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February 2004

Friday, February 27
John Anderson: Creating an Open Electoral Process
Derrick Jackson: Kerry is no Gandhi on Corporate Donations
David Corn: What's Right With Kerry
Gary Ruskin: What's in a Name? A Potful of Problems
Katha Pollitt: Toothpaste, Cough Drops, Aspirin, Contraception
Reggie Rivers: Marriage Amendment Must be Defeated
Ray McGovern: No Skunks Allowed
Rick Salutin: The Passion of the Christ and George Bush's America
Matthew Rothschild: Alan Greenspan Has Got to Go
Andrew Greeley: Iraq More Than Bush Bargained For
Martin Woollacott: How America's Right Bears the Longest Grudge
Bob Herbert: Bliss and Bigotry

Thursday, February 26
Norman Solomon: UN Spying and Evasions of American Journalism
Tracy Ridder: Why Aristide Should Stay
John MacArthur: Confessions of a Naderite
Justin Martin: Nattering Nabobs of Anti-Naderism
Marc Cooper: See Ralph Run - Advice for Dealing with the Renegade
John Nichols: Aloha Dennis
Ben Canyon Gass: A Race to a Clean Energy Future
Gregory Foster: A Veteran's View of Bush and War
Ruth Rosen: Why Can't They Vote?
Roger Doiron: Remembering When Food Was Fun
Sidney Blumenthal: The New Fight at the OK Corral
Joyce Marcel: Twelve Reasons Against a Ban on Homosexual Marriages

Wednesday, February 25
Arianna Huffington: The Pentagon Sounds The Alarm On Global Warming; Why Isn't President Bush Listening?
Derrick Jackson: Deleting the Truth on Health Care
Kathryn Wallace: Osama in the House?
David Corn: The Propaganda of William Safire
Ayed Morrar: Israel's Wall: It Must Come Tumbling Down
Diana Spatz: Bush Welfare Agenda - Married to a Myth
Mark Weisbrot: We Are All Protectionists Now
Matthew Rothschild: Haiti's Second Coup
Bob Fitrakis: Diebold, Electronic Voting and the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy
Peter Hart: Bill O'Reilly's "Apology": Still Spinning in the 'No Spin Zone'
Tom Engelhardt: And Now for Something Really Dangerous
Neal Peirce: Clearing the Tracks for Less Road Congestion
Robert Kuttner: Cheney's Unprecedented Power

Tuesday, February 24
John Buell: Hunger and the Kindness of Strangers
Mary Turck: Background on Haiti: Some Questions and Answers
James Ridgeway: Dems Call Ralph But Is Nader's Raid on the Race Really So Bad?
Antonia Zerbisias: Canadian Film May Put Nader on Radar
James Carroll: An Obscene Portrayal of Christ's Passion
John Nichols: Ousting Bush Beats Voting for Nader
Eric Ringham: Candidate Ralph Nader, Meet Candidate Dennis Kucinich
Micah Sifry: Nader's Run From Reality
Wayne Smith: Suicides Among Soldiers Who Served in Iraq
Laura Carlsen: Americans Abroad: George W. Bush is Persona Non Grata
George Monbiot: The Corporate Stooges who Nobble Serious Science
Bill Gallagher: Lies About War, Economics, Science: President's Lies Are Never-Ending

Monday, February 23
Gary Younge: Haiti: Throttled by History
Paul Loeb: Nader: The Lone Ranger Of Righteousness
Norman Solomon: Nader's Tin Ear
Daniel Ellsberg: Where are Iraq's Pentagon Papers?
Noam Chomsky: A Wall as a Weapon
Felicity Arbuthnot: Serial Peacemaker Jailed; Bush and Blair Nobel Nominated, Machiavelli Lives
Glen Milner: Bush Administration Favors Nuclear Free-For-All
Harley Sorensen: Kerry, Edwards Care More About Polls Than Character
Julie Shapiro/Kellye Testy: 'Marriage Amendment' Would Discard Nation's Principles
Margie Burns: All in the (Profiteering, First) Family
Blair Bobier: It’s the Electoral System, Stupid!

