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April 2005

Saturday, April 30
  • 'Cowardly' Wal-Mart's Unionized Quebec Store Closes
  • Lawmakers Shift Tone on Accountability for Prison Abuse Scandal
  • Arctic Refuge Oil Drilling Is Near Fact, Backers Say
  • Lawyer Who Told of US Abuses at Afghan Bases Loses UN Post
  • Bolton's Nomination Is Questioned by Another Powell Aide
  • Sudan Becomes US Ally in 'War on Terror'

    Friday, April 29
  • US Officials Responsible for Torture Get Promoted, Not Punished, Charge Rights Groups
  • Cuban, Venezuelan Leaders Woo Latin American Nations to Trade Pact Minus U.S. Leadership
  • Associate of Lobbyist Tied to DeLay Is Questioned on Island Contracts
  • Iraq Victim's Mother 'Will Take Blair to Court'
  • Mexico City Mayor Weathers Charges, Emerges as '06 Front-Runner
  • Discovery Vindicates Politician Who Used the Bird to Save a Swamp
  • Kerry Supporters Arrested at Bush Rally Sue Law Enforcement
  • Protesters Proud of Role in Time of Turmoil
  • Pepper Spray Trial Jury Agrees Excessive Force Used by Officers Against Protesters
  • Congress Budget Plan Moves ANWR Drilling Ahead
  • Venezuelan President Says He Will Not Return to U.S. Until Americans "liberate" Their Nation
  • New Data on Climate Change Worries Scientists

    Thursday, April 28
  • Cracks in Decaying Shell of Chernobyl Reactor Threaten Second Disaster
  • Blix Insists There was No Firm Weapons Evidence
  • Revealed: The Government's Secret Legal Advice On Iraq War
  • Colombian 'Peace Community' in Name Only
  • Bunker-Buster Bomb Plan Won't Work, Study Finds
  • Some Who Got Checks via DeLay Gave to His Defense
  • Lessons of Vietnam Linger for US
  • Opponents of Frist's 'Nuclear Option' Turn Up Volume Ahead of Possible Senate Confrontation
  • One Year On, Amnesty International Blasts US for Abu Ghraib Failings
  • Protesters Throng ChevronTexaco Annual Meeting

    Wednesday, April 27
  • Ozone Layer Most Fragile On Record
  • Interrogators 'Botched Hunt for Iraq's WMD'
  • Amazon Pollution: Victims of 'Toxico'
  • Climate Change Poses Threat to Food Supply, Scientists Say
  • US Wants to Sell Israel 'Bunker-Buster' Bombs
  • Iraqis Losing Confidence in Political Process
  • CPB's "Secrets and Lies": Why the CPB Board Hid its Polls Revealing Broad Public Support for PBS and NPR
  • Microsoft Defends Ties to Ralph Reed
  • US Admits Iraq Insurgency Undiminished

    Tuesday, April 26
  • US Considers Toughening Stance Toward Venezuela
  • Italian Opposition Slams US Report on Iraq Killing
  • Freed Iraq Hostage Says US Report Insults Italy
  • UK Majority Want Troops Home by End of the Year
  • Taliban Attack Fears Rise Amid New Afghan Violence
  • Religious Conservatives' Demands On Government May Spark Backlash
  • Labour MP Defects to Lib Dems Over Iraq
  • US Weapons Inspector Finishes Work Without Finding Iraqi WMD
  • World Terror Attacks Tripled in 2004 by US Count
  • Afghan Woman Reportedly Stoned to Death over Adultery Claim

    Monday, April 25
  • UN Investigator Who Exposed US Army Abuse Forced Out of His Job
  • Girl Soldiers: The Forgotten Victims of War
  • Hybrid Car Sales Soar in US in 2004
  • More than 1 Million Rally to Support Mexico City's Mayor
  • Venezuela Ends Military Ties and Evicts Some US Officers
  • Marines From Iraq Sound Off About Want of Armor and Men
  • Fear Hinders Rwanda's Quest for Justice
  • Freeing China's Caged Bile Bears
  • Rights Watchdog Demands Rumsfeld Abuse Inquiry
  • Blair Faces Intense Pre-election Pressure On Iraq War

    Sunday, April 24
  • In War's Name, Public Loses Information
  • Rights Group Cites Rumsfeld and Tenet in Report on Abuse
  • Promises ($60 for Instance) Fail to Rouse Iran's Voters
  • Italian Premier Names New Cabinet
  • US Guards at Guantanamo Tortured Me, Says UK Man
  • 'Frankenstein Foods': GM Industry Puts Human Gene into Rice
  • 9/11 Mother Sees Afghan School She Funded

