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Military Families Speak Out: Senators Could End the War Ths Spring

April 15, 2008
10:19 AM

CONTACT: Military Families Speak Out
Sean Donahue, Military Families Speak Out, 617-983-0710,
Nancy Lessin, Military Families Speak Out, 617-320-5301,

Senators Could End the War Ths Spring
Military Families Speak Out Calls on Senators – Including Clinton and Obama --to Filibuster War Spending Bill

NATIONWIDE - April 15 - Paula Rogovin doesn't just want to hear what policies Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama might pursue in should they become President -- she wants them to commit to using the power they already have as Senators to bring her Marine son home from his second deployment to .

"Every day the war in continues is another day my son and so many others are in harm's way," says Rogovin, a leader in the Bergen County, NJ chapter of Military Families Speak Out. "If Senator Clinton and Senator Obama are serious about both supporting our troops and ending this war, they will do everything in their power now to bring my son – and all the other U.S. troops in Iraq -- home quickly and safely."

As President Bush presses Congress to pass a new war spending bill, Rogovin and other members of Military Families Speak Out -- a national organization of military families opposed to the war in Iraq -- are calling on Clinton, Obama, and their Senate colleagues to commit to leading and sustaining a filibuster to block any legislation that would continue to fund the war in Iraq. They are also calling on Congress to fund the quick and safe return of all troops from , and comprehensive care for all returning troops.

"Senators lead filibusters around important issues all the time," said Rogovin, "What could be more important than ending a war that should never have started, and bringing all our troops safely home from ?"

"On the campaign trail, Senator Clinton and Senator Obama have repeatedly said that they oppose the war in Iraq, and that if they were elected president, they would begin bringing our troops home,” added Nancy Lessin, co-founder of Military Families Speak Out, whose stepson served with the Marines in Iraq in 2003. “But the reality is that they have the power now to make this happen, and so far they have chosen not to use it.” Lessin explained, “President Bush can't spend a dime in without the approval of Congress. Senators Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama could use the filibuster to stop the next war funding bill from passing the Senate – they would just need 40 colleagues to sustain this filibuster. If they are not willing to use the power they have now as U.S. Senators to end the war, what makes anyone think they will exercise bold leadership on January 20, 2009?

Carolee Hall, a member of Military Families Speak Out from Boise, ID appealed to the Senators to take action "My son is in the Air Force, has been deployed to Iraq twice, and will be returning for a third tour of duty; and, my husband is in the Air National Guard. This illegal military occupation of has taken its toll on my family and so many others, and it is time to tell President Bush and his supporters: No more! Senator Clinton and Senator Obama: you can do this! Please do what is right before there is another needless death in . As Senators you have the power to stop funding the war that is killing our troops. Now is the time to take leadership – now is the time to say no more funds to continue a war based on lies."

Members of Military Families Speak Out are available for interview -- including families with loved ones currently serving in Iraq, families whose loved ones have died as a result of this war, families of troops who have suffered physical and psychological injuries, and families of those awaiting deployment or re-deployment.

Military Families Speak Out ( is a national organization of almost 4,000 families who are opposed to the war in and have loved ones who serve or have served in the military since the fall of 2002.


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