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May 2004

Monday, May 31
Coleman Gorham: War Memorials Only Honor Failure
Caroline Arnold: Memorial Day, Forever?
Thom Hartmann: The Choice This Year Is Between Empire and Democracy
Megan Boler: NY Times Apology Feels Hollow
Paul Cienfuegos: The Organic Foods Movement - Led by Heinz Corporation or We the People?
Jane Holtz Kay: Car Culture's Excess Rolls Toward Oblivion
William Raspberry: How Many Rationales Does It Take To Go To War?
Bob Hebert: America's Abu Ghraibs
Kathy Kelly: 'Social Security': Voices in the Wilderness on Trial for 'Crime' of Delivering Medicine to Iraqis
Gary Younge: Bush and Blair Appear to Think that Making Declarations on Iraq is Enough to Change the Realities on the Ground
Ralph Nader: State Legislatures as "Laboratories Of Democracy"
Adam Cohen: What Studs Terkel's 'Working' Says About Worker Malaise Today
Joshua Jelly-Schapiro: Remembering Dave Dellinger

Sunday, May 30
Frank Rich: It Was the Porn That Made Them Do It
Clay Evans: We Don't Need No Stinkin' Sacrifice!
Robyn Blumner: The Man Behind All The Bad Decisions

Saturday, May 29
New York Times: Who Tests Voting Machines?
James Moore: How Chalabi And The White House Held The Front Page
Madison Capital Times: Return Iraq to Iraqis
Christopher Brauchli: Another Tax Break For The Well-Off?

Friday, May 28
Reggie Rivers: Keep our Slaves Safe
Bob Herbert: Al Gore: A Speech That's No Joke
David Leigh: Catch-22 Revisited: Abuse of Iraqi Prisoners  Inquiry Reveals Incompetence Worthy of Joseph Heller's Novel
Norman Solomon: Major 'Liberal' Outlets Clog Media Diets
Patricia Kneisler: I Have Met the Enemy
Paul Krugman: To Tell the Truth
Andrew Greeley: How War in Iraq Derails Real War on Terror
Derrick Jackson: Bush Shifting Terror Alarm Onto Iraq
Madison Capital Times: Michael Moore's Movie Moment
Harvey Wasserman: Will Bush the Beheader use Terrorism to Become America's Pinochet?
Adrian Hamilton: 'Declare Victory and Withdraw'
Clancy Sigal: Freedom and Fear Just Over the Hill
Minneapolis Star Tribune: Al-Qaida: War in Iraq Strengthened It
Antonia Zerbisias: Poking Holes in the Official Story of 9/11

Thursday, May 27
Al Gore: Bush Promised Us Humility; Brought Us Humiliation
Jonathan Rowe: Our Dangerous Distance between the Private and the Commons
Jonathan Schell: It's Time to Politicize the War in Iraq
Amy Goodman/David Goodman: Fatal Error: The Lies of Our Times
Sidney Blumenthal: The Bush Orthodoxy is in Shreds
Haroon Siddiqui: Bush's Credibility Problem
Robert Semple Jr: A Film That Could Warm Up the Debate on Global Warming
Robert Kuttner: Bush's Health Care Scam
John Pearce: Nader’s 04 Candidacy: The True Impact
Hal Crowther: With Trembling Fingers
Timothy Garton Ash: Iraq may Spell the End of an Evangelical Belief in American Military Power
James Goldsborough: Looking the Other Way from Gaza Destruction
Arianna Huffington: Oil Money And A Smart Energy Policy Don't Mix
Dilip Hiro: As the June 30 Handover Deadline Nears, Worries Grow About What Will Be Left Behind in Iraq

Wednesday, May 26
Mike Davis: Tanking Up on the Oil Crisis: The View from Hubbert's Peak
Robert Fisk: Follow Torture Trail at Abu Ghraib
Zeynep Toufe: The New Draft UN Resolution Allows for Perpetual Occupation
Norman Solomon: About That Invitation to Join the Bush-Cheney '04 Team
Derrick Jackson: Bush's Blind Leadership
Nicholas Kristof: On One Issue, John Kerry is No Alternative to George Bush: Both of Them Embrace Ariel Sharon
Hillary Frey: Rockin' for the Free World
Salim Lone: Now Bush Must Rise to De Mello's Challenge
Tom Teepen: Bush Speech: Take Two
Jeffrey Michael Goodman: Taking Andy to Task
Mitchell Anderson: We are Finally Running Out of Cheap Gas - Good
Joyce Marcel: Who Do You Love? How Do You Love?
Resat Kasaba: We Should Exit Iraq Now, and Here's How We Do It
Jessica Montell: Demolishing Houses, and Lives
Stephen Zunes: President Bush’s May 24 Speech on Iraq: A Critique