Sunday, February 22
Mitchell Rofsky: The Liberal Legacy (and the Myth of Conservative Primacy)
Rosa Maria Pegueros: The Presidential Prayer Team isn't Praying for You
Christopher Dreher: Is There a Cure for 'Superpower Syndrome'?
Les Payne: America Loses a Hero
David Cole: Guantanamo Bay Continues as a Blot of Shame on the US
Carl Hiaasen: Iraq War is Boon for Halliburton
Jimmy Breslin: Haunted By A Soldier's Face
Seth Sandronsky: Inequality and Unity in the 2004 Presidential Election

Saturday, February 21
Ira Chernus: Football and Sex at Colorado: The Real Scandal
Jeff Halper: America is Complicit in Illegal Wall
Kim Antieau: Oh, You Mean Those Immigrants
Ralph Nader: Open the Debates
Sheri Shuler: Wedding Pentecost
Christopher Brauchli: Halliburton: Seriously Cute
David Marquand: The British-US Axis No Longer Makes Any Sense

Friday, February 20
Marc Cooper: Soldier for the Truth: Exposing Bush’s Talking-Points War
Ray McGovern: Iraq Hawks Put WMD Cart Before Horse
Renato Redentor Constantino: History Lesions: How Much Better Off We Would All Be Today If Only We Remembered More
Norman Solomon: The Collapse of Howard Dean's Cyber-Bubble
William Jackson Jr: 'NY Times' Fails to Acknowledge Its Role in WMD Hype
William Greider: Dean's Rough Ride
Colin Tudge: GMOs: Bad For the Poor and Bad For Science
Thom Hartmann: Gay Marriage? Blame It On Jefferson
Douglas Schuler: Another (Better) World is Possible
Jim Boyd: For 'Gutter Politics,' Look to the Bush Camp
Bob Herbert: Dark Side of Free Trade

Thursday, February 19
Howard Zinn: The Ultimate Betrayal
Haifa Zangana: Why Iraqi Women Aren't Complaining
David Corn: What Bush's Guard File Reveals
Cecilie Surasky: Anti-Semitism at the World Social Forum?
Joseph Nevins: Washington's Double Standards Toward Mass Murderers
Rick Mercier: We Need a Coalition of the God-willing to Defeat Gay Conspiracy
Arianna Huffington: Bush Rouses The Sleeping Dogs Of The Culture War
Jonah Raskin: Something to 'Howl' About: Ginsberg's Icon-Busting Poem Resonates in the Patriot Act Era
Anthony Schinella: Will the Real John Kerry Please Stand Up?
Sidney Blumenthal: Why Kerry Should Sue the Sun
Matthew Rothschild: The Edwards Surge
James Goldsborough: A Fence Won't Stem the Tide of Immigration

Wednesday, February 18
Naomi Klein: Americans Hear About their 500 Dead Soldiers. What About the 10,000 Dead Iraqi Civilians?
Chalmers Johnson: Tokyo Lets Loose Lapdogs of War
Laura Flanders: Not Quite A Dream Team; Some of John Kerry’s Foreign Policy Advisers Should Give Pause to Progressives
John Whitbeck: 'Terrorism': A World Ensnared by a Word
Floyd McKay: Wal-Mart Nation: The Race to the Bottom
Susan Galleymore: Iraqis say, "Same Donkey, Different Blanket"
Mokhiber/Weissman: Corporation as Psychopath
Ivan Eland: Body Count Redux
Sheldon Rampton/John Stauber: How Now, Mad Cow?
Stephen Zunes: Interview of Bush Reveals Dangerous Assumptions Behind U.S. Foreign Policy
Carl Pope/Ron Gettelfinger: More Jobs to the Gallon
Ruth Rosen: 'We're Already Married'
Gary Younge: Spirit of the Dean Machine

