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February 2005

Monday, February 28
Bob Herbert: It's Called Torture
Gar Alperovitz: What A Rich Nation Should Really Be Doing About Social Security
Danny Schechter: Independent Press Was a Target in Iraq
John Nichols: Dems Forget First Amendment
Byron Williams: Are We Mature Enough To End Black History Month?
Dave Zweifel: Private Accounts a Bust in Nebraska
Harley Sorensen: Wead Whacking And Gannon Fodder
David Sirota: GOP Hurt By Progressive Conservatives
Tom Engelhardt: Potemkin World… or the President in the Zone
Margaret Loehr: Déjà Vu

Sunday, February 27
Joe Conason: Bush Dodges as Addicts Rot in Jail
Linda McQuaig: Standing Up to US Will Gain Canada Respect Abroad
Maureen Dowd: W.'s Stiletto Democracy
Stephen Cohen: The Political Tragedy of Russia
Antony Barnett: Peter Benenson 1921-2005: The Man Who Fought for the Forgotten
Dennis Roddy: Democracy, Terror and Fantasy
Karen Csajko: Summers's Intrinsic Differences Are Political, Not Biological
Ahmed Bouzid: For US Media, 'Calm' Means 'Calm for Israel'
New York Newsday: Shame on Bush for Rights Violation
Barbara Follett: I Thought I’d Left the Pain of House Arrest Behind
David Broder: The Sorry Fiscal Record of a "Conservative" Administration

Saturday, February 26
Karen Houppert: Peace Activists in the War Room
Nancy Snow: The Language Police: Gettin’ Jiggy with Frank Luntz
Robert Freeman: Competing Models for Public Education: Which Model is Best?
Noam Chomsky: Nuclear Terror at Home
Joseph Gerson: No More Nuclear Hypocrisy: Defending the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty
John Friedrich: It’s Time To End The War On Terrorism As We Know It
Ralph Nader: What Security?
César Chelala: The Perennial Scourge of Child Abuse
Joanna Bourke: From Surrey to Basra, Abuse is a Fact of British Army Life
Byron Williams: Straight Talk On Social Security: Nation Comes to Its Senses and Questions the President
Christopher Brauchli: Earnesty is the Best Policy

Friday, February 25
Holly Sklar: Is This Your Ownership Society?
Andrew Greeley: How Long Can Bush Get Away With Lies?
Reggie Rivers: Our Fragile Nation
Tony Norman: The Company That Would Sell Your Soul to the Devil
Rebecca Clarren: Dirty Politics, Foul Air
Bob Herbert: Thrown to the Wolves
Molly Ivins: Beyond Harvard, Girls Face Truly Big Problems
Sidney Blumenthal: Lost in Europe: Bush has Reached a Dead End in his Foreign Policy
Helen Thomas: $9B Goes Missing In Iraq
Laurie King-Irani: Fables of Freedom and Democracy: Will Lebanon's Story have a Happy Ending?

Thursday, February 24
Juan Cole: The Downside of Democracy
Victoria Brittain: Why Are We Welcoming This Torturer?
Jeffrey Kaplan: Just a Cost of Doing Business
Camilo Mejia: Regaining My Humanity
Norman Solomon: Ex-Presidents as Pitchmen: Touting Good Deeds
Elizabeth Weill-Greenberg: Calling All Soldiers: Military Recruiters Face Resistance From Young Anti-War Activists
Kevin Danaher: A New Strategic Focus for Progressives: The Local Green Economy
Minneapolis Star Tribune: War's price: Add Three More Minnesotans
Maureen Dowd: Swifties Slime Again
Steven Laffoley: The Digital Watch Effect and the Loss of American Democracy
Mokhiber/Weissman: Eliot Spitzer and the 92nd Street Y
Arianna Huffington: Rummy TV
Stephen Zunes: Iran Nuclear Program Creates a Furor Likely to Be Futile
Steven Hill/Rob Richie: San Francisco's Innovation in Democracy - Instant Runoffs

