaign Against Palestine
Matthew Rothschild: No Upside-Down Flag in Iowa
Rupert Cornwell: American Policy in Middle East Caught In "A Perfect Storm"
Joseph Palermo: The "Decider" Discovers He's Not Above the Law
Amitabh Pal: Mumbai Bomb Blasts Sickening

Wednesday, July 12
Robert Scheer: Bush Should Channel Nixon In North Korea
Ted Rall: Why Enron Chief Was Better Than "Philanthropists"
Katrina vanden Heuvel: A Maverick Media Mogul Takes on Mainstream Spinelessness
Robert Reich: Economic Recovery: Not Raining on the President's Parade
Trudy Rubin: Hidden Toll: Civilians Killed Accidentally
Sandy Tolan: "Never Again" Gone Mad In Israel
Floyd McKay: George Should See Al's Movie
Peter Singer: Meat Production Today Is Not Just Inhumane, It's Inefficient
Ruth Conniff: David Brooks's Big Valentine to Joe Lieberman
Suzanne Goldberg: Decision on Gay Marriage Is Absurd
John Sweeney/Richard Rogers: Protecting Workers' Rights
Katha Pollitt: Thank You for Hating My Book

Tuesday, July 11
Molly Ivins: The Politics of Greed
John R. MacArthur: Does America's Press Believe in Freedom of the Press?
Debra Miller: Bush Detention, Torture Policy Makes Us The Bad Guys
Pierre Tristam: Clear Picture From Shades of Red in Bush's Deficit Fog
Mary Robinson: WMDs in Slow Motion
John Dear: Sign Me Up for the Declaration of Peace!
Ru Freeman: A Guantanamo State of Mind
Cindy Sheehan: Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow up to be Soldiers
Sandy Tolan: The Palestinian Catastrophe, Then and Now
Johnny Boyd: The King is Dead, Long Live the King
Paul Campos: Lieberman: Iraq War Puppet
Sean Gonsalves: The Real WMD Threat
John Stauber: John Rendon's Long, Strange Trip in the Terror Wars

Monday, July 10
Paul Rogat Loeb: An Inconvenient Video Game
Katrina vanden Heuvel: David Brooks--Just Another Joe Lieberman Fan
Thom Hartmann: Reclaiming The Issues: "Why Is Bush Spying On Democrats?!?"
Mokhiber/Weissman: Boeing Criminal Agreement: Odd and Unusual
Heather Boushey: Welfare-To-Nothing
James Carroll: A Masterpiece Rumor of the Great War
Mona El-Farra: My Life in Gaza
Kenneth Baer/Andrei Cherny: Wake Up, Democrats: Ideas and Vision Do Matter
Leonard Pitts: Are We Too Dismissive on Global Warming?
Paul Scott: The Need to Know: No Questions, No Dissent in Our Endless War
Douglas MacBain: America is Assaulted From Within
Matthew Rothschild: Instructor's Job Threatened Over 9/11 Comments

Sunday, July 9
Gregory Foster: Our-isms or Theirs?
Matthew Rothschild: Horrible Judicial Reasoning on Same-Sex Marriage in New York
Joseph Galloway: 'Axis of Evil:' Times Call For Diplomacy -- But From Whom?
David Rossie: Political Scoundrels Hide Behind Terrorism
Theo Horesh: A Convenient Time for Truth: Could Al Gore Be a Prometheus For the Democrats?
Cindy Sheehan: Troops Home Fast: Day 6
Carl Hiaasen: Energy Policy: Political Tide Favors Big Oil
Uri Avnery: A One-Sided War
Boston Globe: GM And Ford Gas Delusions
Ralph Nader: Break Down Barriers to Minority Parties

Saturday, July 8
Jeremy Brecher/Brendan Smith: Watada, the War, and the Law
Pierre Tristam: North Korea, Bush Ally
Stephen Zunes: Democrats Vs. The Peace Movement?
Robert Klose: Iraq Is the War That Keeps on Giving
Steven Laffoley: Crowning Our Napoleon in Rags
Christopher Brauchli: Flying Flag at Half-Staff Undermines War on Terror?
Ralph Nader: Save Our Oceans
Robert Kuttner: Few Good Options In Iraq
Greg Palast: Mexico and Florida Have More In Common Than Heat
Ari Berman: US Recruiting Hatred

Friday, July 7
Ira Chernus: Karl Rove's Scheherazade Strategy
Rosa Brooks: That's Their Big Gun? Republicans Running On Their Anti-Terror Exploits Are Just Plain Nutty.
Dave Zirin/John Cox: French Soccer and the Future of Europe
Laura Carlsen: Mexico's Dramatic Vote Count Lacks Credibility
Arianna Huffington: What the Hell Is Barbara Boxer Thinking?
Mark Engler: Mexico's Democratic Transition Still Incomplete
Cindy Sheehan: BushCo: Conduct Unbecoming
William Morgan: In Maine: Goodbye History, Hello, Wal-Mart
Helen Thomas: Bush Thinks He Can Rule By Fiat
Salim Lone: 7 July Attacks Anniversary: Little Learned From London Tragedy or Carnage in Muslim Lands
Andrew Greeley: Cheney Really Wants US Dictator
Mark Morford: George W. Bush Is Dead To Me
Tony Norman: Pvt. Steven Green Walks A Dark Line
Mark Weisbrot: Rate Hikes Help Bankers, Not Average Americans
Maureen Startin: To Iraqis, We Are Foreign Invaders

