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March 2004

Wednesday, March 31
Al Franken: To the Moon, George, to the Moon
Isabel Hilton: Guantánamo: Maybe None of Them are Terrorists
Robert Kuttner: The Failure to Keep America Safe
Catherine Cunningham/Sean Sellers: Yo No Quiero Taco Bell: Farmworker Struggles and the Legacy of César Chavez
Seattle Times: The Troubling Arc of Media Concentration
Matt Schroeder/Rachel Stohl: Pakistan Policy Sends Dangerous Signal
Ivan Eland: Being the Government Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry
Ted Rall: Where Was the Air Force? The Real Question on 9-11
Margie Burns: Toothless Commission: Holes in the Investigation
Dave Zweifel: Stressed Travelers Need Passenger Rail
Joel Beinin: Thought Control for Middle East Studies
Bill Maxwell: No Faith-Based Attacks on Bush Allowed

Tuesday, March 30
Tom Daschle: Floor Statement of Sen. Daschle on the Abuse of Government Power
Miami Herald: Anti-American News Silenced in Iraq
Paul Krugman: This Isn't America
New York Times: Hearts, Minds and Padlocks
Gregory Johnsen: Arabs Glued to TV News - But Not to US Sponsored Al Hurra
Floyd Abrams: The Democracy Lesson Backfires
Pierre Tristam: What Matters is the Crack of a Bat - The only New Year's Day Worth the Name
Thomas Oliphant: Understanding the Real Costs of Iraq War
Robert Scheer: Bush Puts a 'Cancer on the Presidency' - Watergate Insider calls this White House 'Scary'
William Pfaff: The Debate on Humanitarian Intervention
Matthew Rothschild: Gangsters in the White House
Sean Gonsalves: How to Keep a Big Secret
Ed Garvey: We Need to be Well Informed

Monday, March 29
Kathy Kelly: Doing Time for Crossing Lines
Larry Johnson: The War on Clarke
Danny Schecter: Clarke and the Media Failures of 9-11
Barbara Ehrenreich: Bush's Odd Warfare State
Byron Williams: Black Pastors Take Bush's Bait
Dave Zweifel: Remember When Banks had a Heart?
Kim Antieau: War of the Fanatics
Neve Gordon: Israel’s Operation has Actually Strengthened the Legitimacy of Hamas’s Military Wing
Jay Bookman: Clarke's View of Terrorism Unclouded
Ralph Nader: Equality Index Catalogues Economic Gap
James Goldsborough: What the Pledge was Meant to Mean
Jonathan Steele: The Middle East needs its Democracy Home-Grown
Sheryl McCarthy: The Casualties of Iraq Include GI Suicides

Sunday, March 28
Rick Mercier: Why the Media Owe You an Apology on Iraq
Eric Margolis: The 'War President' Waged a War of Lies
Jimmy Breslin: Rice Keeps Door Closed to the Public
Maureen Dowd: Who's Your Daddy Party?
Madison Capital Times: Truth Haunts Bush
Leonard Pitts Jr: Bush's Costly Fixation
Tom Maertens: Clarke's Public Service

Saturday, March 27
Frank Rich: Faux Journalism is the White House's New Ally
Robert Buzzanco: Remembering Vietnam
Christopher Brauchli: Deception Through Silence
Meir Carasso: Bush Should Choose Not to Run
Michael Meacher: The Path to Friendship Goes via the Oil and Gas Fields

Friday, March 26
John Nichols: Striking Where Bush is Weakest
Robert Freeman: Purging The Ghosts of Vietnam
Katha Pollitt: Pull Over, NASCAR Dads: Single Women are a Natural Constituency for the Democratic Party
Ira Chernus: Bush Critics Want Right Things for the Wrong Reasons Why John Kerry Must Retract his Position on Venezuela
Ann Samuelson: Senator Kerry: You Want My Vote? Support My Positions!
Ivo Daalder/James Lindsay: Trust Clarke: He's Right about Bush
Derrick Jackson: Bush's Fatal Distraction
HDS Greenway: Assassination Fallout Bodes Ill for US
Nick Turse: Living Weapons Labs - War American-Style
Bob Herbert: The Wrong War
Linda Ellerbee: All Things Weren't Considered

