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January 2006

Tuesday, January 31
Robert Fisk: Democracy Isn't For Our Friends Only
Gore Vidal: Gore Vidal's State of the Union: "Let the Powers that Be Know There is Something Called We the People of the US and all Sovereignty Rests in Us"
Anatol Lieven: The Gap Between US Rhetoric and Reality
Gwynne Dyer: Starring in A Farce, A Monster Becomes A Hero
Pierre Tristam: West Cowers From Defense of Dane's Liberty to Draw
George Monbiot: How the Harmless Wanderer in the Woods Became A Mortal Enemy
John Nichols: What Bush Needs to Talk About
Molly Ivins: Small Things With Grave Consequences
Andrew Bard Schmookler: Field Notes from Bush Country: The Closing of the Bushite Mind
The Progressive: King George
Bill Gallagher: Treasonous Bush Fostering Fascism
Rae Abileah/Nancy Mancias: Hillary, You're Not Listening!
Will Durst: The George W. Bush 2006 State of the Union Drinking Game
Danny Schechter: After Hamas's Win: Fundamentalist Wars There and Here
Anniston Star: The Bush Administration's Radical Foreign Policy Now Lies in Ruins
David Himmelstein/Steffie Woolhandler: Health Care: Analysis of the Likely Content of the State of the Union Address
Jill Rachel Jacobs: My Light Bulb Moment: Oprah For President

Monday, January 30
Beth Quinn: Can You Imagine George Bush by Another Name?
James Carroll: Is America Actually in a State of War?
David Francis: High Wages, Low Wages, and Morality
David Michael Green: The War on Americanism
Bud McClure: Starry Eyesis
Frank Wright: With a Sharp Eye and Acid Tongue: Eugene McCarthy
Tarek Fatah/Jehad Aliweiwi: Hamas: The Reality of Democracy
Tom Engelhardt: Gorilla Empire? A Global State of Disunion
Madeleine Bunting: There is No Stop Button in the Race for Human Re-Engineering
Bob Burnett: Iraq - The Failure of the Press
St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Iraq: A Mark McGwire Moment
William Fisher: The End of U.S. Aid?

Sunday, January 29
Thom Hartmann: Alito - It's the Constitution That's At Stake
Norman Solomon: Domestic Lying: The Question That Journalists Don't Ask Bush
David Christner: Enough of the Bush "Patriot Act"; True Patriotism is Demonstrated Through Service
Eric Margolis: A War with Iran Could Go Terribly Wrong
Katha Pollitt: Prochoice Puritans
Leonard Pitts Jr: Fear the 9/11 Hammer The Myth of the American Political "Center" and The Nomination of Radical Sam Alito
William Pfaff: To Europe, Bush is Only Creating More Terrorists
New York Times: Spies, Lies and Wiretaps
Richard Behan: How Will History Treat George Bush?
Jules Boykoff: "Terrorism" or Terrorism?: A Case of Selective Morality

Saturday, January 28
Paul Savoy: Mr. Smith Comes to Washington: It Only Takes One Vote to Launch a Filibuster
Derrick Jackson: Stonewalling the Critics
Gore Vidal: President Jonah
Jonathan Zimmerman: Alito's Mythical Feel-Good America
John Nichols: Checks, Balances and the Duty to Filibuster
Matthew Rothschild: Kerry Steps Up
Joseph Ellis: Finding a Place for 9/11 in American History
Paul Oestreicher: Face to Faith: Not Only Defeated Nations Commit Atrocities in War
Gerald Kaufman: A Triumph for Sharon
Ralph Nader: Aggregate the Travesties to Hold Bush and Cheney Responsible
Christopher Brauchli: On Gratitude for the Wiretap

