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June 2005

Thursday, June 30
Norman Solomon: Memo to Iraq War: This Is the First Day of the Rest of Your Death
John Stauber: Oprah Not "The Only Mad Cow In America" Thanks to Texas Governor
Bob Burnett: Waist Deep in the Big Muddy
Simon Tisdall: No Solution and No Apology as President Runs Out of Ideas
Madison Capital Times: The Biggest of Big Lies
Kennebec Journal: Bush Fails Again to Speak Candidly About War in Iraq
John Buell: Amtrak, Federal Highways, and the Cold War
Sacramento Bee: Code Dumb: Look Who's Spying on Your Granny
Tom Turnipseed: Our Declaration of Independence From Domination By Middle-Eastern Oil

Wednesday, June 29
Kathy Kelly: An Open Letter to Senator Carl Levin
Ray McGovern: Stay the Crooked Course
Elizabeth Holtzman: Torture and Accountability
Tom Engelhardt: Immoral Relativism And Other Distractions of the Age of Bush
Joyce Marcel: A Frisky Risky Business
Robert Parry: War or Impeachment
Kevin Martin: A Speech About Nothing
Cynthia Bogard: But Is It Playing in Peoria? The Downing Street Memo and Our Hometown Papers
E.J. Dionne Jr.: Put Rove's Speech in Context of McCarthyism
Laura Carlsen: Surely the US Wouldn't Harbor Terrorists, Would It?

Tuesday, June 28
Norman Solomon: From Tehran to Washington, an Axis of Demagogues Just Got More Dangerous
Kathy Kelly: Where Is the UN? Can It Prevent Monetizing Mercy?
Robert Scheer: Iranian Revolution Is Thriving in Iraq
James Carroll: Billy Graham: America's Crusader
Mark Sidel: Antiterror Tactics Chill U.S. Campuses
Neal Peirce: The Brits Can Teach Us Yanks How to Create Livable Cities
Sherrod Brown: US Trade Rep Helps Powerful Drug Industry
Paul Nyden: Remembering Michael Schwerner and the Racist North
Mokhiber/Weissman: Condemning Injustice
Christopher Hayes: On to Ohio
Stephen Zunes: The United States and the Iranian Election
Michael Winship: Blacklist Isn't New to CPB's Tomlinson

Saturday, June 25
John Stauber: How to Bury a Mad Cow
Sheldon Drobny: No Apologies, Senator Durbin
Ray McGovern: Fixing To Fix "Fixed"
Hans Von Sponeck: The Conduct of the UN Before and After the 2003 Invasion
Hank Kalet: Flag Proposal Threatens First Amendment
Eric Hobsbawm: America's Neo-Conservative World Supremacists Will Fail
Helen Thomas: Word from Bush Could End Prison Abuse
Ralph Nader: Hemp for Victory

Friday, June 24
Arlie Hochschild: The Chauffeur's Dilemma
Peter Phillips: Big Media Interlocks with Corporate America
Tony Norman: A Burning Desire to be a Patriot
HDS Greenway: The Return of '1984'
Robert Freeman: The NEW New Republican Scam for Social Security
Greg Guma: Addicted to War: An Insider Examines the Seductive Myths of Militarism
David Rossie: New, Improved Bush: Impish and Well-Read
Paul Krugman: The War President

Thursday, June 23
Kathy Kelly: Where You Stand Determines What You See and How You Live
Norman Solomon: Voluntary Amnesia in the Service of War
Charles Secrett: We are Killing the Planet. That is Not an Exaggeration
Michael Smith: The Real News in the Downing Street Memos
Arianna Huffington: Just Say Noruba
John Nichols: Bringing Troops Home a Nonpartisan Idea
Thomas Pearson/Alexandra Goncalves: Ex-workers Mount Month-Long Hunger Strike in El Salvador as CAFTA Looms
Robert Steinbeck: Downing Street Memo: Americans Inching Closer to a Reckoning
Sidney Blumenthal: Blinded by the Light at the End of the Tunnel
Aaron Glantz: Close Abu Ghraib, Stop the New Prison
Rick Mercier: Forget You Heard About Those Memos
Geov Parrish: Plan Colombia Up for a Vote: Take the Opportunity to Say No to a Forgotten, Senseless War

