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October 2004

Sunday, October 31
John Nichols: Even Republicans Fear Bush
Eric Margolis: It's the War, Stupid
Meg Turville-Heitz: I'm Terrified, Almost Paralyzed with Fear, For the State of Democracy in America
Paul Sheehan: Bush's Grudge Over Iraq has Diverted the US from the Real Enemy
Tom Engelhardt: Osama bin Laden as Global Shock Jock
Clay Evans: The President Cries 'Wolf!'
Les Payne: Bush is Selling His Version of '1984'
G. Jefferson Price III: Bush: God's Messenger?
Phil Tajitsu Nash: Direct Elections Now!
Harvey Wasserman: Music Legend Slams Bush Campaign Over Song Theft
Bruce Cole: How Republicans Are Manipulating Soldiers' Children To Get the Military Vote
Ralph Nader: On Tuesday, Communities Can Say 'No More!' to Owners of Sports Franchises

Saturday, October 30
Helen Thomas: Bush Win Would Mean Dark Times; World Would Perceive Support For Preemptive War
Nancy Snow: Kerry Wins
César Chelala: The Most Tragic Victims of the Iraq War
Stuart Light: Some Meditations Before You Vote
Christopher Brauchli: Free Ride for Military Polluters
Don Holsinger: From Algeria to Iraq: Two Halloween Horror Stories
John Nichols: Springsteen's Political Poetry
Progressive Populist: The End of an Error?

Friday, October 29
Adam Werbach: Bush's 'Ownership Society' Champions a Hyper-Individualism that Threatens the Commons
Bruce Springsteen: No Retreat, No Surrender
Guy Reel: Upon a Second Viewing of Fahrenheit 9/11
Ruth Rosen: Women Really on Their Own
Norman Solomon: Democracy Requires Real Journalism
Naomi Klein: Carlyle Covers Up
Stephen Zunes: Despite the Lies about Iraq and the Resulting Disaster, Bush Still Maintains Strong Support
Dave Zirin: Why Major League Baseball Owners Support Dubya
Bud McClure: On the Campaign Trail: Fear and Loathing in Colorado
Richard Cohen: Impeach George Bush
Holly Sklar: Imagine Gore Running for Re-election with Bush's Record
Jay Rosen: Off The Charts: Sinclair Broadcasting's Political Vision
Lester Brown: The Future is Blowing in the Wind
Mark Morford: Get Out And Vote And Scream
Andrew Greeley: For God's Sake, Vote Him Out
Jon Lee Anderson: Weapons for the Taking in Iraq

Thursday, October 28
Jonathan Schell: Looking Tough: Bush has Wanted Above All Not to be Strong But to Look Strong
Stuart Rees: Peace is About Justice, Not Just Violence
Jonathan Granoff: The Iraq Inspections Worked, Lies Have Consequences
Haroon Siddiqui: How America and Soviets Compare
David Francis: Update on an Old Warning: Beware the Coming Shortages
Gary Wockner: Wolves Are Not Our Enemies
Margaret Krome: Citizens Reinventing Democracy This Election Year
Frank James: Vaccine Shortage a Symptom for Change
Daniel Benjamin/Gabriel Weimann: Terrorist Talk Shows Just How Wrong Bush Is
Hunter S Thompson: The Bush Presidency is Evil Beyond Belief - and Judgment is Nigh
Jay Bookman: Way Beyond the Shadow of a Doubt
Martin Schram: Missing Explosives Matter on Tuesday
Paul Rogat Loeb: A Final Plea To Nader Supporters
Barbara Lee: Berkeley's Solution to Payback Politics
John Nichols: King George Abuses 1st Amendment

