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August 2005

Wednesday, August 31
Norman Solomon: The National Guard Belongs in New Orleans and Biloxi. Not Baghdad.
Phyllis Bennis: A Declaration Of War on the UN
Derrick Jackson: War, Jobs, and the Democrats
Dan Simpson: Leave Iraq to the Iraqis
Aaron Glantz: A Revealing Look at Iraq's Constitution
Tony Benn: Bush is the Real Threat
International Herald Tribune: Destroying National Parks
John Wirtz: Some Won't Cheer Blue Angels at Maine Naval Air Station Next Week
Matthew Rothschild: FBI, Michigan Police Tag Peace Groups as "Terrorist"
Doug Ireland: Iraq War Costs Americans More
Russell Mokhiber: Who Did Bill Black Offend at the LBJ School?
Melvin Goodman: The Demise of the CIA
Donald Kaul: So That's Why We're in Iraq
Cynthia Bogard: Why Thousands May Die
Nick Turse: Patriotic Pork: The Army Eats Out

Tuesday, August 30
Ross Gelbspan: Katrina's Real Name
Andrew Gumbel: All I Did Was Say They Can't Run a Fair Election
Todd Gitlin: Anti-War America
George Monbiot: How to Stop Civil War
Helen Thomas: Democrats Still Backing Senseless War
David Michael Green: The 'Good News' from Baghdad
Gordon Livingston: Iraq Looking More and More Like Vietnam
Linda Milazzo: Katrina's America: Civil or War
G. Jefferson Price III: Fundamentalist Radicals at Home are Just as Scary as Those Abroad
Robert Scheer: Iraq's Fig Leaf Constitution
Victoria Mares-Hershey: Portrait of Cindy Sheehan also a Picture of Democracy
Pierre Tristam: Fear-Market for Surveillance Closes Aperture on Freedom
Sean Gonsalves: Terrorists in Iraq or Nationalists?

Monday, August 29
Paul Nyden: Oil, Blood and the Future
Norman Solomon: Triangulation for War
Richard Kim: In Defense of Pat Robertson
Rosa Maria Pegueros: Hugo Chavez: A Walk in the Footsteps of Arbenz, Allende
Thom Hartmann: George W. Bush's Noble Cause - 'Political Capital'
Tom Engelhardt: Catapulting the Propaganda: The President, Cindy Sheehan, and How Words Die
Robert Kaiser: Why Can't We Be Like the Finns?
Mattie Weiss: Robertson's Not Alone in his Dislike of Chavez
Neal Peirce: Asleep at the Energy Switch
John Nichols: Bush vs. History

Sunday, August 28
Frank Rich : The Vietnamization of Bush's Vacation
Ghaith Abdul-Ahad: Fiddling While Baghdad Burns
Christine Rose: Our Arrogance Will be the End of Us
Eric Margolis: Robertson's 'Fatwa'
Caroline Arnold: Reviving Democracy in Portage County, Ohio
Clay Evans: Iraq at a Glantz: U.S. Doesn't Get It
Danny Schechter: When the News About the News is the News
Leonard Pitts, Jr: It's About Time Somebody Asked Cindy Sheehan's Question
Madison Capital Times: Why They Hate Us
Kevin Drum: Time for Democratic Flip on Iraq

Saturday, August 27
Julie Craves: Nature and the War Machine
Michele Simon: Big Soda's Publicity Stunt
Diane Farsetta: America's Army Fights Back:The PR Plan for the Pentagon's 'Demonstration Village'
Mark Green: We Owe Pat Robertson and Ann Coulter a Big Thank You
Christopher Brauchli: Buying Integrity? Edwin Meese & Judge Roberts
Minneapolis Star Tribune: Oil's Peak: The End May Be Nearer, It Seems
Maureen Dowd: Bike-Deep in the Big Muddy
Guardian/UK: Mr. Bush Fires a Missile
Ken Lessley: 'What They Died For' in Iraq is a Mystery
Gar Smith: Bush's Exit Strategy: Escape to Crawford
Ralph Nader: The Privatization of Our Public Universities

