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January 2005

Monday, January 31
Gar Alperovitz: Time for Moral Outrage About Social Security
Salim Lone: An Election to Anoint an Occupation
Laura Flanders: Did Democracy Come to Iraq Today?
William Pfaff: The Only Option for Iraq
George Hunsinger: Nothing Less is at Stake in the Torture Crisis than the Soul of Our Nation
Juan Cole: The Iraq Election: First Impressions
Brian Whitaker: Fig-Leaf Freedom: One Election Does not a Democracy Make
Chyng Sun: Revisiting the Porn Debate
Nick Turse: The Emergence of the Homeland Security State: The Civilian Half
James Roosevelt Jr: Don't Use FDR to Undermine Social Security
Bob Herbert: Acts of Bravery
Harley Sorensen: Condi's Not So Candid
Neal Peirce: Federal "Shift and Shaft"
Paul Vitello: Much at Stake for Anti-War Movement

Sunday, January 30
Eric Margolis: Real Freedom Still Far Off
John Nichols: Occupation Thwarts Democracy
Deborah Tannen: The Triumph of Marketing Over Dialogue Results in a President Leading Much of the Nation Where it Doesn't Want to Go
David Ulin: When Robots Do the Killing: A New Weapon Can Sanitize War, and That's Tragic
Linda McQuaig: Today's Charade is Simply About Iraq's Oil
David Benjamin: George W. Bush as the Media’s "Likable Protagonist"
Carl Mirra: The Tragedy of American Diplomacy in Iraq
Steve Fraser: The Genealogy of Wall Street Crime
Joel McNally: Election 2004: Long Waits, Bad Equipment Worse than Election Fraud
Caroline Arnold: Portage County, Ohio, January 2005
Peter O'Neill: Imposing Democracy on the World: Uneasy Parallels Between Bloody Sunday and US Occupation of Iraq
Barbara Lee: Erase the Darfur Blood Stain From California's Pensions

Saturday, January 29
David Domke/Kevin Coe: Bush, God, and State of Union
Frank Rich: Forget Armor. All You Need Is Love
Robert Boorstin/Nicole Mlade: A Progressive Guide to Iraq's Election
Fran Quigley: Human Rights Investigation Calls Haiti 'More Violent and More Inhuman'; Report Documents US Role in Chaotic Interim Government
Sheldon Drobny: A New Law in Honor of Martha Stewart
Geoff Thale: Transferring Cost of War to Latin America is Morally, Politically Wrong
Nick Turse: Bringing It All Back Home: The Emergence of the Homeland Security State
Christopher Brauchli: Smoke Gets In FBI's Eyes
Ralph Nader: The Super Bowl Blitz
Eric Foner: 'Freedom' Belongs to All
Matthew Rothschild: Bush's Press Conference Betrays Callousness
Carolyn Bninski: No WMD? Now What Do We Do?

Friday, January 28
Houzan Mahmoud: Why I Am Not Taking Part in These Phony Elections
Derrick Jackson: Closing in on Vietnam
Bernard Chazelle: Why the Children in Iraq Make No Sound When They Fall
Joan Chittister: What the Rest of the World Watched on Inauguration Day
Robert Jensen/Pat Youngblood: Iraq's Non-Election
Teresa Whitehurst: Do You Feel Guilty for the Sins of Bush and Blair? Should You?
Karyn Strickler: Is It Time For A Corporate Death Penalty Act?
Stephen Zunes: How Much Power Will the New Iraqi Government Really Have?
Algie Abrams: World Needs to Wage Peace on War
Alisa Solomon: From Porto Alegre: Another World Turns
Jules Witcover: Democrats Searching for a Spine
Joan Vennochi: No Message, No Money
Adele Horin: Forgotten Detainee Only Dreams of Flight to Freedom
Geov Parrish: Growing Number of Soldiers Oppose -- and Refuse to Report For -- the War in Iraq
Madison Capital Times: Iraq's Surreal Election
Paul Krugman: Little Black Lies

