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June 2004

Wednesday, June 30
Kim Cranston: Citizens of the World, Unite
Mark Weisbrot: Fahrenheit 9/11 Could Change History
Derrick Jackson: Hand Power Back to Americans, Too
Susan Lenfestey: Parties Focus on Different Moralities
Larry Beinhart: Is It Safe?
Felicity Arbuthnot: Iraq 'Handover' - Well, That Went Well
Robert Kuttner: Narrow Victory for the US Constitution
Arthur Caplan: Good Health Care: for Rich People Only?
Ivan Eland: “Fahrenheit 9/11” or “Farce and Hype 7-11”
Jonathan Freedland: The West's Arab Racket
EJ Dionne: Anti-Bush Passion Powers New Political Tidal Wave
Jonathan Rintels: Michael Powell Lays an Egg
Josh Marshall: Bill Buckley, You and I Know the War was a Mistake

Tuesday, June 29
Robert Fisk: A Pitiful Occasion for the People
Naomi Klein: Shameless in Iraq
Haifa Zangana: Iraqis Have Lived This Lie Before
John Nichols: Pampered Bush Meets a Real Reporter
John Buell: Torture and the Hidden Injuries of Class
Ray McGovern: Book by CIA’s “Anonymous” Reflects Analyst Outrage
Pierre Tristam: Moore Spoons up Dish for Snake-oil Artisans
David Segal: Maxing 2004 Leverage for the Greens
Robert Griffin: Fahrenheit 9-11: Jolting Us Out of 'Groupthink'
Oona Hathaway: The Court puts the White House in its Place
Robert Scheer: The New, Free Iraq May Officially be in the Hands of a Former Terrorist
Amin Saikal: Futility of War Set to Haunt US for Years
Paul Krugman: Who Lost Iraq?
Jimmy Breslin: Torture Gets You Nowhere

Monday, June 28
Sheryl McCarthy: Cheney Gave Voice to Administration's Attitude
Gurram Gopal: War, and Sacrifice
Maria Tomchick: Handover Or Hangover?
Norman Solomon: Why I Changed My Voter Registration Today
Rick Mercier: Bush is in Trouble; Will bin Laden Bail him Out?
Ira Chernus: Helping Israel on a False and Dangerous Course
Bob Herbert: A Second Opinion: Our Health Care System is Far from the Best in the World, and It's Getting Worse
Adam Hochschild: The US Can Invent a 'Sovereign' Entity, but There's No Guarantee that the Creature Won't Become a Monster
Minneapolis Star-Tribune: Media Power: Protect the Public Interest
Gary Younge: Politics Gets Personal: The Race for the Presidency is likely to be Won Painfully, Vote by Vote and with Old-Fashioned Canvassing
Tom Hayden: When Deportation Is a Death Sentence
Ralph Nader: Assault on the Labor Movement in Iraq
Patrick Leahy: There is No Justification for Torture
John Nichols: Cobb, Not Nader, is Green Pick

Friday, June 25
Mike Farrell: Limbaugh Has No Place on the Front Line
Reggie Rivers: Keeping War Clean
John Nichols: Big Blow to Big Media
Jonathan Steele: Bush Will Have Nothing to Celebrate if He Goes to Baghdad Next Week
Norman Solomon: The News Media's Political "F" Word
Molly Ivins: E-voting? Only with Paper Trail
Patrisia Gonzales/Roberto Rodriguez: Why Isn't Bush On Trial?
Andrew Christie: Paradigm Lost: Iraq, 9/11, and the Protection of Belief
Gerald Gray: Why US Must Face its Role as Torturer
Heather Wokusch: We Just Don't Talk Anymore: Bush's Communication Problem with Women
Stephen Zunes: Congress Overwhelmingly Endorses Ariel Sharon’s Annexation Plans
Hubert Locke: Nation and World Pay Enormous Price for Bush's Inadequacies
Madison Capital Times: Cheney's High Court
Zeynep Toufe: We Have Always Spent Iraqi Money on That: Conquer and Plunder Follows "Shock and Awe"