Friday, August 26
Medea Benjamin/Gayle Brandeis: Mother's Day in Crawford
David Rossie: Peaceful Siege Makes Chicken Hawks Squawk
Matthew Rothschild: Bush's Pat Roberson Problem
Derrick Jackson: What are Women Fighting For?
Marie Cocco: Marketing Can't Improve Lousy Iraq 'Product'
Craig Wiesner: It Is Time for A Romero Amendment
Tom Hayden: Why the US Is Supporting Civil War
Reggie Rivers: Don't Stop Giving Change to Beggars
James Maynard: Iraq: No Rational Course to Stay
Seattle Times: Withdrawal from Iraq, or the Greater Mistake

Thursday, August 25
Juan Gonzales: Oil Fat Cats vs. Hugo Chavez
Norman Solomon : Will News Media Help Bush Exploit the 9/11 Anniversary Again?
Tom Hayden : Is Feingold the Next Dean or Wellstone?
Lee Drutman : Value and Values at Wal-Mart -- Behind That Implacable Smiley Face
Rev. Rich Gamble : Give Me That Oldtime Oppression
Jeff Milchen : Corporations' Power to Influence Ballot Questions Subverts Democracy
Larry Johnson : Why We Must Leave Iraq
Clarence Page : A Time for Democrats to be Leading, Not 'Framing'
Timothy Garton Ash: Stagger On, Weary Titan
John Nichols : President of Leisure
Robert Scheer : Don't Weep for Judith Miller

Wednesday, August 24
Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity : Memo for the President
Cindy Sheehan : Coming Back to Crawford
Colman McCarthy : Let Soldiers Join Peace Corps
Maureen Dowd : My Private Idaho
Bill C. Davis : Is Pat Robertson Out of His Mind or in the Loop?
Gary Hart : Who Will Say 'No More'?
Derrick Jackson : In Fulbright's Footsteps
Tom Maertens : Best Course of Action in Iraq is to Leave
New York Times : President Bush's Loss of Faith
Adam Werbach : Why Wi-Fi? Because We're the City that Can
Ari Berman : Memo to Democrats
Christian Appy : Military Families May Once Again Lead Us Out of War
Mokhiber/Weissman : Dr. Matt is Agitated

Tuesday, August 23
Rev. Graylan Scott Hagler: Pat Robertson is Not a Christian
Ivan Goldman: Our Mission in Iraq has Mutated
Dave Zirin: Pedaling Away From Principle: Lance Armstrong Cozies Up to Bush
Marie Cocco: Roberts Looks Like Early Archie Bunker
David Michael Green: My Dad and His Century
Stephen Zunes: Bombings and Repression in Egypt Underscore Failures in U.S. Anti-Terrorism Strategy
Mark Curtis: How the G8 Lied to the World on Aid
Matthew Rothschild: Distortions of The Times
Julia Olmstead: Our Reckless Chemical Dependence
Billie Stanton: In Pushing for Peace Movement, it Takes a Mother
Naomi Jaffe: Can Humans and Animals be Allies?
Karen Kilroy: WARNING: You Are Under Martial Law

Monday, August 22
US Rep Lynn Woolsey: More Statesmanship, Less Salesmanship, Please...
Norman Solomon: Bush's Option to Escalate the War in Iraq
Gary Younge: Leaderless on the Left
David Sirota: Beltway Dems Regurgitate Right-Wing B.S. on Iraq; Grassroots Fights Back
Tom Engelhardt: George's Lucky "Top 13" Summer-of-Cindy Reading List
William Connolly: Time to Break the Silence
Thomas Pauken: Could It Be Bush's Watergate? Adviser shows his Nixonian roots
Linwood Barclay: What Boneheaded Design Guides Dubya's Moves?
Ari Berman: They Shall be Released
Bob Herbert: Truth in Recruiting

Sunday, August 21
Frank Rich: The Swift Boating of Cindy Sheehan
Larry Eichel: Antiwar Landscape May Shift, Come September
Missy Comley Beattie: An Honorable Marine Killed in a Dishonorable War
Neal Peirce: City-Sponsored Wi-Fi's Wild Ride
Mazin Qumsiyeh: Illegal Occupation of Palestine
Gilbert Cranberg: Congress Must Probe Whether President Lied Us into War
Katrina vanden Heuvel: August's Big Pharma Scandals
Ellen Goodman: The Fallout from One Mom's Voice
Trudy Rubin: Others Besides Sheehan are Asking, 'How Long?'

