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January 2004

Saturday, January 31
Madison Capital Times: On Iraq: Some Got It Right
Helen Thomas: Buck Stops With CIA, Not Administration
New York Times: How to Hack an Election
Christopher Brauchli: Watch What Bush Does, Not What He Says

Friday, January 30
Thom Hartmann: How Global Warming May Cause the Next Ice Age
Katha Pollitt: Judy, Judy, Judy: Judith Steinberg Dean
Paul Krugman: Where's the Apology?
Norman Solomon: Presidential Candidates: Compared to What?
Ruth Rosen: Leave No Worker Behind: Striking Grocery Workers Deserve Our Support
Eli Pariser: One Thing That Won't Be Tackled on Sunday: Issues
John Nichols: Bush Slips -- Among Republicans
HDS Greenway: Even Our Friends Find the Trumpeting of American Exceptionalism Profoundly Offputting
Harry Lonsdale: Urgent Plea to Nader: Don't Run!
Oliver Houck: How Industry Hijacked 'Sound Science'
Scott Ritter: UK's 'Hutton Report': 'The Public Must Look to What is Missing From the Report'
John Dean: The Leak of CIA Agent Valerie Plame Wilson's Identity: Why Competing Congressional and Special Counsel Investigations Will Inevitably Cause Problems

Thursday, January 29
Robert Reich: The Dead Center
Tad Daley: Choosing a Flag to Unite a Planet
David Corn: A Dis-Endorsement of Dean
Arianna Huffington: Judy Dean And The Politics Of Authenticity
James Goldsborough: Truth on Iraq Begins to Emerge
Ted Rall: Let Their People Go: Why Stop With Iraq?
Greg Palast: BBC At War: M'Lord Hutton Blesses Blair's Attack on BBC's Investigation of Iraq War Claims
Haroon Siddiqui: Truth Catching up to Bush
Paul Campos: CBS: The Censor Broadcast System
Jay Bookman: No Mystery to Untangling WMD Puzzler
Sidney Blumenthal: The Remaining Democratic Hopefuls are all Singing from the Same Hymn Sheet to Defeat the President
Robert Kuttner: The Privileged Act Worried

Wednesday, January 28
Fletcher Crossman: Europeans Are Not Cowards. It's That We Know War
Kathy Kelly: Statement to Judge Upon Being Sentenced to Three Months in Federal Prison for School of the Americas Protest
John Bonifaz: The First Lie: The Invasion Was Not Just Reckless. It Was Unconstitutional
Richard Gwyn: Demand for Oil Outstripping Supply
Theodore Roszak: Raging Against the Machine: Computers Haven't Smashed Big Brother; They've Given Him More Control
Rahul Mahajan: Kerry vs. Dean; New Hampshire vs. Iraq
Jill Rachel Jacobs: Pigskin and Politics 101: CBS' Ad Censorship Cracks Super Bowl Spirit
Nick Jans: Conservative Sportsmen Turn Against Bush
Senator Ted Kennedy: This Country Was Misled Into War
Chip Ward: Wild About Roads: Michael Leavitt and Gale Norton Try to End Wilderness as We Know It
Peter Clark: Free Pass for Colombia’s Military
Robert Miller: Lewis & Clark Helped Rob American Indians
Minneapolis Star Tribune: WMD: Bad Intelligence, But More

Tuesday, January 27
Daniel Ellsberg: US And British Officials Must Expose Their Leaders' Lies About Iraq - As I Did Over Vietnam
Joan Vennochi: Deeper into Debate on Iraq
Norman Solomon: The State of the Media Union
Pierre Tristam: One Man's Clarity in America's Totalitarian Time Warp
John Nichols: John Edwards: Angry-About-the-War Candidate
Robert Scheer: Now, Can We Talk of Impeachment? Baghdad Is Bush's Blue Dress
John MacArthurr: If Dean survives the Media Freeze Out in New Hampshire Today, He Might Just Wipe That Smirk Off Bush's Face
Katherine van Wormern: More Evidence that Bush Is a "Dry Drunk"?
Dilip Hiro: One Iraqi, One Vote?
Madison Capital Times: The Deceiving of the Union
Rory O'Connor: War Coverage's Biggest Lie -- Censoring the Horrors
Paul Krugman: Red Ink Realities

