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November 2004

Tuesday, November 30
  • Red Cross: Guantanamo Tactics 'Tantamount to Torture'
  • Protesters, Police Gear Up for Bush Visit
  • Activists Crawl Through Web to Untangle U.S. Secrecy
  • Neo-Cons Hop On Extreme Right's Anti-UN Drive
  • Pentagon Ordered to Halt Law School Recruiting Tactics
  • Progress Made, but Much to do to Reach Mine-Free World, Summit Hears
  • Halifax Family Scoff at Belated Bush Thank-You
  • Amnesty Int'l Seeks Military's Taser Files

    Monday, November 29

  • Bhopal Disaster and Aftermath a Huge Violation of Human Rights: Amnesty
  • Plant a Landmine, and Reap Years of Destruction
  • Alexander the (not so) Great Fails to Conquer America's Homophobes
  • Business and Biodiversity - Risk of 'Greenwash'?
  • New Poll: Americans Want Roe V. Wade Upheld
  • Military Recruiters Target Schools Strategically
  • Jesse Jackson Seeks Voting Probe
  • Noisy Protests May Greet Bush in Halifax
  • In 05 Foreign Aid Bill, Bush Faces Big Test On Commitment to Law, Multilateralism

    Sunday, November 28

  • Greenhouse Effect 'May Benefit Man'; Claims by Pro-Bush Think-Tank Outrage Eco-Groups
  • Landmines Among 'Most Pressing Humanitarian Issues of Our Time'
  • Strafing of School Divides N.J. Region
  • Evangelicals to Bush: Payback Time
  • U.S. Vehicles Are Behind the Curve in Skid Safety
  • When Major Retailer Calls It Quits, Town Opts to Open Shop
  • Britain Poised to Send 1,000 More Soldiers to Iraq

    Saturday, November 27

  • Bush Rules Out US Role at Global Conference on Land Mines
  • Nobel Laureate Saramago Warns of Danger After Bush Reelection
  • Clamor For Investigation into Death in U.S. Detention of Elderly Haitian Pastor
  • From Left, Religious Figures Make a Push

    Friday, November 26

  • 'Unusual Weapons' Used in Fallujah
  • US Threatens to Cut Foreign Aid over War Crimes Court
  • Blue-State Pension Funds Act to Balance GOP Control in Washington
  • Audit: Halliburton Lost Track of Property
  • Protest Plans Force Bush to Curtail Ottawa Visit
  • Leading Iraq Politicians Call for Election Delay
  • Ukraine State TV in Revolt

    Thursday, November 25

  • From Plymouth Rock to Baghdad, Iraq
  • Guardsmen Say They're Facing Iraq Ill-Trained
  • US has Failed to Explain Its Actions to the Muslim World: Pentagon Report
  • High Court to Weigh Medical Marijuana Laws
  • Activist Warns Against Genital Mutilation
  • Gas-Guzzling SUVs Should Get Tobacco-Style Warnings: British Think Tank

    Wednesday, November 24

  • US Media Miss Rumsfeld's 'Dirty Wars' Talk
  • Signs of Compromise Emerge in Ukraine Conflict
  • Group Finds Problems With Voting Machines
  • CIA Knew of Plot Against Venezuela's Chavez; Leader Not Warned, Documents Reveal
  • Democrats Say Election Investigation in the Works; GAO Will Probe Irregularities in Voting Machine
  • Whistler-Blower Guardians Say FDA Officials Tried to Undermine Critic
  • Witnesses Say US Forces Killed Unarmed Civilians
  • Israelis Fired on Girl 'Having Identified Her as a 10-Year-Old', Military Tape Shows
  • Politicians Seek Debate on Blair's Iraq 'Misconduct'
  • States Steam Ahead on Climate Change
  • Lobbyists Try to Kill Philly Wireless Plan