Wednesday, October 27

Cindy Sheehan: My "Vacation" in Florida
Ariel Dorfman: Memories of Chile in the Midst of an American Presidential Campaign
Andrew Bard Schmookler: Today's Successful Deception of the American People is Unprecedented
Molly Ivins: Clueless People Love Bush
Avi Rubin: An Election Day Clouded by Doubt
Doris 'Granny D' Haddock: We Are Breaking Trail on this Mountain
Stephen Zunes: Why, Despite Everything, John Kerry Must Win
Robert Steinback: Warring America Must Find Peace With Itself
Douglas Davis: The Quality of Anger Strains the Polls
Jeff Milchen: Watch Out for Corporate Regulation... of Citizens
Robert Kuttner: Bush is Idle in Flu-Shot Fiasco
Matthew Rothschild: Stockpiling Blunder
Bob Fitrakis/Harvey Wasserman: Twelve Ways Bush is Now Stealing the Ohio Vote
Brad Bannon: Bush Blunders Block Path to Reelection

Tuesday, October 26
Laura Billings: Wellstone Was a True Champion of War Heroes
Rabbi Michael Lerner: A Letter to Nader: It's Not Too Late
Bill Fletcher Jr: Perceptions Of The USA From The Other Side Of The Ocean
Sean Gonsalves: Elected on Friday, Killed on Saturday
Greg Forter: The Bribe of Masculinity, or Why We Will Need to Hold Kerry's Feet to the Fire
Robert Scheer: The Man Behind the Oval Office Curtain: It's Cheney's Administration, and It's a Shame
James Carroll: For Nuclear Safety, the Choice is Clear
Arthur Schlesinger Jr: The White House Wasn't Always God's House
Doug Rossinow: Confessions of a Reformed Nader-Voter
Phil Tajitsu Nash: Preparing for the Recount
Michael Winship: Come Home, America
Mark Curtis: The Growing Brutality and Deception of the Iraq War Mirrors Britain's Recent Imperial History
Ira Chernus: Am I a Flip-Flop If I Help the Democrats?
Charles Sheehan-Miles: The Trials of Lieutenant Julian Goodrum
John Nichols: Political Laughs? Try Fox
Danny Schecter: When Wolves Attack: A Pre-Mortem on Election Coverage

Monday, October 25
Sue Lenfestey: The Quaint Green Bus Seems So Very Long Ago
Medea Benjamin: Stolen Election? This Time Around, Let's Be Prepared
Nomi Prins: Nobody's Taking Care of Bad Business
Karen Horst Cobb: No Longer a Christian
Thom Hartmann: McKinley or Roosevelt? This Election is as Much About the Past as the Future
Victoria Loe-Hicks: From Vietnam to Iraq: Walking a Familiar Path
Huck Gutman: America's Momentous Polls
Victoria Covell: A Challenge to American Women Who Are Not Voting On Nov 2nd
Ian Buruma: Lost Love: Americophilia Fades Away
Laura Flanders: You Know What the Republicans Are Up To?
Flavia Colgan: Flip Flop on the Flu
Gaylord Nelson: Environment Now in Crisis
Harley Sorensen: Vote For Me, Suckers

Sunday, October 24
Linda McQuaig: Candidates Silent on US Invasions
Eric Margolis: Non-Americans Dread Bush
Joseph Mulligan: Iraqi Women Visiting American Cities Praise the Bush Administration -- Brought to You by the US Government
Michelle Chen: Who's Running the Show Behind Corporate Media?
Nick Cohen: There is No Case for Torture, Ever
Eric Schlosser: Super-Sized Deception From Fast-Food Giants
Rick Kahn: It's Not Enough to Hear They're Certain
Leonard Pitts: We Are the Reason Bush Gets Away With It
Tom Brazaitis: Bush Backers Can't Help It: They Can't See Real World
Caroline Arnold: Your Vote Counts--Make the Most of It
Elizabeth Sullivan: Energy fight? Not This Year

Saturday, October 23
David Jagernauth: Why Iran Wants Four More Years
Judd Legum: 100 Facts and 1 Opinion: The Non-Arguable Case Against the Bush Administration
Christopher Brauchli: And They Call This Compassion?
Ralph Nader: Letter from a Minnesota Highway
Steven Laffoley: Is the Supreme Being a Red Sox Loving Democrat?
Jerard Morey: Tragic Loss of Paul Wellstone Still Stings
Katie O'Brien: Flu Meets American Capitalism
Andrew Christie: The Vote of Three Counties in a Non-Swing State May Decide the Fate of the World
Madison Capital Times: Can Bush Protect Us?

