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April 2004

Friday, April 30
Naomi Klein: Mutiny in Iraq
Andrew Greeley: How We Got Into This Unjust War
Ray McGovern: Court Historian Woodward Disguises Bush Aims in Invading Iraq
Mary Pneuman: US Betrays International Community
Joan Vennochi: Lessons of Vietnam and the 2004 Election
Greg Palast: Vanishing Votes
Paul Krugman: In Front of Your Nose
Bruce Mulkey: We are Connected Despite the Artificial Barriers We Construct
HDS Greenway: The Making of a Quagmire
Harvey Wasserman: On the Anniversary of Defeat in Vietnam, it's Once Again About an Empire Getting its Butt Kicked
Danny Schecter: Is Nightline Taking The Right Line?
Martha White: Coming Together to Prevent the Demise of Humanity
Holly Sklar: Outsource CEOs, not Workers

Thursday, April 29
Jill Porter: 'Death was a Waste': She Hates the War That Killed Her Son
Robert Byrd: Mission Not Accomplished
Joyce Marcel: Her Beautiful Mind: The Blood-Chilling Arrogance of Barbara Bush's Remark
Norman Solomon: Staying the Media Course in Iraq
Tom Gallagher: Can the Antiwar Movement Love a Candidate Who Doesn't Love It Back?
Ira Chernus: Peace Movement is Losing Golden Opportunity
John Nichols: Bush/Cheney Meet with 9/11 Commission: No Record, No Accountability
Steven Hill: Europe Leaves the US Behind
Mark Santow: Should we Support a Draft?
Monica Gabrielle: 9/11 Widow: 'I Want to Know the Ugly Truth'
Lee Gordon: Saving Ali: Where US Snipers Fire at Ambulances
Sidney Blumenthal: Pulp Fictions Triumph over Truth
Haroon Siddiqui: America is its Own Worst Enemy in Iraq
Maureen Dowd: Guns and Peanut Butter
Jonathan Tucker/Paul Walker: Bush Funding Cuts put Chemical Arms at Risk

Wednesday, April 28
William Marina: Iraq: The Moon Is Down, Again!
Ronald Bruce St. John: Sorry, Mr. President, but Iraq looks a lot like Vietnam
Virginia Hoffman: Its About Time: On Bush's Ultimatums
Nicholas Turse: The Military-Academic Complex: Who's the Real National Champion?
Robert Kuttner: Remedy to Outsourcing: Better US Jobs
Huck Gutman: Soldiers on Hire - Part 2
Kim Antieau: Brave New World
Floyd McKay: Court Must put Brakes on Bush's Grab for Power
Charles Wheeler: We have to Kick Against the Pricks
Alan Sternberg: Meanwhile: The Knockout Punch that Woke Up the UN
Jody Rosen: Peril in the Air for Bush: Howard Stern
Ellis Henican: GOP Picking the Wrong Battle

Tuesday, April 27
Alex Vardamis: An Obedient Army Vs. a Conscripted One
Robert Scheer: Face the Iraq Fiasco, Senator
Ruth Coniff: Kerry and the Hawks
Desmond Tutu/Jody Williams: Earth's Riches Should Help the Poor: Ground Rules for the World Bank
Paul Krugman: A Vision of Power
Huck Gutman: Soldiers on Hire
Pierre Tristam: 'Security' Tops the Plastic Heap of War's Euphemism Surplus
Nick Nyhart: Hiding the Mad Cow Problem
George Monbiot: Beware the Fossil Fools: The Dismissal of Climate Change by Journalistic Nincompoops is a Danger to us All
Ed Garvey: Only Way to Peace: Bring Back the Draft
Susan Tifft: Special Interests Corrupt What Is and Isn't News
David Karjanen: It's Customers Last at Wal-Mart
Bill Gallagher: Bush Afraid to let American People See Deadly Reality of Needless War

