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May 12, 2010
12:24 PM

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Grassroots Clean Energy/Environmental Groups: Kerry-Lieberman Dirty Energy Bill Is No Solution to Climate Crisis

TAKOMA PARK, Md. - May 12 - 200 environmental, peace, consumer, religious organizations and small businesses today joined together to blast the Kerry-Lieberman "climate" proposal as a taxpayer bailout of the nuclear power industry and other dirty energy interests that would be ineffective at addressing the climate crisis.

The groups pledged to oppose the Kerry- Lieberman bill unless substantial changes are made, including removing all support for nuclear power.

"This bill is just business-as-usual: taxpayer giveaways to giant nuclear and other energy corporations wrapped in the guise of doing something about our climate crisis. To call this a climate bill is greenwashing in the extreme. We need to direct our resources to the fastest, cheapest, cleanest and safest means of reducing carbon emissions-this bill does just the opposite," said Michael Mariotte, executive director of the Nuclear Information and Resource Service, a national organization based in Takoma Park, MD, which coordinated this statement.

"The climate crisis won't be solved by increasing reliance on the dirty energy technologies of the past." said Michael Keegan of the Michigan-based Coalition for a Nuclear-Free Great Lakes, "What we need is an all-out effort to implement the clean technologies that already exist and are improving daily: solar and wind power, distributed energy systems, smart grids, increased energy efficiency-these are the energy technologies of the 21st century."

Among other provisions, the bill is expected to:

*provide $54 billion in taxpayer "loan guarantees" for construction of new nuclear reactors. These "loan guarantees" would actually be direct taxpayer loans from the government's Federal Financing Bank. It would also provide a 10% tax break to wealthy utilities for nuclear construction costs.

*create a "Clean Energy Deployment Administration" (CEDA) with the authority to provide unlimited taxpayer loans for new reactor construction without Congressional oversight.

*support dirty and dangerous reprocessing technologies, authorize billions of dollars in nuclear research and development, and legislatively attempt to speed the nuclear reactor licensing process despite a recent report from the Bipartisan Policy Center that found the industry is primarily to blame for the slow pace of licensing.

*continue to support offshore oil drilling near much of the U.S. coastline despite the calamitous BP oil spill.

*provide $10 billion for wasteful and impossible "clean coal" development.

*target a reduction in carbon emissions of only 17% from 2005 levels by 2020-far lower than most scientists believe is necessary.

Groups in New England were particularly upset at their Senators' actions. "Senator John Kerry's blatant support of the nuclear industry has left thousands of his Massachusetts constituents questioning his judgment," said Sandra Gavutis, executive director of C-10, a grassroots group in eastern Massachusetts.

"Senator Joe Lieberman is the nuclear power industries' best friend in the U.S. Senate. His support for a major federal loan guarantee for the nuclear power industry comes as no surprise. However, he does not represent the interests of the people of Connecticut, who demand investment instead in safe, clean, renewable energy," added Nancy Burton of the Connecticut Coalition Against Millstone.

In an affront to environmentalists across the world, Senators Kerry and Lieberman originally chose April 26-the 24th anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe-to unveil their "climate bill" that would provide vast new government support for construction of new nuclear reactors and make future Chernobyl-like disasters even more likely. Only the sudden withdrawal of support for the bill by South Carolina Senator Lindsay Graham changed the bill's release date.

"Everyone needs to face the tragic truth about the very real consequences of nuclear catastrophe," says Glenn Carroll, coordinator of Nuclear Watch South. "The Chernobyl accident is still happening as wildlife intrudes the ruined reactor and spreads radiation around the countryside. The massive concrete sarcophagus is 24 years old and threatens to collapse, initiating another deadly plume of radiation to the environment. Sun and wind promise us complete freedom from the untenable threat of irreversible nuclear contamination and our leaders must be pressed upon to heed Chernobyl's warning against investing in more nuclear reactors." Nuclear Watch South is based in Georgia where the giant Southern Company is slated to receive the first government nuclear payouts for two new reactors at the Vogtle site near Augusta.