Friday, January 27
Ronnie Dugger: Impeach or Indict Bush and Cheney
Dennis Kucinich: The Truth About the State of our Union
Ira Chernus: Israel Could Benefit From Hamas Victory
Helen Thomas: Bush: 'L'etat, C'est Moi'
Gareth Porter: "Maybe They Just Need to Have Their Civil War"-- Fueling Sectarian Violence in Iraq
Max Obuszewski: Activists Speaking Truth to Power at National Security Agency Have Case Dismissed
Sam Graham-Felsen: The New Face of the Campus
Monica Duffy Toft: When Terrorists go Mainstream
Richard Falk: Storm Clouds Over Iran
Bob Burnett: American Tragedy - The Death of the Triumphant Individual
International Herald Tribune: An Indictment of America
Ben Beachy: Swindling the Sick: The IMF Debt Relief Sham
Jürgen Vsych: Rose Nader (Ralph's Mom): Cooking for a Crusader
Matthew Rothschild: Teacher Awaits Day in Court
Arianna Huffington: NBC News PR Department Gets Down and Dirty

Thursday, January 26
Alice Slater: Living on the Edge: Skirting With Nuclear Danger
Molly Ivins: Our Leaders Are Feeding Us Propaganda
Medea Benjamin: When Will US Women Demand Peace?
Abhinav Aima: Palestine Votes: Mr. President, the Terrorists Have Won
Cindy Sheehan: A New World is Possible
New York Times: Senators In Need of A Spine
Dan Hamburg: Dr. Frist Immunizes Big Pharma
John Nichols: Canada Votes: Don't Cry For Canada
Sidney Blumenthal: A Call to the Faithful
Charles Peña: Hawking Iran
Arianna Huffington: CSI: K Street
Glenn Whipp: War: What Is It Good For?
Sydney Schanberg: The Unseen War in Iraq

Wednesday, January 25
Dilip Hiro: The Rise of Political Islam: The Palestinian Election and Democracy in the Middle East
John Nichols: Feingold: Alito Would Be "Dangerous Addition" to Court
Frida Berrigan: Big Battles Over Small Arms: But Progress at the United Nations Is Too Slow
Saint Louis Post-Dispatch: Domestic Surveillance: "You Shouldn't Worry"
Bianca Jagger: One Death Every Minute
Larry Beinhart: So, Al, You Gonna Run?
Russell Mokhiber / Robert Weissman: The Gospel of Work vs. the Gospel of Wealth
David Michael Green: Hey Stupid, Cowardly, and Venal Democrats: Run This Ad in 2006
Max Elbaum: Rove's Warning For 2006: It's All About the "War On Terror"
Robert Scheer: You've Got Jail!
Andrew Bard Schmookler: Is This "Strict Constructionism" In Action?
Joonathan Zimmerman: Bush Has Backward View of Dissent
Joyce Marcel: Please Throw Vermont Out

Tuesday, January 24
Katrina vanden Heuvel: Saving Our Democracy
Scott Marratto: CPT Hostages: Two Photographs
Kathy Kelly: Liberation and Deliverance
Byron Williams: Junior Senator Clinton Was Out of Line
John Buell: Canada Votes: Lessons from North of the Border
Joel Stein: Warriors and Wusses
George Monbiot: Building Bigger Nuclear Weapons Will Make Us Even Less Secure
John Nichols: "What the President Ordered in This Case Was a Crime"
Ruth Conniff: Hope is in the States
Bill Gallagher: Sen. Clinton Enables President's War
Michael Winship: King Crab, King Pork: Alaska's Senator Stevens
Dave Zweifel: Gore Said What Needed to Be Said

Monday, January 23
Jeff Faux: Partying at Davos
Robert Dreyfuss: The Winner of Iraqi Election? Civil War-Elect
Norman Solomon: Other Shoe Dropping on Classified Leaks and Journalists
James Carroll: Jill Carroll: The Human Face of Tragedy
Paul Rogat Loeb: Roberts and Alito: Evasion Confirmed
Wade Kane/George Hoffman: The Devastation We Inflict: Two Letters from Vietnam Vets on "Collateral Damage" in Iraq
Arianna Huffington: Russert Watch: Announcing (Sort of) the Carville-Russert XM Sports Show
Paul Rockwell: When A Marine Speaks Truth to Power: Why I Stand By My Interview With Sgt. Jimmy Massey
Daytona Beach News-Journal: NSA Spying Scandal: President Makes up Rules as He Goes Along
John Nichols: Walk on Democracy Road: Granny D
Keith Schneider: Could Smart Growth Tip the Next Presidential Election?