Monday, April 26
Howard Zinn: What Do We Do Now?
Randy Shaw: Sports as Propaganda: The Death of Pat Tillman
Robert McNamara/Helen Caldicott: Still on Catastrophe's Edge
Kathy Kelly: The Warden's Tour
Thomas Palaima: Defending Dylan: Why I'm Looking Past the Lingerie Ad
James K Galbraith: War in Iraq Aims a Bullet at the Heart of the Economy
Mark Dunlea: The 9/11 Commission Avoids the Hard Questions
Stanley Kutler: Is It Time for the 'Good Soldier' to Resign as the Secretary of State?
The Black Commentator: Kerry’s DLC versus The Pirates
Madeline Bunting: Beyond May Day: The Anti-Globalization Movement Might Not Be Demonstrating - but Reports of its Death are Exaggerated
Gary Ruskin: Why Public Sentiment Is Rising Against Relentlessly Intrusive Marketing
Ralph Nader: Bureaucratic Impediments to a Much Needed Integrated Urban Policy

Friday, April 23
Stephen Zunes: The US in Iraq: If Bush is Blind, Kerry is at Best Near-Sighted
Mokhiber/Weissman: The Rising Corporate Military Monster
Ruth Coniff: When Kerry Was Liberal
Virginia Hoffman: Different Faces Must Finish What We Started
Robert Jensen: Hunger Strike Remembers the Victims of World Bank Policies
Norman Solomon: Country Joe Band, 2004: "Uncle Sam Needs Your Help Again"
Paul Krugman: What Went Wrong?
David Corn: The Death of Mary McGrory
Caroline Arnold: What's In A Name?
Anthony Gregory: The “Iraqization” Scam
Andrew Greeley: Is Military Draft in the Works?
John Dean: A Controversial Choice for the Position of Archivist of the United States: Part of the Bush Administration's Secrecy Strategy?
Michael Pollan: A Flood of US Corn Rips at Mexico
Mark LeVine: Whose Chaos Is This Anyway?

Thursday, April 22
Denis Hayes: Reclaiming the Vision of the First Earth Day
Medea Benjamin: An Earth Day Call to Arnold Schwarzenegger: Go Hummer Free
Jonathan Schell: Politics and Truth
Sidney Blumenthal: What Colin Powell Saw but Didn't Say
Ananya Mukherjee Reed: The UN in Iraq: Reality and Imagination
Ruth Rosen: Ducking Responsibility: Bush Has Forfeited the Right to Govern Our Nation
Stephen Betts: Price Gets Too High in Iraq
Ellen Goodman: It's Time for us to Quit on Powell
Marc Lynch: Humiliating Our Friends
Mikhail Gorbachev: For A Global Glasnost
Darci Andresen: The Visionaries of Barcelona
James Goldsborough: Colin Powell, the Leader who Might Have Been
Joyce Marcel: The Golden Mean is Gone
Mike Dombeck: Earth Day at 34: What Changed?

Wednesday, April 21
Daniel Ellsberg: Nuclear Hero's 'Crime' Was Making Us Safer
Ivan Eland: A Hypothetical Memo from Osama bin Laden
Karen Spears Zacharias: The Lost Father
Thom Hartmann: Bush Fails History...Jefferson Predicted Iraq
Robert Byrd: President Owes America Answers on Iraq
Lori Wallach: Gap in Basic Consumer Safeguards Encourage Offshoring
Bruce Ramsey: Putting a Smiley Face on an Imperial Act
Jonathan Freedland: Bush & Blair: The Duo of Doublethink
Ted Rall: President Kerry
Susan Moeller: How the Media Blew the Iraq Story
Granoff, Doyle & Grey: Permission Slips: Do We Want the World to Look Like the Old West?
Matthew Rothschild: Negroponte, a Torturer's Friend
Betsy Barnum: What it Means to Know: Reflections on a visit to Chiapas
Frederick Clarkson: On Ten Commandments Bill, Christian Right has it Wrong
Derrick Jackson: Rumsfeld's 'Fungible' Facts