Thursday, June 24
Al Gore: Democracy Itself is in Grave Danger
William Greider: Embedded Patriots
Ellen Goodman: The Dots That Don't Connect
Laura Carlsen: Countdown to Cuba Transition: Bush and Castro Face Off
Jonathan Schell: The Lexicographers: An Administration of Grammarians
Sidney Blumenthal: Reality is Unraveling for Bush: Even Negative Attacks on Kerry No Longer Seem to be Working
Nuala O’Faolain: Ireland to Bush: You, Sir, Are No Kennedy, Reagan or Clinton
James Goldsborough: Another Rationale for War is Gone
Arianna Huffington: Bush Ducks for Cover as NRA Opens Fire on Assault Weapons Ban
Michael Connery: We Don't Need Bush to Fix Our Culture
Peter FitzSimons: The Bleeding Obvious: We Do Not Need the Son of Star Wars
Jay Bookman: Morning-After Pill Blocked by Politics
Robert Young Pelton: Mercenary Hits It Big, Thanks to the US
Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Free the Debates from Party Tyranny
Elizabeth Sullivan: Fear and Force are Warping U.S. Perspective

Wednesday, June 23
Dilip Hiro: Tipping Point in Iraq
Robert Steinback: Bush's Accurate Case for War
Joel Kovel: Green Follies: A Lose/Lose Situation
Robert Keohane/AnneMarie Slaughter: Bush's Mistaken View of US Democracy
Robert Kuttner: Kerry's Budgetary Catch-22
Molly Ivins: Revolving Lies
Diplomats and Military Commanders for Change: Bush Team Can't Rise to Responsibilities of World Leadership
Todd Huffman: The Ten-Percent Solution
Ted Rall: Fuzzing It Up: Bush Lies are True. Technically
Derrick Jackson: Cheney-Speak
Margaret Krome: '9/11' Offers Legitimate Discourse
Joel Stonington: Chicago '68 in NY?
Michael Reid: Iraq:1984
Amitai Etzioni: A 'Sovereign' Iraq? Don't You Believe It: Straight Talk Would Benefit US Policy

Tuesday, June 22
Rosa Maria Pegueros: Remembering Guatemala, 1954: It’s the Impunity, Stupid
Swanee Hunt/Cristina Posa: Where are the Women in the New Iraq?
Greg Guma: Propaganda Creep
Robert Scheer: Truth About Iraq Finally Has Its Pants On
Ed Garvey: Amy Goodman a Refreshing Voice in her Criticism of Media Lockstep
Paul Krugman: Noonday in the Shade: Ashcroft Neglects Real Terrorist Threats Because of His Ideological Biases
Ray McGovern: Will The Commissioners Cave?
Michael Kinsley: Optimism No: The Trouble With Optimism
Larry Beinhart: Optimism Yes: Kerry Should Claim the Reagan Mantle
Helen Thomas: Bush's Credibility Gap Widens
Rob Richie/Steven Hill: Presidential Elections Should Be for All of Us
Patrick Cockburn: The Pretence of an Independent Iraq
Rick Bell: Am-Bushed: Turns out Peaceniks were the Real Patriots All Along
Matthew Rothschild: Kerry Slipping
Martin Jacques: Democracy Isn't Working: It is the West's Calling Card, but its Global Applicability is now in Doubt

Monday, June 21
Ted Sorenson: A Time to Weep
Robert Mutch: Why You Should Be Scared to Death of Electronic Voting
Greg Palast: One Million Black Votes Didn't Count in the 2000 Presidential Election
Kathy Kelly: In The Wilderness
Ralph Nader: The China Price
Scott Beckman: Bush's Slip Is Showing
Elisa Salasin: No Joy Left Behind?
Harvey Wasserman/Bob Fitrakis: Did Ashcroft 'Behead' an Innocent Man in an Ohio Election-terror Scam?
Andrew Bacevich: Fighting a War in Name Only
Rory O'Connor: PBS Unfiltered
Andrew Zimbalist: Economic Signs Aren't Encouraging: Unemployment, Inflationary Trends, Trade Deficit all Paint an Unsettling Picture for the Future
Ronald Brownstein: Using and Abusing 9/11 Fears to Set National Security Policy
James Bamford: Rent a Spy: The US is Tripping over Cloaks and Daggers

Friday, June 18
Mark Engler: A Progressive Declaration Against Terror
Thom Hartmann: Scrooge & Marley, Inc. -- The True Conservative Agenda
Bishop Tom Frame: Forgive Me, I was Wrong on Iraq
Ira Chernus: What You Can Learn on Your Summer Vacation
Patrisia Gonzales/Roberto Rodriguez: Marines Don't Cry, We Kill
Norman Solomon: Presidential Campaigns and Media Charades
Derrick Jackson: The Dogs of War
Jonathan Steele: Liberation Will Only Come When the Americans Leave
John Dean: Sam Dash's Warning About Government Intruders
Tad Daley: Why Shouldn't Iran Seek Nuclear Weapons?
The Guardian: Blind to the Truth
Sherry Shockley: I Feel Like an Emissary from Mars
Arnold Oliver: Guatemala and the Forgotten Anniversary
David Corn: Al Qaeda Disconnect

