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September 2005

Friday, September 30
Sidney Blumenthal: Bin Laden's Little Helper
Arianna Huffington: Miller Walks: The Plot Thickens
Walter Wolfgang: 'We Have Been Lied to About The War. I Dared to Speak the Truth'
Glenda Holste: Where Have All The Protest Songs Gone, Long Time Passing?
Katha Pollitt: Desperate Housewives of the Ivy League?
Jill Rachel Jacobs: When You Suspect That Your Newspaper is "Just Not Into You"
Brian Foley: I Gave My Copy of the Constitution to a Pro-War Veteran
Tom Hayden: 3 Reports from London
Paul Bigioni: The Real Threat of Fascism
Marc Cooper: Freedom Fight
Jonathan Chait: Taking Sleaze to a New Level
John Nichols: Roberts Draws 22 Democratic Votes
Reggie Rivers: Tough on Crime? So What?

Thursday, September 29
Norman Solomon: Torture and the "Controversial" Arc of Injustice
Juan Cole: The "American Street" Speaks: Will the Democratic Party Listen?
Margaret Carlson: Bush's Presidency Is Exposed, Crumbling
Christopher Cooper: And My Tunes Were Played on the Harp Unstrung
Danny Schechter: Media Coverage Disappearing in the Iraq War 'Endgame'
Ari Berman: 'The Hammer' Gets Hit
Helen Thomas: Bush, As Others Before, Escapes Anti-War Protests
Matthew Rothschild: When Will Rumsfeld Face the Music?
Nora Ephron: On Bill Clinton: After the Love Is Gone
David MacMichael: Catastrophe in Iraq: What Now?
John Borowski: Beleaguered Wildlife Beckons Senate Democrats, "Don't Act Like Invertebrates!"
Madison Capital Times: Taking Down Tom DeLay
Carl Pope: Ideologues vs. Environmentalists
John Young: When Plenty Becomes None

Wednesday, September 28
Arianna Huffington: Iraq Burns; Dems Look on the Bright Side
Derrick Jackson: The Buck Stops with Lynndie
Mike Davis/Anthony Fontenot: Twenty-five Questions about the Murder of the Big Easy
Joan Vennochi: Bush's Leadership: Running on Empty
Floyd McKay: A Latin American Voice to Counter Corporate Media
Molly Ivins: Baghdad on the Bayou
Jason Leopold: Bill Frist, The Former 2008 Presidential Candidate
Scott Ritter: The Coup That Wasn't
Matthew Rothschild: Cardigan Sweater Doesn't Fit Bush
Peter Spalding: The Gods Must Be Angry
EJ Montini: Handling Protests the 'Right Way' Gets Tillmans Nowhere
Andrew Gumbel: America's Next Election Nightmare
Joe Conason: A Stock Explanation From Dr. Bill Frist

Tuesday, September 27
Ed Garvey: Dems Must Do What's Right, Not What's Safe
Ray McGovern: Torturous Silence on Torture
Stacy Bannerman: National Guard Sent to Protect Oil, Not People
George Monbiot: It's Better to Cry Wolf Now Than to Wait Until the Oil Has Run Out
Dave Zirin: The Speech Everyone Is Talking About: Etan Thomas
Robert Scheer: Corrupt Connections: Widening Abramoff Scandal Exposes GOP Cronyism
Cindy Sheehan: My First Time
Katrina vanden Heuvel: Why Bush is Wrong on Poverty
John Nichols: "Well-Intentioned"-- And Arrested
Ruth Conniff: Marketing the Military
Marvin Kalb: A Hurricane Strips Off Bush's Teflon
Stephen Lewis Jr: It's Immoral to Think Taxes Can't Be Raised On Folks Like Me
César Chelala: Hugo Chávez: The Anti-Elite President
New York Times: Cronies at the Till
David Michael Green: George Bush in Hell

Monday, September 26
James Carroll: Lessons From a Fallen Empire
Norman Solomon: The News Media and the Antiwar Movement
Ruth Rosen: Get Hitched, Young Woman
Bob Dylan: The Ghosts of New Orleans
Cindy Sheehan: Last Weekend Karl Rove Said I Was a Clown
John Atcheson: The Silent Coup The Media Forgot: K Street vs. Pennsylvania Avenue
De Mott/Burns/Clare/Gradys: St. Patrick's Four Closing Arguments
Eric Herter: Iraq War Veterans Presence in D.C. Unreported
Tom Engelhardt: "No Iraqis Left Me on a Roof to Die"
Bob Fitrakis: Speaking Truth to Power in Washington, DC
Linda Milazzo: Women Activists: Creative, Proud & Strong
Cynthia Tucker: A Nation of 'Oiloholics' Needs an Intervention
Neal Peirce: Federalism For the 21st Century
Liza Featherstone: Make Levees, Not War