Tuesday, April 20
Marianne Williamson: War and Peace
Roger Smith: Perils of the Dead Center
Pierre Tristam: Of Course the Attacks were Preventable
Robert Scheer: With God on His Side...By Invoking a Higher Power, Bush Sidesteps Pesky Constitutional Issues
Matthew Rothschild: Sharon, Bush, Kerry Subjugate Palestinians
Ralph Nader: Fifth Grade Students at a Crumbling Chicago Elementary School Challenge Political Indifference
John Buell: National Security in an Age of Terrorism
Helen Thomas: Bush's Dramatic Shift in Mideast
Clarence Page: Listen up, Rumsfeld: Troops aren't 'Fungible'
James Pinkerton: Kerry Moves Bush-ward on Iraq
Bill Gallagher: Imperialistic US Conquest of Iraq Leaves Us Stuck in our Own Muck
George Monbiot: US Christian Fundamentalists are Driving Bush's Middle East Policy
Sean Gonsalves: Class Warfare? How to Skin a Rabbit
Mark Weisbrot: The IMF at 60: Reform Still a Long Way Off

Monday, April 19
Robert Freeman: Is Iraq Another Vietnam? Actually, It May Become Worse
Mike Davis: The Pentagon as Global Slumlord
Carol Norris: Hope Amidst a Backslide in Women's Rights
Andrew Christie: What Kerry Should Be Saying: Because You Lied to Me, Dick
Ruth Rosen: Bush Mobilizes Women
John Goldhammer: Blood Vote - The Consequences of Voting for George W. Bush
Martin Jacques: The Return of People's War
Frank Harris III: One Nation, Deceived
James Goldsborough: On the Iraq War, the Press Failed the Public
Jeff Milchen/Jeffrey Kaplan: Beware America: Proposed Air Security Program Would Endanger Both Freedom and Safety
Rahul Mahajan: Report from Baghdad -- Hospital Closings and US War Crimes
Peter Preston: The Terror of Bush's War on America
Bob Herbert: The Wrong War
Jay Bookman: It Pays to be a State that Backed Bush

Sunday, April 18
Elizabeth Sullivan: Iraqi Coalition Staff Padded with GOP Loyalists
Wayne O'Leary: A Victim of Free Trade, Economic Populism May Yet Enjoy Revival
L. Alexis McGill: Hip-Hop: Turning a Generation Into a Political Force
Richard Gwyn: Incurious George W. Can't Grasp Democracy

Saturday, April 17
Wayne Madsen: Environment Will Be Compromised
Christopher Brauchli: The American Way of Censorship
Frank Rich: 'Lawrence of Arabia,' the Sequel
Salim Muwakkil: The Blame Game

Friday, April 16
William Greider: Iraq as Vietnam
John Pilger: Get Out Now: This is a War of Liberation and We Are the Enemy
Minneapolis Star Tribune: Holy War? Is That What Bush is About?
Gwynne Dyer: US is on Wrong Side of the Wall
Derrick Jackson: Shades of LBJ
Matthew Rothschild: White House Press Corps Falls Down
Cheryl Woodard: Who Really Pays Taxes in America?
Paul Krugman: The Vietnam Analogy
John Nichols: Sorry, Mr. President, it is Imperialism
Leslie Bennetts: Dylan Sell Out? Not Across My Daughter's Big Brass Bed You Don't, Bob
Jason Leopold: Got Juice? California May Be Saddled With Severe Power Shortages This Summer
Marty Jezer: "You Gotta Win to Win"
Dick Meyer: Next Up: WMD Hearings, Soon Please

