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May 2005

Tuesday, May 31
Njehu/Cagan: Wolfowitz and the Sharpening of Economic Policy as a Weapon of Mass Impoverishment
Ralph Nader/Kevin Zeese: The 'I' Word: Impeachment
Sean Gonsalves: Military Creating 'Rods from God'
Norman Solomon: Impeachment Fever and Media Politics
Mark Danner: What Are You Going to Do with That?
Antonia Zerbisias: Idealist's Grail: Network TV Beholden Only to the Public
James Carroll: It's America's Mess, Not Bush's
Sarah Shields: Memorial Day, 2005: Remember the War
Pierre Tristam: Before Ulysses Could Fire His Arrow Came Sticks of Terror
Molly Ivins: Catapulting the Propaganda
Ari Berman: Did Someone Say Withdrawal?
Ruth Conniff: Memorial Day for Team Empire
Robert Scheer: A Cover-Up as Shameful as Tillman's Death

Monday, May 30:
Barbara Garson: True Believers at the World Bank
Leela Jacinto: To Afghan Youths, It's Simple: They Want US Troops Out
Bob Herbert: America, a Symbol of...
Madison Capital Times: Voting US Out of Iraq
Donald Russo: Fluff Stories Crowd Out News the Nation Needs
Richard Gott: Chávez Leads the Way
Tad Daley: The 'Me Too' Club: The Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty Review Conference
Gary Fields: Power, Propaganda and the Promised Land
John Atcheson: The Magic Wand Is In Your Hand, Mr. President
Henry Marchand: Star Wars: Art Imitating Politics

Sunday, May 29:
Jeff Gillenkirk: Why I'm Joining the GOP
Barb Guy: They Also Serve Who Stand for Peace
David Rossie: Life is Seen as Precious, Depending on the Issue
Christine Ahn/Gwyn Kirk: Why War is all the Rage
Rosa Brooks: Ticking Bombs and Slippery Slopes
David Krieger: US Nuclear Hypocrisy: Bad for the US, Bad for the World
Frank Rich: Ground Zero Is So Over
Michael Hill: Gulf Actions of US Prove Boon to Iran
Fred Brown: Denver Three Take to the Road
Leonard Pitts Jr.: Do You Think They'll Slam Their Poster Boy's Parents?
Daryl Kimball: Small, Portable, Deadly - and Absurd

Saturday, May 28:
Ghazwan Al-Mukhtar: An Iraqi View: Abu Ghraib, Abu Gulag and Abu American Lies
Thom Hartmann: Exclusive May 26 Interview With British MP George Galloway
Congressman John Conyers: 100,000 Signatures Needed on Downing Street Letter
Peter Dreier: Villaraigosa's Challenge: Governing Los Angeles in the Bush and Schwarzenegger Era
Theodore Sorensen: What JFK Might Tell our Leaders
Andrew Tonkovich: Learning to Say No to the Military
Tony Juniper: Aviation is Fastest-Growing Source of C02 Emissions
Christopher Brauchli: Johnny Works for the Lord

Friday, May 27:
Matthew Rothschild: Stripping Rumsfeld and Bush of Impunity
Robin Cook: America's Broken Nuclear Promises Endanger Us All
Christian Parenti: Tear Gas in the Andes
Jessica Clark: Free Speech in Action
David Morris: The Filibuster Compromise: It's No Victory
Mark Gaffney: Nancy Pelosi Gives a Pep Talk to AIPAC
Drew O'Neill: I Used To Be a Neocon
Tony Norman: Flushing Away the Truth
Dave Zirin: Why Pat Tillman's Parents Are No Longer Silent
Geov Parrish: Good News for a Change: Activist-led Rebellion Threatens to Defeat CAFTA
Jules Witcover: Quran Abuse Allegations: True or False?
Sean Barratt: Say You Want a Revolution: Start with the Silent Warriors
HDS Greenway: Why Muslims Distrust the West
Michael Mariotte: Nuclear Power is Wrong Answer