Tuesday, February 17
Mariane Pearl: My Fight for Danny's Memory: Wall Street Journal Abandons Murdered Reporter's Wife
James Carroll: A Wall Across the World
Bill C Davis: Election 2004: There's Nothing to Say
Robert Scheer: Old MacDonald Had a Judge: Quack, Quack. So Much for the Constitutionally Mandated Separation of Powers
Don Henley: Killing the Music
Marjorie Cohn: Government Withdrawal of Drake Protest Subpoenas Targeting National Lawyers Guild Is Victory For Free Speech
Jason Leopold: CIA Intelligence Reports Seven Months Before 9/11 Said Iraq Posed No Threat To US, Containment Was Working
Huck Gutman: Election 2004: The Contest has Just Begun
George Monbiot: The Sinister Grip that Disney Exerts on Children's Imaginations may Finally Loosen
Ernest Partridge: Guard-Gate: The Coverup That's Worse than the Crime
Pierre Tristam: Superficial Grist, not Message Defining Presidential Image
Sean Gonsalves: And Ain't We American?

Monday, February 16
Harley Sorensen: Selling The War Without Lying
Katha Pollitt: Nicholas Kristof is Once Again Accusing American Feminists of Ignoring Third World Women and Girls
Adam Shapiro: Palestinians Join Nonviolent Struggle Against Israeli Occupation
Fran Shor: Election 2004: What's the Historical Alternative?
Ralph Nader: Law-Breaking Logging Giant Bankrolls Recall Campaign of Prosecutor
September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows: 9/11 Families Valentines Letter to President Bush
Ira Chernus: Valentine's Day Taught Political Lessons
Ruth Rosen: Why Single Women Must Vote
Jay Bookman: In Economy, 'New' Isn't 'Improved'
Larry David: Bush and Me, Guarding the Homeland
Rahal Mahajan: Bush -- Is the Tide Turning?

Sunday, February 15
Eric Margolis: Let's Be Clear On What Is - And Isn't - A Weapon of Mass Destruction
Caroline Arnold: History, Presidents and Lies
Jimmy Breslin: Bush Goal Was Dodging War
Tom Engelhardt: Iraqnophobia
Patrisia Gonzales/Roberto Rodriguez: Seeking The Root Of The Truth

Saturday, February 14
Tariq Ali: How Far Will the US Go to Maintain Its Illegitimate Primacy in Iraq?
Guy Reel: It's the Media, Stupid
Bill Maher: We Don't Need Laws About Love
Christopher Brauchli: Drug Firms Doing Well Under Bush
Minneapolis Star Tribune: Nukes: Is Bush Really Serious?
Lester Brown: When the Soil Dies and the Well Dries

Friday, February 13
John O'Farrell: You Too Can Go Nuclear
Cathy Davidson: Economy Sails Away From Workers
Jonathan Schell: Kerry and War
Dick Meyer: Run, Ralph, Run
Norman Solomon: An Odd Accusation From Ralph Nader
Robert Jensen: Bush's Nuclear Hypocrisy
Scott Klinger: Is it Time for a Progressive Corporate Income Tax?
Andrew Christie: The Standard-Benny Political Intelligence Test
William Pfaff: In Munich, Rumsfeld's Silence Speaks Volumes
Joshua Reichert: Rising to the Challenge of Saving our Planet
Paul Krugman: The Real Man
Andrew Greeley: Bush Playing us for Fools on WMD

Thursday, February 12
Mariam Rawi: Britain and the US said War on Afghanistan would Liberate Women. We are Still Waiting
Ruth Rosen: The Content of His Character
John Bonifaz: John Kerry's Broken Promise on the War
Dean Baker: Another Intelligence Failure at the White House
Kayrn Strickler: Sierra Club Old Guard Revives McCarthyism
Antonia Zerbisias: Bushites Try to Plug President's Service Gap
David Corn: W as in AWOL: Case Not Closed
Heather Gray: Georgia's “Faith-Based” Electronic Voting System: Something's Rotten in the State
John Nichols: Report Agrees Media Unfair to Dean
Joel Rogers: Progressives Should Vote for Edwards as Best on Issues
Tad Daley: Once Again: The Top Ten Responses To - "I Love Kucinich But He Can't Win"
James Goldsborough: Another Attempt to Deny Evolution