Tuesday, May 25
Roger Morris: A Call to Conscience
Matthew Rothschild: Bush Promises the Appearance of Chaos Ahead
Pierre Tristam: No Justification for Lives Lost in Vietnam -- or Now in Iraq
Robert Scheer: Can It Get Anymore Bizarre? Chalabi's Long, Costly Charade
Robert Chesshyre: America's Brutal Culture of Unseen Oppression
John Nichols: Lynne Cheney's Warped View of History
Steven Laffoley: Worse than Chimps
Ananya Mukherjee Reed: The UN’s Mandate in Iraq: Four Questions
Sean Gonsalves: This is Your Bill for the War
Miles Rapoport/Maxine Nelson: On Anniversary of Voter Registration Law, Commit to its Fulfillment
Bill Gallagher: Bush-Cheney War the Worst Disaster in American Foreign Policy?
Ralph Nader: From Uranium and Coal to Wind - A Renewable Future for the Seventh Generation
Joan Vennochi: Campaign Images Aren't Cutting It
Minneapolis Star Tribune: Bush's Speech: Simply More of the Same

Monday, May 24
Andy Rooney: Our Darkest Days Are Here
Carl Bernstein: History Lesson: GOP Must Stop Bush
Robert Jensen: It's Not Just the Emperor Who is Naked, But the Whole Empire
Bob Herbert: Did Somebody Say War?
Susan Sontag: What Have We Done?
Molly Ivins: How Fascism Starts
Medea Benjamin: Camilo Mejia Goes to Prison for His Stance Against the War in Iraq, While a Campaign to Free Camilo Begins
Rosa Maria Pegueros: No Honor Among Thieves
James Goldsborough: War, Religion and National Interests
Marcella David: Avoiding the T-word: America Can't Treat Abu Ghraib as 'Torture Lite'
Anthony Lewis: Rumsfeld's Long List of Failures
Sheryl McCarthy: US Adventure in Iraq Amounts to Big Con Job

Sunday, May 23
Frank Rich: Michael Moore's Candid Camera
Elizabeth Sullivan: Chalabi's Fall From Grace Heralds New Set of Doubts
Dennis Roddy: Preventive Governance: A New Twist in the War Against Gay Marriage
Thomas Oliphant: Bush and Kerry Both Lag on Civil Rights for Gays
Tom Brazaitis: History Profs Rate Bush a Disaster

Saturday, May 22
AnneMarie Slaughter: Hubris and Hypocrisy: America is Failing to Honor Its Own Codes
David Foster: How America Came to Justify Prisoner Abuse
Cynthia Tucker: Some Americans in Full Retreat from America's Core Values
William Pfaff: Getting Out: Give Iraqis Complete Sovereignty
Terry Jones: America Hardly Seems Like America Any More
Frida Berrigan: The Year of the Troops?
Tom Barry: Liberal Hawks: Flying in Neocon Circles
David Corn: Can Iraq Get Any Worse?
Christopher Brauchli: Nothing New About Abuse of Prisoners
James Hirsch: America has Lost Its Moral Authority on POWs

Friday, May 21
Michael Berg: George Bush Never Looked into Nick's Eyes
Katha Pollitt: Do You Feel a Draft?
Caroline Arnold: Thinking Freedom, Talking Democracy
HDS Greenway: Down the Drain in Iraq
John Nichols: Kerry & Iraq: Kerry's Nader Problem
Dan Carol: Kerry & Iraq: Lighten Up on Kerry - It's Bush's War
Gerald Epstein: Kerry & Iraq: A Speech for John Kerry
Scott Ritter: Iraq Sarin Shell is not Part of a Secret Cache
William Rees: In Praise of Higher Fuel Prices: Why We Should Pay More for Gas
Mokhiber/Weissman: Tuna Meltdown
Derrick Jackson: Rhetoric for Kids, Money for War
Jonathan Zimmerman: Winning Back Lost Trust
Philip Smucker: US Talk Show Rhetoric Sounds a Rwandan Echo
Bob Herbert: 'Gooks' to 'Hajis'

