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December 2004

Friday, December 31
Bob Herbert: Our Planet, and Our Duty
Jeremy Seabrook: In Death, Imperialism Lives on For the Western Media
Heather Wokusch: Stingy? Not with WMD and War
Madison Capital Times: Barack Obama, Our Person of the Year
Molly Ivins: Oh, What a Year it Was
Ralph Nader: Giant Tsunami Strikes and Bush Goes AWOL for 3 Days
Lynn Farquhar: To the Shores of Need
Danny Schecter: SOS Tsunami: It's Time for a United Media Appeal
Matthew Rothschild: Bush Bumbles Disaster Relief
Fitrakis/Rosenfeld/Wasserman: Ohio's Official Non-Recount Ends Amidst New Evidence of Fraud, Theft and Judicial Contempt Mirrored in New Mexico
Jonathan Chait: Billions for Pork as Science Is Slashed

Thursday, December 30
John Nichols: Bush Fails a Global Test
Steven Laffoley: The Baghdad Tapestry and A Thousand Years of Spinning Invasions into Liberations
Jeff Milchen: We Can Do Better Than 'Buying Blue'
Minneapolis Star-Tribune: The Stingy US: An Appalling Performance
Peter Phillips: Tsunami Disaster Highlights Corporate Media Hypocrisy
CÚsar Chelala: The Betrayal of Dr. Schweitzer
Arianna Huffington: 2004: Things to Forget
Gwynne Dyer: The End of War
John Nichols: A Real Road Map for Middle East Peace
Saul Landau: Chile's Pinochet: Indictment a Victory for International Law
New York Times: Are We Stingy? Yes
Michael Vatikiotis: After the Tsunami: Out of the Wreckage, a Chance for Peace
Tim Wirth/Mindy Lubber: A Role for US Firms in Energy Cleanup
Andrew Rosenthal: Legal Breach: The Government's Attorneys and Abu Ghraib

Wednesday, December 29
Adam Werbach: How Environmentalists Can Matter Again
Christian Christensen: Tsunamis and Death-Toll Pornography
Susan Sontag: Essay: The Truth of Fiction Evokes Our Common Humanity
Tim Rutten: "Be Serious, Be Passionate, Wake Up!": Sontag's Life Is Testament To Democratic Meritocracy
Stephen King: Sadly, This Disaster Makes Little Difference to the Markets
Robert Kuttner: You Can't Blame 'Uncle Sam' for What Bush Does
Joyce Marcel: Anger and Admiration: I Dread the Coming Year
Matthew Rothschild: New York Times Says Tsunami Kills White People, Too!
Salim Muwakkil: Medical Marijuana: The Pain of Prohibition
Joseph Galloway: Neo-Cons Can't Escape Responsibility for their Iraq Miscalculations
Mark Halvorson/Kirk Lund: We May Never Know What Happened in the Ohio Vote
Patt Morrison: The Perfect Candidate for Iraq

Tuesday, December 28
Norman Solomon: Tailgated by Media Technology
James Carroll: A Year of Living Dangerously
Teresa Whitehurst: Careful Not to Get Too Much Education...Or You Could Turn Liberal
John Nichols: Rule One: Count Every Vote
Robert Scheer: A Devil's Island for Our Times
Katrina vanden Heuvel: Martha Stewart's Christmas Message
William Pfaff: An Army in Decline
Dave Zirin: The Death of Reggie White: An Off the Field Obituary
Helen Thomas: The Buck Never Stops at the Top
Wayne Smith: To Tailor the Truth
Bianca Jagger: Grant Zeigler an Opportunity to Prove his Innocence
Sean Gonsalves: A Tip of the Hat to Madison Avenue
Matthew Rothschild: A Natural and Unnatural Disaster
Bill Gallagher: Dark Predictions for Coming Year

Monday, December 27
Naomi Klein: Yes, You Must Pull Out - But Also Pay for the Damage
Alexander Cockburn: Balancing Your Moral Outrage Budget
David Potorti: Heart Problem
William Fisher: Uncivil Liberties and the Other Victims of Sept. 11, 2001
Robert Richards/Clay Calvert: The Politics of Porn
Bob Herbert: How the Iraq Tragedy is Hitting Home
Jerry Rose: The Gods Must Be Crazy
Ian Williams: The Right's Assault on Kofi Annan
Bill Quigley: Death Watch for Human Rights in Haiti: The Massacre in the National
Neal Peirce: Drug Law Reforms: Marginal or Real?
Minneapolis Star-Tribune: National Forests: Another Gift to Timber Interests
CÚsar Chelala: Saving the Lives of Millions