Thursday, March 25
David Corn: MIA WMDs--For Bush, It's a Joke
Antonia Zerbisias: Fog of War Still Hasn't Lifted
Norman Solomon: The Media Politics of 9/11
Sidney Blumenthal: Bush's Brand New Enemy is the Truth
Ruth Rosen: Bush's Female Troubles
Maureen Dowd: Truth as a Weapon
Jimmy Breslin: Only One Guy with Guts in the Bunch
Mokhiber/Weissman: Indecent
Jackie Ashley: Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid: Government Warnings about our Vulnerability to Terrorism Underline how Badly its War on Terror is Going
Huck Gutman: Outsourcing in the Developing and Developed World
Peter Singer: Bush's Meandering Moral Compass
Yoichi Funabashi: US Election: The World Should Also Have a Vote
Marc Cooper: No Gloating, Please: Bush's Lies Aside, the Fiends are Still out There Trying to Do Us In
Albert Scardino/John Scardino: Bush is a Fear President
Arianna Huffington: I'd Like A Tuna On White - Hold The Mercury!

Wednesday, March 24
Naomi Klein: The White House Wants to Make the Iraqis Seem to Be Out of Control, Incapable of Governing Without US Direction
Jeremy Rifkin: The Perfect Storm That's About to Hit
Daytona Beach News-Journal: Assassinations 'r Us: Israeli Action Reflects, and Indicts, US Policy
John Whitbeck: 'The War on Terror': A Moment to Pause and Reflect
Guardian/UK: Enemies of the Truth
Danny Schechter: Stern's Loose Lips Give Bush the Slip
Helen Thomas: Justifying Invasion a Full-Time Job
Derrick Jackson: The Forgotten Victims of the War in Iraq
Trudy Rubin: Dissent from Within on Iraq War
Jonathan Freedland: Why Israel killed Yassin
Jim Goronson: El Savador Elections: "Democracy" in the Empire's Backyard
Sonali Kolhatkar: Jihad Comes Full Circle: US and Pakistan in the Hunt for Bin Laden
Joe Conason: Clarke’s Book Shows Why Bush Fears Truth

Tuesday, March 23
Paul Krugman: Richard Clarke: Lifting the Shroud
Sherri Muzher: Israelis Promulgate Extrajudicial Murder and the US Looks On
Minneapolis Star Tribune: Richard Clarke: His Case is Deep, Compelling
Helen Thomas: Ignoble, Unnecessary War Hurts America and the Global Community
Lawrence Pintak: Political Islam’s Democratic Face
Peggy Akers: Speech for Truth - the First Day of Spring: Speech to the March 20th Peace Rally in Augusta, Maine
Joan Vennochi: It's Hard for Politcians to Say War Wasn't Worth It
Marie Cocco: Bush's 9/11 Myths Endanger US
Robert Scheer: Blowing a Whistle on Bush's 9/11 Failures
Anas Altikriti: Sheihk Ahmed Yassin's Assassination: Blood on Their Hands
John Buell: Marriage and Civic Equality
Sean Gonsalves: Salvation From the Rising Tide?

Monday, March 22
John Nichols: When Rupert Murdoch Calls... Condoleezza Rice Answers
Marge Piercy: Shallow Electorate's Deep Flaws
Jackson Browne: Songs of Cuba, Silenced in America
Ruth Rosen: One Year Later
Barbara Burt: Ending the Inside Game: Speech to the March 20th Peace Rally in Augusta, Maine
John Dear: In the Name of Peace: Speech to the March 20th Peace Rally in Santa Fe, New Mexico
Rod Such: Response to Pattrice Jones’s Article Titled “Let’s Put on a Show"
Marybeth Holleman: The Lingering Lessons of the Exxon Valdez Spill
Mark Weisbrot: Is The Fed Playing Election-Year Politics?
Tom Engelhardt: One Year Later than What?
Daniel Jack Chasan: Americans Have Yet to Learn the Hard Political Lessons of the Arab Oil Embargo
Tristram Hunt: The Entire Bush Foreign Policy is based on a Dubious Narrative of US History that has Freedom at its Heart
Felicity Arbuthnot: Iraq: Hotel Lebanon - A Doctor's Story
Philip Bowring: Ripples from Spain are Rocking Australia