Thursday, June 17
Dante Zappala: Staring at the Emptiness of Brother's Death in Iraq
Katrina vanden Heuvel: Bush (41) and Reagan Officials Say Bush (43) Must Go
New York Times: The Plain Truth: Bush Should Apologize to the American People
David Gartner: G-8 Summit: World Leaders Missed Good Opportunities on Several Issues
Ray McGovern: Consequential Lies
Derek Cressman: Did Cheney know about Grandma Millie?
John Nichols: Granny D Wants to be Senator D
Dan Carol: Capture The Flag - Let's Win One From The Gipper
Boulder Daily Camera: Bad Apples at the Top: Bush Team's Stand on Torture looks Worse than Ever
Anna Somers Cocks: Why is Art not Reflecting World Events?
Michael Schwartz: Who's Sovereign Now?
Ted Rall: The Failed Seduction of John McCain - How Democrats Are Their Own Worst Enemy
Arianna Huffington: Graduation 2004: Pomp and Crummy Circumstances
Bob Fitrakis: Ronald Reagan: A Legacy of Crack and Cheese

Wednesday, June 16
Naomi Klein: Canada Should Keep its Distance from US Foreign Policy
Terry Jones: Rumsfeld & Torture: This Won't Hurt Much
Bill Moyers: This is the Fight of Our Lives
Elizabeth Holtzman: Bush has a Lot to Answer for on Iraq Torture
Carly Sheehan: Carly's Poem: A Nation Rocked to Sleep
Paul Rockwell: Father's Day In War: From Grief To Protest
Betsy Leondar-Wright: It's Incumbent On Us To Be Messengers of Hope
Robert Kuttner: America's Hidden Issue of Poverty
Bill Quigley: State Criminal Charges Dismissed Against Blood Pouring Peace Activists: Federal Prosecutors Step In
César Chelala: The Unholy Alliance of Politics and Religion
John Borowski: Teachers as Eunuchs and Odalisques: The Not So Stealth Attack on Public Education
David Corn: Ingraham, O'Reilly and Me

Tuesday, June 15
Pierre Tristam: Nation Insulates its Harsh Truths
Jim Hightower: The People's Media Reaches More People Than FOX Does
John Stauber: Kerry/McCain Anyone?
Ed Bice: Dear Homeland Security, We have Found the Enemy, He is Us
Paul Krugman: Travesty of Justice: John Ashcroft is the Worst Attorney General in History
Julian Bond: Ray Charles: Soul's Everyman
Liza Featherstone: Will Labor Take the Wal-Mart Challenge?
Robert Scheer: Tout Torture, Get Promoted: Defending Cruelty Can Be a Career Booster in Bush's Administration
Derrick Jackson: Bush's Vatican Strategy
John Buell: State Funerals and Court Historians
Sean Gonsalves: Getting Smart About Intelligence
Helen Thomas: Bush Continues on Reagan's Rightward Path -- and Then Some
PW Singer: Nation Builders and Low Bidders in Iraq
Philip Bowring: At the G8, the Arrogance of the Few

Monday, June 14
Kathy Kelly: Requiems: What Happens When Compassion Dies?
John Nichols: Another Mourning in America: When It Came to the AIDS Crisis, Reagan's Failure to Act was Devastating
David Rozelle: Kerry Must Stress American Ideals Over Bush's Vision of a Cruel God
Andrew Christie: Get Him!! As Moore's Critics Suit Up for "Fahrenheit 911," Liberals Need to Figure Out the Game
Maria Tomchick: The Real Domestic Terrorists
Gary Younge: Somewhere Else to Go: US Democrats and British Labour Leaders are having to learn they have no Entitlement to Left-leaning Voters
Nicholas Von Hoffman: He Needs More Than a Dad's Love; Pentagon Fails to Back Those It Sent to Iraq
Frank Rich: First Reagan, Now His Stunt Double
Steven Laffoley: The 20th-Century Abyss
Byron Williams: Strange Liberators: Bush Administration Ducks Torture Questions; How Long Until 'Bad Apples' Defense Goes Rotten?
Seth Sandronsky: How Ray Charles Got Over
Douglas Mattern: Tens Cents You Can Bet On: Roosevelt or Reagan - The New Deal and The Raw Deal
Tom Engelhardt: George Orwell… Meet Franz Kafka