Thursday, April 15
Stephen Zunes: Bush Endorsement of Sharon Proposal Undermines Peace and International Law
Bill C Davis: The Tie That Blinds
Ruth Rosen: Summer of 2004: A New Generation Cares About Our Future
Norman Solomon: How the "NewsHour" Changed History
Haroon Siddiqui: Deeper into the Quagmire
Guardian/UK: Losing Falluja
Arthur Schlesinger: This is Bush's Vietnam - the Wrong War, at the Wrong Time, in the Wrong Place
Sidney Blumenthal: Hear No Evil, Read No Evil, Speak Drivel
Joyce Marcel: America Reaps the Whirlwind
Ira Chernus: US Leaders Split on Iraq Policy
Holly Sklar: Wealthy Taxpayers Bank on Bush
David Kaimowitz: Clearing the Amazon: More Steaks, Less Rain Forest
Sheryl McCarthy: No Apology Can Excuse the True Cost of this War
David Friedman/Alan Nogee: Industry Must Shift Thinking into 21st Century to Counter Soaring Gasoline Prices and Utility Bills

Wednesday, April 14
Howard Zinn: Check the Facts Before Rushing to War
Matthew Rothschild: Bush's Press Conference: A Scary Performance, and a Signal for Slaughter
Susan Lenfestey: Holy Shiite, What a Week! A Strange Time, as Questions and Deaths Mount
Margaret Krome: Terror at Home: SUVs
Minneapolis Star Tribune: Bush's Vietnam? More Like His Afghanistan
Derrick Jackson: Bush's Plea of Ignorance
Rosa Maria Pegueros: The President Has No Clothes
William Marina: The Marines’ “How To” Handbook for Empire
Arianna Huffington: As The White House Whiffs, Kerry Needs To Swing For The Fences
Robert Kuttner: Three Perils for Kerry's 'Honeymoon'
Rahul Mahajan: This is What Occupation Looks Like -- Destruction of Relief Supplies and Rampage at the Aadhamiyah Mosque
Paul Foot: The Beam in Bremer's Eye
Floyd McKay: Iraq, Not 9-11, May Be Bush's Achilles' Heel
Sheldon Wolin: Fear is Being used as Re-election Tactic

Tuesday, April 13
Danny Schecter: Misreporting 9/11: How the Media Muzzles the Story
Mark Engler: My Political Suicide Note: As a Candidate for President, There are Certain Things That John Kerry Can't Say. But I Can
Tom Maertens: For US, Iraq has Look of a No-Win Situation
John Nichols: Rice's Electoral Future Vanishes in the Fog
Salim Lone: An Uprising in Support of Democracy
Roger Morris: Condi Rice: The Lady Doth Protest Too Much
Christine Brozyna: My First War Protest: The Perspective of the Girl Photographed by Reuters
David Corn: Condi's Cover-up Caves In
Robert Scheer: Drug War Led Bush Astray Before 9/11
Pierre Tristam: After Warmongers' Blunder, Way out of Iraq Graveyard
Paul Krugman: Snares and Delusions
Minneapolis Star Tribune: More Dots: Bush Didn't Follow Up
Sean Gonsalves: 'The Tyranny of Choice'?
Michael Schwartz: What Triggered the Shia Insurrection?

Monday, April 12
Thom Hartmann: Exposing the Conservative Straw Man - "Productivity"
Rahul Mahajan: Report from Fallujah -- Destroying a Town in Order to Save it
Bruce Williams: War Rhetoric's Toll on Democracy
Jonathan Steele: While Our Troops Remain on Iraq's Streets There is no Hope
New York Times: The Silent President
Susan Jacoby: A New Meaning for 'Bully Pulpit'
Paul deLespinasse: Al-Qaida May Not Want Bush to Lose Election
Madison Capital Times: Comparing Iraq and Vietnam
Jay Bookman: Come Clean, or Risk Repeat of Vietnam
Robert Jensen: US Still Adrift in Mideast
Ralph Nader: Spinning Wheels - Our Continual Refusal to Raise CAFE Standards
James Goldsborough: Yet Another Challenge to Wal-Mart
Tom Engelhardt: Collapse?
Bob Herbert: A Justice's Sense of Privilege