Thursday, May 26:
Frances Moore Lappé: Time for Progressives to Grow Up
Jonathan Schell: A Revolution in American Nuclear Policy
Arianna Huffington: Next Dem Battlefront: Iraq
David Domke/Kevin Coe: Petitioner or Prophet?
Bob Burnett: Gimme Some Truth
Norman Solomon: The Silent Media Curse of Memorial Day
Reuven Pedatzur: The US Removes the Nuclear Brakes
Matthew Rothschild: Know-Nothing Bush Blocking Stem Cell Miracles
Susan Van Haitsma: Operation Red Flag: Recruiting at the IMAX
Madison Capital Times: Giving in to Blackmail: The Compromise Agreement Made Possible by Seven Democrats
Molly Ivins: Irony Overflowing: Oil Might be Drying Up, but Washington's Greasy as Ever
Sidney Blumenthal: Bush's War Comes Home
Bob Herbert: With the Gloves Off

Wednesday, May 25
Camilo Mejia: Peace Does Not Come Easily
David Phinney: Adding Insult to Injury: Halliburton Contractors Denied Insurance Benefits
John Nichols: Bad Deal on Judges
Joyce Marcel: Smoke and Mirrors: Democracy is a Three-Card Monte
Robert Kuttner: Bush and Frist Got What They Wanted
Linda Gunter/Paul Gunter: Chernobyl Can Happen Here
Ray McGovern: Confirmation of Bolton Would Shatter Intelligence Analysts' Morale
Rick Wilson: Minimum Wage Fight on Again
Polly Toynbee: Capitulation to the Nuclear Lobby is a Politics of Despair
Derrick Jackson: Shame on the Army
Ted Rall: America's Terrorist Ally: Uzbekistan's Dictator Makes Saddam Look Good
Amitabh Pal: US Poor Fare Badly by Comparison
Jim Naureckas: Newsweek Has Done Worse, With No Apologies

Tuesday, May 24:
Howard Zinn: Against Discouragement
Susan Lenfestey: The Stench of Deceit
Thomas Palaima: Blaming the Little Guy for History's Big Crimes
Katrina vanden Heuvel: Wal-Mart Avarice
John Nichols: Limbaugh vs. Moyers
Ivan Eland: The Harvest of Messianic Foreign Policy: Anti-US Radical Islam
Molly Ivins: Duck and Cover Time: Texas Lege Enshrines Anti-Gay Provision in State Constitution
Pierre Tristam: Making Light of Neocolonial Savagery in Freedom's Name
Bill Gallagher: College Faculty, Students Oppose War
Helen Thomas: Newsweek Didn't Create White House Image
Victoria Mares-Hershey: It Isn't Newsweek, But US Policies Abroad That Hurt Us
Robert Scheer: A Hypocritical Church's Sex Lessons

Monday, May 23:
Diane Ray: Remembrance Impromptu but Heartfelt
David Benjamin: Sticks and Stones and the "Secular Left"
Byron Williams: White House Hypocrisy
Daniel Nelson: Another Monument
Norman Solomon: And Now, It's Time For... "Media Jeopardy!"
Bob Herbert: The Rumsfeld Stain
John Atcheson: Laundered, Spun and Hung Out to Dry: The Real Lesson from Last Week's Riots
Steve Chapman: Insurgency is on the March
Fitrakis/Wasserman: Attack on Election Board Whistleblower and Leaked Blackwell Threats Re-fire Ohio's Election Theft Scandal
Tom Teepen: Newsweek A Target Of Opportunity In Right-wing Culture War
Tom Engelhardt: The Return of the Body Count
Max Hastings: Pointless Gestures Merely Boost the Al-Qaida Brand
New York Times: Patterns of Abuse
Neal Peirce: Time is Ripe for Urban Agriculture

Sunday, May 22:
Morgan Spurlock: The Truth about McDonald's and Children
Hans Koning: Spike Helmets for the Youth of America
Charles Glass: Saddam's Underpants are not the Issue. But the Law is
John Buell: In Need of Lifeline, Labor Must Rethink its History and Future
Clay Evans: Why I'm Still a Liberal
Michael Hill: On Public TV, a Repeat of Conservative Pressure
Danny Schechter: Why We Need a Media and Democracy Act
Joseph Stiglitz: No Old-Age Security in the Private Sector Either