    Tuesday, November 23

  • Arms Control Activists Hail Bush Setback
  • Rights Group Calls on Caterpillar to Halt Bulldozer Sales to Israel
  • Hawks Push Regime Change in North Korea
  • Saddam's Legal Team May Sue US for War Crimes in Iraq
  • Sunni Muslim Cleric Advocating Election Boycott Killed
  • 'Something Was Not Right': Cameraman Goes Public on Video Footage of Marines
  • UN Report Sounds Grim New Warning Over AIDS
  • Bush Cabinet Moves Seen as Stifling Dissent
  • Hedge Fund Shorts Its Way Into Political Activism
  • Confusion Reigns as U.S. Raid Misses Target in Iraq

    Monday, November 22

  • 16,000 Protest U.S.-Run School of the Americas
  • Right-Wing Chilling Effect Makes 'Reproductive Rights' Too Hot for Public Radio
  • Experts Fear Nuke Genie's Out of Bottle
  • Iraq: The Uncounted
  • Conservationists Rethink Global Poverty
  • 9-11 Victims' Families Assail Congress' Failure on Intelligence Reform
  • As Ice Thaws, Arctic Peoples at Loss for Words
  • Revision Marches to Social Agenda
  • Ukraine Gripped by Poll Turmoil

    Sunday, November 21

  • Powell 'Pushed Out' By Bush For Seeking To Rein In Israel
  • Why Pre-Emptive Invasions Encourage Soldiers to Commit War Crimes
  • Falwell's School Joins Others in Teaching Law to Their Flocks
  • Group Blasts Political Quizzing of U.S. Science-Panel Nominees
  • Voting-Rights Groups Gather Evidence of Problems on Election Day
  • Chile Calls Off Bush Banquet After Security Dispute
  • Congress Helps Providers Refuse Abortions

    Saturday, November 20

  • Towards Alternative Cities, the Green-Friendly Way
  • Violence Breaks Out All Over Baghdad
  • U.S. Likely to Boost Forces in Iraq
  • Chaos in Iraq Imperils Voting
  • Anti-Bush Protesters Battle Police at Chile Summit
  • Lawyers to Challenge Election in Ohio

    Friday, November 19

  • Study Finds Florida 'Ghost' E-Votes
  • As U.S. Forces Raided a Mosque
  • Chirac Uses State Visit to Warn Britain of Modern Imperialism
  • Greens Declare War on Blair for 'Failures' Over Climate Change
  • Grim, Angry Rites as Falluja Buries Its Dead
  • 46 Groups Will Boycott Iraq Vote
  • Powell's Talk of Arms Has Fallout
  • AIDS Fund Payment Slashed
  • Afghanistan's Disturbing Poppy Explosion
  • Congress Told FDA Failed Public on Vioxx
  • ICRC Slams 'Utter Contempt' for Humanity Amid Fierce Fighting in Iraq

    Thursday, November 18

  • UC Berkeley Research Team Sounds 'Smoke Alarm' for Florida E-Vote Count
  • Fears Grow for Falluja Citizens
  • Nader-Requested Recount Begins
  • Recount New Hampshire
  • Survey: World Fears for Future
  • Democrats Take up Fight Over Ballots
  • Activists Await Bush at Pacific Summit in Chile
  • Journalist Held by U.S., Group Says
  • GOP Looking to Repeal Food Labeling Law
  • Congress Told FDA Failed Public on Vioxx
  • After Seven-Year Gestation, Kyoto Protocol Set to be Born
  • US Election: Democracy in Question
  • Public Housing Laws Harming Hundreds of Thousands of Poor People

    Wednesday, November 17

  • Media Accused of Ignoring Election Irregularities
  • Amnesty Calls for 'Unequivocal Orders' to Prevent War Crimes in Iraq
  • Britons Reject Blair's Closeness to the US
  • U.S. Troop Death Toll This Month Nears 100
  • Arabs Enraged at U.S. Soldier Shooting Wounded Iraq
  • World on Alert as Over 15,000 Species Face Extinction
  • New C.I.A. Chief Tells Workers to Back Administration Policies
  • House Changes Rules to Protect DeLay
  • Police Scoff at Ashcroft Speech