Wednesday, February 23
Anuradha Mittal: A Mean Budget
John Nichols: Hunter Thompson's Political Genius
Charlotte Fishman: Women in Science: What’s Law Got To Do With It?
Arnie Alpert: Is Another World Possible? A Water Activist Reports from Porto Alegre
Richard Manning: The Economy of Hunger
Eric Boehlert: Gannongate: It's Worse Than You Think
David Holahan: Who Created Us? Don't Ask
Ritt Goldstein: FDA Chooses Drug Industry Health Over Public Health
Michael Berg: Military Recruiters Have Unrivaled Access to Schools
Cragg Hines: If Newt is Warning DeLay About Ethics, Times Are Bad
Conn Hallinan: Cornering the Dragon
Ken Sanders: Contempt for the Truth
Victor Grossman: No German Flowers for Bush
Robert F Kennedy Jr: For the Sake of Our Children
Matthew Rothschild: Europe, Unbow Yourself
Robert Kuttner: Neocons Fret Over Tilt to Europe

Tuesday, February 22
Scott Ritter: If America Keeps Marching, It Could Very Well Be in the Direction of a Nuclear Apocalypse
Robert Scheer: Of, By and For Big Business
Thom Hartmann: When Democracy Failed - 2005: The Warnings of History
Paul Krugman: Wag-the-Dog Protection
Greg Palast: Nose Hair and Hunter: Palast on HST
Simon Floth: Truth, Justice or American Games: What are Democrats About?
John Hockenberry: Eastwood's Million Dollar Baby: And the Loser is...
Nick Turse: Rummy Dropped from the Loop?
Ed Quillen: To Write Like Hunter S.
Pierre Tristam: Noise of Authority's Apologists Drowning Voice of Blues Nation
Ed Garvey: Howard Dean Perfect To Revive Dems' Spirit
Michael Winship: The Doctor Is Dead and Free Speech Is Ailing
Jesse Jackson: The Princely Paradox of Malcolm X
Madison Capital Times: PBS Wrong To Self-Censor

Monday, February 21
Ruth Conniff: Don't Be Silent About Things That Matter
John Nichols: The Anti-Imperialist GW
Bob Herbert: Iraq, Then and Now
Harley Sorensen: Bush Goes From Alarmist To Pollyanna With Ease
Jay Bookman: Economic Morality Counts, Too
Martin Garbus: Is Your Stuff Yours? The Answer Isn't So Simple
Dave Zweifel: Bush's Journalism Jihad Exposed
Marty Jezer: Will Bert and Ernie Be Next?
Roni Krouzman: We Should Fill the Vacuum the Right has Created
James Zogby: Rafiq Hariri: Visionary for Lebanon

Sunday, February 20
Andrew Bacevich: We Aren't Fighting to Win Anymore
William Pfaff: Why Bush Will Fail in Europe
Danny Schechter: Where Was The Press When This Was Going On?
Leonard Pitts Jr: Planting a Stooge in Press Corps Not Out of Character for Bush
Dotty Lynch: Rove-Gannon Connection?
Les Payne: Government Wages a Full-Court Press
Al Franken: A Year-Round Party for Blacks
New York Times: Our Unnecessary Insecurity
Dennis Hans: When John Negroponte Was Mullah Omar

Saturday, February 19
Shirin Ebadi: Attacking Iran Would Bring Disaster, Not Freedom
Liz Soares: Bush-League War Has Air of Betrayal
Katrina vanden Heuvel: Church Folks for a Better America
Stephen Zunes: The Dangerous Implications of the Hariri Assassination and the US Response
Ralph Nader: Bush's War on Veracity
KC Golden: The Inevitability Trap
Will Durst: Bush to Poor: Drop Dead
Greg Palast: Bush Tort Reform: Executive Clemency For Executive Killers
Matthew Rothschild: Negroponte, Servant of the Empire, Rises to the Top
Alex Wilks: US Dominates World Bank Leadership
Mark Weisbrot: Show Me the Money
Steven Hill: Schwarzenegger vs. Gerrymander
Richard Reeves: Imagine Watergate 2005
Frank Rich: The White House Stages Its 'Daily Show'