Wednesday, June 22
Bill Moyers: A Moral Transaction
Tami Drake: Something's Fishy about U.S. Silence on Japan's Whaling
Tom Engelhardt: Withdrawal on the Agenda
Katrina vanden Heuvel: Recruiters Sink to New Lows
Joyce Marcel: All Things Considered
David Michael Green: HC-9: Where the Case for Impeachment Slipped into Gear
Bangor Daily News: What to Make of a Memo
Jonathan Freedland: Yes, They Did Lie To Us
Anthony Lewis: Guantánamo: When America Breaks the Law
Robert Kuttner: Disunity at Big Labor
Molly Ivins: Dismissing the Evidence
Jeremy Rifkin: Capitalism's Future on Trial
Tony Benn: In the Name of Security
Mark Morford: Downing Street Is For Liars

Tuesday, June 21
George Monbiot: Bards of the Powerful
Michael Winship: Public Television's Mystery Mann
Huck Gutman: Through The Prism of Human Collectivity
Virginia Rodino: Will the US Anti-War Movement Impeach Bush?
Tad Bartimus: Recruitment Shortfalls Show This War Not Needed
Kirsten Schwind/Hollace Poole-Kavana: We Need GM Food Like a Hole in Our Kidneys
John Hanchette: Universal Healthcare Vouchers Plan Could Provide Coverage and Choice
Robert Scheer: Even Bush's GOP Allies Are Breaking Ranks
Marie Cocco: Bush Administration Subverts the Truth
Bill Gallagher: GM's Health-Care Shakedown Shows Systematic Flaws in Bush's America
Mark Weisbrot: Bush Administration Increasingly Isolated on Venezuela
Matthew Rothschild: The Bush Dam Breaks
Miami Herald: Conduct Unbecoming Florida's Governor
Ivan Eland: Americans Are Finally Waking Up to the Failure of U.S. Policy in Iraq
Ed Quillen: Starting a War the Old Way

Monday, June 20
Medea Benjamin: June 2005: Phase II of the Anti-War Movement
Dave Zweifel: We've Seen Enough to Impeach Bush
Mark Danner: Why the Memo Matters
John Atcheson: An Open Letter to Fred Hiatt and the Washington Post
Thom Hartmann: They Died So Republicans Could Take the Senate
Scott Ritter: The US War with Iran has Already Begun
Beth Quinn: Families of Dead Soldiers Demand Truth from Bush
Joseph Gerson: Why I was Arrested (On Cambridge Common) For Protesting The War
Tram Nguyen: US No Longer a Refuge for Poor, Huddled Masses
Jason Leopold: Quick! Someone Tell Bush That Iraq Wasn't Responsible for 9/11 Before Another War Breaks Out
Neal Peirce: What Were They Smoking?
Andrew Christie: Once Were Whales
Danny Schechter: Time To Go? Behind the Calls for an Exit Strategy
Molly Ivins: Never Steal a Turkey in Lubbock, and Other Tales of Texas Justice

Sunday, June 19
Katrina vanden Heuvel: The Beginning of the End?
Henry Porter: Fiddling as the Planet Burns
John Nichols: Conyers vs. The Post
David Benjamin: What the Hell is the Downing St. Memo -- and Who Cares?
Rosa Brooks: Is the Red Cross Red, White and Blue Enough?
Michael Nolan: Rich Man's War, Poor Man's Fight
Elizabeth Sullivan: British Memos Air Secrets of 2 Governments
Russ Feingold: SAFE Instead of Patriot
Eric Margolis: Gitmo Appalling
David Rossie: Schiavo Case Showed Pols' True Colors
Frank Kreith/Ron West: Hydrogen Won't be our Energy Savior
David Michael Green: Parrying Parry: Why Hope Still Lives on Downing Street
Dan Nagengast: More Populism! More Referendums!