Friday, June 11
Norman Solomon: Media: Mourning in America
Derrick Jackson: Reagan Brought Back Black and White
Andrew Greeley: Is US like Germany of the '30s?
Alison Ninio: Growing Up Reagan
Jonathan Steele: He Lied and Cheated in the Name of Anti-communism: From Iraq, Reagan Didn't Look So Freedom-Loving
Roberto Rodriguez & Patrisia Gonzales: Morning and Mourning in America
Katrina vanden Heuvel: 'Mad as Hell': Administration-Encouraged Corporate Greed May Rouse Consumers to Take Action
Mokhiber/Weissman: Remembering Reagan
Tom Teepen: Bush's Religious Shakedown
Sheldon Rampton/John Stauber: Wrapping Reagan in the Flag One Last Time
Mark Dow: A Long Record of Abusing Jailed Foreigners in US
Walter Williams: Reagan's Destructive Revolution
Stephen Zunes: Don't Credit Reagan for Ending the Cold War
Marty Jezer: Two American Lives: Ronald Reagan & Dave Dellinger

Thursday, June 10
William Greider: The Gipper's Economy
Antonia Zerbisias: Media has Reagan Myopia
Harvey Wasserman: Rock & Radiation, not Ronald Reagan, Brought down the Soviet Union
Zeynep Toufe: Ronald Reagan, Neo-Cons and the "Intelligence Failures" of the Cold War: Déjà vu All Over Again
Chalmers Johnson: Our First Victory Was Zapatero
Lawrence Martin: Gorby Had the Lead Role, Not Gipper
Jonathan Tepperman: An American in The Hague?
Sidney Blumenthal: The U-turn That Saved the Gipper: After Iran-contra, Reagan Ditched the Right and Embraced Gorbachev
Betsy Barnum: America the Special
James Goldsborough: Assessing America's Reputation
Jeffrey Sachs: Barbarous Thinking Comes Easily
Globe & Mail/Canada: What John Kerry Lacks
Jay Bookman: Torture Rules Shouldn't be Flexible
Peter Dreier: Urban Suffering Grew Under Reagan

Wednesday, June 9
Timothy Karr: Kerry Comes Out Against Big Media...Sort Of
David Sirota: When Ignorance Isn't Bliss: The 5 Congressional Votes Eveyone Should Know About
Ed Garvey: Right Wing Now Hijacking PBS by Moving to Control Content
Derrick Jackson: Reagan's Heart of Darkness
Jules Witcover: Democrats and Dean: What Might Have Been
Matthew Rothschild: No Praise for Reagan
Ralph Nader: A Chilling AMA Resolution: What Happened to the Hippocratic Oath?
Virginia Hoffman: Defending Our Freedom
Arianna Huffington: Ronald Reagan, Hedgehogs And The November Election
Ted Rall: Reagan's Shameful Legacy: Mourn for Us, Not the Proto-Bush
Kevin Watkins: G-8 and Africa: A Continent Tired of Empty Promises
Robert Kuttner: The Torturers Among Us
Robert Ricker: Bush Dances with the NRA Devil
New York Times: The Roots of Abu Ghraib

Tuesday, June 8
Tony Horwitz: Let's Bury Reaganomics With Its Founder
Matt Foreman: A Letter to My Best Friend, Steven Powsner On the Death of Former President Ronald Reagan
Jeffrey Sachs: America's Ignorance is a Threat to Humanity
Frida Berrigan: Peacemaking and Community
John Moyers: “American Idol” Faceoff: Reagan vs FDR
George Monbiot: Oil is Running Out, But the West Would Rather Wage Wars than Consider Other Energy Sources
Godfrey Hodgson: Reagan's Legacy? Look at the Closed Minds and Hard Hearts of the Conservatives who Staff the Bush Administration
Pierre Tristam: Military Chain of Command
George Grider: An Open Letter to Members of the Class of 1963, US Naval Academy
Geov Parrish: The Reaction from Those of Us Who Came of Age During the Reagan Presidency -- and Found It Inexplicably Horrific
David Siegel: Cosby Gets Cheers, Lerner Gets Death Threats
Mark Engler: Bush's Globalization
Robert Scheer: Reagan: A Nice Guy's Nasty Policies
Paul Krugman: Reagan: The Great Taxer
Nico Pitney: Reform at Wal-Mart?