Sunday, March 21
Bill Larsen: Alternatives To War: A Simple Test
Ian Bell: Ask No Questions: The US Press May Finally Be Realizing It Was Hoodwinked Over the War - But the Coverage of Madrid Proves It Hasn't Learned
Robert Fisk: Spanish Soldiers Prepare to Return to Home Front
Leonard Pitts Jr: Hate to Say I Told You So
Les Payne: Is This Any Way for a Civilized Nation to Act?
Carlos Fuentes: Looking for Enemies in the Wrong Places

Saturday, March 20
Richard Overy: History Will Damn Them: We Must Not Accept Our Leaders' Illegal Occupation of a Sovereign State
Henry Porter: It is Essential We Admit We Were Wrong
Christopher Brauchli: Saddam Hussein's Helpers
Doug Thomson: The Most Dangerous Man in the World
Philip Smucker: The Media on Terror's Trail -- The Watchdog Takes a Snooze
Newsday: Bush Misleads on Iraq Goals
Anton Antonowicz: Where Is Freedom? Where Is Peace?

Friday, March 19
Kathy Kelly: Getting Together to Defeat Terrorism: Step 1: Look in the Mirror
Norman Solomon: Spinning the Past, Threatening the Future
Paul Heinbecker: Canada Got it Right on Iraq
Nancy Snow: We Aren't the World
Clancy Sigal: During the Vietnam War, I hid Deserters - and Watched it Unravel as the GI Movement Grew. Iraq could go the Same Way
Walter Cronkite: In Defense of Liberalism
Colleen Redman: The Made for TV Presidency
Adam Shapiro: Remembering Rachel Corrie
Mary Ellen McNish: Too Great a Toll in Lives with Too Vague a Purpose
Jamie Court/Tim Hamilton: The Case to Re-regulate the Gasoline Market
Ted Kennedy: Bush's Distortions Misled Congress in Its War Vote
Tom Maertens: We Were Led to War Under False Pretenses
Dave Zweifel: Europe Laughs at US Breast Hysteria
Paul Krugman: Taken for a Ride

Thursday, March 18
Clay Evans: The End of History? Let's Not be Hasty
James Mann: The Armageddon Plan: Cheney & Rumsfeld Have Practiced Running the Country
Byron Williams: Bush's Global Credibility Gap
Ira Chernus: Journalists Find Many Ways to Kill Truth in Iraq
Cindy Corrie: Seeking Answers from Israel
Bob Fitrakis: Death of a Patriot: No More 'Blind Faith Voting'
Mary Turck: Haitian Unrest: Aristide's Fall was Really a US-led Coup
Elizabeth Sullivan: US Still Being Fooled in Iraq
David Corn: The Worst of Bush's Iraq Whoppers
Matthew Rothschild: McCarthyism Watch: Protests, Even Buttons, Verboten in Crawford
Sidney Blumenthal: Last Rites for the Bush Doctrine
Patrick Coy: Myth Making and Spitting Images from Vietnam
Arianna Huffington: A Modest Proposal: Let's Have Two GDPs
Timothy Garton Ash: Welcome to the Titanic: The West is Falling Apart After Europe's 9/11, Just as it did After America's

Wednesday, March 17
Salim Lone: Spain: An Example For Us All
Soren Ambrose: Activists Target IMF, World Bank on Their 60th Birthday
Marjorie Cohn: Spain, EU and US: War on Terror or War on Liberties?
Mark Engler: The Peace Movement's Momentum
Pattrice Jones: “Let’s Put on a Show!”: Spectacle versus Reality in the US Peace Movement
Jonathan Freedland: Spain Got the Point: By Defaming the Spanish while Madrid Weeps, the Bushites Display a Sneaking Contempt for Democracy
Russ Baker: Bush's War Exercise: The Backpedal
David MacMichael: Untruth and Consequences
Martin Jacques: Europe and the US Are Now Adrift
George Ritzer: McDonald's Cooks Up a Fresh Serving of PR
Robert Kuttner: Statistics Lie on the True Cost of Living
Gwynne Dyer: Harvard Author Unveils Latest Alarmist Theory
Ivan Eland: Mayhem in Madrid
Matthew Rothschild: Bush: I'm God's Delivery Boy