Thursday, January 27
Gilbert Jordan: Tell Them, 'Because our Fathers Lied'
Salim Lone: Iraq: This Election is a Sham
Kyle Brown: On the 60th Aniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz: Forget the Memorials -- We Need a Manifesto
Danny Glover/Bill Fletcher Jr: Visualizing a Neo-Rainbow
Norman Solomon: Of Death Be Not Proud
Susan Griffin: To Love the Marigold: Hope and Imagination
Scott Ritter: Criminals the Lot of Us
Doug Ireland: Why US Media Dismissed the Lancet Study of 100,000 Iraqi Civilian Dead
Anas Shallal: Iraqi Elections: Bring ‘Em On…
Molly Ivins: World Skeptical of Delusional Bush Reign
Sidney Blumenthal: This Pollyanna Army
Madison Capital Times: The Gonzales Nomination: Feingold's Key Vote
Margaret Carlson: Boxer's Spine Gets Her Cut Off at the Knees
Har Shukla: Neocon Logic Makes India the Next Target for US War
Jay Bookman: Iraqis Need More Than US Idealism
Sheryl McCarthy: The Court is Next for SpongeBob Foes

Wednesday, January 26
Huck Gutman: Speedy Gonzales & The Rule of Law
Katrina vanden Heuvel: The Power of Nightmares
Christian Christensen: Pixelate the Morality Police
Karen Dolan: Goodbye New Deal; Hello Raw Deal
Ray McGovern: Reining in Cheney
Jesse Jackson/Greg Palast: Black Voters in United States Disproportionally Disenfranchised
Dilip Hiro: Cul-de-sacs All Around: Asessing the Iraqi Election
Derrick Jackson: Neglecting Mother Earth
John Nichols: Boxer Rebellion Spreads
Vermont Guardian: Dean and the Dems
Steven Backus: George Bush's F-word
Robert Kuttner: Going Broke: Oh Yes, It Can Happen Here
Ari Berman: GOP TV
David Giffey: Preaching To Choir Isn't Waste of Time
Ted Rall: The Phony Tort Reform Crisis: Who Wants To Become a Medical Malpractice Millionaire?
Jules Witcover: After Bold Speech Comes Furious Backpedaling

Tuesday, January 25
Jeremy Brecher: Resist US War Crimes
Robert Byrd: On the Rice Nomination: 'Standing for the Founding Principles of the Republic'
Paul Loeb: Revote? If Florida and Ohio Go First
Adam Hochschild: The Idea That Brought Slavery to Its Knees
Bob Burnett: Iraq: Setting Limits
Robert Rowley: The Quagmire Parable
George Soros: The New Bush Doctrine
Robert Scheer: 1600 Pennsylvania Meets Madison Ave.
Steven Laffoley: We the People? Not Anymore.
Ralph Nader: Bush's Pillars
John Nichols: Carson An Exception in TV Wasteland
Richard Gwyn: Bush's Hubristic World View
George Monbiot: Pedigree Dogs of War
Joseph Miller: Things to Celebrate
Tom Engelhardt: A Demobilized Press in a Global Free-Fire Zone

Monday, January 24
Laura Kaminker: For Millions of American Women, Roe Is Already History
Gary Younge: A Fantasy of Freedom: If Bush Wanted to Tackle Tyranny, He Could Start with Regimes Under US Control
Ramsey Clark: Why I'm Willing to Defend Hussein
Erin Solaro: The Road to a Draft Goes Through an Unwilling Army
Mokhiber/Weissman: The 10 Worst Corporations of 2004
Cindy Sheehan: The Dangerous Gold Star Families
Byron Williams: Condi: Less Than Candid
Madison Capital Times: Bush's Nominees: Feingold Should Rethink
Aryeh Neier: With Friends Like This . . .Bush and Freedom
Harley Sorensen: Pomp Without Substance
Graham Wood: Tsunami Media Convergence: Not a Fair Guiding Principle for Aid

Sunday, January 23
Norman Mailer: Empire Building: America and Its War with the Invisible Kingdom of Satan
Kelly Brewington: How a Daring Martin Luther King Speech in 1967 Opened the Door for Black Statesmanship
Rick Mercier: King Commemorations Are Our Way of Forgetting the Real Man
Jamila Larson: Report from the Front Lines of the Red State Invasion
Matthew Rothschild: The Hidden Passages in Bush's Inaugural Address
Elizabeth Sullivan: Bush Goes Looking for More Enemies to Democratize
Joel Hirschhorn: The Bush Doctrine Paradox
Linda McQuaig: Canada Should Stay Away from the Bush Bandwagon
Dennis Roddy: Jared Taylor, a Racist in the Guise of 'Expert'