Sunday, January 22
Matthew Rothschild: Bush's NSA Hubris
Charles Marsh: Wayward Christian Soldiers
Cindy Sheehan: Matriotism
Eric Margolis: Silencing the Tyrant: Saddam's Soviet-Style Show Trial is a Travesty of Justice Designed to Justify Iraq Invasion
David Rossie: Impeachment Would Make Matters Worse
Katrina vanden Heuvel: Sweet Victory: Progressive Caucuses Sweep the States
Saree Makdisi: Witch Hunt at UCLA
Eugene Jarecki: An Unhappy Anniversary
John Conyers: A Unified Security Budget
Michael Moore: Michael Moore Statement on Canadian Election
Observer/UK: A Whale Which Touched London
Saturday, January 21
Derrick Jackson: Making Enemies in Pakistan
Stan Goff: KIA in Alabama
Robert Freeman: Should the President be King? Reflections from the Deep Origins of America
Arianna Huffington: The Hastert Lobbying Reform Plan: A Tough Truffle to Swallow
Mary Shaw: Assisted Suicide: The Other Pro-Choice Movement
Christopher Brauchli: George Bush's America: The Poor Pay up While the Rich Party On
Ralph Nader: Ethics Reform Package: Time to Address All Problems
Dennis Kucinich: The Big Fix
John Kaufman: Choose King's Path by Renouncing War
Miami Herald: Homeless Plagued by Crime
Iain Hollingshead: Whatever Happened to ... Impeaching Blair?
Philadelphia Inquirer: Bush and Global Warming: Stronger Voices Join the Chorus

Friday, January 20
Guardian/UK: In the Shadow of Bin Laden
Arianna Huffington: Dems Pick Kaine for State of Union Response; What the Hell Are They Thinking?
Molly Ivins: I Will Not Support Hillary Clinton for President
John Brown: "Our Indian Wars Are Not Over Yet" -- Ten Ways to Interpret the War on Terror as a Frontier Conflict
Christopher Cooper: One Face That Ain't Lookin' Through Me
Jay Bookman: Sanity on Immigration
Bob Burnett: Hustling Backwards - How the Economy Fails the Working Poor
Ari Berman: Ethics-Go-Round
David Sirota: What They Won't Tell You Corruption Is Really All About
Jonathan Steele: The Textbook Whitewash of our Brutish Empire is a Lie
Rosa Brooks: Political Footballs and Constitutional Law
Daniel Byman: Targeted Killing, American-Style

Thursday, January 19
Sanford Gottlieb: US Spying Isn't New
Joan Steinau Lester: Guess Who's Coming to the Rodeo?
Harvey Wasserman: Are You Ready to Be Bugged and Tortured By George W. Bush?
Glenn Sugameli: Alito Threatens Health and Clean Water
Eric Boehlert: How the Press Played Dumb About the K Street Project
Marc Cooper: A To-Do List For Chile
Tom Plate: Memoirs Of A Hatred
David Corn: Hiding Behind the Troops
Jay Bookman: IRS Abuses Offer Insight Into Dangers of Wiretap Program
Elizabeth Sullivan: Corruption, Kidnap Culture Thrive in Iraq
Dave Zweifel: Unplugged Media Remain Relevant
Leonard Pitts Jr: One Man's Guilt Doesn't Validate All Executions
Katrina vanden Heuvel: Toward a Sensible Immigration Policy