Sunday, September 25
David Olive: The Legacy of the Bush Administration May Well Be That Government Can No Longer Be Entrusted to Business People
Jean Hopfensperger: Wellstones' Legacy Alive and Growing
Michael Daly: Our Grace Period May Be Over
Madison Capital Times: Anti-War Idealism
Joan Vennochi: Democrats Still Fear Dissent on Iraq
Richard Walden: The Red Cross Money Pit
Todd Huffman: Time To Bring Our Troops Home
Charlotte Fishman: "Teetering on the Family Friendly Edge"
David Corn: The FBI Fails (For Now) to Grab Subpoena Powers

Saturday, September 24
Tony Stephens: A Nation of Believers Suffers a Sudden Crisis of Faith
Arianna Huffington: Kafka Does Iraq: The Disturbing Case of Abdul Amir Younes Hussein
Hart Viges: 'You Can't Wash Your Hands When They're Covered in Blood'
John Nichols : "Victory Means Exit Strategy..."
Rosa Brooks: It All Adds Up to Something
Minnesota Star Tribune: Arctic Ice: Shrinking, with Consequences
Derrick Jackson: Global Warming? You Better Believe It
Jennifer Harbury: US Has Sanctioned Torture for Far Too Long
Matthew Rothschild: The Protests Escalate
Ralph Nader: 'Seize the Moment'
Christopher Brauchli: Even Absolutely Terrible Events have Silver Linings

Friday, September 23
Medea Benjamin: Why We're Marching
Naomi Klein: Purging the Poor
Lee Drutman: Corporations' Great Local-Extortion Racket
Ted Nordhaus/Michael Shellenberger: End of 'Normal' Hurricanes Means Preparing for Global Warming
Mark Engler: The Anti-War Moment
Jeremy Rifkin: Sorry, Mr President, Homilies Won't Stop the Hurricanes
Tariq Ali: The Logic of Colonial Rule
John Nichols: Most Disappointing Vote for John Roberts
George Zornick: The Porn of War
Baltimore Sun: Guantanamo Bay's Passive Resisters
Molly Ivins: Bush's Petulant Pique Appointments
Matthew Rothschild: Bush Takes Cover From Katrina Under 9/11
Jim Lobe: Katrina's FDR Revival?
Dave Zirin: Redeeming the Olympic Martyrs of 1968
Mark Weisbrot: The IMF Has Lost its Influence

Thursday, September 22
Norman Solomon: The Occasional Media Ritual of Lamenting the Habitual
Jeremy Scahill: Blackwater Down: Fresh From Iraq, Private Security Forces Roam the Streets of an American City With Impunity
Danny Glover/Harry Belafonte: Glover & Belafonte Speak Out on Katrina
Jules Boykoff: The Supreme Court: New 'Roberts Rules' are Recipe for Surprise
Allan Kanner: Republicans' Policy of 'Pork Before People' Takes a Terrible Toll
Michael Schwartz: Why Immediate Withdrawal Makes Sense
Pratap Chatterjee: Big and Easy Iraqi-Style Contracts Flood New Orleans
Geov Parrish: The New Generation of Landmines
Andrew Bard Schmookler: Argument That Has No Clothes
Tom Engelhardt: Iraq:Immediate Withdrawal
Guy Reel: Woe to the Hypocrites
John Nichols: Wrong (Leahy) and Right (Kennedy) on Roberts
Janet Bates: See You There This Weekend

Wednesday, September 21
Richard Steiner: We Can't Say We Weren't Warned
Arianna Huffington: Plamegate: The John Bolton Connection
William Pfaff: Iraq is Vietnam Without Honesty
Katrina vanden Heuvel: Wellstone: "We Can Do Better"
David Sirota: On Roberts, Who is More Pathetic: The Media or the Democrats?
Michael Klare: More Blood, Less Oil
Dave Zweifel: U.S. Failure No. 1: No Health Insurance
Danny Schechter: Time to Also March on the Media?
Derrick Jackson: Healthcare Swept Away
Lawrence Levy: Dislike of Bush Could Hit GOP Closer to Home
Dolores Huerta: Why Roberts Should Not be Confirmed as Chief Justice
Tom Engelhardt: Blood for No Oil
Simon Jenkins: To Say We Must Stay in Iraq to Save it From Chaos is a Lie
Lorne Waldman: U.S. Envoy Out of Line on Arar
Ted Rall: Iraq War, Downgraded to a Box Score, is Lost
Matthew Rothschild: Hollow Words From the Hollow Man
Lisa Martinovic: Zero Tolerance for Pain, or, Whose Pain, Mr. Senator?
John Buell: On Judicial Politics