    Saturday, April 23
  • Troubles Mount in White House, Bush Agenda Bogged Down
  • Top Brass Cleared Over Iraq Abuse
  • Power Struggle in Ecuador Static; Ex-Leader Is in Asylum Limbo
  • In Portland, Ore., a Bid to Pull Out of Terror Task Force
  • New Mexico Won't Go Down Without a Fight Over Drilling
  • Powell Joins Critics of 'Problematic' Bush Choice for UN Ambassador
  • '20th hijacker' Admits to His Role In September 11 Attacks

    Friday, April 22
  • Votes on Judgeships Move Senate Closer to Going 'Nuclear'
  • Earth Day: Environmentalists Mull Future of Movement
  • Climate Change: Hundreds of Antarctic Glaciers In Retreat, Says Study
  • Testimony of U.N. Nominee Is Disputed; Bolton Can't Control Anger
  • Microsoft Comes Under Fire for Reversal on Gay Rights Bill
  • Soldier Convicted in Deadly Attack on His Camp
  • Key Vote for Gay Marriage In Spain
  • Monterey Pine Forest: The Golf, the Bad and the Ugly
  • Japanese Prime Minister Apologizes Over War
  • 6 Wild Horses Sold by US End Up at a Slaughterhouse

    Thursday, April 21
  • On Eve of Earth Day, House Passes Energy Bill that Allows ANWR Drilling
  • Districts and Teachers' Union Sue Over No Child Left Behind
  • US Accused of Trying to Block Abortion Pills
  • A Gay Rights Milestone Rell Signs Civil Unions Bill, Supporters Push for Marriage
  • Jeffords to Leave the Senate, Setting Off Vermont Scramble
  • Italy's Berlusconi Resigns as Premier
  • More Than 3,000 Political Prisoners Arrested in Nepal, Amnesty Says
  • House Ethics Panel Chairman Offers Deal on DeLay and Proposed Rules; Dems Reject
  • Ecuadoran Congress Ousts President After Massive Protests
  • Al-Qaeda Says it Attempted to Kill Outgoing Iraq PM

    Wednesday, April 20
  • Aid Worker Uncovered America's Secret Tally of Iraqi Civilian Deaths
  • Senate Panel Postpones Vote on U.N. Nominee
  • AP Sues US to Get Guantanamo Documents
  • 2 Reporters Suffer Another Court Setback; Take Case to Supreme Court
  • Canada Approves Cannabis Spray; Paves Way for Med Marijauna In US
  • Argentinian Jailed for Throwing Prisoners from Plane
  • Ecuadorian Leader Refuses to Quit Despite Massive Riots
  • Berlusconi 'May Resign' in Parliament Speech; War Position Unpopular
  • A Reality Check for Progressives; Papal Choice Devastates Proponents for Change in Church
  • Liberal Attitudes On the Rise Among Students In US

    Tuesday, April 19
  • Terrorism Reports 'Had Errors'
  • GI Launched Grenade Attack On Comrades; Laughed at Murder
  • Iraqi Lawmaker Says US Soldier Grabbed His Throat, Assaulted Him
  • Boxer Fights for the Pill, Eyes Prescription Protection
  • Guantanamo Inmates Yield 'Valuable' Data
  • The Senseless Death of the Woman Who Fought George Bush
  • California Environmentalist Gets 8 Years for SUV Firebombing
  • Iran Closes al-Jazeera Offices; Accuse Them of Inflaming Riots
  • BBC Reporter Back at Work 10 Months After Shooting
  • Congress Asked to Boost Ethanol Production
  • McVeigh's Father Seeks Privacy, Peace

    Monday, April 18
  • Bolton Often Blocked Information, Officials Say
  • Country's Violence Catches Up to US Crusader in Iraq
  • Conservatives Will Take the Axe to Cash for Environmental Protection
  • 2,000 Pay Tribute To Chicano Leader Corky Gonzales
  • Taliban Return to Afghanistan's Air Waves
  • Thousands March in Anti-Japan Protest in Hong Kong
  • Supreme Court to Hear Appeal on Hallucinogenic Tea
  • Progressive Cardinals Try to Block Ratzinges
  • Blair Loses Support In Sedgefield Over War
  • IMF: Where Did all the Protesters Go?

