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July 2004

Friday, July 30
Naomi Klein: Anybody but Bush - And then Let's Get Back to Work
Jonathan Schell: The Kerry Mandate: Strong and Wrong
James Carroll: Why Kerry Will Win
Ronnie Dugger: Let's Act in the the Democratic Emergency
Norman Solomon: Hope Is Not On the Way, But Hopefully Bush Is On the Way Out
Katrina vanden Heuvel: Iraq, the US and the World
Marty Jezer: A New Patriotism
Kimberle Williams Crenshaw: Sharpton Sharpens the Challenge with an Overtime Victory
John Nichols: Combative Kerry
Kirsten Johnson: It's Time to Re-examine the Death Penalty
Greg Palast: Johnnie Been Good?
Patrisia Gonzales/Roberto Rodriguez: Leave No School Behind
Robert Kuttner: An Uphill Battle
Rick Mercier: UNFPA is a Necessary Agency that all Americans Should Support

Thursday, July 29
Lawrence Martin: Patriot Game, Media Shame
Joshua Holland: Greetings From the Memory Hole: Our Media kills a Troubling Story that the Rest of the World Saw
Ira Chernus: Why Are Democrats Afraid of Peace?
Bill C Davis: Green Votes
Thomas Frank: Clueless Democrats Trot Out Hollywood
Joan Vennochi: Enough About Vietnam. What about Iraq?
Steve Niva: Israel Ignores the Lessons of History
Antonia Zerbisias: Networks Give Short Shrift to Convention
Sharleen Leahey: Johnny We Hardly Knew You - John Kerry: War Hero or Warrior for Peace?
Tom Engelhardt: The Story of No-Story - A Day at the Kerry Convention
Guy Reel: They're Not Neo-Cons, They're Con Men
David Corn: Democratic Futures
Josh Marshall: GOP has Reason to be Nervous
Kevin Watkins: The Rich Gang up on the Poor at Trade Talks

Wednesday, July 28
Michael Moore: My Plea to John Kerry: Stand Up for the Progressive Agenda that the Majority of America Already Agrees With
Barack Obama: 'Out of This Long Political Darkness a Brighter Day Will Come'
Lawrence Pintak: Severed Head in the Freezer, Favorability Ratings in the Toilet
Allan Lichtman/Vladimir Keilis-Borok: What Kerry Must Do
Ted Rall: Bush Floats War Against Iran
Isabel Hilton: The 800lb Gorilla in American Foreign Policy
Rebecca Solnit: United Colors of America
John Chapman: The Real Reasons Bush Went to War
Thad Williamson: Boston's Pen of Shame
Rosa Maria Pegueros: My Millionaire is Better than Your Millionaire
Mark Weisbrot: George W. Bush's Record-Breaking Economy
John Nichols: Democrats No Longer Pushing the Death Penalty
Peter Johnson: Nader an Endorsement for 1-2-3 Voting
Matthew Rothschild: Welcome Back, Carter

Tuesday, July 27
Jimmy Carter: You Can't be a War President one Day, a Peace President the Next
Arianna Huffington: Rage Behind the Smiles: Democrats Struggle to be Nice to Bush
Barbara Ehrenreich: Wal-Martian Invasion
Marwan Bishara: Arafat Stalls while Palestine Burns
Capital Times: Report on 9/11 Too Tepid
Tom Maertens: Asserting This War Has Made Us Safer Won't Make It So
Robert Scheer: An Excuse-Spouting Bush Is Busted by 9/11 Report
Helen Thomas: Institutions, not People, Get the Blame
Parvez Ahmed: To Earn my Vote, Kerry must Protect my Civil Rights
Renee Loth: Axis of Eve
James Gardner: The case for a Central Ignorance Agency
International Herald Tribune: Abu Ghraib Whitewash

