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July 2005

Thursday, July 28
Deborah James: Democracy Sold Out - CAFTA Approved by Pork and a Hill of Beans
David Sirota: Targeting the 15 Democratic Sellouts Who Passed CAFTA
Roger Morris: The Source Beyond Rove: Condoleezza Rice at the Center of the Plame Scandal
John Nichols: Bernie Sanders
Tom Engelhardt: Making Sense of the Plame Affair
Jonathan Schell: The Bomb and Karl Rove
Rick Mercier: Organized Labor Has to Rejuvenate Because There's Still a Need
Charles Burch: Significant 'Discovery' for Oil Companies -- Sustainability
Joyce Marcel: When Politics Counted in Art
Bob Herbert: Oil and Blood
Minneapolis Star Tribune: CIA & Iraq: An Effort to Shift the Blame
Helen Thomas: Bush Won't Block Abuse of Detainees
Laila El-Haddad: Disengagement From Justice
Robert Sargent: Gold Star Mother Has it Right on Iraq

Wednesday, July 27
Robert Kuttner: Breaking Big Labor in Order to Fix It
Stacy Bannerman: Worlds Apart
David Sirota: The Democrats 2008 Choice: Sell Out & Lose, Or Stand Up & Win
Liza Grandia: The Hidden Pages of CAFTA
David Zirin: Live Strong or Live Wrong? Why Lance Must Break With Bush
Norman Solomon: Thomas Friedman, Liberal Sadist?
Derrick Jackson: Paleoclimate or Paleopolitics?
James Morris: Stop the Hunger Horror Tour
John Nichols: Labor Gets Tough on CAFTA
David Cortright: Iraq: The Human Toll
Martha Burk: Reaching the Top - And Still Finding a Pay Gap
David Rossie: Court Nominee Lets Rove Hide in Back Pages
Ted Rall: Say Sayonara to Abortion
Alice Slater: Space is No Place for Cowboys
Joshua Frank: Hillary Clinton: Outflanking Bush From the Right

Tuesday, July 26
Calvin White: Who's Taking Blame for Christian Violence?
Bill C. Davis: On Litchfield Green
Molly Ivins: Solidarity Later: Andy Stern and CWC Challenge AFL Power Base
Sean Gonsalves: It's Not Weak to Ask 'Why?'
Robert Scheer: On China at Least, Nixon Was Right
Simon Tisdall: In Fight Against Terror, Britain Pays Price for Foreign Policy
David Sirota: Bowing Down to Those Who Undermine
Ruth Coniff: House Demagoguery on Iraq
Russ Feingold: Time to Put the Curbs on Lobbying
Hilary Cosell: Seeing the Dead and Wounded in William Westmoreland's Eyes
David Donnelly: Big Money Congress Doesn't Deserve a Pay Raise
Pierre Tristam: A 2008 Fantasy: If Bush Were Different
Marie Cocco: Keeping Watch Over the Wrong People

Monday, July 25
Edwidge Danticat: Ghosts of the 1915 U.S. Invasion Still Haunt Haiti's People
Bob Herbert: What Bush Doesn't Know
Jamie Court: Why are the Dems Caving in on Cox?
Neal Peirce: The "Megalopolis" Century
Rebecca Solnit: The Great Gray Whale... or This Story Has No Moral
Ralph Nader: Top 10 List for the Labor Movement
Stephen Zunes: Bush Administration Stokes Dangerous Arms Race on Indian Subcontinent
Abhinav Aima: Justified Murder: Don't Ever Become a Terror Suspect!
David Sirota: Community Ownership & Challenging the GOP's Privatization Agenda
David Corn: Rove Scandal: Looking for One Outraged GOPer (It Ain't McCain)
Katrina Vanden Heuvel: Torture and Lies: Who is Accountable?
Norman Solomon: "Wagging the Puppy" -- and Unleashing the Deadly Dogs of War
Lucius Walker: Bush Administration's Hurricane Relief Offer to Cuba is an Embarrassment