"In the past month we've commemorated Chernobyl--the worst man-made disaster in history--and seen two new disasters: a massive oil spill on our Gulf Coast and a coal mine explosion," said Mariotte. "Nuclear power, oil and coal are not solutions to climate change, they are enormous environmental problems. These Senators should know better. The widespread opposition to this bill indicated by these 200 organizations indicates the American people want real solutions to the climate crisis, not more expensive bailouts for dirty energy interests."

Signers listed by State

Patricia Birnie

GE Stockholders Alliance

Tucson, AZ


Jack & Felice Cohen-Joppa

The Nuclear Resister

Tucson, AZ


Russell Lowes, Research Director Tucson, AZ


Stephen M. Brittle Don't Waste Arizona Phoenix, AZ


Dave Ewoldt

Executive Director

Natural Systems Solutions

Tucson, AZ


Bill Cunningham

Southwest Solar

Tucson, AZ


Julia Rouvier

Flagstaff Nuclear Awareness Project

Flagstaff, AZ


Christopher Worcester

Solar Wind Works

Truckee, CA


Elaine Holder, President

Mothers for Peace Action Committee

San Luis Obispo, CA


Robin Bayer, President


Palo Alto, CA


Linda Seeley Terra Foundation San Luis Obispo, CA


Mary Beth Brangan

EON, The Ecological Options Network

Bolinas, CA  


Philip Tymon, Administrative Director Occidental Arts and Ecology Center Occidental, CA


Lillian Light, President

The Environmental Priorities Network

Palos Verdes, CA


Leslie Sheridan, President

The Added Edge, Inc.

Vineburg, CA


Steven Gorelick

International Society for Ecology and Culture

Berkeley, CA


Enid Schreibman

Center for Safe Energy Berkeley, CA


Monroe Jeffrey

International Tribal Association

Perris, CA


Carol Wiebe

Westhaven Center for the Arts

Trinidad, CA


Joyce McLean

Santa Cruz WILPF

Santa Cruz, CA


Marylia Kelley

Tri-Valley CAREs

Communities Against a Radioactive Environment

Livermore, CA


Sheldon Plotkin

Southern California Federation of Scientists

Los Angeles, CA


Bernice Fischer

Peninsula Women's International League for Peace and Freedom

Palo Alto, CA


Guenn Johnsen-Gentry

Director of Education and Outreach

North Valley Food Co-op

Redding, CA


Albert G Cohen Southern California Ecumenical Council Pasadena, CA


Todd Steiner, Executive Director

Turtle Island Restoration Network

Forest Knolls, CA


Patricia Krommer C.S.J.

Sisters of St. Joseph

Los Angeles, CA


Wendy Oser

Nuclear Guardianship Project

Berkeley, CA


Dorothy Holland, Co-Chair

Santa Barbara Branch

Women's International League for Peace & Freedom

Santa Barbara, CA


Ananda Lee Tan North American Program Coordinator Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives Berkeley, CA


Free Soil Party of the U.S.

Los Angeles, CA


Mark Moulton

Fund For Peace Initiatives

Menlo Park, CA


Evan Ravitz, Founder Boulder, CO


Lezley Suleiman

President, Tallahassee Area Community

Canon City, CO


Judi Friedman, Chair

PACE (Peoples Action for Clean Energy, Inc.)

Canton, CT


Nancy Burton

Connecticut Coalition Against Millstone

Redding Ridge, CT


Paula Panzarella

Fight the Hike

New Haven, CT


Alan Muller, Executive Director

Green Delaware

Port Penn, DE


Jim Riccio


Washington DC


Jay Marx, Campaign Coordinator

Proposition One Committee for Nuclear Disarmament and Economic Conversion

Washington, DC


Donald Keesing Coordinator Voices Opposed To Environmental Racism Washington, DC


Jim Walker

No Nukes Now

Tallassahee, FL


Marilyn Blackwell

Help Save the Apalachicola River Group

Wewahitchka, FL


Cara Campbell, Chair

Ecology Party of Florida,

Ft. Lauderdale, FL


Nancy O'Byrne

Pax Christi Northeast Florida

St. Augustine, FL


John Hedrick

Panhandle Citizens Coalition

Tallahassee, FL


Dick Glick

Corporation for Future Resources

Tallahassee, FL


Rev. Dr. Kathleen A. Bishop Rabbi Barry Silver Social Justice League of Palm Beach County Lake Worth, FL