Saturday, August 20
Cindy Sheehan: Hypocrites and Liars
Robert Shetterly: Painting Cindy
Rosa Brooks: She's Paid for Her Access in Blood
John Nichols: Feingold Tunes in to Antiwar Sentiment
Gary Hart: Moral Authority
Peter Singer: Un-American About Animals
Gabriel Thompson: Life Imitates Poetry
Will Durst: Frequently Asked Questions: Cindy Sheehan, Peace Mom
Matthew Rothschild: Santorum's People Toss Young Women out of Barnes & Noble
Christopher Brauchli: A Secret's Not a Secret Anymore
Ralph Nader: Mother Cindy has Personalized This Automated War
Maureen Dowd: Hey, What's That Sound?

Friday, August 19
Tony Norman: Whatever Happens, Cindy Sheehan Will not be Moved
Ray McGovern: There is Such a Thing as "Too Late"
Jonathan Steele: The Settlers' Retreat was the Theatre of the Cynical
Andrew Christie: PETA Throws Bomb in New Haven
Danny Schechter: Media Coverage of Gaza: Many Questions, Few Answers
David Morse: War of the Future: Oil Drives the Genocide in Darfur
Alain Gresh: This Was the Most Glaring Scandal of All
Paul Krugman: What They Did Last Fall
David Krieger: Amazing Grace and Cindy
Jerry Lanson: Oil, Blood and Iraq
Charles Reed: Pax Americana and Christian Values
Seattle Times: Cindy Sheehan's Symbolism
Andrew Greeley: Iraq Course Bound to End Badly

Thursday, August 18
Norman Solomon: The Iraq War and MoveOn
Ira Chernus: Sheehan Story Shows Elite Split on War
Arianna Huffington: NY Times & Judith Miller:Howell Raines Redux
Steven Laffoley: A Simple Question and the Power of Shame
Monica Benderman: For Cindy: There is no Glory in Dying
Mary deJuliis: Texas Protest Changes Columnist's Perspective
Guardian (UK): Gaza Withdrawal: A Marker for the Future
Linda Valdez: Jesus Would Vote Democratic
Jan Hartman: Cindy Sheehan: American Antigone
Bob Herbert: Blood Runs Red, Not Blue
Nathan Newman: The Border is the Color Line of the 21st Century
Aaron Glantz: Why Casey Sheehan Was Killed
Todd Nelson: One School Swears Allegiance to Planet, Flag, and Fruit Bats
Joseph Galloway: Congress Has Earned Its Share of the Blame for War Mistakes

Wednesday, August 17
John Nichols: Cindy Sheehan's Tragic Critics
Haifa Zangana: Iraqi Constitution: Chewing on Meaningless Words
Katrina vanden Heuvel: People's Petition for a Way Out of Iraq
Derrick Jackson: Guzzle Gas, and Pretend
Norman Solomon: Blaming the Antiwar Messengers
Linda Milazzo: A Challenge to Reporters: It's Time to Hawk the Chickens
Michael Goodwin: Cindy Sheehan: An Army of One
Ted Rall: Sacrifice? Count Me Out; If You Supported the War, Pay For It
Robert Steinback: Daring to Ask Blasphemous Questions
Robert Kuttner: Battle Fatigue is Setting In
Thomas Lynch: Left Behind
Jules Witcover: Pentagon's 9/11 Commemoration Prompts Number of Questions
Aaron Glantz: Iraq: A Constitution Without Freedom
Mike Davis: Has Time Run Out? The Coming Avian Flu Pandemic
Bonnie Erbe: The Economy: Waiting for the Bubble to Burst