Sunday, July 24
Frank Rich: Eight Days in July
Imran Khan: We Must Address the Root Causes of This Terror
Eric Margolis: West's Policies Must Change
Matthew Rothschild: John Roberts and the Smirking Man
Baltimore Sun: War Stories
Jeff Milchen: CAFTA: Corporate Socialism, Not Free Trade
Joseph Galloway: Why Generals Won't Ask for More Troops
Richard Crouter: Grief for British, but None for Iraqis?
Danny Schechter: Conspiracy Theories and the Fight for Truth

Saturday, July 23
Sarah Anderson: The Ortega Free Trade Fear Factor
Jonathan Power: Britain's Amazing Disconnect
David Corn: A CIA Vet's Messge for the Save-Rove Spinners: "A True Patriot Would Shut Up"
Greg Palast: China Floats, America Sinks
Ramzy Baroud: Barbaric But Not Unexpected
John Nichols: Patriot Games
Stuart Heady: The Greatest Main Missed Chance on Earth

Friday, July 22
Tom Engelhardt: The CIA's La Dolce Vita War on Terror
Michael Klare: The Iran War Buildup
Tom Turnipseed: Ecocide
Derrick Jackson: Does US Care About Niger Now?
Mark Weisbrot: Rove Scandal Could Stick
Elizabeth Weill-Greenberg: Refuse to be Searched on the NYC Subway
Thom Hartmann: What Did Bush Know, And When Did He Know It?
Bill Nemitz: War Forum is No Day at the Beach
Robert Koehler: In Terrifying Times, Communal Courage is Better than Fear
David Sirota: A Crystal Clear Example of Democrats' Problems
Dan Plesch: How the UN Won the War
Andrew Davison: Karl Rove and "True" Islam
Reggie Rivers: Rove and The Bigger Picture

Thursday, July 21
William Pfaff: Traditional Culture Strikes Back
Molly Ivins: Big Time Trouble: America Continues to Weaken, But Why Worry?
Russ Baker: Why Was Miller Fit To Print?
Greg Mitchell: Whoops, 'Plamegate' Back on Page One
Harvey Wasserman: Debating William Westmoreland
Helen Thomas: Bush Knows Who To Ask About CIA Leak
Michele Simon: Government Abandons Children to Big Food
Joyce Marcel: You Have to Sing
Lawrence Korb/Peter Ogden: Visualize Iraq - in Space
David Morse: Blood, Ink, and Oil: the Case of Darfur
Sidney Blumenthal: Democracy Was Only An Afterthought
Byron Williams: Sadly, the United States Has Lost Its Prestige Abroad
Helena Cobban: Next Step in Helping Iraqis: Set a Withdrawal Date
David Domke: Shooting the Messenger: Not the Time to Make a Stand for Journalism Ethics

Wednesday, July 20
John Nichols: Another Activist Judge
Lila Rajiva: Turkey Supreme
William Dalrymple: Islamic Terrorism: A Largely Bourgeois Endeavor
Norman Solomon: General Westmoreland's Death Wish and the War in Iraq
Ray McGovern: Cheney Wasn't Involved Either. Right.
Bill C. Davis: Who Is American?
Molly Ivins: You Can't Not Care About Lies and War
Bill Quigley: 'Haiti Shall Be Free Again'
Britt Bailey/Becky Tarbotton: Industry Aims to Strip Local Control of Food Supply
Mark Danner vs Michael Kinsley: The Memo, the Press, and the War
Derrick Jackson: The Westmoreland Mind-Set
Robert Kuttner: Orwell Meets Kafka
Ted Rall: Republicans Must Choose: Bush or America?
Ed Kinane: Why the U.S. and France Hate Haiti

Tuesday, July 19
Alison Broinowski: Justice is Best Weapon in Fight for Peace
Ray McGovern: Why "White House v. Wilson/Plame" Matters
Derrick Jackson: Link to Cheney Deepens 'Leak-Gate' Scandal
Robert Scheer: Iraq's Dangerous New Friend
James Carroll: The Border Mentality
Gordon Adams: Illusions of Iraq Echo Vietnam
Steven Laffoley: American Mullahs and the Cult of Fear: Network News as Counter-Reality
Norman Solomon: George W. Strangelove and the Triumph of Nuclear Faith
San Francisco Chronicle: The Real Cost of US War Policy
John Buell: War, Terror, and Political Dissent
Pierre Tristam: Words Matter in War on Terror
Sean Gonsalves: Winning Hearts and Minds
John Nichols: White House Spins its CAFTA Lies