Sunday, December 26
Peter Rost: Big Pharma's Dirty Little Secret
Linda McQuaig: History Will Show US Lusted after Oil
Ed Murphy: Call It 'Peace With Honor' and Bring Our Troops Home
Frank Gibney: The General Who Got It Right on Iraq
Eric Ringham: Pondering the Slaughter of Innocents
Christopher Brauchli: Happy Christmas to All from Merck & Co
Miami Herald: Ugly Truth and Denial in US Military Prisons
Vikki Haddock: Year of Swagger
Joel McNally: Privatizing Social Security Would Help Only Wall Street
Adam Hochschild: In Congo, Dark Heart of Mineral Exploitation

Friday, December 24
Rebecca Solnit: Hope at Midnight
Giles Fraser: Empires Prefer a Baby and the Cross to the Adult Jesus
Debi Smith: A Christmas Story
Andrew Borene: There's No Excuse for Failing Our Troops
Andrew Greeley: No Peace on Earth During Unjust War
David Krieger: When Will We Ever Learn?
Ira Chernus: Bush's Christmas Gift
Ralph Nader: Ralf Hotchkiss & His Whirlwind Wheelchairs
Al Neuharth: 'Bring Them Home. Sooner Rather than Later'
Sam Graham-Felsen: Are Students Red or Blue?
Derrick Jackson: Stadiums versus Schools

Thursday, December 23
Katrina vanden Heuvel: What do the CIA, the Pentagon and the UN Have in Common?
Lois Melina: Compliant News Media Have Failed the American People
Washington Post: War Crimes
Ari Berman: Torture at the Top: Will Bush Finally Be Held Accountable?
Steven Laffoley: Mr. Bush, Angus, and Me
Brigitte Schön: Why Iraq and not the US? A View from Abroad
Blair Bobier: Mock the Vote
Karen Horst Cobb: Peace On Earth: Cairns of Hope
Mustafa Malik: Whose War Is It Now?
Brian Halweil: Food Security Starts at Home
Maureen Dowd: Christmas Eve of Destruction
Martin Cruz Smith: Chernobyl Revisited: Living in the Dead Zone

Wednesday, December 22
Cindy Sheehan: Rewarding Incompetence
Derrick Jackson: Deja Vu for the Delusion of Medals
Blaine Townsend: The Bush Economic Plan: Born Again Economics
Jacqueline Marcus: If You Vote for War, You Go to War: A Message from Eminem and His Generation
David Cobb: Ohio County Reports: Details of an Injustice
John Nichols: Jack Newfield's Passionate Journalism
Arianna Huffington: Will The GOP Nuke The Constitution?
Mark Danner: How Bush Really Won
Ray McGovern: Russian-Chinese Joint Military Exercises on the Rise
Haifa Zangana: Quiet, or I'll Call Democracy
Floyd McKay: "Left Coast" Musings from the Northern Outpost
Helen Thomas: Iraqis Hate US Policies, Not Freedom
Madison Capital Times: Regarding Rumsfeld
John Freeman: Vote With Your Dollars
Robert Kuttner: What Social Security 'Crisis'?

Tuesday, December 21
James Carroll: The Politics of the Christmas Story
William Pfaff: Torture: Shock, Awe and the Human Body
John Borowski: For Christmas, Will Coca-Cola Stop Acting Like Big Tobacco?
Geov Parrish: 2004 Media Follies! The Most Overhyped and Underreported Media Stories of the Year
Marjorie Heins: The Attack on Science
George Monbiot: America's War on Itself: Bush's Wrecking Tactics Over Climate Change Follow an Established Pattern of Self-Destruction
Jay Walljasper: Local Shops an Antidote to Big-Box Economy
Tariq Ramadan: My Fight Against American Phantoms
Minneapolis Star-Tribune: Solstice: Doesn't It Seem Darker This Year?
Fran Shor: Coats, Shrouds, and the Tattered Garment of Peace
Tom Engelhardt: War on the Floor: In the Zone with G.I. Joe
Boulder Daily Camera: Global Storming: Having Nixed Kyoto, Bush Stifles Discussion
Sean Gonsalves: Iraq & the UN: Don't Lose Sight of the Real Scandal

