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August 2006

Thursday, August 31
Keith Olbermann: Feeling Morally, Intellectually Confused?
Andrew Rosenthal: There Is Silence in the Streets; Where Have All the Protesters Gone?
Peter Galbraith: The True Iraq Appeasers
George Galloway: Hizbullah's Victory Has Transformed the Middle East
Garrison Keillor: A Plan to Save the Country
Marie Cocco: 'Ownership Society' Leaves Most Behind
Matt Peiken: The Alaskan Gray Wolf: Get to the Back of the Line
Juan Gonzalez: Katrina Recovery Effort is Scandal after the Scandal
George Soros: Blinded by a Concept
Robert Koehler: Twenty Gandhis: Reclaiming 9/11 through Satyagraha
Amira Hass: Can You Really Not See?
Matthew Rothschild: On Rumsfeld and "Appeasement"
John Prados: Rumsfeld's Misuse Of History

Wednesday, August 30

Robert Scheer: Clinton Ended Welfare, Not Poverty
Derrick Jackson: Soldiers Die, CEOs Prosper
Joyce Marcel: As the World Passes Us By
Sam Pizzigati: Beyond the Living Wage: A New Challenge for Progressives
Kim Gandy: Pardon My Cynicism: Bush Administration 'Mismanaged' Katrina... In Its Own Favor
Robert Reich: How to Reduce Urban Poverty Without Really Trying
Judi Friedman: Nuclear Terrorism - A Self-imposed Legacy
Aziz Huq/James Sample: The Warrant's Out On Judges
Jeffrey Buchanan: Human Rights and Realities of Returning to New Orleans
David Rossie: Bush is in a Category by Himself
Daniel Hong: The Commercialization of Education
Bonnie Erbe: Battle over Plan B Isn't Finished
Ahmed Tharwat: Now Bush Is the Only One Who Sees Clear Victory for the Israelis

Tuesday, August 29

Naomi Klein: Pay To Be Saved: The Future of Disaster Response
Jeff Cohen: Sick Puppy Meets Media Beast
Monday, August 28
Thom Hartmann: Reclaiming The Issues: Islamic Or Republican Fascism?
James Carroll: War's Reckoning
William Greider: Course Correction
Sibel Edmonds/William Weaver: Senator Hillary Clinton: All Show and No Substance
Ann Jones: Why It's Not Working in Afghanistan
Beth Quinn: Vast Majority of Us Now Officially 'Bitter and Angry'
Elizabeth Sullivan: Ratcheting Up the Iran Threat
Robert Parry: Bush's Disdainful Presidency
Peter Rothberg: After the Storm
Neal Peirce: King County, Washington's Sensible Take on Drugs
Howard Frank Mosher: Perhaps Town Meeting Can Ease World's Ills

Sunday, August 27

Frank Rich: Bush & Katrina: Return to the Scene of the Crime
James Bovard: Modest Proposal: Waterboard Congress
Marie Cocco: Iraq: a War About Nothing
David Myers: A Hunch About Gut Instincts
Caroline Arnold: Education 101
Ruaridh Nicoll: Suddenly, I Realize What a Suspect Character I Now Am
Eric Margolis: Don't Provoke Tigers

Saturday, August 26

Derrick Jackson: Prolonged War Wasn't in the Deal
Cindy Sheehan: A Mother's Pain
Ray McGovern: Hoekstra's Hoax: Just When You Thought You'd Seen Everything
Ralph Nader: In the Public Interest
Robert Kuttner: The Cheney Presidency
New York Times: No Place for Cluster Bombs
Andrew Murray: Empire, and Resistance To It, is the Central Issue of our Time
Matthew Rothschild: Colorado Geography Teacher Quits over Foreign Flag Dispute