Tuesday, March 16
James Carroll: The Bushes' New World Disorder
Murray Polner: Spy Tactics Endanger Political Dissent
Pierre Tristam: Annual Report Due on the War For Political, Corporate Profit
Ira Chernus: Terror and Taboo in the Homeland
Madison Capital Times: Spain: Bush Loses an Election
Molly McClain: Rachel Corrie Fought for World She Believed In
Dave Zirin: Interview: College Basketball Player Toni Smith Took a Stand on the Court
Sean Gonsalves: Society's Obsession with Bear Hunting
Minneapolis Star Tribune: Madrid's Effects: The War on Terror is at Risk
George Monbiot: The Wealth of Supermarkets is built on Monopoly, Exploitation and Restriction of Choice
Robert Scheer: Dear W, Your Father Knew Best
Ed Garvey: Wealth, Not Citizens, Now Controls our Government

Monday, March 15
Jeff Cohen: Liars Lose -- The Lessons of Regime Change in Spain
Theresa Hitchens: Reining in Our Weaponry: Is U.S. Air Force Lost in Space?
Mark Weisbrot: Spanish Voters Throw Out Pro-War Party
Rahul Mahajan: "War on Terrorism" Makes Us All Less Safe
Walter Cronkite: Make Global Warming an Issue
Ruth Rosen: The Truth Leaks Out
Robert Fisk: The West Was Warned. Now It Is Paying The Price Of The "War On Terror"
Tom Engelhardt: Four More Years of Camp Bush?
John Nichols: An Indecent Proposal: The Broadcast Decency Enforcement Act of 2004
Joshua Reichert: Endangered Species: One by One, the World Is Becoming a Lonelier Place
Bob Herbert: An Insult to Our Soldiers
Dave Zweifel: Bush Leans on Vacationers to Cuba
Jay Bookman: Bush Fears the Truth will Set him Free

Sunday, March 14
Eric Margolis: Bush's War is a Financial Disaster
Linda McQuaig: Is Chavez in America's Crosshairs?
Noam Chomsky: How America Determines Friends and Foes
Anthony Robinson: Iraq a Year Later: US Should Stop Thinking It's Right, and Just Do What's Right
Kevin Toolis: The Chilling New Evil In Our Midst

Saturday, March 13
Salim Muwakkil: Haiti: The International Wrong
Christopher Brauchli: Leave No Terrorist Behind
Steven Rosenfeld: Monopolize The Microphone
Stephen Minkin: Little Martha and Big George

Friday, March 12
Thom Hartmann: Democracy - Not "The Free Market" - Will Save America's Middle Class
Kim Antieau: Communication Breakdown
Ted Kennedy: Creating a Genuine 'Opportunity Society'
Marty Jezer: My Winter
Mokhiber/Weissman: Justice on the Range
Heather Wokusch: Nuke Nation: Putting Profits Before Safety
Derrick Jackson: Trash Food Makers Fatten GOP Coffers
Joseph Stiglitz: A World Consensus is Emerging on the Destructive Effects of Globalisation - but the Bush Administration is Out of Line
Rebecca Solnit: The Siege of the Sierra Club
Marc Cooper: Remembering Marshall Frady...

Thursday, March 11
Jonathan Schell: The Empire Backfires
Ted Rall: First They Came for the Shock Jocks
Holly Sklar: Don't Get Duped Out of Your Social Security
Sidney Blumenthal: Having Failed to Create Consensus, Bush is Left with a Negative Campaign
Elizabeth Sullivan: Gitmo Travesty is Beneath US
Norman Solomon: They Shoot Journalists, Don't They?
Robert Fisk: The Life and Unexplained Death of a Palestinian Militant
Jamie Court/Tim Hamilton: Gasoline Prices: A Case of Cheating, Not Competing
Hywel Williams: To Hunt Down the Causes of the Iraq War is Folly. Consider, Instead, US Hegemony and British Collusion and Look No Further
Kevin Martin: Kerry and Me: We Need More Than a New President. We Need a New Direction
John Anderson/George Farah: No More Deceptive Debates
Louise Rocha-McCarthy: One Island, Two Nations and Three Occupiers Yields a Tortured History