    Tuesday, November 16

  • Government Looking at Military Draft Lists
  • 'This One's Faking He's Dead' 'He's Dead Now'
  • Bush Policies Push Racial Profiling - Report
  • 800 Civilians Feared Dead in Fallujah
  • All States Still Show Wage Gap for Women -Study
  • U.S., Iraqi Troops Launch Mosul Offensive
  • Foreign Students Enrollment Decline for First Time in Generation
  • After Day of Cabinet Resignations, Many Fear a Shift to the Right
  • Few Foreigners Among Insurgents

    Monday, November 15

  • Fallujah Lies in Ruins, Along with the Lives of the Wretched Survivors
  • Rules of War Broken in Falluja Assault - Amnesty Intl
  • Secretary of State Powell Resigns
  • AP Photographer Flees Fallujah
  • Fallujah Battle May Carry Heavy Political Price for Iraqi Government
  • Press Watchdog "Deeply Disturbed" by Iraqi Regime's Media Threat
  • The Other Face of U.S. 'Success' in Fallujah
  • US Denies Need for Falluja Aid Convoy
  • 'Apology for Bush Win' Website is a Big Hit
  • Bush Threatens Mankind, says Caldicott

    Sunday, November 14

  • White House Orders Purge of CIA 'Liberals,' Sources Say
  • Ohio Voters tell of Election Day Troubles at Hearing
  • US Study Links More Than 200 Diseases to Pollution
  • Two-thirds of Whites Say They Are Biased Against Minorities
  • A Mental Health Crisis is Emerging

    Saturday, November 13

  • Fallujah Situation 'Disastrous', Charity Says
  • Looking for Voter Reform, Groups Keep Eyes on Ohio

    Friday, November 12

  • U.N. Report Slams Use of Torture to Beat Terror
  • Victories Rooted in Barren Ground
  • CIA Critic of U.S. War on Terror Resigns
  • Iraq Tells Media to Toe the Line
  • Survey: Format Influenced Voter Priorities
  • New Rebel Tactics Emerge in Fallujah
  • Georgia Evolution Dispute Embarrasses Some
  • Moore Set to Shoot 'Fahrenheit' Sequel
  • New Findings Fuel Controversy Over Big Mining Projects in Indonesia
  • US States Defy Bush Over Greenhouse Gases
  • US Soldiers Raid Homes of Sunni Muslim Clerics Critical of Offensive

    Thursday, November 11

  • Meltdown: Arctic Wildlife is On the Brink of Catastrophe
  • Yasser Arafat, Icon of Palestinian Cause, is Dead
  • Human 'Disaster' Looms in Encircled Falluja
  • BLM Whistleblower: I Was Fired Over Mine
  • Israel Arrests Nuke Whistleblower Vanunu for 'Leak'
  • Fallujah: US Will Lose More by 'Victory'
  • U.S. Envoy Pressed for Costly Fuel, Memo Says
  • The Unlikely Sheriff in Bush's Backyard: A Hispanic Lesbian Democrat
  • Bereaved Families Take Wreath Protest to 10 Downing Street
  • Gonzales Nomination Draws Cautions, Concerns of Rights Groups

    Wednesday, November 10

  • Morally Speaking, Iraq Was a Bigger Issue
  • Gay Leaders Try to Reframe Struggle for Marriage Rights
  • US Faces Criticism in British Government Human Rights Report
  • A Mother Never Forgets
  • Enraged Sunnis Withdraw from Iraqi Government, Demand Boycott of Elections
  • Springtime for Spooks?
  • Secrecy Cloaked During Election Campaign
  • US 'Pacifies' City but Rebels take Violence to Rest of Country
  • Just What America Needs - A Car Even Bigger Than the Hummer

    Tuesday, November 9

  • 'Phantom Fury' Poised to Become Phantom Victory
  • Arafat Dead, Say Palestinian Sources Amid Confusion
  • Howard Dean Considering Bid to Chair Dems
  • Guantanamo Trial Is Ruled Unlawful
  • Poll: British Public Hostility to Iraq War at Record Levels
  • Global Warming Exposes Arctic to Oil, Gas Drilling
  • Rapid Arctic Warming Brings Calls for Bush to Reassess Policy
  • Iraqi Troops Condemned, Threatened for Fighting; At Least 200 Desert
  • CIA Official Challenges Agency on Terrorism
  • Powell: U.S. Will Pursue Aggressive Foreign Policy
  • Ashcroft, Evans Resign From Bush Cabinet