Tuesday, August 16
Joan Walsh: The Mother of all Battles
Pierre Tristam: Catastrophic War Game
Sean Gonsalves: Local Fighters Usually Win
Derrick Jackson: Religious Right Bashes the Courts
Thomas Oliphant: Deceptive Talk About Iraq
Thea Paneth: Recalling Another Occupation Nearly 30 Years Ago
John Nichols: Here's the PLAN
Robert Scheer: Bush's Blind Spot on Iran
Tom Hayden: An Exit Strategy for Iraq Now
Paul McCann: The World's Largest Prison Camp
George Monbiot: A Life With No Purpose
Niagara Falls Reporter: Bush a Coward

Monday, August 15
Dan Plesch: How Bush Would Gain from War with Iran
Norman Solomon: Someone Tell Frank Rich the War Is Not Over
Robert Jensen: Belonging and Becoming: The Challenges We Face
Celeste Zappala/Dante Zappala: Dust Devils and Grief in Crawford
Thom Hartmann: Jefferson Would Have Stood With Cindy Sheehan
Tom Engelhardt: Cindy, Don, and George: On Being in a Ditch at the Side of the Road
Robyn Blumner: Who's Really Screwing up America? Here are Seven Candidates
Danny Schechter: What's the Best Way to 'Support Our Troops'?
Robert Fisk: A Constitution That Means Nothing To Ordinary Iraqis
Jay Bookman: If Words, Deeds Collide, Deeds are Better Compass
Gary Hart: A Voice Crying in the Wilderness
Tom Hayden: Cindy Sheehan's War
Ari Berman: A Democracy In Name Only
Uri Avnery: A Miracle of Rare Device
Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Rachel Corrie: Answers Needed
Neal Peirce: End Wasteful Corporate Handouts

Sunday, August 14
Robert Freeman: Cindy Sheehan: Rosa Parks or Jane Fonda?
Frank Rich: Someone Tell the President the War Is Over
Dennis Roddy: Park It
Paul Sheehan: In Praise of Female Sexuality
David Rossie: Sometimes, One Woman is All it Takes
Eric Margolis: Fingers on the Button
Paul Levinson: Ignore that Ringing Cell Phone

Saturday, August 13
Cindy Sheehan: We Have the Power
Norman Solomon: Cindy Sheehan's Message Repudiates George Bush -- and Howard Dean
Mickey Z: War Crimes Even Helen Keller Could See
Christopher Brauchli: Justice Sunday II -- You Won't Want to Miss It
Peter Phillips: Election Fraud Continues in the US
Oregon Statesman Journal: President Must Make Time for Grieving Mother
Arianna Huffington: It Takes a Village to Smear Cindy Sheehan
David Krieger: Fable of the Emperor and the Grieving Mother
Ralph Nader: "Hedge-money"

Friday, August 12
Naomi Klein: Terror's Greatest Recruitment Tool
Gary Ruskin/Juliet Schor: Junk Food Nation
Elizabeth de la Vega: How to Prosecute the Plame Case
Howard Zinn: Occupied Territories: Iraq, America
Greg Guma: Official Spin, Unnamed Sources, and the Art of Managing Perceptions
David Potorti: Seeing Cindy
Houston Chronicle: Mother of Peace
Minneapolis Star Tribune: Bush's Secrecy Goes Too Far
Dave Zweifel: Around US, Iraq Mess Finally Sinks In
Boston Globe: Holes in the Energy Law
Mark Hertsgaard: Nukes Aren't Green
Jules Witcover: Conflicting Messages

Thursday, August 11
Tom Gallagher: San Franciscans Oppose the War. Why Don't Their Representatives?
Margaret Carlson: A Grieving Mother Waits for an Answer
Sharon Lerner: Louisiana Purchase: The Feds Recruit Culture War Cadets
Joyce Marcel: An Assembly Line of Death
Lorraine Berry: Sitting with the Dead: In Solidarity with Cindy Sheehan
Ray McGovern: Letter to Cindy Sheehan
Byron Williams: American Criminal Justice Needs Enlightenment
Jay Bookman: Privacy Right Unlisted, but Perfectly Clear
William Fisher: Looking Back at LBJ
Susan Van Haitsma: Veterans for Peace: Celebrating 20 Years of Reconciliation and Resistance
Bob Herbert: No End in Sight in Iraq
Hind Khoury: Meanwhile, Israel Grabs the Rest of Jerusalem
Will Bunch: More Death in Iraq: A Reluctant Soldier's Story