Joyce Tarnow, President

Floridians for a Sustainable Population

Cross City, FL


Sue Michalson, chair

The Village Greens Environmental Club

The Villages, FL


Michael Canney

Alachua County Green Party

Gainesville, FL


Glenn Carroll

Nuclear Watch South

Atlanta, GA


Tom Ferguson

Foundation for Global Community

Atlanta, GA


Bob Darby

Food Not Bombs

Atlanta, GA


Bobbie Paul, Executive Director

Georgia WAND

Atlanta, GA


Adele Kushner, Executive Director

Action for a Clean Environment

Alto, GA


Roy H. Taylor III

Choosing Green

Canton, GA


Andrea Shipley, Executive Director

Snake River Alliance

Boise, ID


Dave Kraft

Nuclear Energy Information Service

Chicago, IL


Carolyn Treadway

No New Nukes

Normal, IL


Carol Stark, Director

Citizens Against Ruining the Environment-C.A.R.E.

Lockport IL


Maureen Headington

Stand Up/Save Lives Campaign

Burr Ridge, IL


Cheryl Becker

Body Wisdom Incorporated

Lake Bluff, IL


John E. Surette, SJ


La Grange Pk, IL


John Blair, president

Valley Watch, Inc.

Evansville, IN


Ann Suellentrop

Physicians for Social Responsibility Kansas City Chapter

Kansas City, KS


Nancy Givens, CoChair

BGGreen Partnership for a Sustainable Community

Bowling Green, KY


Corinne Whitehead, President

Coalition for Health Concern, Inc.

Benton, KY


W. H. Herke, Ph.D.

Citizens for a Clean Environment

Baton Rouge, LA


Deb Katz

Citizens Awareness Network

Shelburne Falls, MA


Sandra Gavutis, Executive Director

C-10 Foundation

Newburyport, MA


Nancy Munger and Laura Roskos,


WILPF, U.S. Section

Boston, MA


Hugh Harwell, MRP

Ecological Planner, Designer & Builder

Sirius Ecovillage

Shutesbury, MA


Margaret Sheehan, President

Biomass Accountability Project, Inc.

Cambridge, MA


Andrée Collier & Ken Ward

Jamaica Plain Green House

Jamaica Plain, MA


Jonathan Mark, Publisher, Flyby News Wendell Depot, MA


D.O., Glen & Jean

The Enviro Show


Florence, MA


Virginia Pratt

Boston Branch, Women's International League for Peace and Freedom

Boston, MA


David Starr, Director

GREEN Northampton

Northampton, MA


Brent Baeslack, Co-chair

Haverhill Environmental League

Haverhill MA


William S. Linnell

Cheaper, Safer Power

Portland, ME 


Bradshaw Cummings Peace Action Maine Portland, ME


Michael Mariotte, Executive Director

Nuclear Information and Resource Service

Takoma Park, MD


Max Obuszewski

Baltimore Nonviolence Center

Baltimore, MD


Ken Bossong, Executive Director SUN DAY Campaign Takoma Park, MD


Kevin Kamps

Beyond Nuclear

Takoma Park, MD


Angela Flynn, Coordinator

Teach Environmental Awareness for Community Health

Bethesda, MD  


Gwen Dubois

Chesapeake Physicians for Social Responsibility

Baltimore, MD


Dagmar Fabian

Crabshell Alliance Baltimore, MD


Keith Gunter

Citizens' Resistance at Fermi Two

Monroe, MI  


Alice Hirt

Don't Waste Michigan

Holland, MI


Michael J. Keegan

Coalition for a Nuclear-Free Great Lakes

Monroe, MI


Joel Welty, Executive Director

Michigan Alliance of Cooperatives

Blanchard, MI


Eugenia Bajorek

SJF & PCUUC Peace and Justice

Oakland, MI


Derek Grigsby

The Detroit Peoples Water Board

Detroit, MI


Vic Macks

Michigan Stop the Nuclear Bombs Campaign

Detroit, MI


Amber Garlan

Green Party of St. Paul

St. Paul, MN


Judi Poulson, Chair

Fairmont MN Peace Group Fairmont, MN


Danene Provencher

West Metro Global Warming Action Group

Mound, MN


Susu Jeffrey, Founder

Friends of Coldwater

Twin Cities, MN


Jean Chovan, Joy Johnson


Southeastern Minnesota Alliance of Peacemakers

Rochester, MN


Mark Haim

Missourians for Safe Energy

Columbia, MO


Chris Daum

Oasis Montana Inc.