Saturday, June 18
John Conyers: Letter to the Washington Post
Robert Fisk: We Are All Complicit - But What Can We Do About It?
Robert Parry: Mocking the Downing Street Memo
Madison Capital Times: Time for an Exit Strategy
Ralph Nader: The Liberty Dollar Bill
Ken Sanders: High Crimes and Misdemeanors
Harvey Wasserman: For Father's Day: Dad's Business
Christopher Brauchli: Bush's Budgetary Compassion
Jeffrey Sachs: US Does Little as Others Pitch In
Kay Summer/Adam Jones: The First Embedded Protest
Carol Norris: Terri Schiavo: Beyond the Wedge Issue

Friday, June 17
Norman Solomon: The Killing Street Memo
Caroline Arnold: Oil, CO2, Environment, Climate, War
Molly Ivins: Destroying PBS
Reggie Rivers: Flag is a Symbol, Remember?
Peter Dreier: Lynching Lessons
Howard Lavine/Norman Oder: Legislation for One
HDS Greenway: Finding Facts in Iraq
Jonathan Chait: Was Enron Just a Dream?
EJ Dionne Jr: Dr. Frist Damaged a Serious Debate
Jules Witcover: Civil War in the American Labor Movement
Andrew Greeley: Expect Terrorists to Bring War to Us
Mark Engler: Credit Globalization Movement for Debt Victory

Thursday, June 16
Jonathan Schell: The Exception Is the Rule
Elizabeth Sullivan: Fog of War is Thicker Without a Plan
Michele Simon: Another State Falls Prey to the Junk Food Lobby
Robert F Kennedy Jr: Deadly Immunity: Mercury, Autism, Children Vaccines & the Govt Cover-Up
Sasha Chavkin: Ending Perpetual Detainment
Phill Provance: Generation Y's Silent Protest
William Fisher: GITMO By-The-Sea
Mokhiber/Weissman: What to Say to Jack and Jim?
Arianna Huffington: Not Your Father's Anti-War Movement
Matthew Rothschild: Bush Runs Stop Signs
Greg Palast: Palast for Conyers: The Other ' Memos' from Downing Street and Pennsylvania Avenue
John Nichols: Media Distractions Hurt Real Issues

Wednesday, June 15
Naomi Klein/Aaron Maté: Censoring the Dead
Paul Rogat Loeb: More Damning than Downing Street
Norman Solomon: Gains for Democracy Could Jolt Iran's Theocrats and America's Neocons
Rosa María Pegueros: Sin Verguensas
Craig Eisendrath/Helen Caldicott: A Star War that Fails the Test
David Swanson/Jonathan Schwarz: Damning Evidence Can't be Ignored
Russ Baker: Tomorrow's Woodwards And Bernsteins
Aaron Glantz: A Fair Trial for Saddam Hussein
Derrick Jackson: Not Guilty, but Hardly Free
Doug Ireland: Why Howard Dean Says Those Things
Steve Berg: Why Are We in Iraq? It Begs for an Answer
Robert Kuttner: Head in the Sand
Minneapolis Star Tribune: Fig Leaf for War: Paper Indicates UN was Misled
Ari Berman: Why Dean is Right

Tuesday, June 14
James Carroll: Nixon's Madman Strategy
David Corn/Jeff Goldberg: How Deep Throat Fooled the FBI
Doris 'Granny D' Haddock: Commencement Address:' Great Leaders Lead from a Better Vision of a Possible Future'
Eli Pariser: Commencement Address: 'The World Needs You to see it with Fresh Eyes'
Pierre Tristam: Counting Heroes, but by Whose Measure for an Iraq Death Toll?
Jeremy Brecher/Brendan Smith: How the World Can Help Americans Halt Bush Administration War Crimes
David Michael Green: In The American Bunker
George Monbiot: The G8 Plan to Save Africa: A Truckload of Nonsense
Chad Pitts: Democracy in Action?
Mokhiber/Weissman: Bad Faith: When Insurance Companies Deny Legitimate Claims
Jim Harding/Denis Hayes: Nuclear Power Not a Solution
Robert Scheer: Pattern of Deception Persists in Tillman's Death
Scott Klinger: America's Corporate Benedict Arnolds
Seattle Post Intelligencer: Iraq Invasion: Memo Faults Planning
Robert Fisk: Saddam Interrogation Screened - In Silence