Thursday, May 20
Julian Ninio: The Diseases of a Troubled Nation
Amy Goodman: An Interview with Arundhati Roy
Sidney Blumenthal: The Religious Warrior of Abu Ghraib: An Evangelical US General played a Pivotal Role in Iraqi Prison Reform
Andrew Cockburn: The Truth About Ahmed Chalabi
Dennis Kucinich: Get US Military Out of Iraq
Jackie Ashley: Michael Moore, Bush-baiter, Cult Figure and Global Internet Brand, has much to teach Modern Politicians
John Nichols: Why Do Some Catholic Leaders Attack Pro-Choice Pols But Not War Supporters?
Matthew Rothschild: Denied Entrance to Bush Event in Dubuque
Arianna Huffington: John Kerry And Bobby Kennedy's Unfinished Mission
Matthew Briggs: From Abu Ghraib to Your Local Prison: Phony Stories, Real War
Robert Freeman: National Missile Defense: The Secrets the Pentagon Doesn't Want You to Know
Helen Thomas: Message To Kerry: Time To Protest War Again
Abhinav Aima: The Iraqi Republicans: How Bush's America Will Be a Lot Like the New Iraq
Tom Engelhardt: Failure of the Will?

Wednesday, May 19
John Gray: Power and Vainglory: Iraq Isn't Another Vietnam - It's Much Worse
Katrina vanden Heuvel: Kerry's Exit Strategy
David D'Allesandro: To the President from a Father: Shame On Us
Kathy Kelly: Change Agents
Ken Livingstone: We Must Withdraw
Iain Macwhirter: Iraq Disaster Isn’t Coming to an End, it’s Only Just Begun
Ray McGovern: Fire the Creators of Unwinnable War
Madison Capital Times: Tearing the Fabric of Lies
Linda Burnham: Sexual Domination in Uniform: An American Value
Diana Wagman: Fun in a Flak Jacket
Guy Reel: If a Democrat Were Doing This
Ted Rall: Fire the War Pimps: Zero Tolerance for Iraq War Pundits
Lloyd Jansen: It's Too Late to Uproot Iraq's Growing Resistance

Tuesday, May 18
Robert Scheer: Scandal's Shame, Massachusetts' Pride
John Nichols: Voters in India say No to Globalization
Zeynep Toufe: Neither the Administration's Scapegoating nor a Denial of the Moral Agency of Torturers
Pierre Tristam: Media's Isolated Flights of Fiction Less Damaging than Skipping Story
Paul Krugman: The Wastrel Son: Lost Prestige is Better Than Ruin
Betsy Leondar-Wright: Why Would a Progressive Gay Couple Marry?
George Soros: A Constructive Vision for America's Role in the World
Antonia Zerbisias: Tide is Changing in US Coverage of War in Iraq
David Corn: Powell Admits False WMD Claim
Sheila Samples: Playing the CYA Game
Sean Gonsalves: Do Something, Don't Standby
Irene Weiser: One Hundred Twelve Women Assaulted in Iraq, Afghanistan
John Buell: The Lessons of Torture Should Be Learned Again
Steven Miles: A Troubling Silence from Prison Medics

Monday, May 17
Ruth Rosen: End the Occupation
Charlotte Higgins: Fahrenheit 9/11 Could Light Fire Under Bush
Gary Younge: Blame the White Trash: The Abu Ghraib Torturers are Vile, but they are being Scapegoated for Crimes that are the Fruit of Occupation
Ira Chernus: Group Marriage: A Legal Right?
Laura Santina: Were Abu Ghraib Soldiers Properly Trained?
John Stauber/Sheldon Rampton: The War at Home
Ralph Nader: Abandoning the Workers Suffering from Lingering 9/11 Respiratory Damage
Katrina vanden Heuvel: The Dumbest Policy: Bush's new Cuba Policy Combines Ideology with Narrow Political Short-termism
Tom Engelhardt: Chaos in Washington
Thom Hartmann: Liberal Talk Radio - Let The Water Cooler Wars Begin
Dick Meyer: Lone Ranger Bush; No Silver Bullet
Colleen Redman: Want Good News? Vote Bush Out

