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November 2004

Tuesday, November 30
Jesse Jackson: Something's Fishy in Ohio
Joe Trippi: Only the Grassroots Can Save The Democratic Party
Katrina vanden Heuvel: Truth and Consequences in Ukraine
Juan Gonzalez: Ohio Tally Fit for Ukraine
Erin Solaro: Iraq: A No-Win Situation
Robert Scheer: The Invisible Hand Holds the Remote
James Carroll: Ukraine's Scream
Karen Horst Cobb: No Longer a Christian Part II
Hans Blix: UN Can Survive US Assault
Pierre Tristam: Mind-Altering National Charade to Keep Patients From the Joint
Antonia Zerbisias: Probe Here Over Aired Arab Slurs; Arafat Mourners Derided on MSNBC
Thomas Walkom: Deserter Poses a Problem for Ottawa

Monday, November 29
Norman Solomon: News Media in the 60th Year of the Nuclear Age
Kathy Kelly: What We Can Control
Joel Kovel: The Hour of the Beast
Thom Hartmann: How To Take Back A Stolen Election
Rick Mercier: If You Read the Gospels, the Religious Right is Most Often Wrong
Tom Palaima: In America, We Would Rather Just Fight About It
Harley Sorensen: A Fundamental Change In America
Arianna Huffington: You Want A Moral Issue? How About Drugs That Don’t Kill?
Tom Englehardt: Which War is it Anyway?
Gwynne Dyer: Monstrosity and Humanity Live Hand in Hand
Robert Kuttner: A Key Role for Europe in US-Iran Conflict
David Schmidt: Progressives Must "Take the Initiative" in '05-'06
James Fallows: Electronic Voting 1.0, and No Time to Upgrade

Sunday, November 28
Eric Margolis: Ukraine Flirting With a Civil War
Barbara Ehrenreich:
Madison Capital Times: Counting Every Vote
Helen Thomas: Democrats Need to Hang on to Values
Carlos Villarreal: The Gonzales Debate: Identity Politics Meets the Right Wing
Phil Tajitsu Nash: Morality and Asian Pacific Americans
Peter Unwin: Putin Should Keep His Nose Out of Ukraine. So Should We
Michael Kinsley: To Hell With Values
Christopher Brauchli: Tom DeLay and His Friends of Distinction
Ralph Nader: Wal-Mart Ways

Friday, November 26
Naomi Klein: Kerry and the Gift of Impunity
Bill Dunn: It's Time for Americans to Support Peace Instead of US War Machine
Ananya Mukherjee Reed: Third World Chicanery and First World Quiescence
Paul Rogat Loeb: The Impossible Will Take a Little While: Hope in a Time of Fear
Tom Nagy: A Coward's Tribute to Margaret Hassan
Joyce Marcel: Bush: When Even the Good News is Bad
Bill Weinberg: Oil Makes US Raise Military Stakes in Colombia
Jules Witcover: Recount in Ohio
Miles Schuman: Falluja's Health Damage
Frank Rich: The Great Indecency Hoax
Bill Dunn: It's Time for Americans to Support Peace Instead of US War Machine
Ananya Mukherjee Reed: Third World Chicanery and First World Quiescence

Wednesday, November 24
Chalmers Johnson: How to Create a WIA -- Worthless Intelligence Agency
Susan Lenfestey: Not Much Comfort in Being a Liberal
Tom Hayden: How to End the Iraq War
Andrew Ciofalo: Riding Out This Dark Age
Ralph Neas: Fundamental Flaws Put Our Voting System at Risk
Molly Ivins: Three Ugly Weeks: Second Bush Term Goes From Bad to Worse
Russ Baker: New Hampshire Recount, Act One
Nick Parker: Reflections on Thanksgiving: Values We All Share
Derrick Jackson: Our Boorish, Bring-'Em-On Society
Dave Zweifel: Wall St. Drooling Over Privatization
Robert Steinback: 'Red' Reasoning on Morality is Confusing