Wednesday, March 10
Bernie Sanders: How a Bad Bill Becomes Law
Martha Burk: A Different W: Move Over NASCAR Dads, the Sex And The City Crowd Could Turn the Election
Karen Kwiatkowski: The New Pentagon Papers
Ivan Eland: Blowback: US- and Israeli-Style
Greg Guma: Occupational Hazards: The First US Takeover of Haiti set the Stage for Later Interventions
Eric Weiner: The Myth of American Polarization
Avi Rubin: An Insider's View of Vote Vulnerability
Youssef Ibrahim: The Collapse of Capitalism as We Know It
Dean Baker: Can Social Security Be Saved? Greenspan's got his Eye on your Retirement -- for all the Wrong Reasons
Rich Cohen: Why I'm Working for Nader but Casting a Vote for Kerry
John Logue: Enronitis: A Challenge To Presidential Candidates To Encourage Employee Representation On Corporate Boards
Robert Kuttner: Mud Tossed at Kerry Might Stick to Bush

Tuesday, March 9
Pierre Tristam: The Dead, the Bad and the Ugly: President's Ad Blitz Bombs 9/11
John Buell: Ralph Nader's Untimely Campaign in Perspective
Nancy Snow: Al Hurra-Al Who?: Haven't heard? We're Free, They're Not!
George Monbiot: Seeds of Distraction: The Biotech Companies Want us to Consider Everything Except their Motives
James Carroll: The Risks of Waging 'Culture War'
Marc Cooper: Florida...Again?
Robert Jensen: Former President Bush Involved with Donation to Group with Terrorist Connections
Sean Gonsalves: Do as we Say, Not as we Do
Mike Davis: Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ: An Academy Award for Bigotry
Dick Meister: Methyl Bromide: Threat to Ozone a Bigger Threat to Workers
Robert Scheer: The Worst Form of Exploitation: A Hypocritical Bush Uses 9/11 Images but Resists an Accounting of the Truth
Paul Krugman: Promises, Promises: Charting Bush's Wishful Thinking On Jobs

Monday, March 8
Gary Younge: In Haiti, Washington Confirmed a Foreign Policy that is Driven by Self-Interest and Delivered through Force
Medea Benjamin: On International Women's Day, Iraqi Women Have Little to Celebrate
Kim Antieau: Gay Marriage: Let the Wildfire Burn
Houzan Mahmoud: Saddam was no Defender of Women, but they have Faced New Miseries and More Violence Since he Fell
Ken Garcia: Mendocino Sows Seeds of Dissent
Andrew Christie: A November Fable
Suzanne Charlé: Novelist Robert Newman has already Taken the United Kingdom by Storm. Now he's Bringing his Act to the United States
Natasha Saulnier: The Forgotten Soldiers of Operation "Iraqi Freedom"
Sacha Boegem: 9/11, Bush's Only Hope
Jay Bookman: On Job Front, 'Recovery' Meaningless
Seth Sandronsky: Some Billionaires and Many Workers

Sunday, March 7
Peter Kellman: Capital Gains, Labor Losses
Jimmy Breslin: In His First Campaign Commercial, George Bush Reached Down and Molested the Dead
Clay Evans: Cheering Ignores Reality of War
Paul Roberts: Running Out of Oil -- and Time
Eric Margolis: Kerry is Everything George Bush is Not
William Arkin: The Pentagon's Secret Scream

Saturday, March 6
Isabel Hilton: Need to Build a Case for War? Step Forward Mr Chalabi
Patrisia Gonzales/Roberto Rodriguez: The Bush-Clinton Morality Play
Madison Capital Times: Bush Ads Exploit Tragedy of 9/11
Christopher Brauchli: Marriage of the Quick and the Dead
Charles Lewis: Political Mugging In America: Anatomy of an "Independent" Smear Campaign

