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January 19, 2010
2:59 PM

CONTACT: Institute for Policy Studies

Kristi Ceccarossi
(617) 983-4094

Comic Relief on Its Way to the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission

WASHINGTON - January 19 - The Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission will resume its investigation today, armed with the "Economic Meltdown Funnies," a comic book that will help in their ongoing probe of the nation's financial industry. The comic book can be viewed on line at

Co-authors Chuck Collins and Nick Thorkelson sent copies of the 16-page comic book to all 10 members of the commission, hoping it would add some levity to their work after last week's busy hearing schedule - and provide a visual explanation about why the economy came to a screeching halt two years ago and has been limping ever since.

"Commission members and staffers will have to sit through a lot of long hearings and read piles of technical documents," said co-author Chuck Collins. "They're going to need some comic relief so they can stay focused on this important task."

"Economic Meltdown Funnies" explains how a convergence of high-risk investments, predatory lending, a lack of regulatory oversight led to the collapse of the financial markets. The cast of characters includes Fannie and Freddie, a fellow called Usury, a friendly bison (the comic's narrator), Ben Bernanke, Alan Greenspan and "the Four Ducks of the Apocalypse."

The comic book is a joint project of the Institute for Policy Studies and Jobs with Justice. It's been distributed to high school and college students, business and labor organizations, and has been translated into Hungarian and Spanish.

Thousands of copies have been downloaded for free at Hard copies are available for order through the web site.

Co-authors Chuck Collins, a senior scholar at the Institute for Policy Studies, and Nick Thorkelson, political cartoonist, are available for media requests. 

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