Tuesday, November 23
John Nichols: Stenographers to Power
Mokhiber/Weissman: Trespass Against Us: On the 20th Anniversary of Bhopal
Barry Levinson: Making Sense of Saddam Hussein's 'Exit Strategy'
James Carroll: America's Heartfelt Holiday
Laurie Barkin: Unbearable Sadness of Others' Pain
Rick McDowell/Mary Trotochaud: Humanitarian Aid is a Casualty in Iraq
Ed Garvey: War Against Iran Would (They Think) Take Our Minds off Disaster in Iraq
Robert Scheer: Afghanistan: Cultivating Opium, Not Democracy
Margie Boulé: 'Lowdown Tricks' Sap Poll-Watcher's Faith in Fair US Voting
Abhinav Aima: Understanding Nuclear Iran
Timothy Karr: Between Big Media and Brotherly Love
Heather Gray: Partisan Gerrymandering in the U.S. is "Out of Hand"
David Corn: The Road to BIAP
Timothy Gay: Camouflaging Fear and Loathing as 'Moral Values'

Monday, November 22
David Willis/Walter Enloe: Going Nuclear: The Coming Wars with Iran and North Korea
Michael Massing: Iraq, the Press and the Election
Jeff Cohen: Media and the Election
César Chelala: Another Round of Misery for the Children of Iraq
Nadia Hijab: The Olive Tree and Its Shadow of Hope
Harley Sorensen: A Preview Of Four More Years
Dave Zirin: Fight Night in the NBA
James Zogby: Sheikh Zayed's Legacy
Boulder Daily Camera: Arrogance of Power: House Republicans Dump Inconvenient Ethics Rule
Laura Olson: Religious Left Faces Tough Challenge
Frank Pierson: With Blood on Our Hands
Drew Hamre: Some Questions for Coleman as He Looks into Oil for Food
Nick Schwellenbach/Lauren Robinson: Whistleblowers: US Intelligence on Shaky Ground with Weak Protection for Workers

Sunday, November 21
Eric Margolis: World Eschews Rice
Michael Kinsley: Destroying Iraq to Save It
Helen Thomas: Selection of Hard-Liner Rice Sends a Bad Message
Steven Laffoley: Ground Zero: Remembering Nothing and Everything
Ralph Nader: The People’s Business
The Nation: No Victory in Falluja
Steven Backus: We Need a National Funeral
Fran Shor: No More Illusions: Clear-Minded Thinking about Impediments to Political Change in the USA

Saturday, November 20
Stephen Rosenfeld: Ohio Presidential Results to be Challenged
Errol Morris: Not Every Picture Tells a Story
Stephen Zunes: Selection of Reid as Senate Leader Shows Democrats Continued Willingness to Back Bush’s Foreign Policy Agenda
Nick Parker: The Democrats Lost This Election Twenty Years Ago
Kevin Zeese: Mishandling Nader
Katrina vanden Heuvel: Creeping Creationism
Bob Fitrakis/Harvey Wasserman: More Ohio Voter Suppression Testimony Prompts Upcoming Legal Filing for Statewide Recount
Cynthia Lapp: Can Identifying Too Much With Fear Make Hope an Enemy?
Nicholas Kristof: No More Sham Elections
Alessandro Ghebreigziabiher: From a Not So Far Country as Italy is...
Tom Englehardt: On "Iraqifying" the Quagmire; Draining the Swamp
Christopher Brauchli: Waking Up To Terror in Africa

Friday, November 19
George Lakoff: Our Moral Values
Michael Zweig: Stand up For Moral Value of Economic Justice
Mokhiber/Weissman: Smedley Butler, Meet John Perkins
Roger Doiron: War and Peas: This Thanksgiving, America Should Show a Little Humility
Ken Coates: Fallujah: Shock and Awe
Sam Bahour/Michael Dahan: After Arafat: The Same Old Song
Leon Jaroff: Faith-Based Parks? Creationists meet the Grand Canyon
Rosa Maria Pegueros: Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Joshua Frank: Anti-Choice Dem Leader Cut from Republican Cloth
Tony Norman: Yes, the Times They Are a Changin'
Caroline Arnold: The Trouble With Multiple-Choice Questions
Melvin Goodman: Righting the CIA
Bruce Cole: How To Fix a Broken Electoral System In Six Easy Steps
Stephen Tindale: Tony Blair: We Kept on Trying to Believe Him, Perhaps For Too Long