Monday, January 26
George Soros: The US is Now in the Hands of a Group of Extremists
James Goldsborough: Wal-Mart vs. America's Middle Class
Tad Daley: Top Ten Responses To -- "I Love Kucinich But He Can't Win"
Vennila nr Kain: Being Peace: Send A Salami To Your Boy In The Army
Harley Sorensen: Are Parallels To Nazi Germany Crazy?
Ralph Nader: Runaway Corporate Compensation Packages Gaining Speed
Paul Rockwell: Cluster Bombs: War Crimes of the Bush Administration
Leon Friedman: US Is Violating Accord on POWs
Bernard Weiner: Robert S. McNamara, Colin Powell & "The Fog of War"
Byron Williams: What is Patriotism? Two-Party Politics Threatens to Displace Love for Country and Countrymen

Sunday, January 25
Noam Chomsky: What a Fair Trial for Saddam Would Entail
Margie Burns: What Did the Oil Companies Know, and When Did They Know It?
Eric Margolis: Overweight America is Hooked on Sugar
G. Jefferson Price III: What Does George Bush Have to Grin About?
Knoxville News-Sentinel: 'First Amendment Zones' Restrict Free Speech
George Bisharat: Two-State Solution Again Sells Palestinians Short

Saturday, January 24
Kelly Brownell/Marion Nestle: US Line on Sugar Ignores the Facts - and the World
Brian Gilmore: Stamp Honoring Renaissance Man Paul Robeson is Overdue
Christopher Brauchli: Playing Politics with Marriage
Matt Miller: How Cynical Can You Get?
Cesar Chelala/Alejandro Garro: A Toxic Legacy in the Amazon

Friday, January 23
Ira Chernus: Thomas Friedman Wants a Democrat Who Can Win World War III
John Nichols: Bush Helps CBS, CBS Helps Bush
Derrick Jackson: Kerry Still Needs to Explain War Vote
Paul Krugman: BlackBox Voting: Democracy at Risk
Wendy Smith: Still No Justice for Rachel Corrie
Charlie Cray: New Ripples in the Corporate Crime Wave
Harvey Wasserman: The States of Iowa and the Union Agree: Bush Can Be Beaten
Frank Rich: Fog of War: The Corporate-Military Whiz Kids
Tony Norman: The Night That Justice Got Mugged in Georgia
Marty Jezer: I Am A Democrat Now
Elizabeth Sullivan: When Was Bush Transformed Into the See-No-Evil President?
David Greenberg: We May Have Dean to Kick Around

Thursday, January 22
Naomi Klein: Bush's Iraq: An Appointocracy
Arundhati Roy: The New American Century
Russ Baker: The Phony Dean 'Meltdown'
Thad Williamson: O'Neill's Failed Bid for African Relief Shows One-Sidedness of Bush Strategy
Tom Engelhardt: Words Must Be Credible: "No One Can Now Doubt the Word of America"
John Nichols: Dean Should Yell 'On, Wisconsin!'
Gwynne Dyer: Al-Qaida will do Whatever it Takes to Assure Bush is Re-elected
Linda O'Brien: How Many Degrees of Separation Between Bush and the People, Between Truth and Lies?
Greg Palast: No Child's Behind Left - The New Educational Eugenics in George Bush's State of the Union
Haroon Siddiqui: Bush Act Starts to Wear Thin
Marian Wright Edelman: Old South Lingers in a Legal Lynching
Colman McCarthy: Making Headway in Teaching Peace
Guy Reel: The Selling of the Government
Rahul Mahajan: State of the Union 2004 Myth and Reality

Wednesday, January 21
Stephen Zunes: An Annotated Critique of the Foreign Policy Segments of President George W. Bush’s 2004 State of the Union Address
David Corn: Bush's Defiant State of the Union
Medea Benjamin: Code Pink Says “Give Bush a Pink Slip!”
Joe Conason: What’s Bush Hiding From 9/11 Commission?
Arianna Huffington: The State Of The Union: Bush Leaves No Bride Behind
Bernie Sanders: We Are the Majority
Arthur Schlesinger Jr: State of the 'Vision Thing'
Ted Rall: Suffer the French School Children - Hatred Bush Hath Wrought
Madison Capital Times: Bush is Way Off Course
Minneapolis Star Tribune: State of the Union: It's Not Good, Thanks to Bush
Ivan Eland: Why Do Iowans Like To Caucus But Iraqis Don't?
Ellis Henican: A Vulnerable Incumbent
Robert Kuttner: Will Voters Focus on Bush Details?
Rick Mercier: Bush, Far Right has Taken Reproductive-rights Battle Overseas