Friday, August 25

Marilou Johanek: GOP Strategists Shamelessly Exploit the 'T' Word
Frances Moore Lappé: A Right to Food?
Amitabh Pal: Negotiating with Iran Is the Only Solution
Rosa Brooks: No Escaping Sexualization of Young Girls
Emma Dixon: Katrina Survivors: Simply Blown Away
Helen Thomas: Warrantless Wiretap Program in Doubt
Dean Baker: Conservatives Love Government
Jeremy Scahill: Blackwater Shot Down in Federal Court
César Chelala: Amnesty International's Severe Criticism of Israel's Tactics
Tony Norman: Up Next: 'Survivor: Race War'
Jeremy Seabrook: Alienation Can be a Humane Response to Globalisation
Pat Rasmussen: Cascades' Reddened Forests Signal Threat to Humans
Jon Wiener: An Optimistic Voice in Israel
Cole Krawitz and Jay Toole: We're a Long Way from Real Democracy

Thursday, August 24

Bill McKibben: Finally, Fired up over Global Warming
Molly Ivins: The New Activist Judges
Tad Daley: Watered Down Terror
Garrison Keillor: Hear the Voices of 9/11
Jeff Cohen: Hillary Still Hiding on War; Time Warner Provides Cover
Ira Chernus: Israel Prepares for the Next War
Matt Tabbi: Off With Their Heads: The Democrats Walk Themselves to the Gallows
Randy Shaw: Robert Scheer Was the Ned Lamont of the 1960's
Sidney Blumenthal: How to Look Like a Failure
George Monbiot: Promoting Peace is for Wimps - Real Governments Sell Weapons
Haroon Siddiqui: Lebanon: A Greater Folly Than '82 War
Marianne Means: Distorted View from Bush's Rabbit Hole
Richard Adams: Wal-Mart May Be Just Too American to Succeed Globally
Rev. Robert F. Drinan: Privacy: A Right to Defend

Wednesday, August 23

Gary Ferdman/Myriam Miedzian: When War is on the Horizon, Follow the Money
Traci Fenton: Democracy in the Workplace
Robert Scheer: Warring Over the Heart of the Party
Kevin Watkins/Anders Berntell: How to Avoid War Over Water
Ruth Conniff: Back to (Public) School
Ellis Henican: Tarnishing the Aura of Giuliani on 9/11
Ted Rall: Americans Shrug at Phony Binary Explosives Threat
Dave Zweifel: Wal-Mart Shill, Young Falls in Worst Way
J. Robert Hunter/Joanne Doroshow: Hurricane Insurance: End Private Involvement
Sheldon Drobny: The Gates and Buffet Foundation Shell Game
Stephen Zunes: The United States, the UN, and the Lebanon Ceasefire
Danny Schechter: As a New Israeli War Threatens, What Can We Do?
Matthew Rothschild: Bush Eyes Iran at Press Conference

Tuesday, August 22

Bill Quigley: Trying to Make It Home: New Orleans One Year After Katrina
Pierre Tristam: America's Other Perpetual War: $40 Billion a Year to Deny Defeat
HDS Greenway: Wars of Great Miscalculation
Molly Ivins: Let the Truth-Telling Begin
William Pfaff: Sticking with Raúl
John Buell: Labor and Local Sweat-Free Procurement Initiatives
Matthew Rothschild: Judge Taylor Makes It Clear: Bush Is a Criminal
John Nichols: Lamont Foes Take Page from McCarthy
Bill Gallagher: Bush Peddles Lies, Fear in Campaign
Robert Reich: Memo to House Democrats
Salim Lone: Shashi has the Vision
Jim Scharplaz: When We Finally Take the off Ramp
Ramzi Kysia: A Resistance to War
Sean Gonsalves: Eat Your Hart out

Monday, August 21

Kathy Kelly: A Proportionate Response
Robert Koulish: A Corporate Takeover of American Borders
Jonathan Rowe: Drug Ads Sell a Problem, Not a Solution
Gary Younge: To Fight These Reactionaries We Must Tackle the Crisis That They Feed Off
Marty Luster: Uncovering the Clinton Disappointment
Debra McCorkle: Say It Ain't So, Andy
Rami Khouri: Israel and the US are Still Focused on the Wrong Issues
Robin Morgan: Their Bodies as Weapons
William Greider: Identity Crisis
Fouad Hamdan: The War's Other Victim: The Environment
Jonathan Schwarz: Politicians' Middle-Class Delusions
Peter Dyer: An American Turning Point
Michael Schwartz: 7 Facts You Might Not Know about the Iraq War