Wednesday, August 10
Carol Marin: Americans Join Mom in Waiting for Iraq Answers
Coleen Rowley: Get Past Bush's War Rhetoric to See What Has or Has Not Worked
Jules Witcover: Turning Points?
Arianna Huffington: Support Our Troops: Call a Truce in America's Drug War
Norman Solomon: Rage Against the Killing of the Light
Phyllis Bennis: Bush Sends John Bolton to the United Nations
Derrick Jackson: Big Tobacco's Toll
Katrina vanden Heuvel: Religion and the Left
David Rossie: Jailed Reporter Not Looking So Sympathetic Now
Walter Mosley: What We Forget About Watts
Michael Schwartz: The Ironies of Conquest: The Bush Administration's Iranian Nightmare
Greg Moses: How Building a Saudi City Made a Lefty Out of Dick Underhill, VFP
Maureen Dowd: Why No Tea and Sympathy?
Donald Kaul: Struggling to Find the Reasons for War

Tuesday, August 9
Harvey Wasserman: Orphan Nagasaki
John Dear: Hiroshima Day Speech at Los Alamos
Leuren Moret: Depleted Uranium is WMD
Jason Leopold: Cheney + Pakistan = Iran
Dave Zweifel: National Health Care Would Save Jobs
Greg Moses: Sheehan Draws Tears of Support
Marie Cocco: Bush's Oilmen Got it all Wrong in Iraq
Rep. John Conyers: Why Won't Scooter Libby Grant Judith Miller a Personal Waiver?
Joan Vennochi: Mr. Bush, Let's Talk
New York Times: One Mother in Crawford
Robert Scheer: Mortgaged to the House of Saud
George Monbiot: The New Chauvinism
Sean Gonsalves: Professional Sports in America: It's More Than Just a Game
Bill Gallagher: Bush Vacations While Soldiers Die

Monday, August 8

Lila Rajiva: Peter Jennings on the Iraq War
Dave Zirin: Si Se Puede: Felipe Alou Stands Up to Bigotry
Jeff Milchen: Why We Need a Constitutional Right to Vote
Norman Solomon: Big Star-Spangled Lies for War
Tom Engelhardt: Chaos Under Heaven
Joseph Nevins: Beyond the Season of Death on the US-Mexico Border
John Atcheson: Choosing the Lesser of Evils While Facing the Sum of all Fears
Danny Schechter: Beyond an Encyclopedia: What's Next for Wikimania?
Molly Ivins: Book Exposes the Real 'New Economy'
William E. Jackson, Jr.: Judith Miller's Tale Under Scrutiny--At Her Own Paper
Bob Burnett: Texas Holdem

Sunday, August 7

David Rossie: New Democrats are Being Born on the Front Lines
Eric Margolis: U.S., Saudis Play Same Old Game
Robin Cook: Why I Cannot be Part of this Divisive War
John Nichols: Energy's on the Anti-Iraq Side
Ron Forthofer: War, What is it Good For? Nuthin'
Lydia Millet: The Humblest of Victims
Bill McKibben: What 'Green' Means
Allan Lichtman: In Plain Sight

Saturday, August 6

Noam Chomsky: We Must Act Now to Prevent Another Hiroshima - or Worse
Walter Cronkite: Hiroshima's Lessons Loom Large, 60 Years Later
Rick Mercier: Scout's Honor: Truth and Fiction at Jamboree
Marilou Johanek: As Bush War Gets Personal, Nation Must find its Outrage
Jason Leopold: Halliburton Secretly Doing Business with Key Member of Iran's Nuclear Team
Ralph Nader: What's My Name, Fool? Sports and Resistance in the United States
Christopher Brauchli: E=mc2: Congress and the Energy Bill