Friday, October 22
Jonathan Schell: Invitation to a Degraded World
Frida Berrigan: Fighting Terror with Terror? "Morally, Politically and Legally Wrong"
Felicity Arbuthnot: Margaret Hassan: A Personal Tale
Paul Loeb: The Hundredth Phone Call
Katha Pollitt: Mary Cheney, Mary Cheney
Norman Solomon: The Presidential Pageant: “There He Is, Mr. America...”
Eileen McCabe-Olsen: Free Speech is Alive and Well in "The Happy Valley"
John Dean: The Coming Post-Election Chaos
Terry Jones: 'George, God Here. . .': President Bush has words with the Almighty
HDS Greenway: Deja Vu in Baghdad
Minneapolis Star-Tribune: Denial: The Truth About Iraq Hurts
Stewart Acuff: The Bush Administration’s Attack on Workers and the Eight Hour Day
Tom Maertens: Trust That Bush Won't Bring Back the Draft? Bad Idea
Robert Freeman: The Bush Budget Deficit Death Spiral

Thursday, October 21
Ellen Goodman: Who's Insensitive to Gays? Start with the Cheneys
Sidney Blumenthal: America's Hidden Vote
Debi Smith: To Be Silenced, Or Not to Be: That is the Question
David Korten: An Open Letter to Ralph Nader
Bill Quigley: Haitian Priest Jailed Indefinitely for 40 Cent Crime
John Nichols: Join to Celebrate Legacy of Wellstone
Marlow Cook: A Former Republican Senator: 'Frightened to Death' of Bush
Ted Rall: Ten Reasons America Needs a Change
Jimmy Breslin: Election Rides on the 917 Vote
Patrick Graham: Falluja In Their Sights
Haroon Siddiqui: Bush Running to be National Pastor
Mark Engler: Are War and Globalization Really Connected?
David Corn: GOPers Assail Nation Institute

Wednesday, October 20
Robert Kuttner: The Art of Stealing Elections
Teri Wills Allison: The Cost of War: A Mother's View
Peter Maguire: Look at our Prisoner of War Policy Now
Robert Fisk: Kidnapped - The Heroine Who Offered Hope for Iraq
Mokhiber/Weissman: The Encyclopedia of White Collar and Corporate Crime
Stephen Zunes: The US Invasion of Iraq: The Military Side of Globalization?
Jonathan Freedland: The US Election has Exposed a Growing Conflict Between Two World Views
Geov Parrish: Why, Despite His Shortcomings, I'm Voting for John Kerry
Jason Leopold: Sinclair Broadcasting's Long History of Journalistic and Corporate Deception
Guardian/UK: Ralph Nader: Time to Step Aside
John le Carré: If Le Carré Could Vote
Derrick Jackson: Education Reform: Leaving the Teachers Behind
Simon Tisdall: Bush and Kerry Dance to the Tune of Ariel Sharon
Robert Neuwirth: SNAFU in Iraq: Situation Normal, All Fancied Up
Charles Francis: Consumers Need to Know Food's True Cost

