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December 2006

Saturday, December 30

  • Storm Rages Over Trial, Sentence
  • Climate Change: The Crack of Doom?
  • Maine Man Takes on Bush's Domestic Surveillance: Demanding Answers, Defending Privacy
  • If Bush Wants Bipartisan Policy, It's Out There
  • Palestinian Death Toll Triples This Year
  • Human Rights: Oaxaca, Mexico Still Under Scrutiny

    Friday, December 29

  • Cloned Animals Set to Be Sold As Meat in US
  • Giant Ice Shelf Breaks Free from Canadian Arctic
  • Saddam Execution Set to Destabilize Iraq Further
  • Peace Mom Aims to Ramp up "Peace Surge" after Arrest Thursday

    Thursday, December 28

  • Ford Speaks From The Grave, Criticizes Bush On Iraq
  • Ex-Maine Lawmaker Plans Anti-War Offensive
  • Nuclear Disarmament Gets Critical
  • Bush's Support for Death Penalty Opens Rift with UK
  • Firestone Catches Heat for its Treatment of Liberian Workers

    Wednesday, December 27

  • Dire Warnings from China's First Climate Change Report
  • Saddam Ready for 'Sacrifice' as Baathists Vow Revenge
  • Military Considers Recruiting Foreigners
  • War Critics See New Resistance by Bush

    Saturday, December 23

  • Probes of Bush Policies in Works
  • 'What Would Happen If the Virgin Mary Came to Bethlehem Today?'
  • US Trainers of Iraqi Troops Skeptical on Training
  • Human Rights Advocates Not Satisfied with Haditha Charges

    Friday, December 22

  • Selective Service to Test Military Draft Machinery
  • Leading German Researcher: Oceans Warming and Rising
  • Vietnam, LSD and Reds: US Opens 25-year-old Files on State Secrets
  • Richest 2 Percent Own Half the World's Wealth
  • Iraqi Hopes Dim Through Worst Year of Occupation
  • Air America Station to Stay in Madison
  • A Feud over Bush's CPB Pick

    Thursday, December 21

  • Climate Change vs Mother Nature: Scientists Reveal That Bears Have Stopped Hibernating
  • Massive Migration Sweep Creates Havoc for Workers' Families
  • The Last Tide Could Come at Any Time. Then These Islands at the End of the Earth Will Simply Vanish
  • Mock Funeral Procession Mourns Air America in Madison, Wisconsin
  • New German Community Models Car-free Living
  • Who Will Pay For Haditha?
  • The Urge to Surge
  • 'Out of Touch' Bush Wants to Boost Size of Army

    Wednesday, December 20

  • US Considers Naval Build-up as Warning to Iran
  • Biofuels Eating Into Food Grain Stocks
  • Bush 'Brainwashed' Blair on Iraq Pullout - Iraq VP
  • FBI to Release Last of Its John Lennon Files
  • Military Role in U.S. Embassies Creates Strains, Report Says
  • Key Democrat Wants to Know Why Arar Still Barred from US
  • Warming Seas Drive Shoreline Species North
  • Crisis Group Seeks 'Clean Break' in US Strategy

    Tuesday, December 19

  • Iraq on Brink of Becoming Failed State: Report
  • UN Urges Condolence Fund Amid 'Concern' at Afghan Civilian Deaths
  • Holy Warriors Set Sights on Iran
  • Neo-con Hawks Wanted Israel to Attack Syria
  • Blair Failed to Influence Bush, Caught in Iraq 'Mistake': Think-Tank
  • US Officials Split over Troop Surge in Iraq: Paper
  • Democrats Promise Interest Relief for Student Loans
  • The Climate Change Tipping Point?
  • India Split Over US Nuke Deal
  • White House Accused of Censorship
  • Attacks in Iraq at Record High, Pentagon Says

    Monday, December 18

  • Showdown Looms over Domestic Spying
  • Former US Detainee in Iraq Recalls Torment
  • Britain Approves World's Biggest Offshore Wind Farm
  • An Organic Recipe for Development
  • New Standards Will Make Gas Mileage Stickers More Realistic
  • Vermont Woman Is an Unlikely Peace Activist
  • With Democrats in Control, Yucca Project May Be Doomed
  • It's Either Occupation or Education
  • Frustration Mounts With Pace of Rebuilding
  • U.S. Forces 'Losing' in Iraq, Powell Says

