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July 10, 2013
7:37 AM


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Consumer Watchdog Slams Royal Mail Sell-Off as Treasury Inspired Money-Grab

Thousands Speak Out Against Privatisation and Higher Prices

Statement by Martin Caldwell, UK campaigner for on news of the planned sell-off of the Royal Mail:

WASHINGTON - July 10 - “Thousands of people across the country are outraged by the government's plan to sell off the Royal Mail for some quick cash. Long gone are the days when the Royal Mail was overstaffed, inefficient and loss-making. Last year, Royal Mail delivered over £600 million in profit back to taxpayers and is set to remain profitable this year. This proposed sell-off isn’t about efficiency or providing a better service, but is about getting some quick cash for George Osborne and the government in time for a pre-election giveaway. A newly privatised Royal Mail is likely to jack up prices, end its expensive UK-wide service and shut down rural postal services. This is unacceptable.”




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