Monday, July 26
Sheryl McCarthy: This is the Time to Hold Nothing Back
Guardian/UK: 'The Whole World is Watching': Kerry's Chance to Shine
Lois Levin/Robert Hinkley: Is Corporate Social Responsibility an Oxymoron?
Meredith O'Brien: What's Being Bought in Boston?
Stewart Udall: Bush's Dark Pages in Conservation History
Ray McGovern: What Price Unanimity?
Gary Younge: As the US Conventions Begin, Big Business has its Eye on Both Parties; but the Poor have the Ear of Neither
David Corn: Shining, Happy People: The Dems Hit Boston
Lynn Blanke: Warnings of Threats are Threatening
Geov Parrish: Is That All There Is?: On the 9-11 Commission’s Findings -- or Lack of Them
Wade Hudson: Reaching Beyond the Choir
Steven Laffoley: Dissent is Now Dangerous
Jay Bookman: House Vote Doesn't Only Threaten Gays
Ralph Nader: The Need for a Network of Low Income Citizen-owned Development Credit Unions

Friday, July 23
Bill Moyers: The Real Show
Medea Benjamin/Dan Ellsberg et al: An Open Letter to Progressives: Vote Kerry and Cobb
Madison Capital Times: No Defense for Sandy Berger
Chris Andrews: How I Will Stop The War (written in March 2003)
Norman Solomon: Macho Politics and Major Consequences
Dilip Hiro: The Sarajevo of Iraq: Worsening Kurdish-Arab Friction Threatens the Region
James Carroll: Law Not War
Scott Ritter: Saddam's People are Winning the War
John Nichols: The Rep From Fahrenheit 9/11
Marty Jezer: Remember Afghanistan?
William Beeman: Bush Should Stop Bashing Tehran and Seek Better Relations
David Corn: The 9/11 Report: Bad News for Bush
Jesse Jackson Sr: Protecting Our Franchise
Andrew Greeley: Leaders Need Dissenting Voices
Dave Zweifel: The War Profiteers Are Still With Us
Derrick Jackson: Eroding Trust among Arabs

Thursday, July 22
Mark Green: What Do We Stand For? Progressive Patriotism
Robert Reich: Better Spies Won't Add Up to Better Foreign Policy
Joyce Marcel: At War With Summer
Froma Harrop: Sherman's March to Wal-Mart
Timothy Garton Ash: Fortress America: George Bush's Re-election Hopes May Well Hang on al-Qaida's Ruthless Ingenuity
Jim Lobe: They’re Back: Neocons Revive the Committee on the Present Danger, This Time Against Terroris
Michael Meacher: The Pakistan Connection: Why is the US Government so keen to Cover it Up?
Micah Sifry/Nancy Watzman: Corporate Conventions: How Millions of Dollars will buy Influence in New York and Boston
Arianna Huffington: In Praise of Unruly Women: Which Candidate’s wife would you rather Have a Cup of Coffee With?
Ted Rall: Outsourcing War Crimes
Marc Cooper: The Boston Braying Party: The Democratic Convention Misses the Point
Jason Leopold: Cheney Lobbied Congress To Ease Sanctions Against Terrorist Countries While He Was CEO Of Halliburton
Donna Warren: A Letter to The Black Caucus from A Black Woman Living in South Central
Steve Sebelius: Is Cuba Next?

Wednesday, July 21
William Greider: An Error of Supreme Dimensions
Alan Ramsey: Not the First 'Closed' Case for Negroponte
Mark Morford: Rig My Election, Please
Joseph C. Wilson IV: A Right-Wing Smear Is Gathering Steam
Helen Thomas: Bush Shows No Sign of Learning His Lesson About Pre-emptive War
Jules Witcover: Sen. Byrd's Indictment
Steven Hill/Rob Richie: How to Handle Nader
Michael Gilmore: Science and Human Values: On the Road to Auschwitz
Alex Gumbel: America Sings a New Song of Celebrity Censorship
Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Republican Ralph
Nick Turse: Fortress Big Apple: Will the President Escape From New York?
Joseph Dolman: Time for the Mayor to Let Central Park Go
Matthew Rothschild: Heat Is on in Tehran
Robert Steinback: Now, Even Suspicion is a Partisan Matter