Monday, December 20
Thom Hartmann: The Myth of National Victimhood - All Wrapped and Delivered for Christmas
Dave Zirin: Oh the Humanity! Baseball Stymied in Bid for Free DC Stadium
Laura Flanders: If It's Good Enough for Retirees, it's Good Enough for Rumfeld!
Mark Weisbrot: US Criticism of Chávez Unfounded
Todd Huffman: This Christmas, Where Is Our National Conscience?
Ralph Nader: Ralph Nader on the Death of Seymour Melman
Jennifer Matsui: A Single Girl's Guide to Dating Donald Rumsfeld
César Chelala: Tyrant's Twilight, Dawn of Justice
Adam Pertman/Hollee McGinnis: Adoption As Game Show: Are We Disgusted Yet?

Sunday, December 19
Eric Margolis: West Has Bloodied Hands
Brenda Humphrey: Witness Puts Plan Colombia in Sharp Focus
Dennis Roddy: United By the Blood
Linda McQuaig: The Meek Take on the Mighty
Shepherd Bliss: Celebrating The Holidays During America's Dark Age
Chuck Coffman/John Parks: A Better World With 'Fair Trade'
Michelle Ciarrocca: The Missile Defense Test That Wasn't
Minneapolis Star-Tribune: Children of War: Dead Troops Leave Kids Behind
Lucinda Marshall: Unacceptable: The Impact of War on Women and Children

Saturday, December 18
Fitrakis/Rosenfeld/Wasserman: Ohio Vote Count Battles Escalate Amidst New Evidence of Potential Criminal Activity
Liza Featherstone: Down and Out in Discount America
Brett Hulsey: Bush and His Cohorts Would be Wise to Implement Jesus Agenda
Charlie Cray: Three Years After Enron It Looks Like No One Learned a Thing
Carol Bellamy: The World's Broken Promise to Our Children
Matthew Rothschild: Bush's BS on SS
Leah Samuel: Tavis Smiley's Departure: A Loss to Blacks -- and NPR
Christopher Brauchli: A New Way to Pay Old Debts
Irene Khan: Violence Against Women: The Unacknowledged Casualties of War
Byron Williams: Daughter Misses Point of King's Legacy
Patrick O'Heffernan: 'Tort Reform' Will Handcuff Lawyers Fighting for National Guard Families

Friday, December 17
HDS Greenway: The Emperor's Same, Old Clothes
Francisco Letelier: My Case Against Pinochet
Jamie Mayerfeld/Darius Rejali: Nation Doesn't Need an AG Who Cleared Path for Torture
Stephan Smith: My Family In Iraq: Views on a Silenced Majority
Ray McGovern: Laughing Dragon, Dancing Bear
Teresa Chambers: The Plight of Whistleblowers
Michael Schwartz: America's Sinister Plan for Falluja
Mira Ptacin: Who's Your Daddy? The Role of Our Government and Our Relationship With It
Jules Witcover: Nearly 1,300 Lives Lost - And For What?
John Stauber: Feeding Cows to Cows, One Year Later
Ken Bode: US Obviously Didn't Do All It Could to Protect Troops
Scot Lehigh: Medals Without Merit
Bob Herbert: Fiddling as Iraq Burns

Thursday, December 16
John Nichols: Feingold for President?
David Sirota: Debunking 'Centrism'
Molly Ivins: Social Security Suicide: Loony and Bizarre
Dan Sturgis: Where's The Family In These Values?
Matthew Rothschild: Senate Dems Lack Aggressiveness
Joan Vennochi: Rumsfeld Must Go
Walter Wink: Jesus & Alinsky
César Chelala: Myanmar's Military: An Assault on Nature
Margaret Carlson: Kerik Gave Us a Rudy Awakening
Marc Cooper: Gary Webb, RIP: No Thanks to the L.A. Times