Monday, July 18
Christian Christensen: "Why Can't Foreign Lefties Learn to Be Objective Like Us?"
Judith Coburn: Unnamed and Unnoticed: Iraqi Casualties
William Greider: America's Truth Deficit
Geov Parrish: An Innocent Man? Democrats are Overeager to Handcuff Rove
Cindy Sheehan: The Sounds of Hope
Danny Schechter: Searching For Truth In The Karl Rove Story
Neal Peirce: Protect Public Transportation
Roberto Rodriguez: The Price of the Innocents
Steven Wisensale: Force Corporations to Focus on the Family

Sunday, July 17
Pete McCloskey: Nixon and Bush: Presidential Parallels?
Caroline Arnold: Impeach Bush, Leave Iraq and Move On
Francis Wheen: Why Marx is Man of the Moment
John Nichols: Rove Defense Team
David Rossie: Churchill Never Flinched at War's Terror
Dennis Roddy: Sinners in the Hands of an Angry Mob
Matthew Rothschild: Hillary on the Right
Linda McQuaig: Rove Should Have Been Fired Long Ago for Masterminding Deceptions on Iraq
Phil Tajitsu Nash: Unique Law Firm Doing Well While Doing Good
Frank Rich: Follow the Uranium

Saturday, July 16
Richard Falk: The World Speaks on Iraq
David Swanson: How Comcast Censors Political Content or Why My Comcast Horror Story Is Better Than Yours
Brattleboro Reformer: Case for Impeachment
Marilyn Chandler McEntyre: A Voice from the Christian Left
Mokhiber/Weissman: An Unreasonable Woman
Toledo Blade: Time to Dump Rove
Rosa Brooks: Out of the West Wing and into Cellblock D
Christopher Brauchli: The Olympics, Dying African Children and Civilization's Priorities
Ralph Nader: Obscene Crony Pay Soars; Corporate Boards Look the Other Way

Friday, July 15
Victor Navasky: The Rights of Journalists
Norman Solomon: War and Venture Capitalism
Naomi Klein: Aristide in Exile
Aaron Glantz: Iraq and Iran: Axis of Evil?
Harvey Wasserman: Will Traitor Rove Follow Father Figure Nixon's Fatal Footsteps?
Derrick Jackson: Passing the Prison Abuse Buck
Tom Krebsbach: War in Iraq Violates International Law
John Dean: It Appears That Karl Rove Is In Serious Trouble
R. Tom Arbogast: Americans Need to Escape from Bush's Dream World
Daniel Schorr: Rove Leak is Just Part of Larger Scandal
Mike Carlton: More Grand Delusions
Dave Rossie Rove Reworked as Heroic Whistleblower
Jason Leopold: Report Shows Karl Rove May Have Lied to Federal Agents

Thursday, July 14
Minneapolis Star Tribune: Karl Rove: Real Issue is the Case for War
Abhinav Aima: The Pied Piper of Baghdad
Mike Davis: Sinister Paradise
Andrew Bard Schmookler: Lack of Vision in Presenting Spiritual Side of Liberalism
Greg Guma: Seize the Ship of State
John Nichols: How to Oppose a War
Dave Zirin: Storming the Castle: Why We Need To Know Our Radical Sports History
Boulder Daily Camera: Fire 'Bush's Brain'
Seumas Milne: It Is an Insult to the Dead to Deny the Link with Iraq
Bill Berkowitz: David Horowitz's Battlefield Academia
Harold Meyerson: 'Fair Game' Question for Bush
Margaret Carlson: The Outing of a Coward