Tuesday, October 19
James Carroll: A Politics of Love
Arthur Schlesinger: George Bush has Overturned Two Centuries of US Thinking on Global Diplomacy
Antonia Zerbisias: It Took Jon Stewart to Gun Down Crossfire
Philip Cushman: The Politics of Consumption
Norman Solomon: Two Weeks to Go -- and One President to Oust
Robert Scheer: The 9/11 Secret in the CIA's Back Pocket
Anne-Marie Slaughter: What is this 'European Union'?
Paul Krugman: Across the Country, Beware of Attempts to Block the Vote
Harley Sorensen: Throw Off The Muzzle. Mr. Secretary
John Buell: Scoring Legislators, Misleading Voters
George Monbiot: Why is Britain Using Aid Money to Persuade South Africa to Privatize its Public Services?
William Loren Katz: Will What Goes Around Come Around on Election Day?
Gary Vance: Wasn't Jesus A Liberal?
Paul Waldman: GOP to Low-Income Americans: Quit Your Whining

Monday, October 18
John Nichols: Orwellian Twist on the Campaign
Gary Younge: In the 60s, Police Dogs and Billy Clubs Kept Black Americans from the Polls.
Steven Laffoley: The Last of Pandora's Spirits
Jay Bookman: Cheneys' Indignation Misdirected
Matthew Rothschild: Refusing Orders
Ira Chernus: Bush, Kerry Agree: No End to Terrorism
Sheryl McCarthy: O'Reilly May Need Top Spin This Time
Bethany Woolman: Raising America
Eric Margolis: Yankees are Blind to Blundering Bush
Byron Williams: The Difference Between Disagreement and Hate
Bill Quigley: Message from a Jailed Priest in Haiti
Andrew Stephen: The President's Apparent Mental Fragility Should Give US Voters Pause
Clay Evans: So: G.W.'s L. Ron Makeover
Ralph Nader: The Democracy Gap
G. Jefferson Price III: What About the Next Pre-Emptive War?
William Keegan: America: 'This is a Crude Government'

Saturday, October 16
Howard Zinn: Our War on Terrorism
Madison Capital Times: Michael Moore's Patriotism
Howard Dean: Take Our Airwaves Back
Bruce Cole: Some Clarification For the Navy Recuiter Who Just Phoned Me
Karen Desnick: Counting the Errors of His Ways
Kurt Vonnegut: Requiem for a Dreamer
Byron Williams: Voter Dissatisfaction Indicates It Won't Be Close
John Borowski: Pimping the First Amendment
Winona LaDuke: Winona LaDuke Endorsement of John Kerry for President

Friday, October 15
Bill Moyers: A Little Patriotic Sacrifice
Naomi Klein: Reparations in Reverse
Nick Turse: Captain America: Superhero of the Military-Industrial Complex
Laura Carlsen: Wal-Mart vs. the Pyramids
Ricky Baldwin: How To Stop the War: Francis Fox Piven Says It Takes More Than Elections
Margaret Carlson: Mary Cheney: She's Here, She's Queer -- Get Used to It
Michael Cudahy: Bush's Re-Election Would Doom Moderate Republicans
Stephen Zunes: Why We Must Prevent the Re-election of Senators Who Supported the Invasion of Iraq
Guardian/UK: The World Backs Kerry
Katha Pollitt: Roe = Dred
Dave Zweifel: Despite Vote, Draft a Definite Possibility
HDS Greenway: Delusions of Empire in America
Sidney Blumenthal: Bush's Best is Not Good Enough
Minneapolis Star-Tribune: The Last Debate: America on a Disastrous Path
Mark Morford: Can John Kerry Cure Cancer? Miracle Worker or No, After the Tyranny of BushCo, A "Normal" Prez Will be a Blessed Relief