Wednesday, January 18
Norman Solomon: The Crime of Giving the Orders
Elizabeth de la Vega: Does the President Really Know Best?
Derrick Jackson: Pakistan Strike: No Remorse
Robert Scheer: Terrorism's Elusive Refuge
Simon Jenkins: The West Has Picked A Fight With Iran That It Cannot Win
Robert Steinback: Wal-Mart's Health Keeps People Sick
John Hughes: To Progress, Islamic Countries Must Advance Women's Rights
John Gibler: On The Trail of "The Other Campaign"
Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin: "D" As In Disaster: Government Drug Program A Nightmare
Ted Rall: U.S. Drone Planes Have a Nearly Perfect Record of Failure
Sydney Schanberg: Empirical News - The Secret's Out: Bush Is Overtaken By Events - And Overwhelmed
Stephen Laffoley: Chytrid Fungus, Toxic Fundamentalism, and the Mass Extinction of Frogs and Freedoms
Morton Mintz: Unasked Questions for Samuel Alito: An Open Letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee

Tuesday, January 17
George Monbiot: The Scam of Global Warming Is That We Pay Others For Our Complacency
Linda Bilmes/Joseph Stiglitz: The Iraq War's Stunning Price Tag
Tony Juniper: Climate Change: There Is No Reason to Despair
Pierre Tristam: Imperial Mongers of Civilization: From Gladstone to "King George"
Taylor Branch: Globalizing Martin Luther King's Legacy
Ed Garvey: With Alito Hearings, Dems Find Another Way to Blow It
EJ Dionne Jr: Right Smears Veteran Murtha Without A Qualm
David Corn: Can Karen Hughes Spin the CIA Attack in Pakistan?
Andrew Bard Schmookler: Hey Mainstream Media! Why Doesn't Presidential Dismantling of the Constitution Warrant the Same Intense Scrutiny as Presidential Adultery?
Bill Quigley: MLK in Port au Prince Prison with Fr. Jean-Juste
Emira Woods: Can Africa's First Woman President Get Liberia Back On Track?
Bill Gallagher: Bush War Plans Delusional From Start

Monday, January 16
Al Gore: 'We the People' Must Save Our Constitution
Juan Cole: 10 Things Martin Luther King Would have Done about Iraq
Ira Chernus: MLK's Message to a Dead Soldier's Friend
Ariel Dorfman: Homeland Security Ate My Speech
Boston Globe: King and Hoover, Encore
James Carroll: The Dream and its Enemies
John Nichols: Rev. King's Message to the Faithful
Norman Solomon: Ted Koppel: "Natural Fit" at NPR News and Longtime Booster of Henry Kissinger
Madeleine Bunting: The Boiling Point is Coming for the Fight Against Climate Change
Tariq Ali: Iraq's Destiny Still Rests Between God, Blood and Oil
Joan Wile: Why Grandma Went to Jail
Andrew Fiala: King Preached Nonviolence, Too
Hendrik Hertzberg: Abramoffed
John Buell: Civil Liberties and the "War on Terror"
Benjamin Peters: What King Might Say Today
James Lovelock: The Earth is About to Catch a Morbid Fever That May Last as Long as 100,000 Years

Sunday, January 15
Paul Rogat Loeb: Filibuster Bush, Impeach Alito
Grahame Dowling: The Hogwash That is Greenwash is Nothing but Self-Interest
New York Times: The Imperial Presidency at Work
Helen Thomas: Dubya Makes His War Pitch
Robert Goldberg/Lisa Kapp: Beyond 'I Have a Dream': Remembering Dr. King
Roger Smith: My 'I Have a Dream' Speech
Caroline Arnold: Say No to the Fictions of Fear
Peter Dreier: Falling Down on the Job on Labor Coverage
Robert Jensen: MLK Day: Dreams and Nightmares
Ralph Nader: Stuck Between Scalia and Thomas: Democrats Drop the Ball - Again

Saturday, January 14
Derrick Jackson: A Court Seat for Privilege...
John Nichols: Gore to Address "Constitutional Crisis"
Molly Ivins: Now IRS is Harassing the Poor
Gar Alperovitz: Time For A Property Tax On All Forms of Property...Starting Now, State by State
Holly Sklar: Martin Luther King Jr. Valued Workers
Deborah James: The Meaning of Hong Kong WTO
Jeff Milchen: Criminal Negligence Killed the Sago Miners
Mark Weisbrot: Latin America Shifts Left: It's the Economy
Richard Williams: Where is the New Godard? A New Wave Film from the Vietnam Era Reveals How Muted Opposition to the Iraq War Has Been
Christopher Brauchli: Pat Robertson & the Word of God