Saturday, January 22
Howard Zinn: Support Our Troops: Bring Them Home
Stephen Zunes: Concern Grows over Democratic House Leader Pelosi's Support for Iraq War
Frank Rich: On Television, Torture Takes a Holiday
Mokhiber/Weissman: Kennedy: Fascist America
Raj Persaud: One Court Martial Won't Stop All this Brutality
Mary Trotochaud/Rick McDowell: The Invasion of Falluja: A Study in the Subversion of Truth
Eric Hobsbawm: Exporting Democracy: Bush's Crusade is Based on a Dangerous Illusion and Will Fail
Randolph Holhut: The Good Gringo -- The Story of Paul Bardwell
Ross Collin: We Must Challenge Bush Over Schools
Seattle Times: It's a Relief to Know Michael Powell is Resigning from the FCC
Jon Greenbaum: McDonalds Hot Coffee Lawsuit and Beyond: The Tort Reform Myth Machine

Friday, January 21
Byron Williams: The Accountability Moment: Was Election 2004 Our Last Chance to Hold Bush in Check?
Jill Rachel Jacobs: Queer Eye for the Straight Cartoon Guy
George Solomou: Why I'll Refuse to Fight in this Immoral War
Mira Ptacin: Chose Whose Words You Use
John Nichols: An Empty Exercise in Deceit
Mike Carlton: The Emperor of Vulgarity
Stephen Zunes: The Rhetoric of Bush's Inaugural Address versus the Reality of Bush Policy
Joyce Marcel: We Want Our Revolution Now
Daniel Schorr: A Spin Cycle Out of Control: Bush Administration Propaganda Bears More than Passing Resemblance to the Soviet Brand
Jacqueline Marcus: TV News Viewership Declines, Internet Use Rises
Mark Morford: Do You Suffer News Fatigue?
Anthony Harwood: Super Zero: Mr. Uncredible Bush Goes on the Warpath
Robin Cook: Fireworks in Washington, Despair Around the World
Scot Lehigh: The Unmentionable War
David Corn: Talking Back To Bush
Harvey Wasserman: Bush/Rove's New Ohio Attack is About Revenge, Intimidation and Contempt for American Democracy
Marshall Auerback: What Could Go Wrong in 2005?
Bob Herbert: Dancing the War Away

Thursday, January 20
Jonathan Schell: What Is Wrong with Torture
Thom Hartmann: The Robber Baron's Party: Let's Bring Tea
Norman Solomon: A Shaky Media Taboo -- Withdrawal from Iraq
Susan Lenfestey: The Inaugural Ball: Dancing with Wolves
Scott Horton: A Nuremberg Lesson: Torture Scandal Began Far Above 'Rotten Apples.'
Haroon Siddiqui: Welcome to Bush Fantasy Land: The Sequel
Gareth Porter: Does U.S. Occupation Prevent Civil War in Iraq? Think Again.
Tad Daley: An Alternative Inaugural Presidential Address
John Nichols: An Un-American Inaugural
Matthew Rothschild: Inaugural Bunk
Arianna Huffington: More Money For Iraq? Not Without Conditions
Gary Hart: Grumpy Old Men: The Restoration of a Mythical Golden Age
Bernie Sanders: Ground Control to Mr. Bush
Jay Bookman:Watch Bush; Congress Sure Won't
Maureen Dowd: Don't Know Much About Algebra
Madison Capital Times: Buying a Piece of George Bush
Ted Van Dyk: Let's Get Real About Situation in Iraq

Wednesday, January 19
Michele Simon: Weak Links in the Food Chain: Why Uncle Sam Won't Tell You What Not to Eat
Elisa Salasin: Open Letter to Jenna Bush: Before You Begin Your Career as a Teacher . . .
Dante Zappala: Deaths and Missing Weapons Demand Accountability
Matthew Rothschild: Disaster Squared: Iran Is Next
Ted Rall: Legal, Safe and Common: We Could Restore Sanity to Immigration If We Wanted To
Errol Morris: What Kerry Failed to Tell Voters
Brandi Neal: Apocalypse Soon: Has Environmental Abuse Finally Gone too Far?
Robert Kuttner: Minimum Wage Issue a Winner for Democrats
Derrick Jackson: Harvard President Summers's Tortured Logic
Robert Steinback: Drop the 'Bush Doctrine'
Ari Berman: US Bases in Iraq: A Permanent Presence
Madison Capital Times: Chertoff: Terrible Pick for Security
Mark Morford: Ho Hum, More War And Death