Tuesday, July 20
John Borowski: Sugar Wars: Taking it to the Peddlers of Diabetes and Osteoporosis
Antonia Zerbisias: Who Will Protect us from Fox?
Jeff Cohen: Nader's "Grassroots" Campaign...Courtesy of GOP
Garrison Keillor: A Democrat Knows That the Leaf Turns
Oliver Miles: Iraq is not Improving, it's a Disaster
Adam Werbach: Be a Good Steward: Using Bush’s Playbook, Kerry could Employ Executive Orders to Create a Sustainable Century
John Quigley: The World Court Tells Israel: Tear Down That Wall
Greg Palast: Black Americans Discovered By Democratic Party
George Monbiot: Our Lies Led us Into War
Richard Falk: Support for Wall Mocks International Law
Robert Scheer: Homophobia and Apple Pie
Matthew Cardinale: 'Granny D' to Become 'Senator Granny D'?
David Johnson: On Our Own? Tort Reform: An International Problem With International Solutions
Patti Davis: Defining Love of Country: We Ought to ask our Presidential Candidates Whether or Not they Love Us
John Hanchette: Bush Cronies Profit from War in Iraq While Our Soldiers Die Every Day

Monday, July 19
Thom Hartmann: The Ghost of Vice President Wallace Warns: "It Can Happen Here"
Michael Copps: Corporate Media and Local Interests: Downsizing the Monster
John Nichols: A Penchant for Canceling Elections
Steven Laffoley: An Arm and A Leg
Paul Rockwell: When Democrats Lean Right, They Lose: A History Lesson
Susan Lieberman: It's Time to Stop Whalers from Bending the Rules
Scott Ritter: How We Got It so Wrong in Iraq
Matthew Harwood: Kerry’s Progressive Internationalism: Achieving American Dominance Multilaterally
Danny Schecter: Iraq Scandals: Media Failures Next
James Goldsborough: Iraq - The Big Issue in this Election
Rachel Stohl: Forget WMD -- It's Conventional Arms That Are Killing GIs and Iraqis
Adam Cohen: Pop Quiz: What Do New York 2004 and Chicago 1968 Have in Common?
Tom Engelhardt: Designer Administration, Color-Coded World
Jonah Raskin: Millions Will Be Missing the Bus
Dave Zweifel: Bush's Iraq Invasion Hurt War on Terror

Friday, July 16
Thomas Frank: Red-State America Against Itself
Katrina vanden Heuvel/Robert Borosage: Victory in 2004--and Beyond
Robert Fisk: The Iraq War is All Right Then
Rudyard Griffiths: My Five Minutes on Fox: Defending Canada Against the Broadsides of the US Right is a Learning Experience
New York Times: A Pause for Hindsight
Norman Solomon: Terrorism and the Election: Trial Balloons and Spin
Tony Norman: Whoopi Goldberg Brings Hypocrites from Under Their Rocks
Clint Talbott: Bit by Bit, Rocky Flats Nuke Plant is History
Caroline Arnold: Dancing With "Them What Brung You"
Marty Jezer: Arizona's Model Clean Money Law Under Attack
Bill McKibben: Warming the World to Dry our Socks
Jonathan Steele: The Iraqi Leader Seeking a Peaceful Path to Liberation
Ralph Nader: Lay's Indictment Does Not Signal A Crackdown on Corporate Crime
Steve Chapman: Corporate Welfare as we Know It: No End in Sight
Stephen Zunes: The Disappointing Selection of John Edwards, A Foreign Policy Hawk
Bob Fitrakis/Harvey Wasserman: Fahrenheit 911 is Fair and Balanced