Friday, January 13
Ray McGovern: Proof Bush Deceived America
Susan Van Haitsma: Every Generation Has its Heroes, and Every War Wants Them
Tim Giago: When is a War Considered Just?
Tom Engelhardt: Bush v. Reality
John Murtha: Situation in Iraq Is Civil War
Flavia Monteiro Colgan: Alito Hearings Drowning in Words
Richard Hendrick: Play It Again, Sam
Bob Burnett: Iraq: "Our Military is Suffering"
Arianna Huffington: Iraq Moves a Step Closer to Civil War; the MSM Yawn
Ellen Goodman: Is Roe v. Wade Already Collapsing?
David Rossie: How About Supporting our Troops With Proper Armor?
Matthew Rothschild: Impeachment Calls Grow Louder
Sue Levkoff: Assault on the Elderly
Reggie Rivers: You Call This Support?

Thursday, January 12
Susan Lenfestey: The Hand of God - and Bush - at Sago
Elizabeth Holtzman: The Impeachment of George W. Bush
Wade Rathke: A New Orleans for All
New York Times: Judge Alito, in His Own Words
Jeremy Brecher/Brendan Smith: Command Responsibility?
Timothy Garton Ash: Let's Make Sure We Do Better With Iran Than We Did With Iraq
Sidney Blumenthal: George Bush's Rough Justice
Mary Jo Thompson: Cigars, Baseball, Cuba, and Me
Laura Donohue: You're Being Watched: Efforts to Collect Data on Americans Go Far Beyond the NSA's Domestic Spying Program
Aubrey Streit: In Appreciation of Small Towns
Richard Ackland: If the Law Doesn't Suit, Just Ignore It
Dave Zweifel: Bush's Treatment of Cuba Strikes Out
Ruth Conniff: We Need to Hear More From Alito on Executive Power
Juan Gonzalez: Pension "Crisis" is A Myth
Bill Mckibben: Can't Vermont's Progressives and Democrats Just Get Along?
Mike Boehm: Honors for My Lai Hero Came Much Too Late

Wednesday, January 11
Tom Hayden: Pacifying Iraq: Insurgent Scenarios
Marie Cocco: Equal Justice in Peril
Robert Scheer: Rise and Fall of True Believers
Floyd McKay: The Rapid Disappearance of America's Middle Class
Michael Schwartz: The American Rules of Engagement From the Air
George McNeil: Americans Should Escape Their Morass of Fear
Meizhu Lui: Stalling the Dream
Tom Ricker/Burke Stansbury: Bush Administration Using Implementation of CAFTA Agreement to Further Expand Corporate Rights in Central America
Derrick Jackson: Diabetes and the Trash Food Industry
Molly Ivins: Nincompoops and Crooks
Robert Kennedy Jr: Attack Polluters, Not Environmental Leaders
Amitabh Pal: Iran's Nuclear Path is A Challenge
Missy Comley Beattie: It's Impossible to Say No to Cindy Sheehan
Donald Kaul: The Crookedness of Congress is Nearing Exposure
Bill Willers: Corporations, The National Security Agency and Their "Customers"
Byron Williams: Rediscovering Democracy: Time to Return to First Principles in Washington

Tuesday, January 10
John Nichols: Alito's Nod to Executive Power Looms As Dangerous
Robert Reich: China: Capitalism Doesn't Require Democracy
Ray McGovern: Why Run Around the Low-Hurdle of FISA?
John MacArthur: Tribute to Eugene McCarthy
Caroline Arnold: Trying to Make Sense For 2006
RB Mitchell: Surveillance: You Too Might Be A Terrorist
Pierre Tristam: What Numbers Aren't Saying About the Economy Most Live In
Nick Nyhart: The Real Scandal: Our Big Money Political System
Edward Palm: Thompson Defined Moral Courage
Michael Rose: Enough of His Excuses: Blair Must Be Impeached Over Iraq
Bill Gallagher: Bush Lies, Propaganda Falling Flat
Slavoj Zizek: The Depraved Heroes of 24 Are the Himmlers of Hollywood
Mokhiber/Weissman: Buffalo Creek, Take Two?
Ivan Eland: An Imperial Presidency Based on Constitutional Quicksand