Tuesday, January 18
George Monbiot: The US Media is Disciplined by Corporate America into Promoting the Republican Cause
Reed Brody: Justice for Abu Ghraib? US on Trial
Pierre Tristam: Inaugural Fear in a Year of War
James Carroll: Democracy's Keeper
Nancy Snow: Public Diplomacy: Tall Order, Tough Questions
Felicity Arbuthnot: Iraq Elections: Farce of the Century
Robert Freeman: Are We Buying Our 'McStudent' Lie?
Paul Krugman: That Magic Moment
Karen Loew: What’s the Point of Protest?
Mark Weisbrot: Social Security Deception Funded with Tax Payers' Dollars

Monday, January 17
Bob Herbert: Out of the Darkness
Doris 'Granny D' Haddock: Our Velvet Revolution
Kevin Danaher/Tony Newman: Anti-War Words Ring True Today
Byron Williams: America Must Reclaim King from Soundbite Purgatory
John Nichols: Holding WMD Liars Accountable
Danny Schecter: Will the Anti-Inaugural Protests Be Covered?
Ralph Nader: Inauguration 2005: It's Party Time for Fat Cats
Dave Zweifel: Firings at CBS Don't Vindicate Bush
Harley Sorensen: Social Security Needs A Tuning Fork, Not A Sledgehammer
César Chelala: A War to End All Wars
Robert Fisk: 'Hotel Journalism' Leaving Big Holes in Reporting About Iraq
Ira Chernus: Reverend King Spoke to Atheists, Too
Madison Capital Times: Timeline Needed To End War
Boulder Daily Camera: Equality and the War: Dr. King's Words Strike Relevant Chord Today

Sunday, January 16
Eileen McNamara: Liberal Lion Needs a Tiger
Les Payne: Recalling 'A Drum Major for Peace'
Dennis Roddy: Tortured Defense
John Nichols: MLK's Moral Values
Jason Leopold: Bush’s Choice for Energy Secretary Was One of Texas’ Top Five Worst Polluters
Christian Christensen: First 'Crossfire'...Now Axe 'Reliable Sources'
Caroline Arnold: What's the Story? Truth or Dramatic Fiction?
Ron Forthofer: MLK, In His Own Words
William O'Rourke: Feigned Ignorance is Strength
Greg Guma: Deconstructing Icons
Elizabeth Sullivan: A Year in the Face of Death

Saturday, January 15
Frida Berrigan: Peace in Sudan: Good News for People or Oil Companies?
Christopher Brauchli: Life and Death in the Texas Criminal Justice System
Tom Turnipseed: Out of Touch With Nature: Should We Celebrate Life and Our Universe Or Subdue, Dominate and Destroy the Natural World?
Priscilla Read: US Should Help Stop Land Grabs
Ilze Peterson: 'People's Inauguration' Builds on Peace, Human Rights
Geov Parrish: Shred the Constitution, Win a Promotion
Jim Hightower: Dishonoring the Sacrifice
Jim Lobe: Neo-Conservatives at Sea

Friday, January 14
Randy Scholfield: Ritter Right About Iraq
Robert Borosage: Turning Up the Heat on Bush
Robert Fisk: Fear and Voting in Baghdad
Lisa O'Neill: We Need to Share our Stories of Hope
The Progressive: Bring the Troops Home
Michael Schwartz: Falluja: City Without a Future?
Andrew Manis: White America and the MLK Holiday
Holly Sklar: King's Dream Included Decent Wages
Toronto Star: Empty Hands in Iraq
Jeremy Rifkin: Power to the People: No Tsunami Warning System Could Prevent Another Disaster While So Many Live Without Electricity
Mara Voukydis: WWMLKD: What Would Martin Luther King Do?
Minneapolis Star-Tribune: Iraq: No WMD, No Reason for War
Huck Gutman: Man-Made Tsunami Continued: Waves of Devastation
Derrick Jackson: NFL Athletes Let Down Rev. King
Paul Krugman: The British Evasion
Norman Kelly: A Leadership Void Since Martin Luther King Jr.’s Death Has Allowed the Loss of Civil Rights Gains
Jonathan Chait: John Breaux, Hero or Hack?