Thursday, July 15
John Kenneth Galbraith: Corporate Power is the Driving Force behind US Foreign Policy - and the Slaughter in Iraq
Chalmers Johnson: Sailing Toward a Storm in China: US Maneuvers Could Spark a War
Barbara Ehrenreich: All Together Now
Haroon Siddiqui: Tutu: No Security Without Justice
Jonathan Schell: Healing the Law
Marc Cooper: Shooting the Messenger: The Challenge Facing Real Journalists
Jimmy Breslin: As the List Grows, Bush is Unmoved
Howard Zinn: Dissent at the War Memorial
Salle Engelhardt: On the Gay Marriage Amendment, a Control-Freak Issue?
Virginia Hoffman: The Illusion of Safety
David Sirota: When Left is Right
John Shattuck: US Can Help End Darfur Genocide
James Goldsborough: FOX: The 'Official' Government News Network

Wednesday, July 14
Orville Schell: Why the Press Failed
Steve Lopez: Party Spirit Gets You on Bush's Team
David Cole: My First (and Last) Time With Bill O'Reilly
Robert Jamieson Jr: We've Seen the Enemy, and He is Us
Jill Rachel Jacobs: The Election: Bring It On!
Mokhiber/Weissman: Subway: Junk Food, Junk Economy
Marwan Bishara: It's a Wall, and it's Illegal - and Dangerous
Sofia Jarrin-Thomas: Lessons on Democracy from a Banana Republic
AL Kennedy: Dumping on Yucca Mountain
Matt Peiken: Gay Marriage Amendment Crafted with a Progressive Loophole
John Louis Anderson: Aristophanes: the Michael Moore of his Day
George Bisharat: Judgment on the Wall: Ruling Gives Hopes Discouraged
Patt Morrison: When the Priests of Capitalism Sin
EJ Dionne Jr: Bush Values on Display
Dave Zweifel: List of Bush Team's Lies Keeps Growing
Robert Kuttner: New Tax Cut Scam Excludes Poor Kids

Tuesday, July 13
Ira Chernus: Senate 'Intelligence (?)' Committee Rewrites History
John MacArthur: Kerry Won't Break with Wal-Mart Lobby
Ernest Hollings: Now We Know: It's our Mideast Policy that's Creating Enemies
Caroline Arnold: Other People's Children
Arjun Chowdhury: Why You Should Care About the Separation Wall
Ian Williams: The Media Masking of a 'Deserter'
Paul Krugman: Machine at Work
George Monbiot: A US Comedian Brings Us Closer to the Truth than the BBC
Robert Scheer: Fact of the Matter Is That Facts Didn't Matter
Ray McGovern: Abandoning Tradition of Honesty, CIA now Panders to Power
Jay Bookman: Show Some Horse Sense on Gay Marriage
Sally Carless: Depleted Uranium: America's Silent Weapon of Mass Destruction
Neve Gordon: Israel is Not Served by the Wall
Jim Wallis: Recovering a Hijacked Faith
Bill Gallagher: One Woman's Story of Struggle and Tragedy in George Bush's America

Monday, July 12
Joseph Stiglitz: Unfair Trade: US Treaties Hurt the Poorest Partners
August Wilson: Assaults on Justice Undermine Constitution
Julian Hewitt: The 'Ubuntu' of Globalization
Shashi Tharoor: Meanwhile: The Critical News Stories you Never Read
Medea Benjamin: Venezuela and Saudi Arabia: A Tale of Two Countries
Madison Capital Times: How Anti-War a Platform
Ralph Nader: The Public Deserves to Hear the Facts on Tort Reform
Sheila Velazquez: A Grassroots Campaign in the Treasure State
Earl Ofari Hutchinson: Mr. Cosby, Stop Blaming the Victim
John Nichols: Dean Debates Nader
Tom Engelhardt: The CIA Did It!
Wade Hudson: Bush May Still Win in Iraq
Gerald Kaufman: The Case for Sanctions Against Israel
John Borowski: When the Children Ask, “Where have All the Animals Gone?” What will We Say?