Thursday, November 18
Jonathan Schell: What Happened to Hearts?
Bob Fitrakis/Harvey Wasserman: Hearings on Ohio Voting Put 2004 Election in Doubt
Thom Hartmann: 'Stinking Evidence' of Possible Election Fraud Found in Florida
Molly Ivins: CIA 'Purge'? What is This, the USSR?
Norman Solomon: A Voluntary Tic in Media Coverage of Iraq
Antonia Zerbisias: Turning Ugly Image on its Head
Paul Rockwell: The Role of Boycotts in the Fight for Peace
Michael Ratner: The Road to Abu Gharib: Paved With the Legal Opinion of Alberto R. Gonzales
James Klurfeld: Who's Left to Tell Bush He's Wrong?
Patrick Graham: Beyond Fallujah: A Year with the Iraqi Resistance
Matthew Rothschild: Not Rice's but Cheney's Triumph
Sheldon Rampton/John Stauber: Welcome to the One-Party State
Ted Rall: Monster of a Lawyer: Nominee for Attorney General Even Worse Than Ashcroft
Jay Bookman: A Theocracy Won't Forgive Our Trespasses

Wednesday, November 17
Nicholas von Hoffman: Now Is Not the Time For National Unity!
Robert Fisk: Who Killed Margaret Hassan?
John Nichols: Condi Rice: A Politician, Not a Diplomat
Frida Berrigan: Meet the New COs
Derrick Jackson: Colin Powell: Too Much the Good Soldier
Chris Bellamy: The Americans are Sowing Dragons' Teeth in Iraq
Richard Gwyn: Add Rice to Bush Hard-Right Recipe
Robert Kuttner: An Attack on American Tolerance
Mark Morford: Dear World: Sorry About Bush
Dave Zweifel: Integrity of Voting System Paramount

Tuesday, November 16
Thomas Walkom: Should Canada Indict Bush?
Robert Fisk: Death, Delusion and Democracy
James Carroll: Protecting 'Innocent' Ears
Howard Zinn: The Missing Voices of Our World
Antonia Zerbesias: Falluja Latest Place Press Freedom Attacked
Arsalan Iftikhar: Ashcroft's Reign: The Worst Since Era of J. Edgar Hoover
Robert Scheer: The Peter Principle and the Neocon Coup
Pierre Tristam: Nation's Flattery of Military Distorts its Role in Freedom
Gwynne Dyer: US Up Against the Iraqi Version of Whack-a-Mole
Ibrahim Kazerooni: Phantom Fury in Fallujah
Alan Gilbert: Corrupt Before a Vote was Cast
Matthew Rothschild: Powell Resigns, Two Years Too Late
Derrick Jackson: The God Vote
Helen Thomas: Arafat Was a Man of His People
Greg Guma: Election 2004: Lingering Suspicions

Monday, November 15
Mary-Wynne Ashford: Staying the Course
Jay Bookman: Greatest Fear Isn't Terrorists, It's Change
Thom Hartmann: Restoring Trust in the Vote
Kelly Ramundo: For an American Abroad, Where's the Love?
William Calvert: A War Toy Brings No Peace, No Joy
Colin Shea: I Smell a Rat
Sara Khorshid: Crimes in Iraq; Pray for Fallujah
Jacqueline Marcus: Voting: Is It All for Nada?
Mohamed Hamaludin: Is US Interest in Democracy Real?
Harley Sorensen: The Hillary Bait And Switch
John Borowski: I'll Ask Them, Jesus
Dave Zweifel: Bush Unlikely to be High-Minded in Win
Simeon Beckett: Terrorism Crusade Endangers Freedom
Cóilín Nunan: Oil, Currency and the War on Iraq