Sunday, August 20

Eric Margolis: Amateur Warlords
David Irvine: A Free Pass on War Crimes?
Stephen Bradberry/Jeffrey Buchanan: Hopes and Homes: Subject to Seizure On Katrina's Anniversary
Frank Rich: Five Years After 9/11, Fear Finally Strikes Out
Marie Cocco: Do We Have the Will to End the Crisis?
John Brown: Questions for Karen Hughes
Christopher Brauchli: A Decent Provision for the Poor is the True Test of Civilization
Trudy Rubin: Lebanon War Makes U.S. Plight Even Worse
Brian Cathcart: Beware of Common Sense
Menzies Campbell: Our Foreign Policy is Just Plain Wrong
David Grossman: Uri, My Dear Son

Saturday, August 19

Jeffrey Chester: Congress Poised to Unravel the Internet
Kathy Kelly: The Massacre at Qana
Andrew Gumbel:US Media Providing Distorted View of Mideast Conflict
Jeff Cohen: TV News Vultures Circling JonBenet's Corpse -- Again
Stephen Zunes: How Washington Goaded Israel to Invade Lebanon
Ray McGovern: The Constitution: Checking a Would-Be King
New York Times: Save the Endangered Whistle-Blower
PW Singer: Them's Fighting Names
Robert Kuttner: More Than Wal-Mart
Susan Paynter: A New Pulpit View of the Marriage Issue

Friday, August 18

Craig Murray: The Timing is Political: Be Skeptical About This Alleged Plot
Robert Fisk: The Army is Back, but Don't Expect it to Disarm Hizbollah
Helen Thomas: Bush Tampers with War Prisoner Rights
Rosa Brooks: Get Happy the White House Way: Bummed out by the Middle East? Turn that frown upside down!
Alan Freeman: A Child-Porn Soap Opera Wakes Networks from Slumber
Doug Pibel/Sarah van Gelder: Health Care: It's What Ails Us
Tony Norman: News You Can Lose
Matthew Rothschild: Bush Contemplates Rebirth of Dictatorship for Iraq
David Rossie: 'War Crimes' Always Pinned on Losing Side
Molly Ivins: Osama Hearts Lamont
Marguerite Feitlowitz: The Shadow World of a 'Dirty War'
David Corn: In the NSA Case, a Judge Says No to King George
John Nichols: It is Time to Censure a Lawless President
Nick Schou: The CIA-Contra-Crack Connection, 10 Years Later

Thursday, August 17

Mark LeVine: Why Globalization Isn't Working
James Galbraith: Groundhog Day
David Hirst: Hizbullah Has Achieved What Arab States Only Dreamed of
Katrina vanden Heuvel: This is What Democracy Looks Like?
Haroon Siddiqui: Israel's Failed Mission in Lebanon
George Bisharat: Unilateral Action by Israel Spawns Violence in Gaza
Greg Mitchell: A Connecticut Yankee in Joe Stalin's Court: Painting Ned Lamont 'Red'
Bob Herbert: The Tyranny of Fear
Arthur Greif: Say It Ain't So, Joe
Ralph Nader: Bush -- "Take Your Time"
Bob Burnett: The End of the War on Terror
David Sirota: Why Fight the Hostile Takeover of the Dem Party? Here's Why.
Matthew Rothschild: Bush out to Luncheon in Iraq

Wednesday, August 16

Robert Fisk: In the Face of Bush's Lies, It's Left to Assad to Tell the Truth
Ruth Rosen: Oliver Stone, 9/11, and the Big Lie
Joyce Marcel: Post-Invasion Dread
Susan Lenfestey: The Plot to Blow Up My Bridge
Michael Schwalbe: Six Lessons for Young Men on the Edge of War
Amitabh Pal: Bush Administration Twists Arms for Coke, Pepsi
Cynthia Hall Clements: Sheehan Tests Texas-Style Free Speech Again
Ruth Conniff: The Anti-Anti-War Campaign
Matt Taibbi: Dead Man Coming: Don't hold your breath waiting for Joe Lieberman to go away.
Robert Scheer: Spinning Old Threats Into New Fears
Gordon Livingston: Dishonesty Tears the Fabric of Society
David Sirota: Politics 101: Don't Reinforce Your Opponents' Lies
Theo Stein: Dick Cheney: Malignancy on the American Polity