Tuesday, September 20
Sanford Gottlieb: Far Cry From Vietnam - New Silent Majority Sets Pace for Anti-Iraq War Movement
Arianna Huffington: Bill Clinton's Muddled Attempt to Own the Middle
Globe & Mail: A Man is Tortured, and the U.S. Shrugs?
Sharon Olds: No Place for a Poet at a Banquet of Shame
Molly Ivins: Happy Media Accountability Day!
George Monbiot: It Would Seem That I Was Wrong About Big Business
Gordon Clark: Seeking Real Resistance to the War
Christian Christensen: Take the Liberal Media Quiz!
Pierre Tristam: Choreography by the Scriptures For a Struts-and-Bull Presidency
John Nichols: Senate Can hold Roberts To His Word
Robert Scheer: Does Bush Finally See Poor People?
Ivan Eland: Democratic Hallucinations in Afghanistan and Iraq
Ruth Conniff: Abortion Wars and the Poor
John Wasik: Sun Rising Over New Orleans

Monday, September 19
Norman Solomon: Dodging the Costs of the Warfare State
Robert Reich: Bush Administration Paradox Explained
Janet Pelz: The Poor Shamed Us Into Seeing Them
John Nichols: Galloway's Frankness Invigorates, Shocks Americans
Tom Hayden: Woolsey Hearing Begins Debate on Exit Strategy: Report and Next Steps
Laurie David: A Warning From Tony Blair's Top Science Advisor
Tom Palaima: 'The Iliad' Doesn't Flinch From War's Brutal Truths
Beth Quinn: George is Worst Natural Disaster to Hit Country
David Kirp: Faith-Based Disaster
Sam Husseini: The Exit Strategy
Chris Patten: History Will Judge Blair as a Defender of Bush's Agenda Above Britain's
Charles Komanoff: In the Wind

Sunday, September 18
Tom Engelhardt: The Presidency Shines
Colonel Tim Collins: Iraq: This is a Mess of Our Own Making
Frank Rich: Message: I Care About the Black Folks
Juan Gonzalez: Chavez' Surprise for Bush: Offering to Sell Cheap Oil to America's Poor
Tom Turnipseed: The March of the Penguins and Enron, the Smartest Guys in the Room
Christopher Cooper : I Don't Give A Damn For The Same Old Played Out Scenes
Emma Forrest: My American Nightmare: A US that Chooses as Its Sweetheart a Billionaire Heiress Notorious for Hardcore Sex....
Jerry Lanson: The Pain-Free Presidency
Richard Conniff: Fluffy Towels and Rising Seas

Saturday, September 17
Arianna Huffington: Katrina Relief: It's Iraq Deja vu All Over Again
Ari Berman: Prelude to an Exit Strategy
Maureen Dowd: Disney on Parade
Lawrence Goldstone: The White Washing of American History
James Harkin: The PR Campaign for Brand America
Nikki Finke: They Shoot News Anchors, Don't They?
Peter Rothberg: Support the St. Patrick's Day Four
Adele Horin: Group Hugs in Reach of Long Arm of New Laws
Dave Zweifel: We Must Stop Starving Government
Christopher Brauchli: A New Resume for Mr. Brown
Ralph Nader: If Corporations Could Laugh

|Friday, September 16
Robert F. Kennedy Jr: Those of Us Who Know That America's Worth Fighting for Have to Take It Back Now from Those Who Don't
Chip Ward: Left Behind: Bush's Holy War on Nature
Yifat Susskind: A Reality Check on Bush's Speech to the UN World Summit
Arianna Huffington: Karl Rove's Big Easy
William Greider: A 'New' New Deal
David Sirota: The Deafening - and Dangerous - Silence on Taxes
Matthew Rothschild: Bush Late by Hundreds of Lives
Baltimore Sun: He Still Doesn't Get It
Sidney Blumenthal: The Petulant President
Tom Collina/Deron Lovaas: Katrina: Wake Up Call on Oil
Marilou Johanek: Poor Off the Radar of Rich, Powerful