Monday, June 7
John Nichols: Reagan's Politics of Passion
Mark Weisbrot: Ronald Reagan's Legacy
George Soros: There Will Be a Change of Regime in This Country
Ray McGovern: Taking the Fall for the Disaster in Iraq
Wade Hudson: Take Back America Conference Reflects a Fired-up, Unified Movement
Bob Herbert: The Nation Deserves the Truth
Thad Williamson: Saving Graces: What George W. Bush Could – But Probably Won't – Learn From Ronald Reagan
Paul Douglas Newman: Collective Amnesia or Collective Alzheimer's: America 'Remembers' Ronald Reagan
Tom Engelhardt: Landing on Jihadi Beach
David Corn: 66 Things to Think About When Flying Into Reagan National Airport
Robert Parry: Rating Reagan: A Bogus Legacy
Tom Teepen: Bush Team Treats Kerry as Once It Did Dukakis
Madison Capital Times: Nation Needs a Real Debate on Iraq

Friday, June 4
William Greider: Under the Banner of the 'War' on Terror
Jules Witcover: Progressives Rally Around Singular Goal
Elaine Kamarck: What Will It Take to Spur Environmentalism?
Renato Redentor Constantino: With Nature There Are No Special Effects
Derrick Jackson: Bush Speech Spins the Winds of War
Scott Ritter: Tenet leaves CIA's Reputation in Tatters
Bob Herbert: A Leap of Faith: Remember the Name Barack Obama
John Dean: The Serious Implications Of President Bush's Hiring A Personal Outside Counsel For The Valerie Plame Investigation
Andrew Greeley: This Time, Europe's Hatred Justified
The Nation: Time to Leave Iraq
Molly Ivins: Enron, Chalabi, Tillman — Oh My
David Hirst: Middle East: Worst is Yet to Come as US Pays Price of Failure
Daniel Schorr: Remembering the Heroes of Watergate

Thursday, June 3
Michael Johnson: Meanwhile: Soverny for I-raq and a New Nose for Sis
Elizabeth Sullivan: All the Trappings of a War Leader; No Gravity At All
Sidney Blumenthal: Bush Takes Refuge in History
Norman Solomon: Nader and the Green Party's Presidential Choice for 2004
Jonathan Turley: You Have Rights -- if Bush Says You Do
Matthew Rothschild: McCarthyism Watch: S.F. Art Gallery Owner Beaten Up for Showing Anti-Torture Painting
Marc Cooper: Who’s on First? The Baghdad Hand (Over) Job
Minneapolis Star Tribune: Political Lies: Real Journalists Point Them Out
John Nichols: South Dakota Special Election: Herseth Win Matters (A Lot)
Arianna Huffington: Shakespeare Turns A Spotlight On Bush And Iraq
Bill Shore: The Hunger in America's Midst
Howard Dean: Hold Up on E-voting
Eric LeCompte: President Bush’s Friday Meeting with Pope John Paul II Should Not be a Photo-Op

Wednesday, June 2

John Nichols: Mass Media Failed US Public on Iraq
Nancy Lessin/Charley Richardson: A Tale of Three Soldiers
Robert Parry: NYT's Apologies Miss the Point
Danny Schecter: One Year On, Big Media More Willing To Cover Up Than Change
Ray McGovern: Beware of “Credible Intelligence”
Derrick Jackson: Bush's May 19 Memo Marks the End of any Pretense of Compassion
Naseem Tuffaha: Democrats Put Weakness on Display
Duncan Campbell: Negroponte's Record in Honduras Does not Inspire Confidence About His Appointment as US Ambassador to Iraq
Robert Kuttner: Bush the War Leader Losing Key Battles
Rosa Maria Pegueros: Blessed Are the Peacemakers
Matthew Rothschild: Bush Whisks Away Torture and Murder
George Galloway: Mea Culpa, That's What We Want
Boston Globe: Bush's False Advertising
Moisés Naím: When Dishing Out Blame, Don't Stop With Bush

Tuesday, June 1
Chalmers Johnson: Twelve Questions for President Bush Meant to Help Strengthen His Remaining Speeches about Iraq
Craig Unger: Saudis & 9/11: The Great Escape
Martha Ackelsberg/Judith Plaskow: Why We're Not Getting Married
Robert Scheer: Electorate Is Wising Up to the Iraq Blunder
George Monbiot: An Empire of Denial: The US is Choosing to Ignore the Fact that it is to Blame for the Stifling of Global Democracy
Patrick Coy: American Liberalism's Achilles Heel
Harvey Wasserman: Those Who Hate "Liberals" Really Hate a Free America
Larry Beinhart: Fahrenheit 9/11: Censorship isn’t Mickey Mouse Stuff
Paul Krugman: Dooh Nibor Economics - Robin Hood in Reverse
The Nation: The Big Money Election
Bill Gallagher: Delusional Bush Cynically Uses Fear as a Weapon in Sinking Re-election Bid
John Mack: The Responsible Warrior
Mark Weisbrot: Media Fall Short on Iraq, Venezuela




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