Friday, August 5
Amy Goodman/David Goodman: The Hiroshima Cover-Up
Dave Zweifel: Another Radio Station Falls to Fox News
Katrina vanden Heuvel: Sweet Victory: Multinational Monitor at 25
Norman Solomon: The Incredible Blight of TV Punditry
Sidney Blumenthal: Above the Rule of Law
Michael Klare: The Twilight Era of Petroleum
Reggie Rivers: Nothing is Ever the President's Fault
David Sirota: The D.C. Democratic Establishment's Disconnect on Iraq
Independent/UK: Mythology in the White House
Doug Ireland: The Real Aipac Spy Ring Story -- It Was All About Iran
Kai Bird/Martin Sherwin: The Myths of Hiroshima
Peter Wilby: The Responsibility We Share for Islamist Shock and Awe
Matthew Rothschild: Unhappy Anniversary of the Bomb
Bob Fitrakis/Harvey Wasserman: Did the GOP Steal Another Ohio Election?

Thursday, August 4
Walter Enloe/David Willis: Hiroshima Spirits, Nagasaki Voices: Learning from the First Ground Zeroes
Deborah James: Next Stop Post-CAFTA: Summit of the Americas Or, See You on the Beach in Argentina
Justin Schlosberg: Who's Paying for Sony Bribes?
David Sirota: How Beltway-itis Rots Reporters Brains & Distorts America's Political Debate
Steven Laffoley: A Progressive, a Brontosaurus, and the Science of Intelligent Design
James Howard Kunstler: Globalisation is an Anomaly and Its Time is Running Out
Lisa Fullam: Debate Over Intelligent Design Of God and the Case for Unintelligent Design
Linda Milazzo/Jodie Evans: Understanding Iran Can Stop the Next War
Joyce Marcel: The Real Estate Bubble Bursts the American Dream
Ted Van Dyk: Consequences of Hiroshima Yet Unseen
Andrew Gumbel: A Firewall for Democracy

Wednesday, August 3
Cindy Sheehan: Where Do I Live?
Gar Alperovitz: Hiroshima After Sixty Years: The Debate Continues
Norman Solomon: Media Flagstones Along a Path to War on Iran
Dave Zirin: Rafael Palmeiro and the Politics of Distraction
Ray McGovern: Preempting Cheney
Lila Rajiva: An 800-Pound Gorilla Goes to the U.N.
Paul Campos: The Comfortable Life
Joan Elan Davis: Not a Fish Story
Chris Christensen: A Young Man's Death
John Nichols: Call the President an "SOB," Win Votes
Eric C. Thorp: The National Condition in Context: The Nature of the American Character

Tuesday, August 2
Rosa Maria Pegueros: Bush, Bolton to Congress: Screw You!
Marie Cocco: Torturing Prisoners? Not by the Book
John Nichols: The Bolton Embarrassment
George Monbiot: The Treaty Wreckers
Tom Standage: Bad to the Last Drop
Sean Gonsalves: Napoleon's Lesson
Matthew Rothschild: John Bolton: Ugly Face on Ugly Policy
Tony Newman: Support the Troops: Especially When They Come Back with Substance Abuse Problems
John MacArthur: Ugliness of Illegal Abortion - What's at Stake in the Roberts Appointment
Anthony Lappé: The Birth of a Network
James Carroll: America's 'Terrible Thing'
Byron Williams: A Declaration of Interdependence: Opening Remarks from Network of Spiritual Progressives Conference
Ed Garvey: Corrupt Political Process, Not Labor, is to Blame

Monday, August 1
Norman Solomon: Operation Withdrawal Scam
Sheldon Drobny: The National Security Act, Corporations, and the Media
Margaret Trost: Compassionate Priest is Beaten, Jailed in Haiti
Jim Lobe: Dating Cheney's Nuclear Drumbeat
David Morris/Becca Vargo Daggett: Publicly Owned Broadband Would Serve City Best
Danny Schechter: It's Time for a Sequel: 'Over There'
Greg Palast: Lawyers, Guns and Money: 'Just Put Down That Law Suit, Pardner, and No One Gets Hurt'
Holly Sklar: Time for Health Care for All on Medicare's 40th Anniversary
Arianna Huffington: The Judy File
John Atcheson: Trouble in the Land of the Free




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