    Saturday, April 16
  • The Ethical Revolution Sweeping Through the World's Sweatshops
  • Reports Rock Support for U.N. Nominee

    Friday, April 15
  • Climate Change Wreaking Havoc With Seasons
  • 73 Democrats Side With Credit Card Industry Over Consumers
  • EU Nations to Ban Suspected GMO Corn Imports
  • Kofi Annan: US and UK To Blame for Oil-for-Food Scandal
  • Israel Clears Officer of Killing Journalist Who Had White Flag
  • White House Refuses to Cooperate in Probe of Commentator's Hiring
  • Financial Leaders to Keep Poor Nations Waiting On Debt Relief
  • 19 Years Later: Some Chernobyl Clouds Will Not Clear
  • 10 Ex-GOP Lawmakers Attack Changes in Ethics Rules
  • Senate Votes to Ban Video News Releases
  • Frist Set to Use Religious Stage on Judicial Issue

    Thursday, April 14
  • America's Finest Rivers Awash With Raw Sewage
  • Parents of Peace Activist Killed by Israeli Bulldozer Target Caterpillar
  • Nike Lists Abuses at Asian Factories
  • US Lethal Injection Executions Condemned
  • Karzai Hints at Permanent US Military Basing
  • Those Most in Favor Have Least at Stake, Says Report
  • FCC Warns Broadcasters About 'News' Videos
  • Detainees? What Detainees?
  • US Officials Engaged in Mad Cow Coverup: Former Official

    Wednesday, April 13
  • US Mercenaries Spill Blood Over Afghan Opium
  • Philadelphia Plans First US Citywide Wi-Fi Network
  • World Bank Head Says Was at Odds with Bush White House
  • Rushdie Says Bush Policies Help Islamic Terrorism
  • Videos Challenge Accounts of Convention Unrest
  • Cables Show Central Negroponte Role in 80's Covert War Against Nicaragua
  • Concerns Raised About 1997 US Mad Cow Tests
  • DeLay Urges GOP to Blame Dems Over Ethics
  • Nuclear Fuel Arrives in Charleston
  • Beer Giant Says it Won't Buy Rice from States That Grow GM Crops
  • Scientists Scramble to Destroy Vials of Pandemic Flu Virus Sent to Thousands of Labs Mostly in US

    Tuesday, April 12
  • Man's Claims May Be a Look at Dark Side of War on Terror
  • Halliburton Unit's Work in Iraq Is Called 'Poor'
  • Iraqis 'Suffer a Lack of Rights'
  • Poland to Pull Troops from Iraq at End of Year
  • Colombian Artist Depicts Abu Ghraib Abuse
  • Muqtada al-Sadr: A Renegade Who Won't Back Down
  • UN Names Earth's Green Champions
  • World's Poor Need Fairer Trade Rules, Reports Aid Group
  • US: Pay Gap Widens Between CEOs and Workers
  • Public Broadcasting Group Will Replace Top Executive

    Monday, April 11
  • Afghan City Mourns Its Lost Children, Looks Back to Taliban
  • US Accused of Seizing Iraqi Women to Force Fugitive Relatives to Give Up
  • Saddam May Yet Be the Ultimate Survivor
  • Foes Cite Progress vs. Bush Agenda
  • Inquiries of Top Lobbyist Shine Unwelcome Light in Congress
  • US Victims of Abuse Slam Vatican Over Cardinal Law
  • Kerry: Trickery Kept Voters from Polls
  • Taliban's Conquerors in Battle for Sanity
  • A Political Tornado in Kansas
  • Gun Victims Speak Out on Scars of Violence
  • Moves Into Neighborhood

    Sunday, April 10
  • US 'Smuggles Wounded Troops Home' Under Cover of Darkness
  • GI Joe vs. Zein, the Last Pharaoh
  • Bush Lobbying Effort Skirts Law

    Saturday, April 9
  • Iraqis Protest on Anniversary of Saddam's Fall
  • Teachers and Classmates Express Outrage at Arrest of Girl, 16, as a Terrorist Threat
  • Rift Emerges in GOP After Schiavo Case
  • Bush's Choice for UN Faces Bullying Claims
  • GOP Consultant Weds His Male Partner
  • Mexicans Mount Huge Protest Over Threat to Left-Wing Mayor
  • US Nuclear Warhead Plan Under Fire