Saturday, May 21:
Seymour Hersh: The Unknown Unknowns of the Abu Ghraib Scandal
Craig Aaron/Timothy Karr: Rush to Judgment: Limbaugh Leads the Echo Chamber's Attack on Bill Moyers
Saman Zia-Zarifi/John Sifton: A Genuine Inquiry into Abuses
Scott Ritter: George Galloway: In the Belly of the Beast
Christopher Brauchli: Terrorism Risk Insurance Act of 2002
Derek Cressman: It's Time to Cap Runaway Campaign Spending
Kay Hansen: Bush Lied, and Press Can't be Bothered to Report on It
Ralph Nader: Time to Go On Offensive Against the Republicans

Friday, May 20:
Robert Jensen: Talk TV: No Evidence Required
Katrina vanden Heuvel: Sweet Victory: Congressional Progressive Caucus Gets in Gear
Dahr Jamail: Coming Home: An Iraq Correspondent Living in Two Worlds
William Pfaff: Occupation, Insurgency Feed Each Other
Laura Berman: President's Visit Stirs Dissent at Conservative Calvin College
Russ Baker: Winning the Media Wars
Byron Williams: US Patriots Need a Reality Check
Thomas Nagy: It's No Fairy Tale: Truth-teller from Across the Sea Exposes Senators' Lies
Deborah James: Landless Peasants March in Brazil, Build a new Road by Walking
Paul Loeb: End the Filibuster in 2015
Teri Weefur: Casualty on the Home Front: A Rockefeller Drug Law Story
Steven Laffoley: Our Rosetta Stone
Derrick Jackson: Vicente Fox's Half-Truth

Thursday, May 19
Medea Benjamin/Pratap Chatterjee: Protestors and Shareholders Hammer Halliburton
Robert Koehler: The Counter-Recruiters: All the Charm of the Draft...And Then Some
Muqtedar Khan: Quran Desecration: Far Worse than Abu Ghraib
Karyn Strickler: The Texas Nexus: Where Racial and Partisan Gerrymandering Came Together
Los Angeles Times: Send Him To Caracas
Joyce Marcel: What Happened to Watergate?
Orson Aguilar: Why I Am Not an Environmentalist
Peter G. Cohen: Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty: Are We Ignoring Our Future?
David Michael Green: Lying for a Living (And the Money's Not Even That Good):The Downing Street Memo
Gary Corseri: The United States of Infantilization
Jerry Lanson: With God on Our Side
Joan Vennochi: Newsweek's Flub and Bush's

Wednesday, May 18
Joan Airoldi: Librarian's Brush with FBI Shapes her View of the USA Patriot Act
John Nichols: Mr. Galloway Goes to Washington
Patt Morrison: A Mushroom Cloud Hovers Over a Bush Judicial Nomine
Bill Nemitz: Military Base Closings: Another Moment of Truth Looms
Laura Flanders: 'My Son's Patriotism was Betrayed'
Mark Weisbrot: Social Security: Another Media Failure
Mark Morford: They Are Really Watching You
Boulder Daily Camera: Misplaced Outrage: Newsweek is not the Issue; Abuse of Detainees Is
Matthew Rothschild: The Newsweek Retraction
Thad Williamson: Manchester United, Inc: This is No Way to Run a Soccer Team
Jonathan Freedland: Uzbekistan's Karimov: He's Our Sonofabitch
Ari Berman: Newsweek Was Right
Ellis Henican: A Gift for a White House Set to Pounce

Tuesday, May 17
George Galloway: Galloway vs. The US Senate: Transcript of Statement
Ivan Eland: Media Coverage Reflects Public Acceptance of Imperial Presidency
Neil Abercrombie/Dennis Kucinich: Time for US to Withdraw
Juan Gonzales: Freedom Bid That Shames Us
Molly Ivins: Don't Blame Newsweek
James Carroll: Religious Tolerance: Climate Change
George McGovern: Reduce our Nuclear Arsenal
Andrea Buffa/Pratap Chatterjee: Halliburton: Houston, We Still Have A Problem
Guardian/UK: Global Warming: US Grassroots Revolt
Ruth Conniff: Hillary, Newt, and the Real Leftwing Candidate
Robert Scheer: US Is Its Own Worst Enemy in Iraq
Robert Jensen/Pat Youngblood: Demonizing News Media is Attempt to Divert Attention from Policy Failures
Pierre Tristam: Perpetual Wars, Poor Returns for America
Sean Gonsalves: Economic Hit Men Endanger Security
G. Jefferson Price III: Sorry, Ms. Rice, but the Iraq War Didn't Come To Us
John Nichols: Hersh Sees Democracy in Peril in US