Monday, January 9
Norman Solomon: Media's War Images Delude Instead of Inform
Michael Klare: Losing the War on Terrorism
Aaron Belkin: Iraq: Just a Coup Away
Kate Michelman: Alito's Fantasy World
Thom Hartmann: Challenging Abramoff's "Artificial Aristocracy"
Doug Soderstrom: A Reinstated Military Draft? Advice From An Old Man
Martin Garbus: Angry and Furious at the Collaborationist Democrats
Salman Rushdie: Ugly Phrase Conceals an Uglier Truth: Behind U.S. Government's Corruption of Language Lies Far Greater Perversion
James Carroll: The Arc of Ariel
David Corn: Will Jackgate Destroy the GOP?
Gary Younge: Like Arsenic in the Water Supply, Lobbyists Have Poisoned Washington
Max Hastings: The Israel-Palestine Conflict Might be Resolved by Thinking Globally
Nat Parry: Alito and the Point of No Return
Ralph Nader: Time is Now to Take Back Your Time

Sunday, January 8
Eric Margolis: The 'Fin de Regime'? An Out-of-Touch George Bush Now Presides Over a Lost Foreign War and a Morass of Influence Peddling
Madeline Drexler: Dr. Bush's Flu Flim-Flam
Mary Riddell: Before Western Leaders Seek Sanctions Against Iran, They Should Put Their Own Houses in Order on Nuclear Weapons and Nuclear Power
Leonard Pitts: Fear and Loathing of Freedom in White House
Ray McGovern: Eavesdropping: High Tech, Low Legality
Robert Kuttner: Alito May be the Worst Choice
Dennis Roddy: Coal Mining: Tunnels of Love
Robert Freeman: Shades of Iraq: Selling Bush's Economic Program
George Bisharat: Aid to Israel is Out of Hand
Elizabeth Sullivan: Oil Lubricates U.S. Policy in Portions of Central Asian

Saturday, January 7
Saree Makdis: The Whitewashing of Ariel Sharon
Mark Weisbrot: Prepare for Bubbles
John Pilger: The Death of Freedom
Timothy Leslie: How Much Security Can I Get for These Inalienable Rights?
Peter Dreier/Jan Breidenbach: Frank Wilkinson's Legacy
Brecher/Smith: Alito and the Limits of Presidential Power
Chip Berlet: Justice Everyday
Ian Buruma: Cross Purposes: Conflicting Views About Religion Threaten to Divide Europe From the U.S.
Phil Tajitsu Nash: Remembering Chris Iijimaan
John Abramson: Drug Profits Infect Medical Studies
Christopher Brauchli: (Still) Living in Land of More Credit Than Money

Friday, January 6
Cindy Sheehan: The Opposite of Good is Apathy
Scott Boehm: Bulldozing the Dead in New Orleans
Noam Chomsky: Beyond the Ballot
Tom Thompson: US Doesn't Practice What it Preaches
Michele Simon: This Year, Let's Not Resolve to Lose Weight
Norman Solomon: Axis of Fanatics -- Netanyahu and Ahmadinejad
Robert Koehler: Primal Smirk: The War God Has His Eyes on Iran - Can We Stop Him?
Nick Turse: What Year Is This Anyway? Rollback to 1214 AD
Bill Gresham: Workin' In A Coal Mine
Christopher Cooper: Oh the Gates are Cast Iron and the Walls are Barbed Wire
Molly Ivins: Abramoff Even Misused Charities
Matthew Rothschild: Sago Mine Disaster Indicts Deregulation
Chris Elliott: Public Inexcusably Tolerant of Bush's Law-Breaking
Andrew Greeley: Staying the Course Compounds Iraq War
Dave Zweifel: Abramoff a Symptom of What's Wrong
Minneapolis Star Tribune: Abramoff Illustrates Scourge of 'Dixiecans'