Friday, July 9
William Greider: Ken Lay, Enron and the US Public
Ellis Henican: Electing to Deal with Terror Threat
Joel Barkin: Destroying Democracy: The Shame of  the House Vote on the Patriot Act
Frida Berrigan: Small Arms? Big Problem
Dave Zirin: Blue Jays Slugger Carlos Delgado Stands Up to War
Andrew Greeley: Americans Deserve Look at US Emergency Defense Plans
David Sirota/Judd Legum: These Dogs Don't Hunt: A Pentagon Inspector’s Defense of Halliburton is a Textbook Example of the Cronyism of Bush's So-called Watchdogs
Greg Palast: Give it Back George! The Lay Loot That Bought the White House
Christopher Dunn/Donna Lieberman: Right to Protest is Being Stomped On
Juan Gonzalez: Park Lawn's Great for Anti-war Rally
Minneapolis Stra Tribune: Outsourcing: $23 Million to Cut 16 US Jobs
Joan Ryan: Bush Loses a Lifelong Republican
Ritt Goldstein: US: Patriotic Pride and Fear

Thursday, July 8
Mark Engler: Has US Foreign Policy "Failed"?
Lauren Raheja: In Consumer America it Should be Easier to Shop Our Values
Barbara Ehrenreich: The New Cosby Kids
Norman Solomon: Media Class War: Firing Shots Across the Edwards Bow
Sarah Shields: The Kerry Convention Speech We Need to Hear
Robert Fisk: So Much for Democracy - Iraqis Plan for Introduction of Martial Law
Jessica Montell: Wall Is a World Issue Too
John Brown: New US Embassy, Baghdad: Mother of All Dead Time Factories?
Jimmy Breslin: Republican Convention Protest: The Grass Can Take It!
Blaine Townsend: Disney Goofy to Pass on Fahrenheit 911: Shareholders Expect Moore
Haroon Siddiqui: Long Arm of the Law Nabs Bush
Joyce Marcel: Some More Thoughts on Moore
Michael Takiff: They Behead; We Do It With Smart Bombs
Elizabeth Sullivan: Skids are Greased for Oil Crisis
Sidney Blumenthal: The Battle for the South has Begun

Wednesday, July 7
Salim Lone: Iraq is Now Another Palestine: The First Bush and his Gulf War Paved the Way for the Age of Terror
Naomi Klein: The Mother of All Anti-War Forces
Greg Guma: Privatizing War
Neal Gabler: Moore's Ax Falls on a Derelict Media Too
Holly Sklar/Chuck Collins: War and Tax Cuts
Matthew Rothschild: The John-John Ticket
Tom Engelhardt: Chaos In the Driver's Seat
Barbara Ehrenreich: The King and W.: Their George and Ours
Terry Jones: In the Age of Terrorism, the Rule Is: Celebrate Early, If At All
Floyd McKay: Proclaiming Independence from Imported Oil
Robert Kuttner: Kerry Picked a Winner
John Nichols: Cautious Kerry Chooses Charisma
David Priestland: Cold War Ideology Doesn't Work
Bill Berkowitz: Terrorist Tree Huggers: Ron Arnold, Father of the 'Wise Use' Movement, sets his Sights on 'Eco-Terrorists'

Tuesday, July 6
Gwynne Dyer: It's Not Always About You
Sheldon Rampton/John Stauber: Look Who Has Jumped Into Bed With Ralph Nader
Sara Stephens: Bush Aims Weapons of Malnutrition at Cuba
Norman Solomon: The Limits of Media Dream Machines
Christian Parenti: The News From Planet Falluja
Paul Chevigny: '60s Redux: Cops at the Peace Rally
Ray McGovern: Cheney Cat's Paw, Porter Goss, as CIA Director?
Jimmy Breslin: Footing the GOP's Heavy-Handedness
Dave Robinson: Genocide Again in Sudan
George Monbiot: Driving into the Abyss: Time to Tax SUVs Off the Road
Robert Jensen: What Michael Moore Misses About the Empire
Robert Scheer: Even a Tyrant Is Entitled to Due Process: Hussein's Trial is Shaping up as just U.S. Theatrics
Paul Krugman: Bye-Bye, Bush Boom
Ed Garvey: US Must Get Out of Iraq or Draft Will Soon Follow