Wednesday, December 15
Molly Bingham: Why Elections Won't Quell Iraq Resistance
Susan Lenfestey: How We Really Could Support Our Troops
Bonnie Erbe: Environmentalism as Peaceful Endeavor
Abhinav Aima: Killing Us Softly: The Cowardice of the Mainstream Press in the Face of American Wars
Karen Landers: Post-Election: Keep Voting Values with Dollars
Ted Rall: Selling Out the Uyghurs: Why 8,000,000 People You've Never Heard Of Hate Us
Joyce Marcel: The Battle of the Bulge
Joe Conason: Where Was Rudy In the Kerik Mess?
Arianna Huffington: What Our Troops Want For Xmas: Armored Humvees... And An Exit Plan
Steven Laffoley: Two Orange Revolutions
David Edwards/David Cromwell: The Media's Failure to Challenge Official Deception Over Iraq was the Product of a Journalism with Built-in Bias
John Atcheson: Methane Burps: Ticking Time Bomb
Katrina vanden Heuval: Needed: Enlightened Business Leaders

Tuesday, December 14
Mike Kress: Getting Out of Iraq: A Letter to the US Peace Movement
James Carroll: God's Clock
Mokhiber/Weissman: Governor Tough Guy, At It Again
Brandi Neal: The Definition of Insanity; From Vietnam to Iraq
Minneapolis Star-Tribune: Kerik's Exit: Why Did He Gain an Entrance?
Earl Ofari Hutchinson: King Would Not Have Marched Against Gay Marriage
Robert Scheer: Kerik's 'Nannygate' Was the Least of It
Jeffrey Chester: PBS' Future Post-Moyers
Richard Thieme: Gary Webb is Dead
Nigel Purvis: The Real Importance of the Kyoto Treaty
Steven Simpson: The Leaders We Have, Not the Ones We Might Want
Pierre Tristam: Feeding the Masses: Hot Fiction to Incite Slayers of Dragons

Monday, December 13
Joel Agee: The Price of Fear Is Paid in Lost Freedom
Jeff Cohen: RIP Gary Webb -- Unembedded Reporter
Michael Moore: It's Time to Stop Being Hit
Medea Benjamin: Building Peace in a Time of Perpetual War
Dan Hamburg: Way to Go, Ohio!
Ellis Henican: I Hate To Say 'I Told You So' ... but I Told You So
Harley Sorensen: Deserters Are Heroes
Peter Von Wogau: Digging at Terrorist Roots
John Brown: Don't Brand the US, Uncle Sam
Theodore Postol: MIT's Role in Missile Test Fraud
Fitrakis/Rosenfeld/Wasserman: Startling New Revelations Highlight Rare Congressional Hearings on Ohio Vote
Nick Turse: Giving the Gift of War

Sunday, December 12
Eric Margolis: U.S. Caught in Kabul
Scott Ritter: The Oil-For-Food 'Scandal' is a Cynical Smokescreen
Charles Lewis: Watergate Lessons Remain for Media, US
Dennis Roddy: Liar's Poker: The Yes Men Take On Dow Chemical
Lisa Rowe Fraustino: My Bloody To-Do List
G. Jefferson Price III: Questions About War Can't Be Brushed Aside
Miriam Karmel: No Wolf at the Door for This War?
Ian Lowe: Environmental Losses Cannot Be Paid Back

Saturday, December 11
Helen Thomas: How Dangerous Is Depleted Uranium?
Christopher Brauchli: Deluded on Iraq
Edmund Hanauer: Sharon Will Maintain Roadblocks to Peace
Norman Solomon: The P.U.-litzer Prizes For 2004
Joseph Mulligan: Pentagon Official Admits Using Terror in Iraq
Geov Parrish: Winning in the Streets: What We Can Learn from Massive Demonstrations in the Ukraine

Friday, December 10
Jim Lobe: So Little Time, So Many Regimes to Change
The Nation: Our Debt to Bill Moyers
Paul Campos: Dying for Consumption
Kathy Kelly: Burying Water
Natasha Saulnier: Recruiting At Any Cost: How The Pentagon Keeps The New Recruits Coming
Ralph Nader: The Destruction of Mosques in Fallujah: An Open Letter to George Bush
Anuradha Mittal: Hunger in America
Joseph Nevins: Falluja Atrocities Expose True Face of US War
Tom Engelhardt: Xmas between the Covers or.'Tis the Season, Reach for Your Wallet
Christopher Cook: The Next Campaign: Ideas
Wangari Maathai: Trees for Democracy
Myrna Cunningham: 'Every War is a War on Women'
Helen Thomas: Rumsfeld Rewarded By Keeping His Job