Thursday, January 5
Beverly Henry: Reclaiming the Red, White and Blue For All Americans
David Sirota: On the Verge of Political Reform: Getting Caught vs. Coming Clean
EG Vallianatos: Toxic Sprays Are A Political Issue
Pierre Tristam: The Sham of Homeland Security: A West Virginia Parable
Katrina vanden Heuvel: Abramoff, The GOP Corruption Machine & What Dems Need to Do
Brattleboro Reformer: A Scoff For Abramoff
Matthew Rothschild: IMF Occupies Iraq, Riots Follow
Sidney Blumenthal: Bush's War on Professionals
Gary Hart: End This Evasion on Permanent Military Bases in Iraq
Ruth Conniff: Alito and Abuse of Power
Justin Schlosberg: Six Months After the Live8 Concerts: The Day the Music Failed
Bob Burnett: Reproductive Rights - Using the "C" Word

Wednesday, January 4
Clifford Rechtschaffen: Will the Environmentalists Find Their Voice?
Russ Baker: To Russia, Love Tom DeLay
Tom Engelhardt: The Unrestrained President
Robert Steinback: Let's Rejoin the World
Peter Hart: Pundits Disguising Their Own Iraq Failures
Linda Milazzo: Bush's Ownership Society Suits Jack's Entrepreneurial Style
Robert Sheer Abramoff's Crimes Are Indicative of Deeper Cesspool
César Chelala: Rich Man, Poor Man: Hungry Children in America
John Nichols: Jack Abramoff and the Politics of 2006
Helen Thomas: Court Doesn't Need Scalia Clone
Molly Ivins: They Don't Tell Him Anything
Amitabh Pal: U.S. Needs Some Brave Ambassadors Like Craig Murray
Ted Rall: Don't Trust Soldiers Under 30
Danny Schechter: Mediaocracy 2006: Out With the Old, In With the New
Diane Farsetta: It Was A Very False Year: The 2005 Falsies Awards

Tuesday, January 3
Paul Schroeder: A Life, Wasted: Let's Stop This War Before More Heroes Are Killed
Paul Campos: The Courageous Needn't Fear
Rupert Cornwell: This Won't Be the American Century
Tom Engelhardt: The Political Folly Awards of 2005
Norman Solomon: Media New Year's Resolutions for 2006
Paul Rogat Loeb: Extraordinary Circumstances Indeed
Bob Burnett: 2005 - A Year of Blowback
James Carroll: Invented Symbols
Matthew Rothschild: Bush Starts Off Year Lying about NSA
Ed Garvey: It's Time to Stop Lawmakers From Trading Favors For Cash
Missy Comley Beattie: My Mother: Former Chair of the Local Republican Party, Now Screaming Progressive
Mario Murillo: The Link Between Domestic Spying and US Military Aid to Latin America
Richard Walden: In Charity, Too, the Rich Get Richer
Dudley Wells: NSA is No Ordinary Spy Shop

Monday, January 2
Robert Fisk: War Without End
Jon Carroll: A Brief Primer Designed to Help You Understand the Workings of Our New, Streamlined American System of Government
Cindy Sheehan: Friends Don't Let Friends Commit War Crimes
Paul Farmer: Languishing and Sick in a Haitian Jail
Dave Zweifel: Our Nation Could Use a Better Year
Mike Ignatowski: Optimism for Progressives in 2006
Madeleine Bunting: Last Year, the Politics of Global Inequality Finally Came of Age
Leon Satterfield: The Center Isn't Holding

Sunday, January 1
Simon Jenkins: Leave the Field Now - the Iraqi Endgame is About to Begin
Byron Calame: Behind the Eavesdropping Story, a Loud Silence
Roxana Robinson: Watching as the World Vanishes
Saul Friedman: Think Social Security is Secure? Think Again
Madison Capital Times: At Last, Good War Coverage

  December 2005




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