Thursday, January 13
Frank Rich: All the President's Newsmen
Joan Vennochi: Blurred Messages from Democrats
Norman Solomon: Far from Media Spotlights, the Shadows of "Losers"
David Corn: WMD Hunt Ends, Bush's Spin Goes On
Joyce Marcel: There He Goes, He's Lying Again
Guy Reel: The Anti-Americans
Peter Maguire: Soldier Serves as Scapegoat in Iraq Prison Scandal While Higher-Ups Duck Responsibility
Huck Gutman: Man-Made Tsunami: The Multi-Fiber Agreement
Lucinda Marshall: Why We Are Horrified By The Destructive Forces Of Nature But Accept Our Own Violence
John Nichols: Dr. Dean Calling
Gary Ashbeck: The Stickiness of the ‘Band of Brothers’
Matthew Rothschild: Chertoff Gives Pause
Richard Ackland: Excuses, Excuses From a Regime Too Ready to Throw Away the Key
New York Times: Bulletin: No W.M.D. Found
Jay Bookman: Iraq War Finger-Pointers Likely to Find Hands Tied

Wednesday, January 12
David Orr: The Imminent Demise of the Republican Party
Edwin Black: The Projected Winner in Iraq: Failure
Arianna Huffington: America's Finite Future?
Charles Demers: From El Salvador to Iraq: Death Squads Come in Waves
Amy Sullivan: Fire the Consultants: Why do Democrats Promote Campaign Advisors Who Lose Races?
Ted Kennedy: A Democratic Blueprint for America's Future
Derrick Jackson: A New Disaster in the Works for Tsunami Victims
Ted Rall: The Normalization of Horror: American Gulags Become Permanent
Greg Palast: CBS' Cowardice and Conflicts Behind Purge
Matthew Rothschild: Salvadoran-Style Death Squads for Iraq
Katrina vanden Heuvel: Privatizing the Public Good
David Bryden: US Aid for Tsunami-Hit Nations Falls Short
Jim Goronson: The Other "Salvador Option" for Iraq
Doug Ireland: Mike Chertoff's Dirty Little Secrets; Bush's New Homeland and Security Czar
Steven Hill/Rob Richie: Success for Instant Runoff Voting in San Francisco
Joseph Nevins: Aceh: From Crisis, Opportunity
Molly Ivins: Leading by Misleading
Robert Kuttner: The Myth of Partisan Gridlock

Tuesday, January 11
Marie Cocco: Democrats' Fury, and Values, Go AWOL
Steven Laffoley: America is Riding the Polarized Express
Paul Rockwell: Beyond Elections: Dr. King's Teachings on Strategy and Tactics
Danny Schecter: Covering Elections There, Miscovering Them Here
Marianne Williamson: Where's the Miracle in a Tsunami?
Stanley Theodore: Are Promises All They Have?
Terry Jones: A Man-Made Tsunami: Why are There No Fundraisers for the Iraqi Dead?
Robert Scheer: Is Al Qaeda Just a Bush Boogeyman?
James Carroll: A Better Climate for Peace
John Nichols: An Election Reform Movement
Dr Jim McDermott/Dr Richard Rapport: Investigate Alleged Violations of Law in Fallujah Attack
Cornel West: Prisoners of Hope
John MacArthur: A Christmas Movie With a Nasty Edge
Paul Krugman: The Iceberg Cometh
Sean Gonsalves: A Dispatch from Bizarro World