Tuesday, August 15

Julia Sweig: Why They Hate Us
Robert Fisk: Desert of Trapped Corpses Testifies to Israel's Failure
George Soros: A Self-Defeating War
Molly Ivins: The Pols Who Cried Wolf
Craig Murray: The UK Terror plot: What's Really Going On?
Edward M. Kennedy: Demeaning Democracy: Cheney Paints Lamont Victory As Helping Terrorists
Pierre Tristam: Terror: Living in the Shadow of Freedom's Antonyms
Jesse Jackson: Republicans, Lieberman Running on False Rhetoric of Fear
Mark Almond: 'People Power' is a Global Brand Owned by America
Jamal Dajani: Lenses on the Mideast: Where Can You Turn for the Straight Story?
Dave Zweifel: Just How Low Can Dick Cheney Go?
Cesar Chelala: Children Died as Western Leaders Stared
Paul Campos: The Politics of Cowardice
Susan Van Haitsma: Lt. Ehren Watada: Protecting First Amendment Freedoms by Opposing Illegal War
Ira Chernus: Why Israel May Fight Again
George Monbiot: In a Military Democracy, it is the Warriors Who Call the Shots

Monday, August 14

Kathy Kelly: Approaching a Ceasefire
James Carroll: Sharing the Oceanic Feeling
Norman Solomon: Who's Afraid of Hillary Clinton?
Lori Wallach/Deborah James: Why the WTO Doha Round Talks Have Collapsed - and a Path Forward
Erik Leaver: Panic As Policy
Dick Feagler: Badges Outdoing Bombs, Bullets
Eli Pariser: Lamont Victory Shows Dems How Principled Politics Can Win
John Dear: Meanwhile, Back At Los Alamos
Richard Betts: How Superpowers Become Impotent
J. Caleb Donaldson/Martha Minow: Relearning Vietnam's Painful Lessons
Randy Schultz: When All Else Fails, GOP Dials 9/11
Max Hastings: Bush's Belief in a Worldwide Islamist Conspiracy is Foolish and Dangerous
Missy Comley Beattie: Wanted: Terrorists to Resuscitate Republican Party
John Atcheson: What We Learned from Mainstream Media Last Week (and What We Didn't)

Sunday, August 13

Eric Margolis: Bombs Not Enough
William Greider: Fear and Smear
Les Payne: Sorting Through the Terror Plot
Jenny Price: Targeted by Gun Nuts

Friday, August 11

Jeremy Scahill: Mercenary Jackpot: US Pays Blackwater $320 Million in Secretive Global 'Security' Program
Margie Burns: Select Few Dodge Taxes Via Offshore 'Legal Black Box'
Rosa Brooks: Antiwar Wackadoos Are Winning
Paul Krugman: Nonsense and Sensibility
John Nichols: Recognizing the Urgency of a Ceasefire
Matthew Rothschild: When Threats Are Real, Why Multiply Them?
Henri Picciotto: It's Time for Jewish Dissenters to Challenge Israeli Policies
Jonathan Cook: How I Found Myself with the Islamic Fascists
Robert Sprackland: US Wages War on a Concept
Helen Thomas: Rice is in Way over Her Head
Ghayth Armanazi: Israel Has already Lost This War
Sidney Blumenthal: Sense and Sanctimony: Joe Lieberman's Running on Bad Faith
Tony Norman: The Devil and Senator Lieberman
Mark LeVine: 101 Uses of Chaos
Guy Reel: The Authoritarianism of Right-Wing Radio