Thursday, December 9
John Richard Starkey: Hillary, You've Got Some 'Fessing Up To Do
Antonia Zerbisias: US Media Still Hiding Bad News From Americans
Michael Moore: People's Choice Awards Nominates 'Fahrenheit 9/11' as "Favorite Film of the Year"
Robert Jensen: A Defeat For an Empire
Norman Solomon: The Limits of "Man Bites Dog" Stories
Blaine Townsend: Energy Independence: Are We Talking About Borders or Boardrooms?
Dennis Kucinich: The US Administration and The ICC
Mokhiber/Weissman: Don't Be Left Behind
John Nichols: Guarantee the Right to Vote
Theodore Graves: Election Fraud or Just Suspicions?
Bert Sacks: Fox News Has Its Own View of Reality
Arianna Huffington: The Next DNC Chair: Why You Should Care
Larry Robinson: What The Grass Knows
Sharleen Leahey: Tom Brokaw: Not the Greatest Witness To History

Wednesday, December 8
Michael Klare: No Escape from Dependency; Looming Energy Crisis Overshadows Bush's Second Term
Howard Dean: The Future of the Democratic Party
Joyce Marcel: Rock That Man in His Little Boat
Robert Byrd: Playing Politics With Intelligence Reform
Ralph Nader: US Casualty Toll in Iraq: An Open Letter to George Bush
Tony Kushner: Despair is a Lie We Tell Ourselves
Steve Sprinkel/Mark Kastel: The Corporate Attack on Organic Agriculture
Michael Pan: Ten Things Progressives Should Know About the United Nations Oil-for-Food Scandal
John Nichols: Secretary of Agribusiness
Lynn Serpe: Voting While Black: Racism in the Coverage of the Recount?
Nick Schwellenbach/Peter Brand: Government Secrecy Oaths Imperil Public
John Ruggie: UN Oil-for-Food Scandal: What About the Log in Your Eye, Congress?
George Bisharat: Advance US -- Not Israel's -- Interests
Robert Steinback: Will the New PC Stifle Soldiers' Voices?
David Sarasohn: As The Dust Settles, There's Still Rumsfeld
Arthur Zitrin: Doctor, Reread Your Oath
Derrick Jackson: Who Knew What at Abu Ghraib?

Tuesday, December 7
James Carroll: Afraid To Look in the Moral Abyss
Joy-Anne Reid: Sorry, Young America
John MacArthur: Timid Kerry Stopped Counting Too Soon
Thom Hartmann: 'The Power of Nightmares': Hyping Terror For Fun, Profit - And Power
John Bonifaz: The Ohio Recount Will Go Forward
Carol Norris: Progressives, It's Time to Put Our Money Where Our Protest Signs Are
Pierre Tristam: A Leaf to Cover New Empire's Vanity
David Sirota: The Democrat's Da Vinci Code
Robert Scheer: Pakistan and the True WMD Threat
L.A. Thiel: A Few Words on the Death of My Father
Paul deLespinasse: Defending Saddam Hussein
John Borowski: Take the Word 'Public' and Insert 'Corporate' Into the Phrase 'Public Lands'
Ralph Nader: Sign On The Dotted Line...
Marty Jezer: When the Left is Right
Bill Gallagher: Bush's Embarrassing Canadian Visit
George Monbiot: Why I'm a Wolf Man

Monday, December 6
Byron Williams: Dissent: Placing Country Above Party
Bill Moyers: On Receiving Harvard Medical School's Global Environment Citizen Award
Tom Engelhardt: Icarus (Armed with Vipers) Over Iraq
Kathy Eder: Let The Whispering Begin
Mike Palecek: So This is Christmas, And What Have You Done
Jay Walljasper: Wrapping Our Arms Around a Dear Old Friend
Phil Tajitsu Nash/Emilienne Ireland: The Recount in Context
Molly Ivins: Pay Close Attention: The Entire Nation is Being Texasified
Harley Sorensen: From Medical Marijuana to Arafat's Mysterious Death
Jay Bookman: Why Are US Troops Still in Iraq?
Dave Zweifel: In Victory, Republicans Behave Badly
Bangor Daily News: Creeping Secrecy
Sheryl McCarthy: Networks Wimp Out on Church Commercial
Dick Meyer: How Story of 2004 Election Hinged On One Exit Poll