    Saturday, December 16

  • AP: Most Gitmo Detainees Freed Elsewhere
  • California, Florida Suspend Executions
  • US Has No Fool-Proof Method of Execution
  • Penguins Offer Evidence of Global Warming
  • Iraqi Red Crescent: US Is Biggest Humanitarian Threat

    Friday, December 15

  • Diplomat's Suppressed Document Lays Bare the Lies behind Iraq War
  • Fattest People on Planet? Americans Take the Cake.
  • UK 'National Interest' Halts Arms Corruption Inquiry
  • Reporter Summoned to Testify Against War Resister
  • Losing Arab Allies' Hearts and Minds
  • Impeachment: 'It's Not Up to Pelosi,' Say Grassroots Leaders
  • Vegetarianism: the Choice of the 'More Intelligent' Child
  • Fears of Civil War in Gaza
  • Gore Implores Scientists to Raise Alarms
  • ACLU: Grand-jury Subpoena "Chilling"

    Thursday, December 14

  • 2006 Set to be 6th Warmest Worldwide: UK Report
  • Democrats Expected to Increase U.S. Military Spending
  • Scientists Worried about Bush Clampdown on US Geological Survey
  • Execution of Florida Inmate Takes 34 Minutes
  • Public Ever More Pessimistic on Iraq War
  • 'Gitmo Is Like Being Alive in Your Own Grave'
  • India Says Its Carbon Emissions Not Harming World
  • Australian Report Says Gun Laws Work

    Wednesday, December 13

  • Pentagon's Plan: More US Troops in Iraq
  • Americans See Widening Rich-Poor Income Gap as Cause for Alarm
  • Americans Hit `New Level of Discontent' Over Iraq, Poll Finds
  • New York City Fights Efforts to Release 2004 Convention Arrest Records
  • Memorial Can't Keep Pace with War Dead
  • EPA Rule on Mercury Emissions Doesn't Go Far Enough, Groups Say
  • Climate Change Catching Voter Attention around World
  • Listeners Rally to Save Liberal Radio Station
  • Impeachment Resolution Gains Momentum Across Vermont
  • Leahy Vows to Fight Bush, Guard US Privacy Rights
  • Rodriguez’s Upset Win in Texas 23 Yields Another Seat for Dems

    Tuesday, December 12

  • Annan Bows out of UN with Attack on Bush
  • Green Revolution Sweeping the US Construction Industry
  • Kucinich, Talking of Peace, to Run Again for President
  • "Personal Responsibility" but No Regrets for Rice over Iraq Failures
  • Musicians Oppose Media Consolidation
  • Vehicle Mileage Estimates Get Real
  • Arctic's Summer Sea Ice 'Could Disappear Completely by 2040'

    Monday, December 11

  • Small Nuclear War Would Cause Global Environmental Catastrophe
  • Lebanon Heading Toward a Breaking Point
  • Nobel Winner Warns of Dangers of Globalization
  • Crowds Take to Streets to Celebrate Pincohet's Demise
  • The Death of an American Filmmaker in Oaxaca Remains Unsolved
  • Tutu Distressed by Israel Block on Gaza Mission

    Sunday, December 10

  • Taliban Seize US Cash from Locals to Fuel Jihad
  • Gore Plans to Initiate a Grass-Roots 'Carbon Freeze' Movement
  • Secret American Talks with Insurgents Break Down
  • Nobel Peace Laureate Dares to Imagine a World without Poverty
  • America's 'Iraq Syndrome'

    Saturday, December 9

  • We're #1: US Has the Most Prisoners in the World
  • Afghanistan War Nears 'Tipping Point'
  • Angry Iraqis Bury Victims of US Airstrike
  • Shareholders to Dow: Deal with Mass Poisoning Fallout

