June 3, 2009
5:48 PM

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Tell the FCC What You Want from a National Internet Plan

WASHINGTON - June 3 - The Federal Communications Commission is busy crafting America's first national broadband plan, and they're asking for your input. Now's your chance to tell the FCC to support an open, fast, affordable and people-powered Internet without corporate gatekeepers.

You have until July 8 to make your voice heard with the FCC. Our wish list for the Internet can become a reality if it’s backed by strong public support. Do you:

  • Want to safeguard Net Neutrality so the Internet remains open and neutral?
  • Want more choice of Internet providers, instead of the same companies that overcharge, deny service or unfairly block Internet content?
  • Want a fast Internet that catches up with the rest of the world?
  • Want an Internet that connects everyone?

Then speak up! Use this easy form to appeal for a people-powered Internet.

The big media bosses will be adding their own comments, in favor of anti-consumer practices like content inspection and usage penalties. If their voices outnumber ours, then the free-flowing Internet we have today could be lost, or it could never evolve into something even better.

So it’s important that you push back with what you want -- an open, accessible Internet. File your comments now.


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