Sunday, December 5
Ray McGovern: All Mosquitos, No Swamp; No Elephants Either
Molly Ivins: Torture in Our Names
Eric Margolis: Uncle Sam has His Own Gulag; Behaving like the Soviet Secret Police Won't Make America Safer
Elizabeth Sullivan: UN a Vital Necessity, Flaws and All
Robyn Blumner: Lessons in Liberty from Ukraine
John Patterson: Moral Right Takes Us Back to Dark Ages of Sexuality
Trudy Rubin: Hawk Finds a Goat
William O'Rourke: GOP Prepares to Sink Teeth into Social Security
Sean Harrigan: The Corporations Couldn't Tolerate My Activist Voice

Saturday, December 4
Naomi Klein: You Asked for my Evidence, Mr Ambassador. Here It Is
Laura Carlsen: Latin America Shifts to the Center-Left
Mark Hertsgaard: The Bhopal Disaster: Still Avoiding Justice, Two Decades Later
Kim Barke: It's Dark But That's When You Can See the Stars
Harvey Wasserman: As Ukraine Celebrates Democracy, It's Being Denied in Ohio
Matthew Rothschild: Way to Go, Ohio
Christopher Brauchli: Where Have You Been, Sen. McCain?
Jonathan Ingbar: From Talking "Values" to Living Them
Dave Zirin: Steroids to Heaven

Friday, December 3
Blanche Wiesen Cook: People Must Have More to Live for Than to Die For
Ellis Henican: Kerik Nomination is a Ticking Time Bomb
Susan Jhirad: The Public Cost of Privatization
Tom Andrews: War in Iraq May Drain Bush's 'Political Capital' Before He Can Spend It
Norman Solomon: Media in the Winter of Our 'Disremorse'
Dilip Hiro: Iran's Nuclear Issue
Matt Taibbi: No More Moore: The DLC Joins the Witch-Hunt
Tom Engelhardt: Geopolitics of the Iranian Bomb
Dave Rossie: A Timeline that Truly is Creative
Derrick Jackson: Escaping Blame for Abu Ghraib
Helen Thomas: United States Undermines International Criminal Court
Reggie Rivers: US on Trial in Germany
Jim Lobe: More Troops Mean More Trouble
Kenneth Torp: Our Place in the World: US Mortgages its Sovereignty
Tony Norman: Execution or Not, George Banks is Already Dead

Thursday, December 2
Howard Zinn: Harness That Anger
Arianna Huffington: Can the Democrats Make 2006 Their 1994?
Mark Engler: Seattle At Five
Thom Hartmann: Scalia To Synagogue - Jews Are Safer With Christians In Charge
Michael Hoffman: The Civilians We Killed
Molly O'Donnell: The Pacifist Patriot
Ira Chernus: If It's Political War, Who's the Enemy?
Tito Tricot: I’m a Torture Survivor in a Country Where Torturers Are Still Free
Steven Backus: Abu Bush? or What if George Bush Listened to Cat Stevens?
Gary Cohen: Bhopal's Poisonous Legacy
Jay Bookman: Citizens Stripped of Protection: This is How the Government Works These Days
Joyce Marcel: Act the Angel, Be the Brute
David Cobb: Greens Had Good Reason to Ask for This Recount

Wednesday, December 1
John Nichols: Love One Another? Not on NBC, CBS
Kathy Kelly: Looking The Other Way
Mokhiber/Weissman: Shame and Determination on World AIDS Day
Huck Gutman: Packaging Violence
Ted Rall: They Fight and Die, But Not For Their Country
Chip Ward: From Charismatic Carnivores to Slithery Serpents: How Predation Keeps Nature Whole
Nicholas von Hoffman: Democrats Should Oppose Empowering the Pious
Matthew Rothschild: Rumsfeld's Canyon of Cruelty
Mark Engler: El Salvador No Model for the Future of Iraq
Marvin Kalb: Mad as Hell? Not at the Top
Steven Lubet: Nothing Sinister About Liberal Campuses
Wasserman/Fitrakis: Will the Democrats Now Stand and Fight?
Ari Berman: Nation's Daily Outrage: Gutting the Global AIDS Fund
New York Times: Abu Ghraib, Carribbean Style




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