Thursday, September 15
John Nichols: Music That Bush Clearly Doesn't Hear
Christopher Cooper: Go Down In The Flood Gonna Be Your Own Fault
Max Blumenthal: The Many Faces of Dr. Coburn
John Berger: Ignorance and Abdication That Amounts to Madness
Clare Short: Depression and Mistrust Prevail at the UN
David Sirota: Poll Shows Americans Want Troops Brought Home; Top Dems Ignore the Public
Ted Rall: Leave Katrina Relief Efforts to Government
Peter Dreier: Katrina in Perspective
Joyce Marcel: The Gentrification Of Brattleboro
Eric Schmeltzer: A Warning From the Big Apple to the Big Easy
Robert Koehler: Circles of Hell: New Orleans Gives Us a Glimpse of Bush's Vision for America
Bob Herbert: Sick and Abandoned
Margaret Carlson: Cashing In On The Blame
Dennis Jett: Rationale For War Based On a Mistake
St. Patrick's Four: St. Patrick's Four Protesters Offer an Explanation

Wednesday, September 14
Robert Byrd: A Call for Debate on National Priorities
Maureen Dowd: A Fatal Incuriosity
Norman Solomon: The News Media Are Knocking Bush -- and Propping Him Up
Mike Tidwell: Unintended Consequences
Mohammad-Mahmoud Ould Mohamedou: Time to Talk to Al Qaeda?
Bill McKibben: Katrina Havoc Reflects the New America
Derrick Jackson: Bush's Hacks
Tom Engelhardt/Nick Turse: The Reconstruction of New Oraq
Rosa Maria Pegueros: Flash! Bush Takes Responsiblity...Sort of
Jordan Flaherty: Back Inside New Orleans
Roger Doiron: One Garden Salad to Go, Hold the Oil
Harold Meyerson: The Fallout of a Can't-Do Presidency
Molly Ivins: W. Loves Politics, Hates Governing
Joe Conason: Bush's Crony Capitalism Shows GOP's True Face

Tuesday, September 13
Medea Benjamin: On Eve of World Summit, Hurricane Bolton Threatens to Wreak Havoc on the Global Poor
Jesse Jackson: Hurricane Looting Not Over Yet
Jeffrey Sachs: The US Fight Against the Fight Against Poverty
Dave Zirin: When George Galloway Channeled Rocky Marciano
Gloria Steinem: I'm a Hopeaholic. There's Nothing George Bush Can Do About It
Gwynne Dyer: Let U.N. Reform Fail
Madison Capital Times: A Drive-by Presidency
Arianna Huffington: The GOP Finds the Silver Lining in Death and Destruction
John MacArthur: Italy: Where Local Craft, Loyalty Still Mean Something to Firms
Robert Scheer: Finally Fooling None of the People
George Monbiot: Thanks to Corporations, Instead of Democracy We Get Baywatch
Paul Campos: Mediocre Frat Boy Theory
Sacha Boegem: Hurricane Bush
Ruth Conniff: The Rightwing Crackup
John Nichols: The Senate Doesn't Owe John Roberts a "Digified Process."
Pierre Tristam: America's Best in its Samaritans; and its Worst on Their Coattails
Byron Williams: The Government Has Failed the People

Monday, September 12
Al Gore: On Katrina, Global Warming
Frida Berrigan: US Leads the World in Sale of Military Goods
Laura Rozen: Unwagging the Dog
Steven Laffoley: America: Like a Rolling Stone
John Nichols: Hurricane Halliburton
Connie Schultz: Not 'Refugees,' but Americans
Nora Ephron: The Curious Incident of the Veep in the Summertime
Paul Krugman: All the President's Friends
James Carroll: Church, State, and Katrina
Carol Goar: The Fleeting Charm of Free Trade
Guardian/UK: The War of Unintended Consequences
Orville Schell: Bombs Away on Television News
Robert Jensen: Our Grief is Not Special: The Pain of September 10
Peter Wilk/Rev Jill Job Saxby: Senate Should Reject Bunker Buster