Friday, March 5
Jeffrey Kaplan/Jeff Milchen: Democracy vs. Corporate "Free Speech"
Naomi Klein: Outsourcing the Friedman
Nancy Lessin/Gordon Clark: Stop Hiding the Toll of War
Stephen Zunes: Kerry’s Foreign Policy Record Suggests Few Differences with Bush
Eric Schlosser: Human Rights Are Dying on the Vine
Robert Fisk: Civil War, Carnage: Coincidence?
Amy Wilentz: What Happened in Haiti Was a Coup d'État
Rick Salutin: Failed States All Over
Nick Turse: The Wild Weapons of DARPA
Ellis Henican: Bush Ad Blitz is off to a Tasteless Start
Reggie Rivers: Bush's Shell Game
Paul Krugman: Social Security Scares

Thursday, March 4
Jeffrey Sachs: From His First Day in Office, Bush Was Ousting Aristide
John Nichols: Vote Against Gene-Altered Food Historic
Norman Solomon: Haiti Coverage: Assuming the Right to Intervene
Maureen Dowd: See Dick Run
Alan Elsner: If US Plays Global Prison Ratings Game, it Ought to Play by its Own Rules
Shadi Hamid: The Music World Explodes in Anger
Peter Phillips: Haiti Coverage: Mainstream Media Fails Itself
Ira Eisenberg: To Keep Kerry on Track, Run Ralph, Run
Brian Barry: E-Voting: The Deafening Silence of Democracy Dying
Jay Bookman: Confederate Flag Lovers Find Cause at Dead End
Sidney Blumenthal: Bush Goes to War with Modernity
Edward Mazria: The Building You're In Fuels Global Warming
Arianna Huffington: Lawyers, Guns, And Money: Bush Backs The NRA

Wednesday, March 3
David Morris: Folly of Running Government as a Business
Mark Weisbrot: Regime Change in Haiti: A Coup By Any Other Name
Laura Flanders: Halliburton: Never Saying 'Sorry'
Madison Capital Times: Bush Fails Democracy in Haiti
Ira Chernus: Kerry and Edwards Recite Israeli Mantra
Laura Orlando: What's in a Name? EPA Proposes to Call Sewage Sludge "Compost"
Katrina vanden Heuvel: Let's End the Two-Party Duopoly
Carl Mayer: We Need A Progressive Voice in the General Election
Derrick Jackson: Kerry Needs to Show his Heart
John de Leon: Mistakes in Haiti, Venezuela
Wolfgang Petritsch: Land Mines: Another American Blow to Multilateralism
Kim Antieau: Women's History Month: Have We Come a Long Way?
Bill Maxwell: After Pigeon Inspections, Bush Eats Crow

Tuesday, March 2
Peter Hallward: Why They Had to Crush Aristide
Helen Thomas: With Friends Like Ahmad Chalabi, the United States Doesn't Need Enemies
John Nichols: Kerry Should Explain War-Making Stand
Bill C Davis: The Question of Marriage
Magie Dominic: This Plague of Fear: A Thought by a Writer
Ralph Nader: Alan Greenspan is the Ultimate Oligarch
Jeremy Rifkin: As Technology Devours Jobs at an Increasing Rate, the Conflict at the Heart of the Market Economy is Becoming Irreconcilable
Elizabeth Corrie: One Year Later, Justice Still Not Served: Remembering the Death of Rachel Corrie
George Monbiot: The Only Way to Change the Political Context is to Take Direct Action
Sean Gonsalves: The Trajectory of 'Progress?'
Neal Peirce: The 'Green' Way to Fight the Loss of US Jobs
Robert Scheer: A Passion for Hatred That Mocks Christ's Message

Monday, March 1
Jeffrey Sachs: The Fire This Time in Haiti was US-Fueled
James Wilsdon: Mission to Planet Rumsfeld
Harley Sorensen: Bush Diverts Attention From Real Problems
Stephen Zunes: Kerry’s Support for the Invasion of Iraq and the Bush Doctrine Still Unexplained
Rosa Maria Pegueros: Lies, Damn Lies and Politicians
Tom Gallagher: The March Primary -- Your Last Chance to Vote Against the War?
Robert Byrd: A Budget of Gimmicks, False Promises, and Unrealistic Expectations
Robert Freeman: Will The End of Oil Mean The End of America?
JoAnn Wypijewski: From a Tropical Paradise to a Nuclear Hell
Jay Bookman: Trade Support is Hard When You're Hurting
Andrea Johnson: Don't Let Media Pick Nominee by Themselves
George Lewandowski: Nader Can't 'Harm' Democracy




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