Sunday, May 16
Eric Margolis: Vietnam All Over Again
Barbara Ehrenreich: Feminism's Assumptions Upended
William Pfaff: A New American Dream
James Moore: When Morality Vanishes from the Battlefield, the War is Lost
Frank Rich: Saving Private England
Tom Brazaitis: Just Can't Kick the War Habit
Christian Appy: Faces of War

Saturday, May 15
Martin Jacques: Our Moral Waterloo: The Claims of Western Values are Mocked by Iraq and the Rise of Asia
Christopher Brauchli: Abuses in Iraq - and Brooklyn
John Quigley: A Crude Shock
Karen Piet: True Patriot Will Look Out For Others

Friday, May 14
Arundhati Roy: India's Elections: Let us Hope the Darkness has Passed
Bill McKibben: Ashcroft Fishes Out 1872 Law in a Bid to Scuttle Protester Rights
Paul Krugman: A Crude Shock
HDS Greenway: The Humiliation Bomb
Jonathan Steele: Would a Pullout from Iraq be more Chaotic Than This?
Joseph Mulligan: From Killing Civilians in "Mock" Attack on Iraqi Village to Torture in Abu Ghraib Prison
Chip Ward: Rewilding America: The Froggy Love-Tunnel Vision Quest
Alfred McCoy: Torture at Abu Ghraib Followed CIA's Manual
Daniel Barenboim: Israel Ignores Founding Principles
James Wallerstedt: We Face A Fork in the Road
Jules Witcover: Kucinich Battles On
Don Williams: In Iraq, We have Entered the Heart of Darkness
Andrew Greeley: Bush has no Excuse in Abuse Scandal
Chad Hanson: Burning a Forest to Save It

Thursday, May 13
Naomi Klein: Jobs Down, Thumbs Up
Robert Jay Lifton: Conditions of Atrocity
Ralph Nader: Letter to President Bush: Inhumane Treatment of Prisoners Produces Blowbacks and Backlashes
Maureen Dowd: Clash of Civilizations
John Nichols: When King George Travels, Liberties Suffer
Megan Tady: Anyone But Bush? An Open Letter to John Kerry
Larry Beinhart: Anyone But Bush? It's Not Kerry's Job to Lead. That's Our Job
Joan Vennochi: Where's the Exit from this Mess?
Bill Berkowitz: Is the Democratic Candidate Trying to Out-Bush Bush on Iraq, the War on Terrorism, Israel, and Cuba?
Robert Koehler: "Sorry's" Hollow Ring: The Best Damage Control is Impeachment
Sidney Blumenthal: America's Military Coup: Donald Rumsfeld has a New War on his Hands - the US Officer Corps has turned on the Government
Lawrence Weschler: He's the Picture of Racial Compassion
Mike Ferner: Shocked! I’m Simply Shocked that Abuse is Going on Here!
Helena Cobban: A Pattern of Culpability in Iraq
Haroon Siddiqui: Troubling Questions about Iraq

Wednesday, May 12
Kurt Vonnegut: We Are All Addicts of Fossil Fuels in a State of Denial, About to Face Cold Turkey
William Pfaff: Who Ordered 'Shock and Awe'?
Joyce Marcel: Which Side Are You On?
Norman Solomon: The Coming Backlash Against Outrage
Douglas Starr: Senseless Crackdown on Cuba
Robert Steinback: Arrogance Has Led Us To Quagmire
Mark LeVine: War Crimes Have Doomed the Occupation
Harvey Wasserman: Bush the Torturer Must Leave Office
Danny Schecter: Why Media Stood Silent When Torture Cases First Came To Light
Matthew Albracht: Why Progressives and Conservatives Should Support a Department of Peace
Derrick Jackson: US Abuse of Black Men a Prelude to Scandal
Ivan Eland: Torture in Iraq: Appalling. Politicians’ Reactions: Not Much Better
Robert Kuttner: What Greenspan Won't Admit About Deficit
John Baer: Time to Get the Hell Out