Thursday, July 6
Jeff Cohen: Go to Venezuela, You Idiot!
Jeremy Rifkin: Beyond GM Food: New Cutting Edge MAS Technology Makes GM Food Obsolete
Molly Ivins: More Immigrant-Bashing On the Way
Paul Rogat Loeb: Joe Lieberman's Loyalties
Garrison Keillor: A Peach of A Scandal In Georgia
Andrew Weil: Surgery With A Side of Fries
Susanna Rodell: Good Health Care, Aussie Style
Danny Schechter: Beyond the World Cup: "Can You Feel What I Feel Today?"
Rebecca Solnit: Democracy Should Be Exercised Regularly, On Foot
Ruth Conniff: Ambivalence On the Fourth
Robert Koehler: Hadji Girl: Racism is Just Another Poison We're Spreading in Iraq
Mokhiber/Weissman: Ralphs Grocery -- A Criminal
Jules/Maxwell Boykoff: Global Warming: An Inconvenient Principle
Joan Vennochi: Being Joe Lieberman
Ted Rall: US Plants Seeds of Disaster in Kazakhstan
Paul Waldman: A Declaration of War by the Conservatives
Mona Elfarra: In Gaza's Rocket Rain: A Palestinian blogger on life in the blast zone
John Nichols: Say It Ain't So... Hillary

Wednesday, July 5
Gordon Adams: The Politics of Fear, the Revenge of Hope
Cindy Sheehan: Starving for Attention: Troops Home Fast, Day One
Tony Norman: More Lapdogs Than Watchdogs
Robert Scheer: Will the Real Democrats Please Stand Up?
Robert Freeman: Henry Paulson and the Five Circles of Economic Hell
Thom Hartmann: Reclaiming the Issues: "It's an Illegal Employer Problem"
Tom Engelhardt: The Destabilization Game
Joyce Marcel: Where's Jesus When You Need Him
Steve Chapman: Redistricting Ruling Deals A Blow to American Democracy
Llewellyn King: America's Vulnerable Infrastructure
Chris Huhne: Green Taxes Are the Way to Change Our World
Diane Carman: Grievances From 1776 Ring A Bell

Tuesday, July 4
Medea Benjamin: Commemorating July 4 By Launching A "Troops Home Fast"
Jesse Jackson: To Defend Our Freedom, We Must Defend Voting Rights
Pierre Tristam: Visceral Emotion Threatens What the Flag Represents
George Lakoff: Understanding the Meaning of Freedom
John Nichols: Joe Lieberman's Conneticut Problem
Jimmy Carter: Our Nation Needs Fewer Secrets
Elisa Salasin: Fasting on the 4th of July
Gregory Foster: Celebrate the Patriotism of Dissent
Katrina vanden Heuvel: A July 4th Declaration
Andrew Bard Schmookler: You Swore on the Bible: An Open Letter to the Members of Congress
Marjorie Cohn: Israel Creates Humanitarian Crisis
Julia Olmstead: The Biofuel Illusion

Monday, July 3
Howard Zinn: Put Away the Flags
Cindy Sheehan: Bombs Bursting in Air
James Carroll: What We Love About America
Patrick Seale: Anything but Negotiation for Israel
Anas Shallal: Are All Lives Equal? Not According to the Way the US Compensates Victims
Matthew Rothschild: Olmert Opts For Collective Punishment, Bush Winks
John Nichols: Jefferson's 4th of July
Laray Polk: Gaza Strip: The Politics of Water and Electricity
Marie Cocco: King George, Dethroned
The Olympian: Hold President Bush Accountable
Beth Quinn: King George of America, This Letter is For You
Neal Pierce: That's Right: 23 Lanes of Traffic

Sunday, July 2
Steven Laffoley: Losing Old Glory: The Price of Dividing America
Mike Hudema: This Independence Day, Let's Declare our Freedom from Oil Addiction
Eric Margolis: No Place for Canada: Foreign invaders will never control the fierce Pashtun tribesmen of Afghanistan
Michael Ratner: For His Eyes Only: Bush's Secret Crimes
Will Hutton: Israel's Act of War is Inexcusable
Eugene Robinson: Still President, Not Emperor
Linda McQuaig: We've Ditched Peacekeeping to Back U.S. Actions
Daniel Gilbert: If Only Gay Sex Caused Global Warmings
Ken Bonetti: University of Colorado Professor Ward Churchill 'Prosecuted' by Judge
Les Payne: Stunningly, High Court Does Its Job for Justice

Saturday, July 1
Nicholas Thompson: Mirror Image: Could Iraq be Vietnam in reverse? What George F. Kennan's 1966 Senate testimony can tell us about Iraq in 2006
Aaron Glantz: Pentagon: Tell Us How Many Civilians You've Killed
The Nation: Librarians: American Patriots
Mokhiber/Weissman: A New Way For Drug Development?
Richard Kuttner: Supreme Court Ruling A Slender Victory For Democracy
John Young: "Won't Get Fooled Again," Indeed
Matthew Rothschild: Supreme Court to Bush: Clean Up Your Act!
Mark Weisbrot: Mexico: Their Brand Is Crisis
Tom Turnipseed: Edisto Island: A Historical Wonder of Nature On the Ecological Edge
Christopher Brauchli: Execution: Another American Pleasantry

June 2006




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