Friday, February 18
Jeremy Scahill: Shooting the Messenger
Roger Ebert: The Take: Documentary Tracks Workers Who 'Take' Chance at Revival
Reggie Rivers: Blame America? When Necessary, Yes
Hassan Juma'a Awad: Iraqi Oil Workers: 'Leave Our Country Now'
Frida Berrigan: After the Tsunami: Military Aid For Indonesia?
Ray McGovern: Hail, Hail, The Gang's All Here
Bob Herbert: Our Friends, the Torturers
Madison Capital Times: No Targets in Lebanon
Jules Witcover: Democrats' Strongest Voice Stifles Himself
Harvey Wasserman: Bush's "Mission Accomplished" Election Charade
Roger Bybee/Carolyn Winter: Dems Must Express Bold Vision in Countering Bush Budget
Minneapolis Star Tribune: Phony Journalist: Pimping for the White House
David Corn: Negroponte's Dark Past
Tony Norman: Why Isn't Bob Novak Going to Jail?
Paul Krugman: Alan Greenspan: Just Another Partisan Hack

Thursday, February 17
Ross Gelbspan: Join a People's Campaign to Ratify the Kyoto Protocol
Dahr Jamail: News About Iraq Goes Through Filters
Dilip Hiro: An Election That Sharpened Iraq's Fault Lines
Joyce Marcel: Democracy is the Last Refuge of a Scoundrel
Bernie Sanders: Censorship of the Media Creating Insidious Chill on Free Expression on our Airwaves
Byron Williams: Rhetoric of Democracy vs. Reality of Oil
John Nichols: Howard Dean: Now He Has the Power
Mary Ellen McNish: By What Standard Is This War Necessary, Wise or Moral?
Tom Engelhardt: Flattened Iraq
Maureen Dowd: Bush's Barberini Faun
Tristram Hunt: Historians in Cahoots
Margaret Krome: Wishing for More Jeffords
Matthew Rothschild: Dems Lie Down for Chertoff
Arianna Huffington: Arnold And Eisner: Pathological Peas In A Pod

Wednesday, February 16
Floyd McKay: Bush Erasing FDR's Legacy While Waging Class Warfare
Bill McKibben: Tilting at Windmills: Local Environmentalism is Undermining One of Our Best Options for Slowing Global Warming
Stephen Byers: Kyoto is Not Enough to Tackle Climate Change
Nancy Talanian: John Ashcroft's Legacy
Molly Ivins: Tort Deform: While W.R. Grace is Indicted, Senate Votes to Curb Lawsuits
Joe Conason: 'Liberal' Media Silent About Guckert Saga
Ray McGovern: We Need The Oil, Right? So What’s the Problem?
Barbara Ehrenreich: God Owes Us an Apology
Michael Faughnan: An Open Letter to Ward Churchill: My Brother, the 'Eichmann'
Robert Kuttner: Taming the Medicaid Monster
David Rossie: White House Has Lots of Mouthpieces
Robert Steinback: Is It Safe to Order French Fries Again?

Tuesday, February 15
George Monbiot: Climate Change: Mocking Our Dreams
Robert Scheer: What We Don't Know About 9/11 Hurts Us
Pierre Tristam: Greed Behind 'Reform' Pitch to Let Wall Street at Nest Eggs
Bonnie Erbe: I'm Proud to be a Tree Hugger
John Nichols: Free Speech on (One) Campus
Jim Wallis: Bush Budget Lacks Moral Vision
Barbara Ransby: Ossie Davis: A Life of Passion, Principle
John Dear: Pharisee Nation
David Rick: Ward Churchill, Alan Watts, and The Joker
William Schroder: American Imperialism and the Politics of Fear
Andy Harris: Root Causes of Terrorism Ignored
Dave Zirin: Bashing Bush: Jose Canseco Comes Clean

Monday, February 14
Dexter J. Kamilewicz: How Dare Some Say, 'Support our Troops'?
Harley Sorensen: Lies, Damned Lies And Rice
Sheryl McCarthy: Keep Wal-Mart Out of the Neighborhood
Olga Alicia Tutillo: Buy Roses With Workers' Rights in Mind
Juan Cole: Shiites Take Absolute Majority in Parliament; Iran Scores Victory in the Iraqi Elections
Rebecca Solnit: Liberation Conspiracies
Robert Jensen: Ward Churchill Has Rights, and He’s Right
Robert Rowen-Herzog: Jesus Is My Homeboy
Ralph Nader: A 'Participant-Observer' on Losing Elections, Pushing Agendas
Joanna Kavenna: The Lost Land of Thule: A Legend Melts Away
Glen Milner: War Tax Resisters Want a Better World
Bob Burnett: Meet The New DNC Boss