Monday, May 16
Bill Moyers: Take Public Broadcasting Back
Norman Solomon: News Media and "the Madness of Militarism"
Jeff Cohen: Buy Your Gas at Citgo: Join the BUY-cott!
John Nichols: Bill Moyers Fights Back
Paul Krugman: War in Iraq: Staying What Course?
Danny Schechter: The Million Word March for Media Reform
Mark Danner: Secret Way to War: The British Smoking-Gun Memo
Howard Zinn: The Scourge of Nationalism
Daniel Ellsberg: Statement on Behalf of Mordechai Vanunu
John Atcheson: The Last Straw: The Press's Failure to Cover the Rycroft Memo
Craig Murray: Uzbekistan: What Drives Support For This Torturer
Vivanco/Sánchez-Moreno: A Bad Plan in Colombia
Doug Ireland: World's Computers Infected by Racist Spam from German Neo-Nazi Party
Mokhiber/Weissman: Our Public Health Groups: All Fall Down
Jason Leopold: BP Faces Huge Fines Related To Unreported Oil Spills in Alaska; Is ANWR Next?

Sunday, May 15
Sylvester Brown Jr: Conyers Looks for News in the Wrong Place
Clay Evans: Do We Care About Lies?
Rosa María Pegueros: Bull: Progressives Are Seeing Red
Paul Loeb: Nuking Democracy
Ralph Nader: American's Right to Know War News
William Fisher: Whistleblower's Career Over
Boston Globe: The War at PBS
David Robinson: The Racism at the Core of US Nuclear Weapons Policy

Saturday, May 14
Nancy Snow: Media is a Battlefield
Christopher Brauchli: The Object of Torture is Torture
Madison Capital Times: Fighting for Media Reform
Madeleine Bunting: Honor and Martyrdom: Suicide Bombing Isn't as New or Alien as Westerners Imagine
Greg Guma: Media Misses the News
Marjorie Cohn: Navy Judge Finds War Protest Reasonable
Byron Williams: Bush Attempts to Tarnish FDR's Foreign Policy Image
Jim Wallis: Social Security: Covenant for the Common Good

Friday, May 13
The Nation: Anti-War, Pro-Democracy
David Michael Green: Stop the Crime of the Century
Tom Barry: U.S. as Global Good Neighbor, Bad Neighbor: What In the World Are We Doing?
Dilip Hiro: The Iranian Nuclear Issue in a Global Context
Helen Thomas: Credibility Matters Little to Brits, Americans
Derrick Jackson: Losing Hearts and Minds
Dave Zweifel: Airline Pension Woes Waiting in Wings
Amy Sullivan: Vote 'Wrong,' Go to Hell?
Paul Krugman: Always Low Wages. Always.

Thursday, May 12
Naomi Klein: Torture's Dirty Secret: It Works
Stan Cox: India and Antacids -- Warning: Side Effects May Be Severe
John Nichols: Fight for Media Reform
Warren, Himmelstein & Woolhandler: A Double Whammy for Americans' Health
Matthew Rothschild: A Socialist in the Senate
Joyce Marcel: Bush Dances to Sour Music
Ayelish McGarvey: Dr. Hager's Family Values
John Dear: A Prayer for Our Persecutors
Tom Engelhardt: Laura Who? Politics in an Age of Fiction
Baltimore Sun: Desert Stormclouds

Wednesday, May 11
Norman Solomon: Political Bluster and the Filibuster
Eileen McNamara: Journalism's True Calling
Byravan/Rajan: The Warming Planet: Before the Flood
Ted Rall: Black and White and Full of Crap
Molly Ivins: They Lied to Us: Memo Proves Leadership Knew Saddam was Not a Threat
Margaret Krome: Guantanamo Abuses Show US Needs a Dose of Truth
Derrick Jackson: Driving Out the Butterflies
David Taylor Ives: US Border a 'Safety Valve' for Latin Poor
Martin Hooper: In the War on Cuba, Truth Dies First
Shepherd Bliss: Today's Prophetic Noahs and Paul Reveres Sound Alarms
Walter Williams:Bolton is Bush's Frankenstein Monster