Sunday, April 11
Craig Unger: The 9/11 Commission Should Ask Who Authorized the Evacuation of Saudi Nationals in the Days Following the Attacks
Cynthia Tucker: Bush Speaks of Truth, But Doesn't Tell It
Walter Cronkite: White House Hindering 9/11 Probe
Eric Margolis: Bush's Boy Blunder
Jim Lobe: One Wicked Week in Iraq
Thomas Oliphant: Facts Don't Fit in Rice's Picture

Friday, April 9
Lawrence Pintak: Osama's Wet Dream: Losing Hearts & Minds in Iraq and Beyond
Naomi Klein: Fury Ignites Solidarity in Iraq
Guardian/UK: Bush Administration Losing Touch with Reality
Steve Lopez: All's Well in Iraq -- Just Ask the Dead
Rick Mercier: Former Pentagon Insider: 'When we Lie about Stuff,' People Perish
Denver Post: Peaceful Protest Under Attack
William Greider: Kerry's Crucible: The Challenger has Entered a Perilous Zone
Helen Thomas: Questions To Answer On Iraq
James Pinkerton: Pre-9/11 Doings Are Coming to Light
HDS Greenway: Is America Facing an Iraqi Intifadah?
Derrick Jackson: Condoleezza's Defense Full of Holes
Marty Jezer: Economic Recovery: Losers and Winners
Abhinav Aima: The Rise and Rise of Hamas, and why Thomas Friedman is Wrong on Terrorism
Alisa Solomon: Soldiers Choose Canada: Facing Iraq Duty, Two U.S. G.I.'s Head North to Seek Asylum
Patrick Cockburn: I Never Thought the Invasion Would End Happily. But this is a Dangerous Mess

Thursday, April 8
Norman Solomon: The Quest for a Monopoly on Violence
Jonathan Schell: The Phantom Sovereign
Laura Flanders: On Rice and Getting it Right
Kim Antieau: We Are the People We Are Waiting For
Joan Vennochi: Kennedy's Firm Stand on the War Rattles Bush
Seumas Milne: Bush and Blair Have Lit a Fire Which Could Consume Them
John Milton Wesley: A Quest for Truth
Tom Engelhardt: The Tunnel at the End of the Light
Mokhiber/Weissman: Stossell Tries to Scam His Public
Sidney Blumenthal: Bush's National Security Adviser Sabotaged the Road Map to Peace
Maureen Dowd: The Iraqi Inversion
Earl Ofari Hutchinson: Inglewood Opens the Wal-Mart Wars
Haroon Siddiqui: Iraq Nightmare Unfolds; Bush Should Fire Baghdad Point Man Bremer
Sonali Kolhatkar: What are YOU doing about Afghanistan? An Open Letter to Anti-War Activists
Matthew Rothschild: A Disastrous Occupation

Wednesday, April 7
Robert Byrd: A Call for an Exit Door from Iraq
Eileen McNamara: Kerry-McCain Ticket? Take a Stand on VP Choice
Tom Gallagher: Democrats and Wars
Kathy Kelly: Pacification: Worth the Price?
Robert Reich: W.'s Second Term: If You Think the First is Bad
John MacArthur: Bob Graham: A Man Too Decent to be Nominated
Robert Jensen: Support the Troops: Excerpt from Citizens of the Empire: The Struggle to Claim Our Humanity
Prince El Hassan bin Talal: The Third World War is Now
Richard Gwyn: Too Much Hatred in Iraq for US to Stay
Joni Seager: 'Protectors' of Unborn Put Them in Peril
Rahul Mahajan: Report from Baghdad -- Opening the Gates of Hell
Steve Cobble: Bush And Lay: It's Time the Press Revived the Investigation Into the History Between Enron and the President
Tom Blodget: The Truth, Poised to Flood in Torrents
David Clark: The War on Terror Misfired. Blame it all on the Neocons
Ivan Eland: The Long Ignominious Slide to Defeat in Iraq