Sunday, September 11
Cornel West: Exiles From a City and From a Nation
Norman Solomon: 9/11 and Manipulation of the USA
Newsday: Be Angry, Be Very Angry
Nora Gallagher: Katrina Blew Away Gloss of Business as Usual on TV
Sonali Kolhatkar: Katrina's Fund Raising Frenzy: Too Much and Not Enough
Gail Thomas: America's Battered Wife Syndrome
Michael Hill: Katrina Shows it Takes a Community
Les Payne: Our Modern-Day 'Grapes of Wrath'
Joel McNally: Politicians Let Big Oil Use Katrina to Pillage Public
Eric Margolis: The George Bush White House has Presided Over Three National Debacles
Dennis Roddy: Hysteria 101
Caroline Arnold: Katrina, Iraq and Directed Democracy
Bob Burnett: Al Gore: When there is No Vision, the People Perish

Saturday, September 10
Gayle Brandeis: Burning, Flooding
Barbara Scott: In Katrina, a Shameful Indictment
Blair Bobier: The War on Errorism
Yifat Susskind: Gutting the World Summit: Bush Betrays Poor Women Again
Robert Kuttner: Will Bush Wriggle Out of This One?
Ted Morgan: After Katrina: Has the Bubble Burst?
Steve Backus: Changed Your Mind About War? Maybe You Can Return it at Walmart
Derrick Jackson: The Unvarnished Truth about Rehnquist
Ira Chernus: September 11, Katrina, and the Cold War Legacy
Ralph Nader: No Contest: Real Questions for Judge Roberts
Christopher Brauchli: Dealing with Dull Minds

Friday, September 9
Naomi Klein: Let the People Rebuild New Orleans
Bill Moyers: 9/11 And The Sport of God
Rebecca Solnit: The Uses of Disaster: Notes on Bad Weather and Good Government
David Rossie: File Today's Feelings for Future Use
Martin Schönfeld: America's Darwin Awards and a Philosophy Assignment
Christian Parenti: The Big Easy Dies Hard
Bill Fletcher Jr: So, What Was So Controversial About Kanye West's Remarks?
Lois Melina: Dire Conditions Unacceptable Only in the United States?
Andrew Bard Schmookler: Not Reassured Yet
Ishmael Reed: Color-blind Coverage?
Beth Crawford: Bush, Blame, and the Buck
Molly Ivins: Blame Game, Race Card
Paul Krugman: Point Those Fingers
Madison Capital Times: Holding Bush Accountable
Andrew Greeley: 2 Deadly Sins Did Big Easy In
Arianna Huffington: The Judy File: Is Miller Getting Ready to Sing?
Anthony Robinson: Gulf Coast is Apocalypse Now

Thursday, September 8
Michael Klare: Energy Policy: Emphasize Conservation, Alternative Fuels
Katrina vanden Heuvel: It's Time for a New "New Deal"
Gordon Adams: After Katrina Fiasco, Time for Bush to Go
Norman Solomon: Clash of Representations: "Bush the Protector" vs. "Bush the Menace"
Cindy Sheehan: What Kind of Extremist Will You Be?
Juan Gonzalez: Shell Game at Gas Stations Pays Big
Reza Dibadj: Government Is Bad, Isn't It?
Elisa Salasin: My September 11th
Walter Bera: What We Saw Was a Failure of Leadership
Minneapolis Star Tribune: Accountability: Little To Be Seen on Katrina
Alec Dubro: Katrina: Don't Stop at the Top
Helena Cobban: The Bolton Backfire: Weaken UN, Imperil Americans
Trudy Rubin: Tarnished Image?
Mike Hudema: Global Catastrophes Set to Increase Unless We Change NOW
Margaret Carlson: Noblesse Oblige? Not our President
Colleen Patrick: Media, Demand Katrina Accountability

Wednesday, September 7
Rosa Brooks: Our Homegrown Third World
Joyce Marcel: A Strong Wind
New York Times: It's Not a 'Blame Game'
Pierre Tristam: Commander-in-Zilch Betrays New Orleans
Roger Morris: Legacy of Neglect
Randy Newman: Louisiana 1927
John Nichols: Barbara Bush: It's Good Enough for the Poor
Bill McKibben: Sucker's Bets for the New Century: The U.S. after Katrina
Arianna Huffington: Why Now Is Precisely the Time for Finger-Pointing
Derrick Jackson: Where's Dick Cheney?
David Michael Green: Politics Starts at the Water's Edge
Katrina vanden Heuvel: Have You No Shame?
Ruth Conniff: Drowning the Beast