Wednesday, July 13
Norman Solomon: The Fake Optimism of Washington's Warriors
Stacy Bannerman: Let Mr. Bush Explain the War to Highschoolers
Greg Palast: Mr. Rove and the Access of Evil
Nick Turse: An Army of (No) One: An Inside Look at the Military's Internet Recruiting War
Derrick Jackson: A Voice for the Wilderness
Carol Norris: Schwarzenegger -- People's Governor or Flouter of First Amendment Rights?
William Hartung: Weapons in Space Put the World at Risk
David Corn: In Rove Scandal, Spin Turns into Stonewalling
Ted Rall: Treasongate: It's Not Just Karl Rove
Paul Rogat Loeb: The Enemy of Our Enemy May Still Be the Enemy of Democracy
Matthew Rothschild: The Plame Grenade
Robert Kuttner: Second Thoughts on Leak Case

Tuesday, July 12
John Nichols: Bugged by the Brits
John MacArthur: What We Can Do About Al-Qaida
Katrina vanden Heuvel: More Bush Lies
Aaron Glantz: Stop Shooting Journalists
M. Phillips: The Game of Tag and 'He Started It'
Victoria Mares-Hershey: Iraqi Independence Now Leads to Iran
David Corn: White House Stonewalls on Rove Scandal
Salim Lone: Withdrawal Would Curb Terrorism
Robert Scheer: The Real Rove Scandal
Pierre Tristam: America's Monuments to Paranoia Built with Fearless Press' Silence
David Michael Green: George on George: Or, How I Learned to Start Worrying and Love the Founders

Monday, July 11
Felicity Arbuthnot/Luci Carolan: London Bombings - 'We are all ....'
Tom Engelhardt: Making the World Unsafe for Democracy
Laurie King-Irani: We Don't Mind the Gap
Byron Williams: Lee No Longer Stands Alone
Gary Younge: Blair's Blowback
Bob Burnett: London Calling
David Corn: Why Bush Has To Fire Rove
Jay Bookman: Strong Global Warming Facts Sway Doubters
Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Energy Policy: A World with Less Oil
Matthew Rothschild: The Cult of Al Qaeda

Sunday, July 10
David Corn: New Explosive Rove Revelation To Come? Time to Frog-March?
Haroon Siddiqui: Bush's War on Terror is a Colossal Failure
Barbara Boxer: 'Iraq: Credibility, Responsibility, Accountability'
Howard Friel/Richard Falk: The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and the G8 Summit
John Dear: How To Stop Terrorism

Saturday, July 9
Faisal Bodi: Blair Put Us in the Firing Line
Harvey Wasserman: London Terrorist Bombings Mirror Bush's Terrorist Energy Plan
Katrina vanden Heuvel: Sweet Victory: NYC Makes Way for Hybrids
David Clark: This Terror Will Continue Until We Take Arab Grievances Seriously
Sheldon Rampton: Rhetoric vs. Reality in London
Ralph Nader: Open Letter to George W. Bush
Christopher Cooper: Oh, Say, Can You See?
Christopher Brauchli: No Free Lunch for Injured Veterans?
Eric Folkerth: When Flies Swat Back
Seth Sandronsky: Right-Wing Radio Hosts Go To Iraq

Friday, July 8
Mayer Hillman: Emissions: It's Time to Go on a Low-Carbon Diet
Maria Margaronis: London After the Bombing
Chalmers Johnson: The Smash of Civilizations
Tariq Ali: The Price of Occupation
Robert Fisk: Blair's Alliance with Bush Bombed
Derrick Jackson: A Look in the Mirror for America
Monica Benderman: One Soldier's Fight to Legalize Morality
Gwynne Dryer: A Town Accustomed to Bombs
Huck Gutman: The Worst US President Ever?
Norman Solomon: Terrorism, "the War on Terror" and the Message of Carnage
Sherle Schwenninger: Reconnecting to the World
James Lenfestey: Nelson Inspired Nation to do Better by Earth
Madison Capital Times: Responding to Terrorism
Molly Ivins: Eaten Alive by Corruption
Arianna Huffington: Rove-Plame: The Word from Aspen