Renewable Energy Supply & Design

Stevensville, MT


Buffalo Bruce

Western Nebraska Resources Council

Chadron, NE


Steve Larrick, President South Salt Creek Community Organization Lincoln, NE


Peggy Maze Johnson

Citizen Alert

Las Vegas, NV


Doug Bogen Executive Director Seacoast Anti-Pollution League

Portsmouth, NH


Paula Gotsch


Normandy Beach, NJ


Lori Gold

Genesis Farm

Blairstown, NJ


Janet Greenwald

Citizens for Alternatives to Radioactive Dumping

Albuquerque, NM


Joni Arends, Executive Director Concerned Citizens for Nuclear Safety Santa Fe, NM


Lesley Weinstock, Coordinator

Aguq es Vida Action Team (AVAT)

Albuquerque, NM


Marian Naranjo, Director

Honor Our Pueblo Existence (H.O.P.E.)

Espanola, NM


Penelope McMullen, SL

Loretto Community

Santa Fe, NM


John Boomer

MASE (Multicultural Alliance For A Safe Environment)

Albuquerque, NM


Pam Gilchrist

Network of Spiritual Progressives

Santa Fe, NM


Greg Mello Los Alamos Study Group Albuquerque, NM


Alice Slater

Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, NY

New York, NY


Barbara Warren Executive Director Citizens' Environmental Coalition Albany, NY


Arnold Gore

Consumers Health Freedom Coalition

New York, NY


Stanley Romaine, Chair

Great Neck SANE/Peace Action

Great Neck, NY


Gerald R. Lotierzo, Co-Chair

Peace Action of Central New York


JK Canepa, Co-Founder

New York Climate Action Group

New York, NY


Aresh Javadi, Executive Director

The More Gardens! Fund

New York, NY


Ann Eagan

Green Party NYC

New York, NY


James Rauch, Secretary

F.A.C.T.S. (For A Clean Tonawanda Site)

Alden, NY


Conrad Miller M.D.