Thursday, October 14
Antonia Juhasz: A Nice Little War to Fill the Coffers
Norman Solomon: Preview of the Bush Campaign's Media Endgame
Anna Lappé/Frances Moore Lappé: The Genius of Wangari Maathai
Wendell Berry: Compromise, Hell! Economic WMD's are Being Used Against Our Own People
Helen Thomas: What's Wrong With Being Liberal?
John Nichols: The Last Debate: Bush Goes MIA
Steven Ross: 21st Century Book-Burning: Mrs. Cheney, There's More to U.S. History than Heroes
Doug Ireland: The Last Debate (Thankfully)
George Farah: Eliminating Debate from the Debates
John Eder/Stephen Spring: Green Officials Urge Voters to Back Kerry
Haroon Siddiqui: Comparing Iraq and Afghanistan
Stephen Dinan: The Last Debate: Of Ties and Truth
Christopher Cook: Environmental Hogwash: The EPA Works with Factory Farms to Delay Regulation of ‘Extremely Hazardous Substances.’
Bob Keeler: Will a Kerry Vote Send Faithful Straight to Hell?

Wednesday, October 13
Naomi Klein: James Baker's Double Life
Aleida Guevara: A Better World is Possible: Time To Act, Not Just Talk
Reed Hundt: Sinclair Ought to Know Better - And So Should the FCC
Mira Ptacin: The Neked Truth
Robert Black: A Republican Declares His Independence
Antonia Zerbisias: In US, She's an Exception to the Rule; Amy Goodman Asks the Tough Questions
Robert Kuttner: How Kerry Can Win
David Corn: Nader's Bid for President has Failed Utterly to Achieve Any of Its Stated Goals
El Fisgón: George Bush, The Worst Mexican President Ever
Robert Steinback: 'Global' Isn't a Bad Word
Mark Weisbrot: The Selling of the President: Will Myth Triumph Over Reality?
Madison Capital Times: A Mistaken Presidency
Gwynne Dyer: Israeli Tail Wags American Dog
Baltimore Sun: American Corporate Pork Act of 2004

Tuesday, October 12
Theodore Roszak: How Polarized Politics and a Radical GOP have Put a Chill on Measured Debate
Rhonda Chriss Lokeman: Bush Spins Iraq and Its Ambiguities Into Deadly Lies
Natasha Walter: Afghanistan: The Winners are Warlords, Not Women
Dennis Hans: Kerry Must Say It's Wrong to Rush Into an Unprovoked War - Even With "A Plan to Win the Peace"
Reed Brody: Prisoners Who Disappear: Ghost detainees of the US
Matthew Rothschild: McCarthyism Watch: Secret Service Calls on Owner of "King George" Sign
Robert Scheer: Kerry a Bleeding Heart? Hardly
Minneapolis Star-Tribune: October Surprise: Sinclair Airing an Anti-Kerry Screed
Ed Garvey: Interest, Intensity in Election a Good Sign for our Country
Jason Leopold: Under Cheney, Halliburton Helped Saddam Hussein Siphon Billions from UN Oil-for-Food Program
César Chelala: Sharon's Doomed Course of Action
Sean Gonsalves: The Waning Socratic Tradition
Miriam Hill: Grade Zero for Ground Zero Cleanup Workers' Care
Jere Van Dyk: A War of Ugly Images: In Our Era, TV has Become the Global Pulpit

Monday, October 11
Warren Goldstein: Why Columbus Offers the Best History Lesson
Medea Benjamin: Bush Can't Admit Mistakes, But We Can
John Nichols: Cheney's Lamest Excuse Yet
Thom Hartmann: Columbus Day Celebration? Think Again...
Tom Engelhardt: Yellow Journalism: "Anonymous" Lives and Thrives in Washington
Christopher Brauchli: Scandalous Tom DeLay
Harvey Cohen: Liberals Mobilize in 17 Swing States
Stacy Bannerman: Senator Warner Misses Meeting with Military Families Speak Out
Matthew McAllester: Iraq: This is Not a Safe Place to be a Foreign Journalist
Byron Williams: What to Tell Edner? Will John Kerry Bring the Troops Home?
Sheryl McCarthy: GOP Convention: Cops Used Overkill on Protesters
Peter Preston: It's About the Middle East, Stupid
Ellis Henican: A Draft That Gives a Real Case of Chills