    Friday, April 8
  • EPA Balks at Halting Pesticide-Child Study
  • Poll: Bush Standing With Public Weakening
  • Ceremonial Gaffe Mars Appointment of Iraqi Prime Minister
  • Rights Group Decries Proposed Military Doctrine that Formalizes "Enemy Combatant" Status
  • Top US Scientists Urge Halt to Funding for Missile Defense Deployment
  • Some of America's Richest Say 'No, Thanks' to Bush Tax Cuts
  • Inside Guantanamo's Secret Trials
  • Stronger Steps Sought Against Cluster Bombs
  • Iraq is Becoming 'Free Fraud' Zone

    Thursday, April 7
  • Canned Democracy: Iraq's New Kurd President Sworn In
  • Gonzales Argues Against Expiration Date on Patriot Act
  • Death Toll in US Afghan Helicopter Crash Likely 18
  • Immigrant Says Minuteman Volunteers Watching Arizona Border Held Him Against His Will
  • Bush Nominee for U.N. Post Faces Hurdles
  • 'We Were Pinned Down by Fire as a Gun Battle Took Place in the Heart of Kashmir'
  • Colombia 'Will Not Try US Troops'
  • Gonzo King to Go Out With a Bang
  • G8 Summit Officers on Trial
  • British Soldier Cleared of Murdering Iraqi
  • Democrats Block Nomination Over Morning-After Pill
  • Translating Gandhi's Message of Peace
  • Driven by a Son's Sacrifice

    Wednesday, April 6
  • GOP Pounces on Byrd Link to Liberal Group
  • Faulting US, Report Urges Arab Lands to Democratize
  • Thousands Protest at Governor's Benefit
  • Mauled by Voters, Berlusconi Faces Race Against Time
  • Iraqi Compromise Fuels Angry Debate
  • Iraqi Suspect Says US Troops Took Mother Hostage
  • Blair Admits Iraq War has Eroded Public Trust in Him
  • New Report Details Black Inequality
  • Senate Defies Bush on Foreign Family Planning Aid
  • Political Instability in Iraq Causes Some to Form Militias
  • Are Honors for Physicians the New Political Diploma Mill?
  • Many Wary of GOP's Moral Agenda
  • Political Groups Paid Two Relatives of House Leader

    Tuesday, April 5
  • Venezuelan Indigenous Peoples Protest Coal Mining
  • Environment Put Center Stage at Corporations' Annual Meetings
  • Can International Law Save Civil Liberties?
  • ICRC Demands Investigation Into Iraqi Prison Riot
  • Sharon Defies International Objections by Allowing 3,500 New Homes on West Bank
  • Israeli Plan to Save Cash by Dumping Waste Near Water Supply
  • China Leads Death List as Number of Executions Around the World Soars
  • Gore's New Media Venture Seeks to Blend TV, Internet
  • Military Recruiters are Fortifying their Outposts at High Schools, Some Decry the Tactics
  • Senator Links Violence, Judges
  • Arnold's Foes are Growing Louder

    Monday, April 4
  • Foie Gras Leaves Activists With a Bad Taste
  • In Steinbeck's Birthplace, a Fight to Keep the Libraries Open
  • Senate Primed for Filibuster Showdown
  • Top Iranian Deputy Challenges US to Join Nuclear Negotiations
  • From Video War Games to Signing Up for Military?
  • Centrist Democrats Warn Liberals
  • Amid Mourning, Some US Catholics Pray for Change
  • US has No Time for Minutemen on Mexican Border

    Sunday, April 3
  • US Relied on 'Drunken Liar' to Justify War
  • Fury at 'Shoot for Fun' Memo
  • Green Light for Iraqi Prison Abuse Came Right from the Top

    Saturday, April 2
  • 'Curveball' Debacle Reignites CIA Feud
  • House Condemns Patriot Act
  • Neil Young Treated for Brain Aneurysm
  • Seal Hunters Fire Shots to Drive Off Protesters
  • Wolfowitz Approved as World Bank Chief; Groups Protest 'One-Horse Race'
  • Body of Soldier's Widow is Found

    Friday, April 1
  • Bush's Report: Buck Stops With 'Curveball', The Iraqi Defector
  • 2004 Exit Polls Analysis Points To Election 'Corruption'
  • US Soldier Convicted of Killing Iraqi Walks Free
  • Social Security Protesters Target Banks
  • Logging of Burnt Trees Spurs Clash in Oregon
  • Tom DeLay Threatens Judges: You Will Answer for This
  • Joint US-UK Cover-Up Alleged Over GM Maize
  • UN Tussles With America on Trials for Darfur War Crimes
  • Gore Vidal is as Mad as Hell, Aiming His Fury at the USA

    March 2005

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