    Monday, November 8

  • US Forces Unleash 'Phantom Fury' to Seize Fallujah
  • The New Republican Reality: No Policy is Too Right-Wing
  • U.S. Barrage Hits Iraq's Falluja Before Offensive
  • Resistance over Fallujah Builds Up in Baghdad
  • Election Stolen, Group Suspects
  • Fast Arctic Thaw Threatens People, Polar Bears
  • Halliburton Admits Bribes 'May Have Been Paid' in Nigeria
  • Guantanamo Military Commissions Continue Down Rocky Path

    Sunday, November 7

  • Iraqi Interim Government Declares Martial Law
  • Holy War: Evangelical Marines Prepare to Battle Barbarians
  • Bush's Agenda May Face Hurdles
  • Guantanamo Bay Justice: 3 Hours Behind Closed Doors
  • Protester Against Radioactive Waste Shipment Killed After Being Hit by Train, Police Official Says
  • Saudi Religious Scholars Back Holy War

    Saturday, November 6

  • Neo-Con Agenda: Iran, China, Russia, Latin America...
  • Texas Sex-Ed Texts Barely Mention Contraceptives
  • US Strikes Raze Falluja Hospital
  • Bush Stands by Rejection of Kyoto Treaty
  • Wisconsin School OKs Creationism Teaching

    Friday, November 5

  • U.N.'s Annan Seeks to Prevent an Assault on Fallouja
  • Bush, Buoyed by His Win, Likely to Move Fast on Iraq
  • European Leaders Indicate Lack of Support for US Policy on Iraq
  • Marriage Wording to Change in Texas Books
  • Bush Win Puts US on Collision Course with Iran
  • Accident at Russian Nuclear Power Plant Sows Fear Among Residents
  • Students at Colorado High School Protest Bush
  • U.S.-Led Coalition Could See Desertions
  • Machine Error Gives Bush Thousands of Extra Ohio Votes
  • Americans Flock to Canada's Immigration Website
  • Group Finds Voting Irregularities in South

    Thursday, November 4

  • Soldiers Describe Looting of Explosives
  • Council of Churches: God Has No Place in U.S. Politics
  • U.S. Bombardment Kills Five in Iraq's Falluja
  • Some Bush Supporters Say They Anticipate a 'Revolution'
  • Pentagon Planners Assailed for Failing to Secure Evidence of Iraqi Abuses
  • Unhappy Democrats Must Wait to Get Into Canada
  • World Wants Changes from Bush to Open a New Era

    Wednesday, November 3

  • Soldiers Describe Looting of Explosives
  • Kerry Hopes Fade, But Not Out
  • Voters Report Problems with Computer Systems
  • AP: Kerry Calls Bush to Concede Election
  • Hungary Will Withdraw Troops From Iraq
  • Bush, Republican Right, Extend Mandate

    Tuesday, November 2

  • Thousands Set to Party in Boston's Copley Square
  • A Day That Will Decide the Fate of the World
  • International Observers Turn the Tables
  • Marines Say Reuters Cameraman Died in Gunbattle
  • More Concerns About Weapons, Expertise Available to Iraqi Insurgents
  • Group Challenges Sinclair Licenses
  • European Press Voices Anxiety, Dread Over 'Mother of All Elections' in US
  • Iraq Oil Pipelines Hit by Biggest Attacks Yet

    Monday, November 1

  • Weapons Dust Worries Iraqis
  • Deputy Tackles, Arrests Journalist for Photographing Voters
  • Global Warming Has Arrived: Arctic Study
  • Complaint Sheets in Hand, Army of Volunteers Watches Over Florida's Voting
  • Bush Mounted More Personal Attack TV Ads Than Kerry, Study Finds
  • Zarqawi's Role in Iraq Overstated, Analysts Say
  • Report Cites Fraud, Abuse Cases in Iraq Rebuilding
  • Wal-Mart, A Discreet Player in US Presidential Campaign
  • Latin America Leans Further to the Left
  • The Whole World is Watching: The Test for the West

    October 2004





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