Monday, June 13
William Hartung/Frida Berrigan: Hypocritical U.S. Fight for 'Freedom'
Boulder Daily Camera: Waking to Reality
Bob Herbert: Kids in the Military: They Won't Go
Beth Quinn: Proof is in the Memo: Soldiers Died for a Lie
Norman Solomon: Letter From Tehran: In Washington's Cross-Hairs
John Stauber: Mad Cow USA: The Cover-Up Begins to Unravel
Eric Margolis: Web of Cold-Blooded Lies
Minneapolis Star Tribune: Political Science/Soft-Pedaling Climate Consensus
William Powers: Bolivia, the Poor Little Rich Country
John Buell: Corporate Trade and Culture Wars
Cynthia Bogard: USA Today and the Downing Street Memo
Ralph Nader: Call One for the Republicans
Andrew Christie: Newsweek Makes Up After Break Up

Friday, June 10
Reggie Rivers: In Defense of Country
Naomi Klein: A Noose, Not a Bracelet
Paul Krugman: Losing Our Country
Aaron Glantz: End the Occupation, and Maybe Avoid Civil War
Paul Rogat Loeb: Extraordinarily Rancid Justice
Matthew Rothschild: The Iraq Tide Is Out
Madison Capital Times: Senator Should Oppose CAFTA
Thom Hartmann: Dean Just Told Them The Truth and They Thought It Was Hell
HDS Greenway: Protesting Too Much on 'Gulag'
San Francisco Chronicle: Bush and 'The Memo'
Derrick Jackson: The GOP's Poverty Gambit

Thursday, June 9:
Sidney Blumenthal: Nixon's Empire Strikes Back
Gretchen Gordon: For Bolivia, Neoliberalism is not an Option
Gore Vidal: Something Rotten in Ohio
Joan Vennochi: Dean isn't the Problem
John Stauber: Crashing the USDA's Dog-and-Pony Show
Daniel Ellsberg: The Courage to Talk Withdrawal
Joyce Marcel: Saying Goodbye to Marty Jezer
Tom Turnipseed: Reason, Extremism And The Right To Life
Al Giordano: Zero Hour in Bolivia: What to Watch for Today
Stephen Zunes: Bush Administration Attacks on Amnesty International: Old Wine, New Bottles
Lynne Glasner: US Policy Under Fire
John Atcheson: The Disassembler in Chief and the War of Error
Gordon Livingston: Foreign Policy Driven by Fear

Wednesday, June 8:
John Nichols: State Dems Should Push Iraq Pullout
Kevin Watkins: 3 Million Reasons to Act for Africa
Deborah James: Bush at OAS: Same Old "Free Trade" Tune
Jocelyn McCalla/César Chelala: Justice for Haiti
Matthew Rothschild: In Defense of Amnesty International
Robert Steinback: What Rice's OAS Speech Left Out
Adam Cohen: Meanwhile: The Mood of 'Nashville' Feels Right Again
Arthur MacEwan: New Man at the World Bank
Elizabeth Borg: The Fight That Won us the Right to Birth Control
Dave Zirin: The Rotting Soul of the San Francisco 49ers
Lee Drutman: Hypothetical Future-Value Accounting -- The Tragicomedy that was Enron
Jason Leopold: Former Army Sec, Enron VP, Thomas White Wants Gov't Funding For New Energy Project
Stephen Hill: Lessons for Political Reformers

Tuesday, June 7:
Naomi Klein: Torture's Part of the Territory
John McArthur: Dean's Democrats Remain Pathetic
Joan Chittister: The Shock of Being Shocked
David Michael Green: Bring It Down. Now.
James Carroll: The War Against Islam
Byron Williams: Deep Throat and the State of Democracy
Robert Scheer: Blaming the Messenger Fools No One
Arianna Huffington: Ken Mehlman Gets the E-ZPass Treatment
Robert Parry: President Bush, With the Candlestick...
Clarence Page: Dirty Tricks, Not Dirty Hands
Pierre Tristam: On a Ponzi Joyride to the Brink with American Dream in Tow
Ann Wright: 'We Stand for Something Different'

Monday, June 6
Bill Moyers: 'Writing the History of the Revolution is Now Up to You'
Norman Solomon: From Watergate to Downing Street -- Lying for War
George McGovern/Jim McGovern: Withdraw From Iraq
Barbara Ehrenreich: Longevity Crisis? Kill Grandma
Chip Ward: It's Not Just Eskimos in Bikinis
Cynthia Bogard: Mr. Kerry: You Could Still Be the Leader We Need
William Hoynes: Missing the Big Picture on PBS
Jerry Rose: The Answer to Religion in Politics: Spirituality
Cindy Sheehan: A Lie of Historic Proportions
Steve Chapman: To Stop Suicide Bombings, Bring Troops Home
Bob Herbert: The Mobility Myth
Jay Bookman: Is EPA Exec Still a Pal to Polluters?