Tuesday, January 20
Independent/UK: George W. Bush a Divider After All
Jeff Cohen: Iowa, The Democrats and the Media
John Nichols: Iowa: Caucusing for Kerry, Edwards
Michelle Ciarrocca: Bush's Space Odyssey
James Carroll: Addressing Bush's State of Disunion
Mike Davis: Bush and the Great Wall
Mokhiber/Weissman: Multiple Corporate Personality Disorder
Jonathan Zimmerman: Students Don't Learn Enough About Recent Controversies
Robert Steinback: Unjust War is the Only Issue
Margot Wallström et al: The Earth's Life-Support System is in Peril
George Kenney: How to Fix Politics? Believe It or Not, More Politicians
DeWayne Wickham: Clark's Criticism of Iraq War Distances Him from the Pack
Robert Scheer: Give Iraqis the Election They Want

Monday, January 19
Bob Herbert: A Single Conscience v. the State
Ray McGovern: Will Speech Lack Hyperbole That 'Justified' War?
Medea Benjamin: A New Milestone in Iraq: 500 US Soldiers Dead
Heather Wokusch: Bushwhacking Mother Nature: US Environmental Destruction Abroad
Ralph Nader: 'Gated' Debates Challenged by Citizens Debate Commission
Harley Sorensen: Fear Trumps Freedom In A Perpetual War
Jonathan Steele: Why the US is Running Scared of Elections in Iraq
Fr. John Dear: Dr. King's Gauntlet: Nonviolence or Nonexistence
Timothy McDonald: He Came Not to Praise King But
Sheryl McCarthy: King's Words on War Still Ring True Today
James Goldsborough: Passing the Bill to our Children

Friday, January 16
Ira Chernus: Dr. King's Dream: Freedom, Not Space Travel
Robert Reich: O'Neill Has Done His Country a Favor
Norman Solomon: Presidential Campaign Fever: Too Much "Vision" Without Hearing
Julianne Malveaux: King's Legacy Lives on - in Venezuela
Madison Capital Times: Trust O'Neill, Not His Critics
Marjorie Cohn: The Concentration Camp at Guantanamo: Wrong Treatment in the Wrong Place
David Corn: Not-So-Special Counsel
Bob Herbert: Masters of Deception
John O'Farrell: Take Me off This Planet
Bill Youngs: Martin Luther King and Iraq
John Dean: The US Supreme Court and The Imperial Presidency: How President Bush Is Testing the Limits of His Presidential Powers
Michael Moore: I’ll Be Voting For Wesley Clark: Good-Bye Mr. Bush

Thursday, January 15
Martin Luther King Jr: Declaration of Independence from the War in Vietnam
Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity: Memo for the President: Your State-of-the-Union Address
Chalmers Johnson: America's Empire of Bases
Geov Parrish: Voting From the Heart
Ted Glick: Don't Run Like This, Ralph
Sidney Blumenthal: Paul O'Neill: A Rebel Republican
Sean Penn: 2nd Act A Year Later, Sean Penn Returns to Iraq and Files a Personal, Candid Report From the Front
John Nichols: Dean's D.C. Votes Show He's for Real
Todd Huffman MD: On The Release Of Two Prisoners
William Pfaff: The End of Bush and Blair's Friendship?
Ruth Rosen: Health-Care Meltdown
James Goldsborough: More Evidence of Mass Deception

Wednesday, January 14
Bill Maxwell: Rush, George, Paul, Ariel, Together at Last
Derrick Jackson: Powell's Shrinking Credibility on Iraq
Paul Rogat Loeb: Dean and Kucinich
Rosa Maria Pegueros: Hallucinations of Grandeur
David Bacon: NAFTA's Legacy -- Profits and Poverty
Richard Smith: The Public is Being Regularly Deceived by the Drug Trials Funded by Pharmaceutical Companies
Jules Witcover: New Fuel For War Foes
Mark Engler: Government Attacks on MLK Show Need to Protect Rights
James Ridgeway: Not-So-Great Debates - The Clash Between Forum and Function

Tuesday, January 13
Bill Gallagher: Real Crooks Walk, Donate to the GOP
Thomas Walkom: Some Refer to George W. Bush as Another Hitler. This is a Gross Exaggeration
Paul Krugman: The Awful Truth
Donna Vukelich: Ollie North Visit a Reminder of Lies, Scandal under Reagan
George Monbiot: Forget about Usefulness, Beauty Alone is Reason Enough to Justify Conservation
Toronto Star: Bush 'Outed' on Iraq
John Buell: Well, Let Them Eat Mad Cows
Bill C Davis: What Dean Means
Michael Klare: Bush-Cheney Energy Strategy: Procuring the Rest of the World’s Oil
Sean Gonsalves: Making Cows Mad, Immigrants Happy
Danny Schecter: MoveOn Meets Up To Unveil Winning Ad