Thursday, August 10

Chris Cooper: The Lord's Our Shepherd Says the Psalm but Just in Case We'd Better Get a Bomb
Paul Rogat Loeb: The Lamont Victory - Next Steps for Citizens
Ira Chernus: How to Talk to Your Jewish Friends About Israel
Eugene Jarecki: Truman Haunts Us
Amit Srivastava: Arrogance and Impunity - Coca-Cola in India
Fouad Siniora: Enough Destruction, Desperation, Death
Ahmad Samih Khalidi: It is Lebanon, Not Israel, That Faces a Threat to its Existence in This War
Amitabh Pal: Half the Population Still Believes in WMDs
Juan Gonzalez: Seismic Shift for Dems
Linda Schade: Being an Anti-Bush Democrat Not Enough to Cut it at Ballot Box
Tom Hayden: Iraq Is Dying
Dave Lindorff: A Roar from the Rank and File

Wednesday, August 9

Jeff Cohen: Lamont's Victory -- A Media Defeat
Joyce Marcel: Love the Other as Yourself
John Nichols: Lamont's Winning Message for Democrats
Debi Smith: A Bowl of Cucumbers and a Pot of Beans
César Chelala: Cluster Attacks and International Law
Robert Dreyfuss: Bring The War Home
Mark Weisbrot: Lieberman's Defeat Threatens Pro-War Liberals
Ellis Henican: Joe's Defeat Should Send Message
Danny Schechter: Are the Words "Israel" and "Jews" Synonymous?
David Sirota: Why Lamont Helps Dems, and Lieberman Is a Clear & Present Danger to Dems
Ruth Conniff: Israelis, American Muslims for Peace
Michael Moore: It's All About Who You Sleep With ... a Cautionary Note
Matthew Rothschild: A Slanted Truce and Rice's Latest Obscenity

Tuesday, August 8

Jesse Jackson: A Loss for Lieberman Would Be a Win for Progressives
Daniel Ellsberg: Times Call for New Pentagon Papers
John Nichols: Lieberman, Lamont and the Future of the Democrats
George Monbiot: Israel Responded to an Unprovoked Attack by Hizbullah, Right? Wrong
Rachel Shteir: The Shame of America: The Public Humiliation of Offenders
John Buell: Democrats and the New Axis of Evil
Phil Steger: Yes, Joe, the War Really is That Bad
Sean Gonsalves: The Guerrilla in the Room
Dahr Jamail: Destruction, Death, and Drastic Measures
Joao Da Silva: Who Killed Victor Jara? SOA Graduate Exposed in Chile
Greg Palast: British Petroleum's 'Smart Pig': The Brilliantly Profitable Timing of the Alaska Oil Pipeline Shutdown
Ivan Eland: 9/11 Commission Chairmen Admit Whitewashing the Cause of the Attacks
HDS Greenway: Israel's Misguided Strategies
Bill Gallagher: Clinton's Iraq About-Face is Transparent
Bill C. Davis: Ned Lamont - It Begins Again - Today
David Sirota: Rejecting the McGovern Complex

Monday, August 7

Ira Chernus: I Am Pro-Israel, Therefore I Criticize Israel
James Carroll: The Nagasaki Principle

Sunday, August 6

John McCarthy: Israel and the Art of Sophistry
Francis Engler/Mark Engler: Mel Gibson's True Passion
Harvey Wasserman: Tom Friedman's Walter Cronkite Moment
Jimmy Breslin: In Case We All Forgot, Americans Are Still Dying in Iraq
Eric Margolis: The Final Say
Robert Freeman: Was the Atomic Bombing of Japan Necessary?
Christopher Brauchli: The Essence of Lying is in Deception, Not Words
Gideon Levy: The Real Estate War

Saturday, August 5

Stephen Zunes:Jihad Against Hezbollah
Robert Kuttner: Tax Cuts: Shameful Sham
John Nichols: DeLay, Coulter, Kristol Defend Lieberman
Saul Landau: So You Say You Want a Revolución?
Matthew Rothschild: Tom Friedman Throws in the Towel on Iraq
Norman Lear/Robert McChesney: Does Big Media Need to Get Any Bigger?
Tom Turnipseed: A Global Pursuit of Eden Begins in Our Own Backyard