Monday, January 10
Thom Hartmann: First They Came For The Terrorists...
Leslie Liddell: Striking Similarity Between McCarthyism and George Bush's USA Patriot Act
Karen Greenberg/Joshua Dratel: 37 Questions Congress Should Ask the Secretary of Defense on Administration Torture Policies
Neal Peirce: Are Americans Generous?
Anuradha Sawhney: What Animals Know About Disasters
Christian Christensen: Fox News as US Goodwill Ambassador
Ted Marmor/Jerry Mashaw: The Bush Proposals for Social Security Are About Dismantling the Current System - and Not Saving It
Dave Zirin: Randy Moss's Moondance
David Corn: Armstrong Williams: I Am Not Alone
Harley Sorenson: Rich Man Talking
David Morris: Malpractice Suits Aren't What Needs Fixing Here
Eloisa Callender: Bush Tsunami Bumbling Washes Away Good Will
Bob Herbert: The Scent of Fear
Peter Kornbluh: Prosecuting Pinochet
Roberto Rodriguez: Twenty-One Words

Sunday, January 9
Warren Spannaus: Shameful Way to Treat Our Troops
Muriel Gray: The Mad, Mad World of God's People on Earth
Bob Burnett: Iraq: Roll Over, George Orwell
Paul Harris: Bush 'The King' Blows $50m on Coronation
Robyn Blumner: The Two Faces of America
Maureen Dowd: Defining Victory Down
William O'Rourke: Bush Keeps on Crying Wolf on Social Security
Ellen Goodman: The Unifying Force of Catastrophe
Linda McQuaig: More Than Just Consumers
Mark Morford: Do SUVs Make You Stupid?
Rabbi Michael Lerner: A God of Disaster and Compassion
New York Times: Crossfire: Exit, Snarling

Saturday, January 8
Noreena Hertz: The Debt Threat Complicates Tsunami Disaster
Fitrakis/Rosenfeld/Wasserman: Together, We Moved Three Mountains
Dick Meyer: Senate Democrats: Advise and Rubber Stamp
Virginia Hoffman: Fear and Adrenaline of War
Joyce Marcel: For Whom the Bell Tolls
Christopher Brauchli: Another Kick in the Pants: Privatizing the IRS
Mark Weisbrot: Ohio Election Problems Highlight Urgent Need for Reform
Linda Burnham: No Mandate from Women of Color
Rev Dr Giles Fraser: God is not the Puppet Master
Denver Post: New Standards for Elections Necessary

Friday, January 7
Derrick Jackson: The Tsunami Victims That We Don't Count
Melissa Harris Lacewell: It's One Tentative Step Toward Fairer Elections
Jonathan Schell: Letter From Ground Zero: Something Strange
Norman Solomon: Acts of God, Acts of Media
Tony Norman: Political Protest Overwhelmed by Voter Apathy
Michael Brown: Palestinian Elections: Voting is Good. Freedom is Better.
Carol Norris: Sowing the Seeds of Peace Amidst the Tsunami Tragedy
Boston Globe: Ballot Box Basics
Dahr Jamail: Iraq: The Devastation
John Nichols: Keep Objecting
Dawn Baldwin: Calling for an End to Opposite Day
Max Fraad Wolff: Iraq: Failing From A to Z
Gary Ruskin: Enabling Corruption
Paul Krugman: Worse Than Fiction
Reggie Rivers: Let Courts Decide on Doctors

Thursday, January 6
Jesse Jackson Jr: Our Voting System Needs A New Constitutional Foundation
Mark Danner: We Are All Torturers Now
Steve Freeman: Did Voters Really Count in US Election?
Ray McGovern: Torture: It's Not Only Illegal, It's Wrong
Minneapolis Star-Tribune: Alberto Gonzales Has Blood on His Hands
Don Wycliff: Dangers of Questioning Government Actions
Katrina vanden Heuvel: Lunch With Michael (Moore)
C. Ford Runge: Get Ready for a Tsunami of Scandals
Bob Burnett: Iraq: American Reality
John Nichols: Dems Should Object Today
David Krieger: Cancel the Inauguration Parties and Increase Aid to Tsunami Victims
Tom Engelhardt: American Gothic: Self-Portrait with Shackles for the Year 2005
Bill Berkowitz: Not Your Grandma's Religious Right
Antonia Zerbisias: Will We Still Care When Media Leave?
Margaret Carlson: Forget Iraq and South Asia, It's Party Time
Harold Meyerson: More Seniors Soon May Face the Other America