Wednesday, February 11
Jonathan Freedland: This War is Not Yet Over
Morton Mintz: Investigating the 9/11 Investigation
Todd Huffman: The Faraway Nearby: Democrats can re-tap the Core American Optimism
Holly Sklar: Bush's Budgets Make us the Irresponsible Generation
Tom Blodget: In the Land of the Free
Tom Engelhardt: The President Enters Credibility Gap
Felicity Arbuthnot: The Boy with the Bullet in his Brain
Stewart Acuff: Standing up for Workers' Rights
Robert Kuttner: The Honeymoon is Over, Mr. Bush
Maggie Thurs: Fallout from Breastgate: Sexual Assault as Entertainment
Bruce Ramsey: Too Easily Persuaded into an Unnecessary War
Derrick Jackson: Bible Lessons These Clergy Forgot
Ivan Eland: US Iraq Policy Uncovered

Tuesday, February 10
Robert Scheer: War as an Excuse for Everything
Pierre Tristam: Moral Mob Mauled Blind by Janet's Areola Borealis
Toronto Star: Bush Cried 'Wolf' on Iraq's Threat
Jane Mayer: What Did the Vice-President Do for Halliburton?
Heather Wokusch: Press Freedom Under Fire
Sean Gonsalves: Revisiting Ritter on WMD
Seth Sandronsky: US Presidential Politics And Jobs
Brahma Chellaney: Pakistan's Nuclear Inquiry is a Sham
Paul Krugman: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs
John Buell: Tasteless Halftimes: Advertising and Culture
Gary Corseri: “A Cry of 'Absence": Whither Our Artists?

Monday, February 9
Harley Sorensen: The WMD Inspector No One Heeded
Scott Ritter: Kerry, Too, Needs to Clear the Air
Linda O'Brien: Its Too Soon to be That Pragmatic
David Corn: Beat the Press: Russert Let This "Get" Get Away
Greg Mitchell: 10 Questions Russert Didn't Ask
Judy Ettenhofer: Right to Protest at Risk
Gary Younge: The Premise for this War was Not Security but Politics - and It is Our Politicians Who Should be in the Dock
John Heffernan/Jennifer Leaning: Warlords' Crimes: Secrets of an Afghan Grave
Dave Zweifel: In a Tight Spot on Iraq, Bushies Just Lie
Bob Herbert: Lost in Credibility Gulch
James Goldsborough: More Bush Vulnerabilities Emerge
New York Times: Mr. Bush's Version

Sunday, February 8
Eric Margolis: The Real Voice of America: Torrents of Mail Poured in from the US Condemning the Bush Administration
Kevin Phillips: Bush Family Values: War, Wealth, Oil
Richard Goodwin: Making the Facts Fit the Case for War
Elizabeth Sullivan: Bush's Iraq War Gamble Was Costly Indeed
G. Jefferson Price III: In Case for War, Imminent Threat Was Implied
Tom Brazaitis: Bush's Mostly Detached Service
Jimmy Breslin: NYC's Mayor Fails To Ask Why

Saturday, February 7
Martin Schram: From White Horse to Weasel, Powell Has Been Dismounted in DC
Helen Thomas: Bush's Recipe for Obfuscation
Christopher Brauchli: Swinging On Monkey Bars in Georgia
Madison Capital Times: Scalia Should Recuse Himself
Ralph Nader: Let's Show Appreciation for the Cleaners of America

Friday, February 6
David Corn: 8 Questions for Russert -- for George W. Bush
Naomi Klein: Hold Bush to His Lie
Scott Ritter: Not Everyone Got it Wrong on Iraq's Weapons
Lance Tapley: The Democratic Campaign: Drama, Melodrama, or Tragedy?
Rick Salutin: The Media Disappeared Howard Dean
Derrick Jackson: The Winner: Hypocrisy
Ray McGovern: Still Smoke and Mirrors
Paul Krugman: Get Me Rewrite!
Anthony Robinson: CBS: Censoring Broadcast System
William Hartung: Making Money on Terrorism
Jesse Kornbluth: We Import Cars and Stereos, So Why Not CEOs?
Mark Leonard/Rouzbeh Pirouz: Iraqis Don't Need More Propaganda