Tuesday, May 10
Gar Alperovitz: The Progressive Tax Revolt-and the Possibility of a Progressive Ownership Society
James Carroll: Our War for 'Whatever'
Bernie Sanders: Remote Control: Americans Don't Want Uncle Sam turning into Big Brother
Michael Winship: Speaking as a Public Broadcasting Stooge and Tool
Dave Zirin: Anti-War Hoopster Steve Nash Wins the MVP - And It Feels So Good
Holly Sklar: CEO Pay is Still on Steroids
Robert Scheer: Nationalism's Psychotic Side
Ivan Eland: True Patriots Should Worry More about Freedom at Home
Bill Gallagher: Bush Mendacity Will Shock Historians
Byron Williams: Breaking Rank: Rankism Supplants Racism for the 21st Century
Richard Drayton: British and US Mythology About World War II Ignores Our Own Crimes and Legitimizes Anglo-American Warmaking
Sean Gonsalves: A Conspiracy Theory with Legs
John Atcheson: The Influence of Fools: Why Liberals are Mad at the MSM

Monday, May 9
Danny Schechter: Meet Me in St. Louis 2005: The Media Reformers Are Coming to Town
Molly Bingham: Home From Iraq
Robert Fisk: America's Shame, Two Years on from "Mission Accomplished"
Paul Krugman: Bush's Economics: The Final Insult
David Benjamin: US Policy Continues to Fan the Embers of Terrorism
Geov Parrish: Things Americans Believe
Ralph Nader: A Clash of Unions
Tom Blackburn: Logic Lost, in Bush's Rendition
Michael Klare: The Intensifying Global Struggle for Energy
Philip Warburg:: Why Nuclear Power Is Not the Answer
Neal Peirce: Reconnecting Young America with the Natural World
Bob Herbert: Stranger Than Fiction
Jonathan Steele: The Job is Done: British Want Troops Out of Iraq
John Nichols: Warrior for Workers
Jay Bookman: Ominously, Army Recruiting Tumbles

Sunday, May 8
Laura Flanders: Democracy, What Democracy? Troops Out Now.
Denise Roy: The Mother's Journey
Phil Tajitsu Nash: Mother’s Day Without Mom
Harvey Wasserman: Four Bloody Lies of War, from Havana 1898 to Baghdad 2003
Marty Jezer: Democrats and Iraq
Dave Rossie: US Invasion of Iraq: What Will they Say, 30 Years from Now?
St Petersburg Times: A Publicly Funded Fox News?
Clay Evans: Oil Peak? Uh-Oh
Katrina vanden Heuvel: Sweet Victory: Code Pink'
Mike Joyce: Between Truth and Lies, Bush's Bull in America's Path
William O'Rourke: Bush's Social Security Plan: Bait and Switch
Friday, May 6
Mike Davis: Vigilante Man: Minutemen on the Border
Lizzy Ratner: Amy Goodman's 'Empire'
Andrew Greeley: How Long Can Bush Spin Big Lies into Truth on Iraq War?
Steven Laffoley: Is It Worth Eating an Australian - or Even a Canadian?
Tony Norman: Stuff Happens and We're Not Responsible
David Michael Green: Tsunami '06: Totalize It, And Put A Stake Through The Heart Of This Monster, Once And For All
Arnie Alpert: Can CAFTA Before it Destroys Sovereignty and Small Farms
Polly Toynbee: Tony Blair Alone Bears the Blame
Rev. Carlton Veazey: On the Brink of 'Theocracy'
Reggie Rivers: Good News, Guys: It's Back to Those Good Ol' Sexist Days
Kathryn Mulvey: Industry's Influence Over Food Pyramid Hard to Stomach
Jules Witcover: Iraq Reports Are Bad News For President
Glenn Smith: Roosevelt Letter to Clergy on "High Purposes" of Social Security: How Bush Gets it Wrong, Very Wrong
Molly Ivins: 'Indexing' Your Benefits
Jeremy Seabrook: We Dodged the Real Issue

Thursday, May 5
Naomi Klein: How to End the War
Tom Gallagher: Still Out There: George McGovern's Essential America
Norman Solomon: Nuclear Fundamentalism and the Iran Story
Jonathan Schell: Nuclear Renaissance
Mitch Jeserich: The Reality Behind the Real ID Act
Joe Conason: Must-Flee TV: How the GOP is Taking Over at PBS
Jeff Siddiqui: Muslims are Targets of Paranoid US
John Nichols: The Ditch Blair Project
Robert Koehler: Citizens in the Rain: We Can't Have Election Reform Without Media Reform
Bob Herbert: Lifting the Censor's Veil on the Shame of Iraq
John Atcheson: Frying Bacon in Kansas
Jay Bookman: Tasers Shock and Subdue; Absence of Justice Does, Too
Sheryl McCarthy: Helping Pregnant Teens: Federal Crime?