Monday, January 12
Ruth Rosen: Where's the Outrage?
Tarek Milleron: Super Rallies? No. If Nader Runs, This Will Be the Year of the Elks Club
Heather Wokush: Canada in the Crossfire
Laura Flanders: On the 40th Anniversary of the War on Poverty: Same Folks, Different Strokes
Gary Younge: The US Presidential Race is Already Remarkable for One Thing - People are Reasserting their Political Power
Harley Sorensen: The Decline And Fall Of The American Job
Norman Solomon: Dixie Trap for Democrats in Presidential Race
Jay Bookman: Truth About Iraq Known; Fallout Isn't
Matthew Rothschild: O'Neill, Powell Expose the Iraq Ruse
Alejandro Garro/César Chelala: US Should not Fear Transnational Justice
Brian Smith: Single-Payer: We'd Get More for Less
Paul deLespinasse: How Many Windmills Would $87 Billion Buy?

Sunday, January 11
Kate Allen: Guantanamo Bay: Two Years Too Many
Janice Fine: Undocumented Workers: Bush Plan's 3 Flaws
Dick Bernard: Young Haitian Democracy Deserves and Needs America's Strong Support
Kevin Phillips: The Barreling Bushes
Susan Lenfestey: Noisy Debates Make Good Politics
Bill Maxwell: Bush's Deception on Iraq
Eric Margolis: Bush and Blair Behind Khadaffy's WMD Sham

Saturday, January 10
Louise Christian: Guantanamo Bay: The US Example Now Legitimizes Oppression Across the World
Timothy Karr:, The New York Post and Media's Double Standard
William Pfaff: The Price of Globalization
Jocelyn Hurndall: What Price a Life? The Israeli Army Shot My Son, and the Toll Continues to Rise
Seth Sandronsky: That Vision Thing: U.S. Life in the Time of Mad Cow
Karen Kwiatkowski: Open Door Policy: A Strange Thing Happened on the Way to the War

Friday, January 9
Naomi Klein: The Year of the Fake
Robyn Landis: Mad Cows in a World Gone Mad
Derrick Jackson: Mounting Evidence Shows Iraq Didn't Have WMDs
Ira Chernus: Tom Friedman's Scary Plan for World War III
David Corn: Those WMDs: Bush's Case Weakens Further
David Morris: Try Hybrids, Biofuels to Wean us From Oil
Patrisia Gonzales/Roberto Rodriguez: Bring 'Em On and Send 'Em Home
Bob Herbert: Sick State Budgets, Sick Kids
Dick Meyer: No Child Left Behind? No Slogan Left Behind
José Miguel Vivanco/Daniel Wilkinson: Discontent with the US South of the Border

Thursday, January 8
David Miller: 'Information Dominance': US Propaganda Strategy in Iraq
David Callahan: The Myth of the Populist Stock Market
Nancy Snow: Kill Your TV: No Oops, I Really Mean it this Time
Joseph Mulligan: Soldiers Do Have a Choice
Juan Gonzalez: Welcome to the Wal-Mart Bracero Program
John Nichols: GOP Chairman Creates a Fine Mess
Norman Solomon: Ralph Nader: Running on Empty?
Andrew Nikiforuk: Mad Cows: An Issue Comes to a Head
Paul Rockwell: Sorrows of Empire: Dr. King's Speech on War and Peace
Marc Cooper: What a Difference a Digit Makes - The No. 1 Rule of American Politics
Antonia Zerbisias: The Truth is Out There, Somewhere
Ivan Eland: With Friends Like These, US Enemies Don't Seem As Bad
Kumar Venkat: Free Trade: Benefit or Peril for the Environment?
Helena Cobban: Americans Need to Recognize Their Place in the World
Susan Jacoby: One Nation, Under Secularism