Sunday, June 5:
Janet Reitman: Marla Ruzicka: The Girl Who Tried to Save the World
Jason Leopold: When is Someone Going to Toss Rumsfeld into a Cage?
Harvey Wasserman: The Fundamentalist Attack on Separation of Church & State Defames America and Its Founders
Tom Barry: A Common-Sense Foreign Policy Based on American Values and History
Michael Posner: Close Camp Delta
Eileen McNamara: Deep Throat is No Hero
Jeremy Rifkin: Getting to 'Yes' in Europe
Veranes/Navarro: Racist Fervor Becomes Law in Arizona: Calls for State Boycott Gain Momentum

Saturday, June 4:
Anne Lamott: In Steinbeck Country, We Said No to Closing the Libraries
Bill Fletcher Jr.: Debate Over the Future of the AFL-CIO: More Heat Than Light
Diana Sevanian: What's Up With the Downing Street Memo?
Ralph Nader: Do Your Part, the Way Co-op America Does
Henry Porter: A Study in Emasculation: The US Media's Mission To Avoid
Christopher Brauchli: Sinclair's Demonstrated Heartlessness
Aaron Glantz: Farewell Sheik Nyfe al-Jabouri
Roger Martin: We Can See, But Not Far Enough
Andrew Christie: You Are Spartacus
Greg Palast: French-Fried Friedman, Nouvelle Globalizer

Friday, June 3:
John Nichols: Iraq is the Issue
Robert Shetterly: Administration's Offenses Impeachable
Jill Soffiyah Elijah: Has President Castro Struck a Nerve?
Byron Williams: A Disappointing Performance from Rice
Caroline Arnold: Writing "Truth" on the Sidewalk: Who Do We Think We Are?
Henry Marchand: Deep Throat's Lesson: When "The Nation's Secrets" Aren't
David Rossie: 'USS Liberty' Survivors Can Never Forget
Reggie Rivers: Is Bush actually a Man of his Word?
Greg Muttitt: Iraq's Other Resistance: Oil Workers in Basra are Ready to Fight Privatization
William Greider: Lies, Guts & Deep Throat
Dan Skinner: War of Words: "Extraordinary Circumstances"
Tom Teepen: Prisoner Abuse a Shameful Fact
Nick Turse: Rummy Rules: Rummy Watch II
Joe Conason: Bush Not at all Realistic About the War

Thursday, June 2:
Sheryl McCarthy: Felt Didn't Betray His Country, Nixon Did
Jeremy Scahill: The Smoking Bullet in the Smoking Gun
David J. Sirota: Watergate's Lost Legacy
Norman Solomon: War Made Easy: From Vietnam to Iraq
César Chelala: Children of Iraq: A Face of Grief as War Takes Toll
Jennifer Ladd/Felice Yeskel: Class in America: Two Elite Newspapers Tackle The Big Taboo
Mokhiber/Weissman: Sell the Gold, Free the Poor
Tom Engelhardt: Bases, Bases Everywhere: It's a Pentagon World and Welcome to It
Joyce Marcel: It's My Country, Too!
John Nichols: The Mysteries of Watergate
Bob Herbert: Truth and Deceit
Joel Cohen: Democratic Savoir-Faire

Wednesday, June 1:
Jason Leopold: Watergate Proves That Even Presidents Will Break Laws To Achieve Goals
Diana Johnstone: French Say 'Non' in Thunder
John Buell: What European Crisis?
Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Iraq War: Drafting the Dead
Denis Hayes: Keeping Alert to the Threats of Environmental Changes
Danny Schechter: CNN at 25: 'The World's Most Trusted Network'
Martha Burk: Women's Rights are Just Propaganda in Washington
John Nichols: French Voters Rewrite History
William Leddy: Building Living Cities
David Rossie: One Nation Under God's Interpreters
Derrick Jackson: The Last Throes of Truth in Iraq
Dave Zweifel: Troubled Corporations Need Single-Payer
Murray Polner: Sports: My Way or No Way
Bob Burnett: Can't Find Our Way Home




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