Sunday, February 13
Leonard Pitts Jr: Ossie Davis, Never Afraid to Do the Right Thing
Laura Flanders: Bush's Hit List: Teens and Kids
Eric Margolis: Palestinian Caution is Warranted
Linda McQuaig: Kyoto: A Global Problem Requires a Global Solution
Caroline Arnold: If You're Not at the Table, You're on the Menu
Joel Hirschhorn: Memo to Howard Dean: The Second American Revolution
Dave Zirin: Fighting the New Republic[ans]
Les Payne: Ossie Davis Showed Wisdom, Courage
Robert Parry: Bush & the Rise of 'Managed-Democracy
Liz Larocca: The Good Soldier: John Kerry, the Good Soldier, Continues His Fight for Morality in the Military
Matthew Rothschild: In Defense of Ward Churchill

Saturday, February 12
Mokhiber/Weissman: Valentine's Day Sweatshops
Elizabeth Warren: Sick and Broke
Charles Morris: Just the Facts: The Truth about Social Security
Eric Alterman: Better Red Than Dead? To Tim Russert, the Only Good Democrat is a Dead Democrat
Steve Rendall: The Fairness Doctrine: How We Lost it, and Why We Need it Back
Christopher Brauchli: The Real Hotel Rwanda
Tom Harpur: Rapture Awaits in the Florida Panhandle
Frank Rich: How Dirty Harry Turned Commie
Neve Gordon: Democratic Occupation
Joel McNally: Feingold for President
Seth Sandronsky: President Bush, Market Opportunity and Personal Responsibility

Friday, February 11
Naomi Klein: Getting the Purple Finger
Laurie David: Snubbing Kyoto: Our Monumental Shame
Robert Fisk: Mideast: No Peace Without Justice
Jonathan Steele: The Cheers Were All Ours: Iraq's Illegitimate Election Did Not Justify the Invasion, Nor Did It Make Occupation Popular
William Greider: The New Colossus: The New Politics of Capital
Christian Christensen: Turks on NBC's 'The West Wing': Head-Chopping Lunatics
Bob Herbert: Torture, American Style
Natasha Saulnier: Stephan Smith, Protest Singer For The Global Generation
Larry Beinhart: Labels Trump Facts in Social Security Debate
Bill Quigley: Twenty Questions: Social Justice Quiz
Nick Parker/Karl Beitel: Monsanto's Big Deal
Muzamil Jaleel: Village Without Casualties
Andrew Greeley: Creationists Still Fighting Evolution
Jon Carroll: Fasten Your Seatbelts: The Rapture Index
César Chelala: Trial Bares Complicity of Doctors, Others in Torture

Thursday, February 10
John Nichols: 'New Cities' Fight Back
Norman Solomon: What They Really Mean. . .
Thom Hartmann: Progressives and Democrats: Assert Your Brand!
Souheila Al-Jadda: Elections are Over, Iraqi Women Feel the Heat
Howard Zinn: Changing Minds, One at a Time
Dave Lindorff: Academic Freedom? What Academic Freedom?
Lila Rajiva: The Pentagon's 'NATO Option'
Stuart Heady: It's Not About "Framing", but about Reality
Haroon Siddiqui: 'Sistani Tsunami' Sweeps Away Bush Plan
Sheryl McCarthy: Bush Tries to Run Amtrak Out of Town
Justin Sane: The Rise of the American Martyr
Samantha Power: Court of First Resort
Jay Bookman: Georgia Regresses by Leaps, Bounds