Sunday, November 14
Antonia Zerbisias: Web Abuzz With Vote-Rigging Tales
James K. Galbraith: Abolish Election Day
Eischa Mason: The Color of Our Moral Compass
Phil Tajitsu Nash/Emilienne Ireland: Democracy Wins When Votes Are Counted
Dennis Roddy: The Army's Long Arm
Ralph Nader: Why Can’t Voters Be as Diligent as they are Sports Fans?
Abdul Bariatwan: Why I Fear for the Dream of My Life
John Dear: The Vision of Peace
Frank Rich: To See Which 'Values' Are Dear to GOP, Just Turn on TV

Saturday, November 13
Larry Beinhart: George Bush Re-declares War
Mark LeVine: The Death of Arafat and the Myth of New Beginnings
Eduardo Galeano: Where the People Voted Against Fear
Christopher Brauchli: Rewriting the Geneva Convention
Lori Wallach: Foreign Investor Attacks After Argentine Collapse Are Cautionary Tale for CAFTA Nations
Toronto Star: `What Did Falluja Do to Deserve This?'
Carol Norris: An Open Letter to Congress: Do Your Job, Investigate the Voter Fraud Allegations
Adam Shapiro: Under Siege With Arafat
Benjamin DeMott: Whitewash as Public Service: How The 9/11 Commission Report Defrauds the Nation

Friday, November 12
Adam Werbach et al: November 3rd Theses
Helen Thomas: Attack on Fallujah Can't Be Justified
Derrick Jackson: Materialistic Madness
Mark LeVine: Four Times Falluja Equals?
Andrew Greeley: How Many More Iraqis Must Die For Our Revenge?
Don Holsinger: The Ram of Pride: Ending the Real Curse of 1918
Ira Chernus: Arafat and Kerry: How Images Eclipse Reality
Al Neuharth: Is McGovern Again Ahead of the Times?
vanden Heuvel/Borosage: Progressives: Get Ready to Fight
Tony Norman: Waiving Private Ryan in the New Moral Climate
Matthew Rothschild: Is the Scott Peterson Trial More Important than Fallujah?
Eric Alterman: Pin the Terrorist on the Donkey
Tony Robinson: It's Democrats Who Can Do Better
Molly Ivins: A Rotting, Dead Chicken

Thursday, November 11
Ruth Coniff: Reasons for Hope
Arianna Huffington: The Architects of Defeat? The Clintonistas
Norman Solomon: A Distant Mirror of Holy War
Jill Rachel Jacobs: Dear God...
Maureen Dowd: Alberto Gonzales: The Torture Guy
Haroon Siddiqui: For Many, Iraq Becoming a Crusade
Huck Gutman: US Elections: What Happened?
Margaret Krome: Vote Shows Media Failed
Harvey Wasserman: Why Did John Kerry Abandon His Crew (US!) in Battle?
Andrew Gumbel: Religious or Not, What We Really Saw Driving the SUV Presidency was Good Ol’ Nationalism
Ari Berman: It's the War, Stupid
Heather Gray: George Bush and the Presidential Election: A Perspective from the SouthGeorge Bush and the 2004 Elections: A Perspective from the South
Wednesday, November 10

Dennis Kucinich: A Note On The Presidential Election in Ohio
Naomi Klein: Rocket the Vote: Election Weapons
Patrick Cockburn: Crushing Fallujah Won't End War
Scott Ritter: Squeezing Jello in Iraq
Mike Davis: The White House Rodeo
Bernestine Singley: TampaVote: Dispatches from the Ground
Fr. Gerard Jean-Juste: Letter from a Haitian Jail
Katrina vanden Heuvel: The Republican Dictionary
Ted Rall: Confessions of a Cultural Elitist: Win or Lose, Kerry Voters Are Smarter Than Bush Voters
John Nichols: Danger for Dems: A Moral Misstep
Jason Victor Serinus: Marriage and the Electorate
Susan Reimer: Got Values? Republicans Apparently Think They Do
Derrick Jackson: Heeding the Call: `Vote or Die'