Wednesday, May 4
Dennis Kucinich: An Open Letter to Howard Dean
Ray McGovern: Proof Bush Fixed The Facts
Ira Chernus: New US Plan for Nuclear Intimidation
William Hoynes: The Real Challenge for Public Television
Joyce Marcel: Shark Bait: The Rich Get Richer and the Poor Get Poorer
Ari Berman: A New Rumsfeld Rule
Byron Williams: America Squanders Handling of Abu Ghraib
Crispin Sartwell: Wikipedia: See 'Information,' 'Amazing,' 'Anarchy'
Madison Capital Times: The Best Face of America
Robert Freeman: Is Iraq a Success? Just Ask Humpty Dumpty
Derrick Z. Jackson: Kenneth Clark's Unfulfilled Dream
Ivan Eland: Bush Administration Bluster Exacerbates Nuclear Proliferation
Robert Kuttner: Not Rich? Not Poor? Watch Out
Polly Toynbee: Tony Blair's Time is Over
Matthew Rothschild: Jeb Is At It Again

Tuesday, May 3
James Carroll: America's Mortal Secret
Tom Engelhardt: Winners and Losers: Moving Out of the Superpower Orbit
Thom Hartmann: Carter Tried To Stop Bush's Energy Disasters - 28 Years Ago
John Nichols: UK Election: Making Iraq the Issue
Ruth Conniff: The Republican Crack Up
John R. MacArthur: Rooseveltian Government
Dave Zirin: The NFL, Congress, and the Male Cheerleader Principle
George Galloway: These Are Blair's Last Days
Laura Flanders: In Bush's World, Global Treaties Are Just For Girlie Men
Paul Rockwell: US War Crimes and the Legal Case for Military Resistance
Robert Scheer: Our Loss Was Our Gain in Vietnam
John Kelley: The End of Enlightenment
Paul Vitello: US Policy Fosters Abuse

Monday, May 2
Jimmy Carter: Erosion of the Nonproliferation Treaty
Ari Berman: Off the Meter:A $35,000 Cab Ride in Baghdad
Bob Herbert: From 'Gook' to 'Raghead'
John Buell: Are Democrats a Bankrupt Political Party?
Donna Glee Williams: From Yesterday to Today: Nazis and the Righteous Right
Scott Ritter: Dereliction of Duty Regarding Iraq
Jennet Conant: My Grandfather and the Bomb
New Agenda Coalition: What Does Not Exist Cannot Proliferate
Bob Ellis: Condi: The Toothless Tigres
John Otis: Requiem for a Heavyweight: Memories of a Heroine Named Marla
Paul Krugman: A Gut Punch to the Middle
David Francis: In This Recovery, Corporations Win, Workers Lose
Robert Reich: Social Security Reform is Simply a Diversion
John Atcheson: Social Security Fact and Fiction

Sunday, May 1
Robyn Blumner: Striking a Blow for Dissent
Richard Butler: A Review of the Nuclear Weapons Agreement is Likely to See the US Deny Its Violation
Danny Schechter: The Unreported Vietnam-Iraq Parallel
Susan Lenfestey: It is a Far, Far Better Spring...
Marc Cooper: Minuteman Project: The 15-Second Men
Brent Staples: Godzilla vs. the Giant Scissors: Cutting the Antiwar Heart Out of a Classic
Christina Odone: Self-Centered and Naive, the Yankees' Attitude to their Cars Speaks Volumes
Abhinav Aima: Where is Our Agent Hubbard: How Denzel Washington and Bruce Willis Played it Right in 1998
Frank Rich: Conservatives Love South Park
Phillipe Sands: Tony Blair's Smoking 'Squib'
Dave Rossie: Ecuador's Presidents Get No Slack
Ahmed Bouzid/Patrick O'Connor: International Law Not Fit to Print: The New York Times
Carl Hiassen: Florida's Department of Children & Families Policy: Forcing Babies to Have Babies




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