Tuesday, April 6
Bill Moyers: Winning the War on Terror
Guy Reel: Five Ads for John Kerry
Brenda Payton: Oakland Cops Under U.N.'s Watchful Eye
Pierre Tristam: The Consequences of Humility as Illusion
Mark Lewis Taylor: Violence in Iraq, Gibson's 'The Passion' and the Forgetting of Empire
The Guardian/UK: Rethinking Occupation
Sean Gonsalves: Staff Sgt Camilo Mejia: The Courage to Face Lions
John Buell: Does Spain's Decision Show Restraint or Appeasement?
Helen Thomas: Iraq War Becoming a Quagmire
Allan Wood: A Question for Condi
Robert Scheer: The More We Try, the Worse Iraq Gets
Thomas Oliphant: Blatant Bush Tilt Toward Big Oil
Dan Plesch: The UK's Nuclear Dependency on the US: This Relationship Isn't Working
Paul Krugman: The Mercury Scandal

Monday, April 5
Naomi Klein: The US is Sabotaging Stability in Iraq
Bill C Davis: Fingers in a Bag
Lawrence Pintak: Taking on the Shi'ites: How America is Creating a Powerful New Enemy
Pete McCloskey: A Vietnam-era Lesson in Telling the Truth
Tom Engelhardt: Into the Shadows: Guantanamo World
Leon Wofsy: Hiding in the White House
Joy Gordon: U.N. Record in Iraq is Strong
Jules Witcover: The Architects of Bush's War
Walter Cronkite: Secrets and Lies Becoming Commonplace
Jason Leopold: Rice Never Spoke About Al-Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden Before 9/11, Investigation Shows
Nicole Jackson: Terrorism's Next Big Trigger
Gary Younge: Culture War Casualties: Polarization in US politics Reflects the Huge Rift that has Emerged over Individual Lifestyle and Moral Values

Friday, April 2
Daniel Nelson: The Smell of Defeat Hangs in the Air
Naomi Klein: Let's Make Enemies: Paul Bremer has Unveiled a Slew of Tricks That Allow the US to Hold on to Power in Iraq After June 30
Alejandro Eggers Moreno: Fossil-Fuel Dependency - Do Oil Reserves Foretell Bleak Future?
George Rosen: Democracy, Charity, and the Market
Paul Krugman: Media Giving Bush Administration a License to Smear with Impunity
Norman Solomon: Media Strategy Memo to George and Dick
Ralph Nader: A Chill Wind Blows Through Cooperstown
Nancy Talanian: License to Criticize the Patriot Act
Jonathan Steele: Falluja's People: Driven by National Pride
Paul Rockwell: The Agony Of Occupation: "The Flies Have Conquered the Fly Paper"
Reggie Rivers: A War of Semantics: It's Impolitic to Mention Any Similarity Between US Leaders and Terrorists
Bob Herbert: No End in Sight
Jules Witcover: Commission on 9/11 Held the Cards but Folded
Daniel Schorr: Clarke: Bush's John Dean?

Thursday, April 1
Ruth Rosen: Abrupt Climate Change: 'Imagine the Unthinkable'
John Nichols: Poor Bill Frist, He Can't Be Proud of What He Has Become
Kumar Venkat: What Kind of Productivity Do We Need?
Sidney Blumenthal: Bush's Latest Abuse of Power Fails to Rouse the Washington Media
Tom Engelhardt: Twenty-first Century Gunboat Diplomacy
Caroline Arnold: A Cautionary Tale for April First
Helen Thomas: Bush White House on the Defensive
Leilla Matsui/Seth Sandronsky: The Passion of the Donald - Getting in Touch With Your Inner Psychopath
Jimmy Breslin: This Enemy Worships Death
Joyce Marcel: A Redundant, Abundant America
Marc Cooper: The Great Condi-Clarke Match - Week Two: Karl Rove’s Bad Advice
Jay Bookman: Tort Reform will Magnify Victims' Pain




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