Tuesday, November 9
James Carroll: A Long-Run View
Robert McChesney: On Media and the Election
Kavita Ramdas: D is for Democracy...T is for?
John Crabtree-Ireland: The Bullies Win
Lawrence Pintak: Toward a Self-Interested U.S. Policy on Palestine
Antonia Zerbisias: Bin Laden Sought Bush Victory
Ed Garvey: Bush Planning Changes, So We Must Organize, Be Ready
George Monbiot: Religion of the Rich
Pierre Tristam: Subordinating Nation's Secular Values to Zealots' Will
Waleed Aly: How Many Dead Innocent Iraqis Is Too Many?
Karen Landers: Blue Nation, Red Nation, and a Run For Democracy
Rick Mercier: Progressives Were Winners in this Election Cycle

Monday, November 8
Dilip Hiro: No Carrots, All Stick: Blinkered Bush Set to Blunder Again in Iraq -- and Iran
Howard Zinn: The Optimism of Uncertainty
Norman Solomon: Transforming Four More Years
Bill C Davis: Ostensible Narratives - 2004
Megan Tady: The (Un)Concession Speech That Could Have Been
Tony Kevin: Fallujah: All the Makings of a War Crime
Andrew Bacevich: Unsafe for Democracy
Leonard Pitts Jr: Is This the Beginning of the End for America?
Phil Tajitsu Nash: Ten Questions About Campaign 2004l
Bob Herbert: Voting Without the Facts
Jay Bookman: Now Is the Fall of Our Discontent
Doug Ireland: The Iraqi Judge Who Knew too Much -- and was Fired for It
Thom Hartmann: This is a Game Where Principles are the Stake
Neal Peirce: A New Progressive Agenda
Harley Sorensen: Praise God And Pass Out The Cash

Sunday, November 7
Bill Hillsman: 'A Little Bit Late And a Bit Short' Take This Democratic Party. Please
Dianne Lobes: Vote Fraud, Fallujah and Well Beyond
Phyllis Hasbrouck: Kerry Left Volunteers in the Lurch
Linda McQuaig: We Don't Have to Abandon Our Beliefs Just Because a Few Million Extra God-Fearing Gay-Haters Voted for Bush
Eric Margolis: Bush Must Redeem His Name in World's Eyes
Ruani Seneviratne Freeman: Reclaiming Our Country
Alicia Ostriker: Light Up the Cave
Harold Meyerson: Liberals: Go Red, Not Right

Saturday, November 6
Rahul Mahajan: Fallujah and the Reality of War
Anita Hill: Questionable Tactics by GOP
Thom Hartmann: Evidence Mounts That The Vote May Have Been Hacked
David Cole: Antiterrorism Bill Would Violate Human Rights
David Potorti: One State, Two State, Red State, Blue State
Deborah Ellsworth: One Nation, Handcuffed Together
Richard Anderson: 1,000 Is Just a Number, Till You See the Crosses
Christopher Brauchli: Alas, The People Have Spoken
Torsten Mueller: German Student Sees U.S. Image Losing in Election
Ralph Nader: The Next Election

Friday, November 5
Katha Pollitt: Mourn
Molly Ivins: Don't Mourn, Organize
Roni Krouzman: Mourn and Organize
Paul Krugman: No Surrender
Larry Beinhart: The Silver Lining of the Democrats' Disastrous Defeat
John Dean: Understanding the 2004 Presidential Election
Chalmers Johnson: Abolish the CIA!
Thomas Frank: Why They Won
Stephen Zunes: Some Potentially Positive Developments from a Disastrous Election
Ira Chernus: Don't Blame the Bible-Thumpers for Bush Victory
Helen Thomas: Light Shed on Questions About War
Jonathan Chait: Those Who Voted for Bush May Be In for a Big Surprise
JoAnn Wypijewski: The Real Energy from the Opposition Came from Outside of the Democratic Party
Richard Glover: Those Things We Were Liable to Read into the Bible - It Ain't Necessarily So