Monday, July 5
Karen Dolan/Stefan Heumann: The Broken Promise of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness
Stacy Mitchell: Celebrate Your Independents
Madison Capital Times: President George Orwell
Kathy Kelly: On Leaving "Lupe" Behind
Neal Peirce: Abu Ghraib Hits Home
Larry Beinhart: This July 4th Depose George II
Howard Dean: Bush's War on Science
Bill Conroy: Take Your Kids to Fahrenheit 9/11 Before the Government Takes Them to War
Ralph Nader: US-Chartered Corporations Unpatriotic Behavior
William Pfaff: Torturing Prisoners: Supreme Court Orders a Step Back from Lawlessness
Cynthia Tucker: Americans Increasingly Unwilling to Surrender Civil Liberties
Steve Chapman: Victory Doesn't Smell as Sweet From Over Here

Sunday, July 4
Michael Moore: The Patriot's Act: What's More American Than Asking Questions?
Pat Aufderheide: 'Fahrenheit 9/11' Has Taken Documentaries from From Margin to Mainstream
Haroon Siddiqui: War On Truth Still Rages
Madison Capital Times: Roots of 4th are Radical
G. Jefferson Price III: US Control of Iraq Betrays Founding Fathers
Mary Anne Libby: Talk of Reinstituting Draft Prompts Disquieting Questions
Les Payne: What a Film Has Taught the Bush Team
Anthony Scrivener: Saddam's Trial: The US Wanted a Showcase, But it's Staging a Dangerous Farce

Friday, July 2
Anonymous: Seeing Islam Through a Lens of US Hubris
Dave Zirin: A Eulogy For Our Marlon Brando
Katrina vanden Heuvel: Good Things in Bad Times
HDS Greenway: Add 'Sovereignty' to Bush's Grand Illusions About Iraq
Bob Herbert: Waking Up to the War
Katha Pollitt: Moore 1, Media 0
Martin Schram: Kerry: Tell the Tough Truth
Patrisia Gonzales/Roberto Rodriguez: Declaring Independence From Fear
Carolyn Eisenberg: Another Whopper: Iraqi “Sovereignty”
Katherine van Wormer: George W. Bush: The Madness in His Method
David Mamet: Violent Movies - And War Movies - Give us the Thrill of Victory. But What Happens When War Becomes a Reality?
Paul Krugman: Moore's Public Service
Marian Wilkinson: Torn on the 4th of July
David Sarasohn: The Uprising of the Nader Republicans

Thursday, July 1
Joyce Marcel: When Madmen Run the Asylum
Barbara Ehrenreich: Dude, Where's That Elite?
Peter Maguire: Here Comes the Judge: Hussein Trial May Set a New Low
Marc Cooper: Dissing the Republic To Save It: A Conversation with Chalmers Johnson
Sidney Blumenthal: When Cheney's Mask Slips, It Reveals Bush
Norman Solomon: Nader Adrift
Thomas Emmert: How Sad to Close the Doors on Cuba Travel
Seumas Milne: The Resistance Campaign is Iraq's Real War of Liberation
Shepherd Bliss: "Fahrenheit 9/11" Parties Turn Up the Heat
John Borowski: Democrats Wail, "Don't Act Like Republicans" as their Party Hemorrhages
Elizabeth Sullivan: Iraq is Breeding Terrorist Diversity at Alarming Rate
Arianna Huffington: Political Real Estate: John Kerry's Room With A View
James Goldsborough: Preserving a Fundamental Freedom
Jay Bookman: At Pretense, Bombers Pale to Politicians




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