Wednesday, January 5
Johann Hari: Slide Into Disaster is Man-Made
Dave Zweifel: Pell Cut an Attack on Working People
Robert McChesney: The Moment Has Come for Media Reform
Madison Capital Times: Don't Certify Ohio Results
David Donnelly: Proof Tom DeLay is Now Politically Radioactive?
Robert Steinback: Numbed by the Numbers of Those Who Have Died
Victoria Safford: The Small Work in the Great Work
Ira Chernus: US Plans Tidal Wave of Nuclear Proliferation
Michael Moore: Just One Senator...
Derrick Jackson: Chisholm's Example for Democrats
Rosa Maria Pegueros: Charity Begins at Home
Richard Cohen: Bush Fuses Orwell, Kafka
Robert Kuttner: 'The Good Heart of the American People'
Bruce Cole: Final Notice to Senate Democrats
Ted Rall: What's the Matter With Manhattan?
Barbara Stocking: Make This The Moment The World Woke Up

Tuesday, January 4
James Carroll: The Road Back
Helen Thomas: Liberal Voices Disappearing From Mainstream Media
Jesse Jackson: Senators Should Object to Ohio Vote
Norman Solomon: Media Sense and Sensibilities
Juan Gonzalez: Recount Countdown
Byron Williams: Hope in 2005:Three Leaders Never Saw the Changes That Came After Their Deaths
George Monbiot: The Victims of the Tsunami Pay the Price of War on Iraq
Peter Martin: Dismal Failure to Count the Tsunami's True Cost
John Nichols: Shirley Chisholm's Legacy
Robert Scheer: Backing Gonzales Is Backing Torture
John Buell: One-of-a-kind Journalist Moyers Will Be Missed
Stewart Nusbaumer: We Never Learned Why We Lost the Vietnam War, and Now We're Losing Another Asian War
Patrick Moore: Susan Sontag and a Case of Curious Silence
John Bonifaz: We Must Chose to Fight. Count Every Vote
Scott Ritter: Rude Awakening to Missile-Defense Dream
Boulder Daily Camera: National Forests Inc: Stripped-Down Rules Leave Our Land at Risk
Katrina vanden Huevel: Ken Lay Would Love SS Privatization
Matthew Rothschild: The Bush Gulag

Monday, January 3
Anna Quindlen: Instead of Playing Desperate Defense, the Democrats Might Try Searching Their Souls
Rebecca Solnit: Sontag and Tsunami
Thom Hartmann: Dialing In For Democracy - Now Is Critical
Eric Margolis: The Big Stories of 2005
Maria Tomchick: Playing Politics with Disaster Aid
Robert Freeman: Is Public Education Working? How Would We Know?
Fitrakis/Rosenfeld/Wasserman: Ten Preliminary Reasons Why the Bush Vote Does Not Compute, and Why Congress Must Investigate Rather Than Certify the Electoral College
William Raspberry: Would It Make Sense to Just Leave Iraq?
Neal Peirce: Can One City Reduce U.S. Drug Law Madness?
Dave Zweifel: Irritating Foreign Students a Dumb Move
Bruce Wark: Time Magazine’s Unreal Portrait of Bush the "American Revolutionary"
Ranjit Devraj: World Is One, Warns Tsunami

Sunday, January 2
Linda McQuaig: The Poor Haven't Changed — We Have
Jennifer Wheary: Who Owns America's Moral Values?
Frank Rich: Washington's New Year War Cry: Party On!
Les Payne: Bush Vacations - Again
Lawrence Korb: Bush Failing at Nuclear Security
Caroline Arnold: Bush Should Take Heed, FDR Had It Right
David Morse: Get out of Iraq and Help Earthquake Victims
Jules Witcover: Ohio Recount Highlights Continuing Vote Trouble
David Shaw: 'What's Bad for the Country is Good for The Nation'
Helen Thomas: Don't Expect Miracles in Second Term

Saturday, January 1
Clare Short: We Must Resist America's Attempts to Undermine the United Nations
Minneapolis Star-Tribune: On a New Year: Imagining, Creating a Life
Karen Armstrong: Our Leaders Could Do with a Dose of Ritual Humiliation
Jeffrey Sachs: In 2005 Let's Fulfill Our Hopes for the Millennium
Hubert Locke: Despite Despair, a New Year Brings Hope
Christopher Brauchli: As War Rages, Children Starve
Matthew Rothschild: Taking Market Ideology to Its Cruelest End
Saul Friedman: Generations' Support for Each Other in Peril




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