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September 3, 2010
2:43 PM

CONTACT: America's Voice

Michael Earls (202) 494-8555

Governor Jan Brewer Loses Her Head in Arizona

As New Video & Report Show, Governor’s Debate Stumble Just the Latest in Pattern

WASHINGTON - September 3 - After getting her head handed to her in a debate this week, Gov. Jan Brewer (R-AZ) has become prime fodder for late night comedians and political satirists. 

However, as a new report and video from America's Voice make clear, Gov. Brewer has a long history of purporting falsehoods and defending the indefensible.  Given her lead role in supporting Arizona's "papers please" immigration law, not all of Gov. Brewer's bizarre behavior is funny -- though you can't help laughing at the sheer audacity and ridiculousness of many of her claims.  Whether it's calling the majority of immigrants drug mules or fabricating beheadings by immigrants in the Arizona desert, Gov. Brewer's occasional relationship with the truth is worth a closer look.

Watch new America's Voice video on The Worst of Jan Brewer:

Read America's Voice background report on Jan Brewer:

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