Thursday, November 4
Thom Hartmann: The Ultimate Felony Against Democracy: Privatizing Our Vote
Michael Lerner: The Democrats Need a Spiritual Left
Greg Palast: Kerry Won
Antonia Zerbisias: Will Left in America Get Its Say Now?
John Nichols: Rove's Race: The Debate About Iraq Never Took Hold
Brandi Neal/Mira Ptacin: Now More Than Ever
Tom Engelhardt: The Election Hangover of a Lifetime
Katrina vanden Heuvel: Stand and Fight
Claude Stephenson: In Our Winter of Discontent, Progressive Hope Must Spring Eternal
Haroon Siddiqui: Kerry Lost by Running as Bush Lite
Robert Borosage: Post-Concession Reflections
Garry Wills: The Day the Enlightenment Went Out
Matthew Rothschild: A Letter to Incredulous Friends Around the World
Robert Jensen: "Your Rich Men are Full of Violence"
Stephen Mitchell: Envisioning the Future
Peter Phillips: Democracy Fails: Corporations Win

Wednesday, November 3
Sarah Anderson: Ten Reasons Not to Move to Canada
Arundhati Roy: What We Call Peace is Little Better Than Capitulation To a Corporate Coup
John Stauber: How to Vote for Peace, Against the Patriot Act, and Win Elections
Bryant Urstadt: Electing to Leave: A Readers Guide to Expatriating on November 3rd
Rosa Maria Pegueros: Fear Trumps Reason
Robert Kuttner: Next: Exiting Iraq
Sanat Mohanty: Revisiting our Successes
Haroon Siddiqui: What's Next For a Nation Deeply Divided? World Now Stands Far Away from US
Clint Talbott: A Sad End to Appalling Campaign
Max Fraad Wolff: In the Cold Darkness Before Sunrise
John Nichols: We Can Wait One More Night
Madison Capital Times: The Lesson of Feingold's Win

Tuesday, November 2

Pierre Tristam: Sleepless Before Election Night in the America of Fact and Fiction
Linda O'Brien: The Tribe VS. George W. Bush
James Carroll: An Election Day Meditation
John MacArthur: Religion's Kidnapping of the Campaign
Rosa Maria Pegueros: Missing Miss Kitty Amidst the Gunsmoke
Alan Ramsey: The Genie of Chaos Has Taken Control of Iraq
Sam Graham-Felsen: Waking Up Tomorrow: Two Visions
Jimmy Breslin: Why Kerry Will Beat Bush
Sean Gonsalves: Vote and Organize or Die
John Buell: Walking Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death
John Nichols: Bush Started Out Bad and Got Worse
William Raspberry: 'Unwanted, Unpolled Unlikelies' Could Surprise the Pollsters
Thomas Walkom: Bin Laden Makes His Choice: Bush
Robert Scheer: The U.N. Deserves an Apology
Greg Palast: An Election Spoiled Rotten

Monday, November 1
Medea Benjamin/Deborah James: Florida's Palm Beach County Bracing for the Electoral Storm
Michael Moore: One Day Left
Bill C. Davis: Inauguration Day
Anna Manzo/Scott Harris: Cracks in the Empire: Compilation of Insiders Who Have Taken Aim at Bush's Iraq Policy
Andrew Rice/Lila Lipscomb: America Needs Realism, Not Macho Talk
Stephen Zunes: Missing Explosives Cache Emblematic of Bush Administration Failures in Iraq
Norman Solomon: The World Is Depending on Us to Defeat Bush
Elinor Langer: Palm Beach Déjà Vu?
Don St. Clair: Ten Reasons for Greens to Vote for Kerry
Jay Bookman: Republican's Mail Scheme Earns Stamp of Disapproval
Harley Sorensen: Predictions, New And Old
Carol Towarnicky: On Women's Issues, Bush Going Backward
John Nichols: Political Laughs? Try Fox




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