Tuesday, September 6
Russ Baker: The Media's Labor Day Revolution
Charlie Demerjian: New Orleans Catastrophe Down to Privatization
Norman Solomon: Firing Michael Brown Is Not Enough. How About Bush and Cheney?
Robert Scheer: Rotten Fruit of the 'Reagan Revolution'
Robert Rivkin: The Post-Hurricane Speech Bush Won't Deliver
Arianna Huffington: Memo to the Media: Stop Enabling the White House Blame Game
David Remnick: The White House Under Water
Thom Hartmann: 'You Can't Govern if You Don't Believe in Government'
Bill C. Davis: Everybody Knows
Jeremy Rifkin: Global Warming Hits New Orleans: The Controversy After the Storm
Robin Rocque: Days Crying and Screaming at the TV
Chuck Collins: Billionaire Tax Cuts After Katrina?
Brian McGrory: Still Hunting for Heroes
Tom Oliphant: Woe to the Whistleblowers
Sean Gonsalves: Silver Linings, Silver Spoons
HDS Greenway: The End of Oil

Monday, September 5
James Carroll: Katrina's Truths
Bob Herbert: A Failure of Leadership
Laura Flanders: Bury the Backlash
Doug Ireland: Bush's Roberts-for-Chief Ploy: A Black Day for America
James Wittebols: The Media Discover the Poor
Tom Engelhardt: Iraq in America: At the Front of Nowhere at All
Chris Edelson: Who Needs the United States Government? (We All Do.)
Gary Younge: Left to Sink or Swim
Paul Krugman: Killed by Contempt

Sunday, September 4
Anne Rice: Do You Know What it Means to Lose New Orleans?
Eric Margolis: U.S. the New Saddam
Frank Rich: Falluja Floods the Superdome
Nina Utne: It Started with One Mother, and a Movement Was Born
Neal Peirce: Tears of a Civic Warrior
Felipe Fernández-Armesto: Apocalypse in the USA
Boulder Daily Camera: Winds of Change?
Todd Gitlin: Bush at Bay
Dennis Roddy: The President from Mars
Helen Thomas: Bush's New Reasons for the Iraq War
Marjorie Cohn: The Two Americas

Saturday, September 3
Jordan Flaherty: Notes from Inside New Orleans
From the Archives/
Mike Davis:
Poor, Black, and Left Behind
Stephen Zunes: Hurricane Katrina and the War in Iraq
Rosa Brooks: American Caesar
Dave Zirin: The Superdome: Monument to a Rotten System
Bill C. Davis: Intelligent Design
Maureen Dowd: United States of Shame
Paul Rogat Loeb: 911 in New Orleans
Corby Pelto: If Wellstone Were Still a Senator
Ralph Nader: A Balanced Life
Jason Leopold: The President's Priorities: State of Marriage Took Precedence over State of Louisiana
New York Times: Katrina's Assault on Washington

Friday, September 2
Doug Saunders: Nasty, Brutish -- Society's Net Snaps
Greg Palast: Bush Strafes New Orleans, Where's Huey Long?
Norman Solomon: Ending the Impunity of the Bush White House
Joy-Ann Reid: In America?
Laura Flanders: Two Americas: Sink or Swim
Paul Krugman: A Can't-Do Government
Matthew Rothschild: Katrina Compounded
Derrick Jackson: Big Oil's Bigtime Looting
Michael Moore: Vacation is Over... an Open Letter from Michael Moore to George W. Bush
Linda McQuaig: Why Chavez is in US Crosshairs
Kate Hudson: Nuclear Hypocrisy
John Nichols: The Real Gas Gougers
William Greider: Alan Greenspan: The One-Eyed King
David Howard: Eight Steps to Create Sensible Immigration
Dianne Farsetta: Mad Cow Disease: The Cows Have Come Home

Thursday, September 1
Ted Widmer: Why Katrina Is Likely to Be a Disaster for President Bush, too
Juan Gonzales: Iraq Mess Adds to the Problem
Cynthia Bogard: Why Thousands May Die
Molly Ivins: Why New Orleans is in Deep Water
Sidney Blumenthal: No One Can Say they Didn't See it Coming
John Friedman: Spying on the Protesters
Jerry Lanson: Decades of Denial
Dickelle Fonda: Cindy's Fight Has Just Begun
New York Times: Waiting for a Leader
Donald Boesch: The Awful Price of Coastal Ruin
Bob Herbert: Curing Health Costs: Let the Sick Suffer
Bonnie Erbe: Wrong Wing Revs Up its Smear Machine
Robert Fisk: In Iraq, a Man-Made Disaster
Coy/Maney/Woehrle: The Peace Movement and the Parents
Andrew Gumbel: The Passion of Cindy Sheehan




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