Wednesday, February 9
Jonathan Schell: Iraq's Unpredictable Politics
Derrick Jackson: Derailing Amtrak
Jack Lessenberry: Why We Must Lose This War
Jorge & Vickie Castro: At What Cost?
David Bacon: No Sitting Down on the Job
Joy-Ann Reid: The 'You're on Your Ownership Society'
Tom Barry: Elliott Abrams: The Neocon’s Neocon
Deborah Rich: Anti-GMO Ballot Measures Miss the Mark
Matthew Rothschild: Friedman Lets Rumsfeld Get Away with Torture
Robert Kuttner: Being Howard Dean
Dave Zweifel: Farmers, Vets, Elderly Get Bush's Tab
Eric Garcetti: Bush's Budget Transforms the War on Poverty Into a War on the Poor

Tuesday, February 8
James Carroll: Will Bush Soften Rhetoric or Grow more Shrill?
Hendrik Hertzberg: Landmarks: Can Democracy Survive the Fervent Embrace of George W. Bush?
Joanna Bourke: How To Seek Shelter When It's Raining Fear
George Monbiot: Fraud and Corruption: Forget the UN. The US Occupation Regime Helped Itself to $8.8 Billion
Perry O'Brien: Pro-Soldier, Anti-War: My Experiences as a Conscientious Objector and the Launching of Peace-Out.Com
Pierre Tristam: Manipulative Math on Social Security
Paul Krugman: Spearing the Beast
David Corn: Bush's Budget: The Bad Math Is No Secret
David Michael Green: How Progressives Can Start Winning Again By Renaming Their Opponents and Reframing The Debate
Charles Lewis: A Culture of Secrecy: What has Happened to the Principle that American Democracy Should be Accessible and Transparent?
John Dear: Ash Wednesday and Los Alamos
Robert Scheer: Law of Unintended Consequences: Careful What You Wish for in Iraq
Salle Engelhardt: US "Enroned" by W
Nat Hentoff: A Shameful Partisan Vote on Gonzales
Minneapolis Star Tribune: Mean, Not Lean: Bush's Abysmal Budget

Monday, February 7
Russ Feingold: US Losing the Race to Engage Muslims
Tariq Ali: The Iraqi Elections Were Designed Not to Preserve the Unity of Iraq but to Re-Establish the Unity of the West
Laura Flanders: How Dumb Does George Really Think We Are?
Bob Herbert: Guantánamo: Stories From the Inside
James Rowe: Confirming Our Worst Fears About Torture
Harley Sorensen: Do The Math On Dubya's Social Security Reform
Tom Engelhardt: Mired in Denial, Lost in the Present: Dropping in on the Apocalypse
Peter Preston: A Nuclear Iran is Not the Problem
Teresa Whitehurst: 'I'm Ready to Die': Fundamentalist Christianity Instills in Millions of American Followers a Depressing-and Dangerous-Nihilism
Abhinav Aima: If You Build It, They Will Come: Rumsfeld’s Baby Nukes and the War on Terror
New York Times: Why Felons Deserve the Right to Vote
Jay Bookman: Hucksterism Alive, Well in Washington
Joel Hirschhorn: Democracy’s Arrow

Sunday, February 6
Eric Margolis: Paranoia Grips the U.S. Capital
David Domke: Divine Dictates?
Linda McQuaig: Iraqis Voted Because They Want U.S. Troops Out
Jeremy Iggers: The Ethics of War: Is the US Military Guilty of War Crimes in Iraq?
James Moore: Attack Iran? If Not Now, When?
Earl Ofari Hutchinson: Crips, Bloods and Laura Bush
John Nichols: Disunited Opposition to Gonzales
Simon Floth: What's Up with Everyone Besides Barbara Boxer?
Debi Smith: Night Pages
Doug Ireland: Ann Coulter Sticks Her Entire Leg in Her Mouth
Clay Evans: Churchill's Real Sin: Ego

Saturday, February 5
Frank Rich: The Year of Living Indecently
David Lindorff: The Emperor's New Hump
Stephen Zunes: A Critique of the Most Misleading Foreign Policy Statements in Bush’s State of the Union Address
Ralph Nader: Eroding Americans' Last Defense: The Civil Justice System
Christopher Brauchli: The Quick and the Dead Promote Bush Policies
Harvey Wasserman: Bush to Social Security: Drop Dead
Diane Farsetta: How Indonesia Wins Friends and Influences US Foreign Policy
Tom Turnipseed: Democratic Elections in the Middle East: President Bush’s Legacy of Peace and Freedom?
Geov Parrish: The State of Dis-Union
Mike Kress: The US in Iraq: Bluffing With a Losing Hand
Michael Gould-Wartofsky: What We Really Owe Iraq Now
Steven Kimball: The American Dream in Wal-Mart World