    Friday, December 8

  • Report: World Bank Losing War on Poverty
  • Renowned Cancer Scientist Was Paid by Chemical Firm for 20 Years
  • Carbon Emissions up One-Quarter Since 1990: Study
  • Analysts: U.S. at Root of Effort to Topple Lebanese Government
  • Rumsfeld Faces Personal Suit by Detainees
  • Abu Ghraib Whistleblower Worries for His Safety
  • Green Policies 'Promote Peace'
  • Changes Are Expected in Voting by 2008 Election
  • Naomi Klein: Scrap NAFTA, Rejoin the Americas
  • Episcopal Bishop Arrested in Protest over War in Iraq
  • Cindy Sheehan's Trial Centers on Dispute Over War Protesters’ Arrests

    Thursday, December 7

  • Exxon Spends Millions to Cast Doubt on Warming
  • EPA May Drop Lead Air Pollution Limits
  • Hawks Meet to Lick Wounds
  • Study Says Violence in Iraq Has Been Underreported
  • Climate Change is Killing the Oceans' Microscopic 'Lungs'
  • 12 Million Suburbanites Live in Poverty
  • Greenpeace Assails Apple over Toxic Chemical Use
  • Chavez Uses Petro-Dollars to Help the Poor - in America

    Wednesday, December 6

  • Iraq Report Sees "Grave and Deteriorating" Crisis
  • Dems Warn They Will Seek to Influence Bush Admin War Policy
  • Official Iraq War Costs Don't Tell the Whole Story
  • 'Alternative Nobel' Winner Says U.S. Attack on Iran Likely before 2008
  • Richest 2% Hold Half the World’s Assets
  • Rumsfeld Successor: 'We're Not Winning War'
  • Mexican Federal Officials to Investigate American Filmmaker's Death
  • Neo-Cons Move to Preempt Baker Report
  • Iraq: One by One, They Tell the Truth

    Tuesday, December 5

  • Near-Total Isolation Sought for Guantanamo Detainees
  • Nonstick Chemicals Likely Cancer-Causing Agent
  • Firm Offers to Pay for Pupils to See Gore Film
  • Extra Checks on Voting Machines Rejected
  • US Predicts Bumper Year in Arms Sales
  • War Protestor Will be Retried
  • Was Ahmed Ali Mahoud the First Casualty of Lebanon's New Civil War?
  • Popular Pressure Prompts Bolton's Resignation

    Monday, December 4

  • War Strategy vs. Bush: Will Bush Change on Iraq Policy?
  • Protesters Demand Revote for Florida Congressional Seat
  • Carter Criticizes US Approach to Israel
  • US Failing to Engage Latin Leaders
  • Shias Too Lose Faith in Iraqi Govt
  • Lawyers Show Images of Padilla in Chains
  • Bolton to Leave as US Ambassador to UN
  • Peace Sign: Apostles to No Nukes

    Sunday, December 3

  • Mideast Allies in a State of Panic over Bush's Mess
  • Viva Chavez! Venezuelan President Set for Election Victory
  • Despite NATO, Afghan Opium Cultivation Grows 61 Percent
  • Gay-Rights Activists Hopeful About Agenda's New Prospects
  • America's Tradition of Dissent Unites Disparate Voices Into Powerful Force for Change

    Saturday, December 2

  • Shutdown of EPA Libraries Worries Scientists, Advocates
  • Defense Nominee's Business Ties Raise Concerns
  • Nepal's Farmers on the Front Line of Global Climate Change
  • Supporting Boys or Girls When the Line Isn’t Clear
  • Maine Anti-War Protester Released After 24-Hour Jail Sentence

    Friday, December 1

  • Foe of Birth Control to Head US Family Planning Department
  • Dems Ready to Challenge the "Luxury" of Abstinence
  • Massive Ice Shelf 'May Collapse without Warning'
  • AIDS Ravaging Workforce of Poorest Nations
  • Federal Institute Blasts Paperless Vote Machines
  • What are 'Inalienable Rights'? If You Don't Know, You Don't Get Them
  • Venezuela Battle Lines Drawn as Chavez Goes for Third Term
  • Socialist Senator to Push Congress from Left

    November 2006




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