Physicians For Life

Watermill, NY


Elaine Donovan, co-founder Concerned Citizens for Peace Honeoye, NY


Jim Warren, Executive Director


Raleigh, NC


Lewis E. Patrie, MD, Chair

Western N. C. Physicians for Social Responsibility

Asheville, NC


E.M.T. O'Nan, Director Protect All Children's Environment Marion, NC


Robert Eidus

Eagle Feather Organic Farm

Marshall, NC


Wells Eddleman, Staff Scientist NC Citizens Research Group Durham NC


Ed King

Triangle Greens

Pittsboro, NC


Roberta Dees

Carolina Green Sense

Charlotte, NC


Connie Kline

Ohio Citizens Against a Radioactive Environment


Willoughby Hills, OH


Chris Borello, President

Concerned Citizens of Lake Twp./Uniontown IEL Superfund Site, OH 


Terry J. Lodge, Convenor

Toledo Coalition for Safe Energy

Toledo, OH


Karen Hansen, State Director Ohio Conference on Fair Trade

Columbus, OH


Marilyn McCullough

The Carrie Dickerson Foundation Tulsa, OK


B.A. Geary Citizens Action for Safe Energy
Tulsa, OK


Nina Bell, J.D., Executive Director

Northwest Environmental Advocates

Portland, OR


Betsy Toll

Living Earth Gatherings

Portland, OR


Dona Hippert J.D., President

Oregon Toxics Alliance

Eugene, OR


Paige Knight, President

Hanford Watch Portland, OR


Chuck Johnson

Center for Energy Research

Portland, OR


Lloyd Marbet, Executive Director Oregon Conservancy Foundation Boring, OR


Peter Bergel Oregon PeaceWorks Salem, OR


Lynn Sims Don't Waste Oregon Portland, OR


David Hughes

Citizen Power

Pittsburgh, PA


Dr. Lewis Cuthbert

Alliance For A Clean Environment

Pottstown, PA


Ernest Fuller

Concerned Citizens for SNEC Safety

Six Mile Run, PA


Mike Ewall

Energy Justice Network

Philadelphia, PA


Zoey Alderman-Tuttle

Student Green Team of Mercyhurst College

Erie, PA


Eric Epstein

Three Mile Island Alert

Harrisburg, PA


Katharine Dodge, President

Northeast PA Audubon Society

Honesdale, PA


Uke Jackson

Uke Jackson Productions, Inc.

Delaware Water Gap, PA


Mary Elizabeth Clark

SSJ Earth Center

Philadelphia, PA


Terri MacKenzie SHCJ

The EcoSpirituality Group, American Province Sisters of the Holy Child

Rosemont, PA


Nancy Tate

LEPOCO Peace Center

Bethlehem, PA


I.K. Samways Chair

Green Party of Pennsylvania

Harrisburg, PA


Sandy Hazley, Chair

Green Party of Allegheny County

Pittsburgh, PA


Bill Belitskus, Board President

Allegheny Defense Project (ADP)

Kane, PA  


Joe Martin

McKean County Citizens Against Nuclear Waste

Bradford, PA


Patricia Hval, Chair

Westerly Peak Oil Task Force

Westerly, RI  


William Smith, III

USA Nica Windpower, Inc.

Jamestown, RI


Finian Taylor

Hilton Head for Peace

Hilton Head, SC


Louise Gorenflo, moderator Know Nuclear Crossville TN


Kathleen Ferris, Co-Founder

Citizens to End Nuclear Dumping in TN

Murfreesboro, TN


Irucka Embry

EcoC2S (EcoCsquaredS)

Murfreesboro/Nashville, TN


Eric Lewis, Administrator

Cumberland Green Bioregional Council

Nashville, TN


Cynthia Weehler

Energia Mia

San Antonio, TX

Jerry Stein, President

Peace Farm

Amarillo, TX


Mary Schneider The Holographic Repatterning Institute At Austin

Austin, TX


Marisol Cortez, Climate Justice Organizer

Southwest Workers' Union

San Antonio, TX


Peggy and Melodye Pryor

No Bonds for Billioniares

Andrews, TX


Joseph L. Goldman, Ph.D, CCM

Technical Director

International Center for the Solution of Environmental Problems

Alpine, TX


Gary Stuard

Founder/Executive Director

Interfaith Environmental Alliance (IEA)

Dallas, TX


Elena Day

Peoples' Alliance for Clean Energy

Charlottesville, VA


Jason Von Kundra, President

GMU Environmental Action Group

Fairfax, VA


Joe Cook Council Coordinator Hampton Roads
Norfolk, VA


Brian Tokar

Institute for Social Ecology

Plainfield, VT


Beth Champagne

North Country Coalition for Justice and Peace

St. Johnsbury, VT


Crystal Zevon

Farm Fresh Market and Café

Barre, VT


Randy Kehler, Co-Coordinator

Safe & Green Campaign

Brattleboro, VT


Debra Stoleroff

Vermont Yankee Decommissioning Alliance

Montpelier, VT


Ariel Zevon

Local Agricultural Community Exchange

Barre, VT


Rachel Smolker

Climate SOS



Gerry Pollet, JD; Executive Director, Heart of America Northwest

Seattle, WA


Chris Herman

Winter Sun Design

Edmonds, WA


Marianne Edain

Whidbey Environmental Action Network

Langley, WA


John LaForge


Luck, WI


Judy Miner, Executive Director

Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice

Madison WI


Guy Wolf

Coulee Region Progressives

Stoddard, WI


Gail Vaugh

DownRiver Alliance

Ferryville, WI


Irene Mehlos

Merrill Peace Study

Merrill, WI


Christopher LaForge

Great Northern Solar

Port Wing, WI


Northern Futures Foundation

Port Wing, WI


Kickapoo Peace Circle

Viroqua, WI


Al Gedicks

Wisconsin Resources Protection Council

La Crosse, WI



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