Sunday, October 10
Scott Ritter: The Inspection Process was Rigged to Create Uncertainty Over WMD to Bolster the US and UK's Case for War
Denise Giardina: Gospel of George Bush
Hans Blix: Will President Bush Apply the Lessons from Iraq to Iran, Libya and North Korea?
Toronto Star: World Day Against the Death Penalty: Crowded Death Row
Elizabeth Sullivan: Pre-Emptive War Policy is Dangerous, No Matter Who's Pushing It
Jimmy Breslin: Insane Reality Spins the Head
G. Jefferson Price III: Not the Right Answers to Middle East Question
Michelle Chen: Exporting Blame: With All the Anxiety Over Outsourcing, Where Should the Fingers Be Pointing?
Ralph Nader: Tax Burden Continues to Shift from the Wealthy to the Working Class

Friday, October 8
Michael Klare: Oil Wars: Transforming the American Military into a Global Oil-Protection Service
Ray McGovern: Not Enough Troops -- or Truth
Rosa Maria Pegueros: The Election Campaign and the Internet
Jonathan Freedland: The ISG Report Should Prompt Fury About the War, Not Yawns
Ira Chernus: Israel's Attack On Gaza Aims To Stop Peace Process
Katha Pollitt: Bush's Court Picks: Be Afraid. Very Afraid
Harvey Wasserman: Kerry's Four Magic Words Tonight To Win It All: "George Bush Must Resign"
Mark Engler: Crimes in Freedom's Name: Dick Cheney's El Salvador
Andrew Greeley: Exiting Iraq is the Only Solution
Derrick Jackson: Where's Debate About Supreme Court?
Helen Thomas: Scaring Voters to the Polls
Bob Corbett: Elfriede Jelinek: Anger, Rage and Disgust at a World Which Cannot Be Made Better
Matthew Rothschild: Israeli Cat Out of the Bag

Thursday, October 7
Joan Vennochi: The Unsung Truth About the War
Desmond Tutu: Peace Laureate's Detention Tests the World
Sidney Blumenthal: The Day That Dick Cheney Was Silenced
Robert Kuttner: Exiting Iraq
Norman Solomon: Beyond the Debates, a Referendum on an Emperor
Parvez Ahmed: America and the World
Jim Ingalls/Sonali Kolhatkar: Afghan Elections: US Solution to a US Problem
Michael Jawer: Essay from a Federal Worker: Glum and Glummer
Laura Carlsen: Protest and Populism in Latin America
David Segal/Austin King: A Letter to Ralph Nader: You Can Run, But Give Up Before the Photo Finish
Kevin Martin: There They Go Again: Escalating the War in Iraq
Arianna Huffington: Bogus Polls: Meaningless Farce Or Looming Tragedy?
Thad Williamson: James Madison Favored a "Global Test"
Robert Kennedy Jr: A Terror Attack, Coming Soon to a Plant Near You
Matthew Rothschild: Edwards Pokes Reptilian Cheney

Wednesday, October 6
Dan Zegart: Look Who's Behind 'Tort Reform'
John Stauber: It's All About Bush
Rajan Menon: American Withdrawal Without Victory Seems Inevitable. It's Just a Matter of When
Juan Cole: Cheney, Rumsfeld and Bremer: Deserting a Sinking Ship
Antonia Zerbisias: Veep Debate: Truth First Casualty of Cheney Debate Style
Michael Schwartz: Polling: The Opiate of the Electorate
Stephen Zunes: Veep Debate: The Most Misleading Foreign Policy Statements Made by the Candidates
John Nichols: Veep Debate: Cheney KO'ed...By GOP
Derrick Jackson: Veep Debate: Cheney's Downward Spiral
Madison Capital Times: Veep Debate: Edwards Shreds Distortions
David Corn: Veep Debate: A No-Impact Collision
Denver Post: US Failing on Pollution Policy
Jimmy Breslin: Veep Debate: At Right Moment, Edwards Pounced
Mark Morford: Why Don't Americans Care? Do you know who Halliburton is? Dick Cheney? How about Karl Rove? Alas, Most Americans Don't