Friday, February 4
Jesselyn Radack: A Whistle-Blower's Inside View of the Homeland Security Nominee
John Nichols/Robert McChesney: FCC: It Could Get Worse
Reggie Rivers: Churchill Rant Has Some Truth
Anthony Lappé: Ward Churchill's Banality of Evil
Eugene Robinson: Ignoring the Smoke: Bush Silent on Global Warming
Bob Herbert: Our Battered Constitution
Derrick Jackson: Mr. President, Don't Forget Healthcare
Robert Borosage: The Dreams of George Bush
Mike Ferner: Doing More Than Just Delaying the Next War
Mary Johnson: Some Movies Just Kill Us
Mark Weisbrot: 2018: It's Time to Retire That Number
HDS Greenway: Onward to Iran?
Russell Schoch: Michael Pollan on Food Chains, Dead Zones, and Licensed Journalism
Sheldon Rampton: 'Cash for Commentary' is Business as Usual

Thursday, February 3
Antonia Zerbisias: Bush's Liberty Song Echoes Vietnam Tune
Ibrahim Kazerooni: Iraq Kudos Misplaced
David Corn: The State of George W. Bush
Norman Solomon: Iraq Media Coverage:Too Much Stenography, Not Enough Curiosity
Cindy Sheehan: Not Worth It: Mom Whose Son was Killed in Iraq Bumped from The Larry King Show
John Nichols: Rebuke Gonzales and Torture
Noam Chomsky: The Future of Iraq and US Occupation
Danny Schecter: Media Cash in on Michael Jackson
Haroon Siddiqui: A Colonial Take on Iraq Vote
David Kelley: Progressive Democrats Open Letter to the President: Saving Social Security
John Vidal: Hugo Chavez Superstar; Even Brazil's Bourgeoisie Love the World Social Forum
Sheryl McCarthy: So Far, Boxer Stages a Rebellion of One
Matthew Rothschild: Dean from the Ashes
Dave Lindoff: Chertoff and Torture

Wednesday, February 2
Robert Byrd: Respecting the Spirit and Letter of the Law: On the Nomination of Alberto Gonzales to be Attorney General of the United States
Katrina vanden Heuvel: Deeds, Not Words: A Progressive Alternative to the Bush Doctrine
Arianna Huffington: Post-Election Buzzkill: Why Iraq Is Still A Debacle
Robert Kuttner: Iraq's $200 Billion Election
Mark Morford: Freedom Rings in Iraq! Bush was Right All Along! American Wins! Or, you know, Not
Molly Ivins: The Iraq Vote: Election Déjà Vu
Daniel Maguire: The 'Pro-Life' Lie
Derrick Jackson: Safe Harbor for Gay Bigotry
Daniel Meltzer: Let Us Herald Our President's Virtues
Will Durst: The George W Bush 2005 State of the Union Drinking Game
Dahr Jamail: Living Under Bombs
Susan Strong: Our 'One Big Family' Frame
Matthew Rothschild: Skewed Priorities, Savage Policies

Tuesday, February 1
James Carroll: Train Wreck of an Election
Pierre Tristam: Of Iraq's 3 Wars, Occupation Fuels One That Matters Most
Mitchell Rofsky: 15 Things You Don’t Know About the Exit Polls
Sami Ramadani: The Vietnam Turnout Was Good as Well
Antonia Zerbisias: Fox Bully is Crybaby on Canada
Thom Hartmann: Nobles Need Not Pay Taxes
John Nichols: Iraq: Image vs. Reality
Robert Scheer: Now, US Must Get Out of Iraq's Way
Danny Schecter: The State of the Media Address
Joshua Dratel: The Road to Abu Ghraib: The Legal Narrative
Sean Gonsalves: Word-Watch: Orwell Reborn
Pepe Escobar: Why the US Will Not Leave Iraq




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