Friday, August 4

Jeff Cohen: Being a TV Expert Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry
Robert McChesney/Josh Silver: Major Media Struggles Loom on the Horizon
Helen Thomas: Voting Iraq War Up or Down
Robi Damelin: No Winners, Just Broken Hearts
Silvia Tennenbaum: Why Doesn't Israel Work For Peace?
Laura Carlsen: Mexico's Critical Moment
Katrina vanden Heuvel: Women's Health Crisis
George Bisharat: Lebanon: Life, Dignity, Homeland and Security - For All
Cindy Sheehan: Amman, Jordan: Day 32 of the Troops Home Fast
Matt Taibbi: The Low Post: The Mansion Family
USA Today: Mad Cow Watch Goes Blind

Thursday, August 3

Bill Quigley: Weapons of Mass Destruction Discovered Here: Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and North Dakota
Molly Ivins: Media With No Guts, No Grace
Lawrence Pintak: Future History: A Glimpse of What U.S. Lebanon Policy Could Spawn
Judith Coburn: How Not to Vietnamize Iraq
Ru Freeman: I Am Deafened By Your Silence, Eli
Howard Behar: Don't Gut the Estate Tax
Jerry Landay: What Happens When the Dream Dies?
Assaf Oron: Punishment Rains Down on Proxies
Peter Bouckaert: For Israel, Innocent Civilians Are Fair Game
John Nichols: Chuck Hagel: Opposition Senator

Wednesday, August 2

Robert Scheer: Israel's Dependency on the Drug of Militarism
Lawrence Pintak: Open Season on Journalists in the Middle East
Joyce Marcel: Stop For The Sake Of Stopping
John Nichols: Dems on Iraq: Still Vague, Out of Touch
Marie Cocco: Bush is After Our Rights
Ted Rall: Is US the World's Policeman or an Empire?
Maen Areikat: Forced Peace vs. Just Peace
Mokhiber/Weissman: Dr. Gottlieb is Not Happy
Eugene Linden: Global Warming: The Gathering Apocalypse
Warren Goldstein: Better to Tell Truth Than Parrot Propagandas
Dan Thomasson: With Allies Like Israel, U.S. Needs No Enemies
Erin Aubry Kaplan: Where Have You Gone, Ralph Bunche?
Charles Komanoff: Forward-Thinking Idea For a Trendsetter
Eduardo Galeano: How Much Longer?
David Sirota: Soldier: 101st Keyboarder Refuses to Answer Hypocrisy
Paul Rogat Loeb: War At Home: The Seattle Shooting

Tuesday, August 1

Frida Berrigan: Seeing [Pentagon] Stars
Pierre Tristam: America Struggles With Its Own Evangelical Taliban
Jesse Jackson: Lamont vs Lieberman: "Single Issue" Candidate Knows What's Important
Shirin Ebadi/Jody Williams: A Collective Failure In the Middle East
Aaron Glantz: Kurdish "Thank You" a Republican Stunt?
Ira Chernus: US Elite Leader Endorses Hamas Peace Plan
Maud Schaafsma/Charlie Cray: Speaking of Democracy: Corporate Vs. Voter Free-Speech
Lori Wallach: Close Vote on Tiny Oman Free Trade Agreement Exposes Shifts in US Trade Politics
Tony Norman: Booze-Fueled Tirade Hurts Gibson
RJ Eskow: Unrealpolitik: Why Are These Hawks So Naïve?
Tom Hayden: Democrats Pull Down Party Pillar Supporting Iraq War
Karen Horst Cobb: WWIII: Whose Side Are You On
Marjorie Cohn: Hezbollah: Bush's Enemy du Jour
Richard Norton-Taylor: The Futility of Force
Ed Garvey: US Must Act Like A Friend: Tell Israel to Stop Bombing
Neal Peirce: Tapping Into Tidal Power
George Monbiot: The King of Fairyland Will Never Grasp the Realities of the Middle East

July 2006




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