Thursday, February 5
Haroon Siddiqui: Memories of Watergate Come to Mind as Bush Team is Caught Out Over Tales About Non-Existent Iraqi Weapons
Chalmers Johnson: A Modest Proposal: Appoint a WMD Commission Consisting of First-Class Investigative Reporters
Norman Solomon: The Deadly Lies of Reliable Sources
Mokhiber/Weissman: The 10 Worst Corporations of 2003
Ariannna Huffington: Will Cheney Provide the Margin of Victory? For Democrats?
Lawrence Martin: Christian Soldier Bush Swears by the Lord
Dennis Kucinich: Caucuses a Referendum on the War
Sidney Blumenthal: There Was No Failure of Intelligence
Ruth Rosen: The Fog of Power
Jay Bookman: Bush Bullied CIA in Order to Dupe Us
Elizabeth Sullivan: Don't Blame the Spies
James Goldsborough: Assuming our Generational Responsibilities

Wednesday, February 4
Tom Engelhardt: Daddy's Boys are in Town to Try to Save the Day for Daddy's Boy
Kenneth Pollack: How Did We Get It So Wrong?
Robert Kuttner: Endgame for the President?
Betsy Barnum: Outbreak of Local Democracy Continues
Ralph Nader: Bush Administration Ignores the Potential Threat of Bird Flu
Barbara Ransby: Shirley Chisholm: Unbought, Unbossed, Unforgotten
David Moberg: The Secretary of Labor Is the Enemy of Labor
Derrick Jackson: Kerry's Problem with Black Voters
Jonathan Freedland: Don't be Fooled Again
Nancy Talanian: USA Patriot Act: What the Justice Department Inspector General's Report Doesn't Tell Us
Bill Berkowitz: Weapons-Gate is Bigger Than 'Breast-Gate'
Seth Sandronsky: Bush's Budget Priorities

Tuesday, February 3
James Carroll: The Awful Truth About Iraq
Brigitte Schön: Protecting the Purity of American Children or What Exactly is Obscene?
Robert Scheer: The Lies That Bind Us to Iraq
Mike Davis: A Deadly Plague of Slums
Antonia Zerbisias: Tide Turning on Bush Flashdance
John Nichols: Dean Treated Badly by Most Media
Pierre Tristam: USA Patriot Act is Latest in Series of Bad Laws
Crispin Sartwell: Halftime Was One Big Rip-Off
Sean Gonsalves: No Good Excuse in Being Misled
Andrew Christie: The Forecast: Reality Inversion, Heavy Fog
Peter Canellos: Bush, Powell Made Leaps in Logic in Rush to War
Rahul Mahajan: Our True Intelligence Failure, or, Don't Throw Me in That Briar Patch

Monday, February 2
Cynthia Tucker: Bush's Strategy: Pander to Prejudice
Harley Sorensen: Bush Earned Our Hate
Eric Folkerth: Janet's Boob and's Commercial: What's Real Controversy?
Tom Blackburn: Danger of Imperious Presidency
Andrew Lam: A Remorseless Apology for the Horrors of Vietnam
Bill C Davis: Give It To Them Howard – Even as the Crowds Yell Give Us Barrabas
Ira Chernus: Pentagon Goes Crazy for Massive Climate Change
Caroline Arnold: Challenge: Act Like Citizens, Not Subjects
Byron Williams: The Moral Cynicism of George Bush
Harold Meyerson: Kerry's Populist Challenge
Peter Preston: All this Jaw About Jihad is Just Tosh
Jay Bookman: In a State That Will Live in Infamy: Georgia Removes the Word 'Evolution' from Its School Curriculum
James Goldsborough: A Chance to Limit Press Freedoms

Sunday, February 1
Eric Margolis: A Scandal Greater Than Watergate
G. Jefferson Price III: Americans Deserve Bush's Profound Apology
Linda McQaig: BBC Takes Bullet Meant for Blair
Paul Vitello: New President, New Lie
Elizabeth Sullivan: Kosovo Attack Should Give Voters Pause
Robin Blumner: Blinded by the Right




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