Tuesday, May 11
Renee Loth: Massachusetts Liberal: A Label Kerry Should be Proud Of
Michael Meacher: Playing Bin Laden's Game: The West is losing the War on Terror on a Global Scale
Pierre Tristam: It's Not Hard to Act Like an Animal When in the Company of Beasts
John Nichols: Rumsfeld Should Quit a Sinking Ship
Ira Chernus: Iraq's Political Puzzle, Piece by Piece
Mark Engler: On the Necessity of Torture
Paul Krugman: Just Trust Us
Rosa Maria Pegueros: See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil
Joseph Wakim: To Bush, the Arab is Always the Villain
New York Times: Lawn vs. Demonstrators
Robert Scheer: Thread of Abuse Runs to the Oval Office
Gary Younge: Brutality: The Home Truths
Charleston Gazette: Behemoth: Wal-Mart Steamroller
David Lynn: Harass the Republicans? Yes

Monday, May 10
Bill Moyers: The Media, Politics, and Censorship
Harley Sorensen: When 'Evil-Doers' Are On Our Side
William Raspberry: Kerry Might Well Pause, Listen to Nader
Heather Wokusch: From Texas to Abu Ghraib: The Bush Legacy of Prisoner Abuse
Ralph Nader: Outsourcing Democracy at Taxpayers' Expense
Ray McGovern: More Troops? A March of Folly
Michael Massing: 'Bad Apples' or Predictable Fruits of War?
Christopher Reed: Given the Way it Treats its own Inmates, America Shouldn't be Shocked at the Abuse of Iraqis
Tom Engelhardt: Postcards from the Edge: "We Saw the Pictures"
Linda Milazzo: Would Rumsfeld Really Sing?
Robert Higgs: The Crimes at Abu Ghraib Are Not the Worst
Patrick Leahy: Prison Abuses In Iraq: A Failure Of Leadership, Not Of Followership
Holly Sklar: Help Mom Break that Glass Ceiling
Jay Bookman: Leaders Guard War's Folly, not its Dead

Sunday, May 9
Eric Margolis: Sadism in War Old Habit
Abbas Kadhim: Official US Reaction Compounds the Rage
Linda McQuaig: Bushites Set Tone That Led to Abuse
Mary Riddell: A New Monster-in-Chief
Les Payne: The Abuse Should Come as no Surprise
Elizabeth Sullivan: A Poorly-Handled Interrogation for Rumsfeld
Rosa Ehrenreich Brooks: A Climate That Nurtures Torture

Saturday, May 8
David Corn: Rumsfeld Gets Off Easy
Madison Capital Times: Hail to The Progressive
Ben Macintyre: The Empire Strikes Out

Friday, May 7
Jeff Cohen: A Progressive Response to the Nader Campaign
Caroline Arnold: What Really Happened at Kent State?
Howard Zinn: How to Get Out of Iraq
Susan Lenfestey: Month of May Once was Merry, but not this Year
Salim Muwakkil: Bush's Foreign Policies are Fueling Global Hatred
Helen Thomas: Time for a Graceful Exit from Iraq
Kathy Kelly: May Day in Federal Prison
Juan Gonzalez: Murky Facts on Sick G.I.s
Rebecca Solnit: A Dream Three Times the Size of Texas
Tamim Ansary: 9/11: What Could Have Been
Tony Norman: The Seeds of Abu Ghraib were Sown in American Prisons
Patrisia Gonzales/Roberto Rodriguez: Teach Everyone to Sing: It's About Recognizing That All Power is Derived from "We the People"
Derrick Jackson: Searching for the Truth on Escalating War Costs
Dick Meyer: Rush: MPs Just 'Blowing Off Steam'