Tuesday, October 5
James Carroll: When War Hits Home
Michael Moore: Dear Dad, Iraq Sucks
John MacArthur: Kerry Needs to Get Much Tougher with Bush
Holly Sklar: Boom Time for Billionaires
John Buell: Divine Endorsements and Fear Among Voters
Michael Tarazi: Why Not Two Peoples, One State?
Shaun Waterman: Leader Who Wants His Own Facts
Amitai Etzioni: There Are Too Few Lawsuits, Not Too Many
James Mittelman: Critics of Globalization May Be Less Visible, But the Opposition Is, In fact, Deeper and More Widespread
Gwynne Dyer: Why Putin Is Backing Kyoto Again
Christopher Childs: 'I'm Coming to Your Door':
Harley Sorenson: Treat Terrorists as the Criminals They Are
Zoe Williams: Fox - the Naked Truth
Robert Scheer: Buck Stops in the Voting Booth
Guardian/UK: Israel's Offensive: Senseless in Gaza
William Marina: George W. Bush & the "Mandate of Heaven"

Monday, October 4
Susan Lenfestey: Security Moms Should Look Closely at Bush
Thom Hartmann: Who Was Right About the "Global Test"- Jefferson or Hitler?
Tom Hayden/Lori Wallach: Kerry's Trade Winds
Gary Younge: America is a Nation at War with Itself
John Nichols: 10 Questions for Dick Cheney
Umar Abdur-Rahman: Silencing Moderate Muslim Voices
Thomas Palaima: The Human Toll Behind the Iraq Statistics
Mark Weisbrot: G-7 Should Have Cancelled Poor Countries' Debt
Diane Carman: Three Nuns and One Unholy Case
Bruce Schneier: Bigger Brother
Moazzam Begg: I, Moazzam Begg, Demand to Be Freed From Guantanamo
Cynthia Tucker: With Military Stretched Thin, Draft Rumors Persist
Tom Ehrich: Politics: People Must Take Charge of the Future
Bill Bradley: The Sweet Music of Activism

Saturday, October 2
Masuda Sultan: Afghanistan: Thousands of Civilian Casualties
Judy Ettenhofer: Arlington West Shows Tragedy of Iraq War
Sidney Blumenthal: Retreat Into a Substitute Reality:
Peter Kuznick: Scientists on the Stump
William Pfaff: A Return to History: Muslim Asia Reawakens
Ralph Nader: It's Time for Fundamental Changes in the Way We Derive and Use Energy
John Pilger: Paradise Cleansed: Our Deportation of the People of Diego Garcia is a Crime...
Christopher Brauchli: Absurd Frenzy Over Fiasco at CBS News

Friday, October 1
Antonia Zerbisias: Debate: It's Not A Win If It Don't Have Spin
John Nichols: Debate: Whiner-in-Chief
Ira Chernus: Debate: The Story Behind the Debate
Greg Palast: Debate: Mr. Tall and Mr. Small
Matthew Rothschild: Kerry Wins Debate, But Iraq Mess to Continue No Matter Who Is President
Guy Reel: Debate: The Buck Passes Here
Derrick Jackson: Debate: Kerry Holds His Fire
Naomi Klein: You Can't Bomb Beliefs
Dave Zirin: Baseball Comes to DC is 'Swindle of the Century'
Carah Ong: Who Will Make Us Safer from the Biggest Threat Facing the US?
Walter Andrews: Our Safety is at Greater Risk Than Ever
Larry Beinhart: The 'War on Terror' Badly Needs a Total Rewrite
Minneapolis Star Tribune: Experts on Iraq: A DC Truth Squad Emerges
William Pfaff: A Misleading Focus on Iraq
Helen Thomas: Elections Watched by Foreign Observers




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