Thursday, July 7
Patrick Doherty: Why London? Why Now?
Michael Kieschnick: A New and Different War Over Oil
John Borowski: ExxonMobil, Global Warming & Science Teachers:
Mary Riddell: We Cannot Fail Africa Again
Norman Solomon: Judith Miller -- Drum Major for War
Byron Williams: What Now? Bush and US Soldiers Haunted by Uncertainty in Iraq
Joseph Galloway: Learning Lesson of Vietnam All Over Again
John Graham: Who's Watching the Watch List?
Sidney Blumenthal: All the President's Men
John Nichols: Whitman's Words Still Good to Live By
Ari Berman: Blessed Be Thy Dough
Warren Goldstein: UCC Vote to Affirm Gay Marriage Will Aid Church

Wednesday, July 6
Rosa Brooks: The Judy Miller Media Hug-Fest
Dahr Jamail: The Zarqawi Phenomenon
John Nichols: Democrats Blew it on CAFTA Vote
Patt Morrison: Be On Guard for Raging Grannies
Robert Kuttner: Politics Taints Probe of CIA Leak
David Rossie: Bush Team Was Involved in 'Eminent' Land Grab
Ed Garvey: PBS Stolen by Right Wing in Cunning Bait and Switch
Janna Bowman: Don't Renew Military Aid to Colombia

Tuesday, July 5
Desmond Tutu: Much Has Been Done, But...
James Carroll: The Day After the Fireworks
Norman Solomon: War Made Easy: "Withdrawal Would Cripple U.S. Credibility"
Marie Cocco: Flouting our Founding Fathers' Ideals
Thom Hartmann: Supreme Court - Media Ignore Possible "Fascist" Play
Steven Laffoley: The Summer of Love this Ain't: America in its Season of Amnesia
Aaron Glantz: On July 4th - Independence for Iraq
Lee Drutman: Rich Pervert Tax Code for Themselves
Robert Scheer: Bush Is Serving Up the Cold War Warmed Over
George Monbiot: Africa's New Best Friends
Ted Rall: Karl Rove: More anti-American Than Osama bin Laden or, They Execute Traitors, Don't They?
Bud McClure: We Are All Responsible
Stephen Zunes Israeli Human Rights Abuses and the U.S. Attack on the United Nations and the NGO Community

Monday, July 4
Katrina vanden Heuvel: Toward a More Perfect Union
Sheldon Drobny: Supreme Court Justice O'Connor: 'She Never Knew it Would Come to This'
Dorothy Ehrlich: Patriotism vs. the USA Patriot Act
Peter Preston: Popcorn from the 9/11 Rubble
Neal Peirce: We Really Are What We Eat
Susan Lenfestey: On the Road in a Changed America
Frank Rich: Two Wars of the Worlds
Stephen Zunes: Bush Speech Reveals Administration's Ongoing Deceptions on Iraq
Tyler Green: Privatizing Fine Arts

Sunday, July 3
Medea Benjamin: Celebrating Independence in the Era of Empire
Richard Cohen: Iraq Beginning to Look a Lot Like Vietnam
John Nichols: Not Dominion, But Liberty
Daniel Ellsberg : I Wrote Bush's War Words -- in 1965
Linda McQuaig: Pliant American Press Behaving Like Pravda in Coverage of the U.S. President
Danny Schechter: The Limits of 'Live 8' and the G8 in Making Poverty History
Peter Dreier: Builders Clucking Like Chicken Little
William Schulz: Holding America to its Principles
William O'Rourke: Bush Melds Radical Change, Long-Term Power Grab

Saturday, July 2
William Greider: Profiles in Cowardice
Christopher Brauchli: Lip Service to Human Rights
Jason Leopold: Energy Adviser Who Solicited Enron to Help Write Nat'l Energy Policy to Be Named Chair of FERC
David Sirota: Is That a Pool Cue in Corporate America's Pocket, Or Are They Just Excited About the Supreme Court?
Peter Dreier/Dick Flacks: Progressivism and Patriotism
Ralph Nader: Summertime Reading
William Fisher: Hoping for a Miracle




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