Thursday, May 6
Clay Evans: This War is Toast
Jonathan Schell: How to Get Out of Iraq
Rosa Maria Pegueros: Round Up The Usual Suspects
Guy Reel: The Military-Mass Media Complex
Arianna Huffington: Bush Democracy: Do You Recognize His America?
Bill C Davis: March Orders
Norman Solomon: This War and Racism -- Media Denial in Overdrive
Marc Cooper: Dirty Pictures, Dirty War: Doing your Own Thing in Abu Ghraib
Kevin Zeese/Nader Spokesman: How to Build a Common Sense, Populist Political Movement and Remove President Bush from Office
Crispin Sartwell: Mutating Into What We Hate
John Nichols: Big Worries About John Kerry
Robert Bastian Jr: Exporting America's Shame
Haroon Siddiqui: Scandal Bigger than Prison Abuse
Sidney Blumenthal: This is the New Gulag: Bush has Created a Global Network of Extra-legal and Secret US Prisons with Thousands of Inmates
Antonia Zerbisias: Mickey Mouse Muzzles Moore and More

Wednesday, May 5
Mark Weisbrot: Torture in Iraq: Another Reason to Get Out
Joyce Marcel: A Grin to Destroy the World
Harvey Wasserman: Put George W. Bush in Prison
Robert Fisk: 'Good Guys' Should be Ashamed
Robert Kuttner: Bush's Mess is Kerry's Peril
Thom Hartmann: Time To Reconsider Jefferson's Call For Universal Service
Derrick Jackson: US Education Suffers in Waste of Iraq War
Salim Lone: It's Past Time to Punt on Iraq
Bev Harris: A Simple Way to Make Computer Voting Safer
Jack Lessenberry: Helping Osama Win the War
Bruce Ackerman: 2-for-1 Voting: A Proposal for Ralph Nader
Michael Coblenz: Tortured Logic
James Ridgeway: The US Occupation turns Malignant, like those Cancerous Prison Cells

Tuesday, May 4
Gwynne Dyer: It Looks as if Game is up for Americans in Iraq
John MacArthur: Drop the Perverse Wilsonianism and Get Out Now
Betsy Leondar-Wright: Climbing the White Escalator
Robert Scheer: With Immoral US Leadership, is it so Shocking to find Torturers in the Ranks?
Mindy Lubber: Global Warming's Bottom Line
Reed Brody: Prisoner Abuse: What About the Other Secret U.S. Prisons?
Monroe Freedman: Scalia no Stranger to Cheney's Corner
Steve Chapman: Government's New Tool in the Drug War: A Muzzle
Paul Krugman: Battlefield of Dreams
Rick Mercier: The Pentagon's Feith-based Program: 'Leave no Dot Unconnected'
Pierre Tristam: Waiting for the Bubble's Burst to Free America's State of Mind
William Pfaff: An Exit Strategy Based on Iraqi Nationalism
Ellen Goodman: America Viewed Darkly by the World
Ira Chernus: Abuse at Abu Ghraib: Now Showing at a Theater Near You

Monday, May 3
Juan Cole: The US Has Lost the Battle of the Photographs
Laura Flanders: A Few Things About the Cheneys
Ruth Rosen: Wal-Mart Knows No Shame
Bruce Cole: Speak for Yourself, Senator
Katrina vanden Heuvel: Torture at Abu Ghraib
Tom Maertens: Our Invasion Made Matters Worse
New York Times: The Nightmare at Abu Ghraib
Lawrence Korb: 11-Step Program for Iraq Failure
Jason Leopold: Schwarzenegger Pulls a Cheney; Aides Refuse to Identify People Who Helped Governor Draft California Energy Plan
Ralph Nader: The Remarkable Persistence of Corporate Crime and Kickbacks
John Sutherland: God save America...The Race for the White House will be decided by Fundagelicals
David Benjamin: Telecommuting to Baghdad: The Better Way to Run a War

Sunday, May 2
Eric Margolis: Deja Vu All Over Again
Les Payne: Wolfowitz is Numerically Challeged
Ellen Goodman: Demonizing the Women's March
P.W. Singer: Private Military Contractors: Above Law, Above Decency
Joseph C. Wilson IV: `Administration Went After Me And My Wife'
Henry Porter: The Electrodes' Switch is in Washington
Diana Chapman Walsh: Five Qualities of Leaders We Can Trust

Saturday, May 1
Kevin Toolis: Iraq: Just a Massive Fix to Justify Bush's Revenge
Matthew Rothschild: This is Media Bias
Jimmy Breslin: Bush Skips Oath, as Well as Truth
Christopher Brauchli: 'Break That Pledge,' said the Lord




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