Wednesday, January 7
Stephen Zunes: Democrats’ Attacks on Dean Enhance Bush’s Re-election Prospects
Arianna Huffington: Dean, Bobby and the Ghost of Landslides Past
Ray McGovern: Intoxicated With Power
Steven Hill/Rob Richie: Doubts will Persist until Secure, Accurate Elections Become a National Priority
John Dean: Why Did Attorney General Ashcroft Remove Himself From The Valerie Plame Wilson Leak Investigation?
AL Kennedy: It Shouldn't Happen to a Vet
Michael Greger MD: Could Mad Cow Disease Already be Killing Thousands of Americans Every Year?
Bill Maxwell: Support Flows to the Guy with a Backbone
César Chelala: Reservists Send Sharon Message
John Sifton: A Sordid Tale of Vote-Buying, Death Threats and Naked Power Politics Lies Behind Afghanistan’s Flawed New Constitution
Helen Thomas: Remove Arrows from Dean's Back
Neal Starkman: The S Factor Explains Bush's Popularity
Madison Capital Times: Dean's Right on Saddam
Robert Kuttner: This Business Cycle Could Get Vicious

Tuesday, January 6
James Carroll: But George McGovern Was Right
Andrew Gumbel: How the War Machine is Driving the US Economy
Thom Hartmann: A Fistful of Kryptonite Against SuperGeorge
Cynthia Moothart: Reasons to Hope: Bush Catalyzes a Nascent Progressive Movement
Jimmy Breslin: Dark Passage For America
Sean Gonsalves: Changing Arguments in Midstream
George Monbiot: On the Edge of Lunacy: British Foreign Aid is Now Targeted at Countries Willing to Sell Off Their Assets to Big Business
Brandon Keim: A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned, Says Osama
Michael Schwalbe: The Sport of Empire
John MacArthur: Dean's Uphill Battle in Bush Fantasyland
Mark Weisbrot: Fed Should Have Acted Against Stock Market Bubble
Robert Scheer: Lord Knows What Pat Robertson Wants
Mary Zeiss Stange: Raise Cattle Naturally, Safely on Open Range
Paul Krugman: Rubin Gets Shrill

Monday, January 5
Kathy Kelly: Rebuilding in Baghdad
John Stauber: US Needs to do Right Thing to Stop Mad Cow Disease
Harley Sorensen: DLC: Wolves in Democrats' Clothing
Ralph Nader: New Year's Wishlist from One Mass Media Viewer
James Goldsborough: Separating the Church from the State
Jay Bookman: Limbaugh Strikes Blows He Can't Take
Charles Knight/Marcus Corbin: Bush's Security Policy has a High Price
Scott Ritter: The Search for Iraqi WMD has Become a Public Joke. But I, for One, am not Laughing
Jim Rissman: Good Luck, Margaret Tutwiler
Bob Herbert: Getting Away With
Robert Freeman: How Will Bush Deal With the Deficits? Connecting the Dots to Iraq
Patrisia Gonzales/Roberto Rodriguez: We Are All Zapatistas
Seth Sandronsky: Mad Cow and Main Street USA

Sunday, January 4
Eric Margolis: America: The Real Danger Lies Within
Gwynne Dyer: When History is Hijacked
Kenneth Roth: In Bush's America, Rules of War Trump Civil Law
Erik Todd Dellums : 'Cold Mountain' Freezes Out Black History in Civil War
Newsday: The Radicalization of American Foreign Policy
Jimmy Breslin: The New American System Of Justice

Friday, January 2
Eric Schlosser: The Cow Jumped Over the USDA
Ira Chernus: Brazil: The Next Nuclear "Threat"?
Eisha Mason: Building on Our Victories
Norman Solomon: George Will's Ethics: None of Our Business?
Tom Turnipseed: Courageous African-American Woman Brings Us Hope For Peace
Tom Engelhardt: The Empire Strikes Out 2003: Imperial Gong Show Year
Derrick Jackson: Dean's Blunt Talk About Race
Paul "Pete" McCloskey: Republicans Are at Risk of Becoming an Endangered Species
Dave Zweifel: Drug Firms Pull Out Stops on Imports
Graham Barrett: Global Wealth Must Be Shared
Jeff Gillenkirk: The Death Penalty: A 1% Nonsolution to Crime

Thursday, January 1
Ruth Rosen: To Tell the Truth
Marty Jezer: Year of Decision
James Goldsborough: The American Political Landscape in 2004
Robert Fisk: War Takes An Inhuman Twist With Cats, Dogs and Donkeys Turned Into Bombs
Jay Bookman: Iraq Gamble's Payoff Isn't a Sure Thing
Sidney Blumenthal: Howard Dean Can Survive Shark Attacks
Felicity Arbuthnot: Missing Medical Aid - 'How Can They Run a Country?'




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