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Win Without War

JANUARY 18, 2007
1:20 PM

CONTACT: Win Without War
Alex Howe, Fenton Communications (202) 822-5200

National Coalition Leader Calls for Binding Congressional Action on Iraq
March on Capitol, Congressional Lobby Day and In-District Actions to Demand Binding Action
Current Non-Binding Resolution Could Leave Members of Congress Off the Hook

WASHINGTON - January 18 - Tom Andrews, the National Director of Win Without War, the nation's largest anti-war coalition, called on Senate Democrats today to take binding action to stop the president's escalation of the Iraq war and begin the redeployment of US troops out of Iraq. Former US Congressman Tom Andrews (D-ME), said that the non-binding bi-partisan resolution introduced yesterday in the Senate could prove to be an obstacle to exerting political pressure on members of Congress to take binding action on Iraq.

He vowed an escalation of anti-war activism demanding the action, starting with next Saturday's march on the nation's capitol sponsored by United for Peace and Justice, a "lobby day" at Congressional offices in Washington on Monday January 29th and a nationally coordinated "Meet UP with Your Member" during the first Congressional District Work Period the week of February 19th.

Tom Andrews issued an open letter to Senate Democrats, excerpts of which are below.

"The president has bound this nation to a catastrophic policy and has bound our soldiers to a hellish nightmare in Iraq. We believe that it is imperative, therefore, that members of the House and Senate take binding action that requires the administration to reverse course in Iraq. Our men and women in uniform and the American people need and deserve Congressional action that has the force of law, including the exercise of its power of the purse."

"We will take this demand to the streets and Congressional offices in Washington and to District Congressional offices across the country when Members return home to face their constituents."

"Congressional action should be as binding on the administration as the orders binding our soldiers into harms way in Iraq."

"We are concerned that a non-binding resolution on Iraq is being pursued in the Senate without a clear linkage to binding Congressional action that would reverse the president's disastrous course in Iraq. The Congress has an obligation to respect and to implement the will of the American people."

"Members of the Senate and House should not be led to believe that their obligation to our troops in Iraq and to the American people is limited to the passage of resolutions that can be ignored by an administration that shows no intention of altering a failed policy."

"From the outset, the Bush administration's Iraq policy has been rooted in denial and deception and carried out with a lethal combination of arrogance, ignorance and incompetence. His escalation of the war in Iraq is in defiance of what American voters demanded of their government on November 7. It also defies the views of our military leaders, a majority of our soldiers, and the findings of the bi-partisan Iraq Study Group."

"Even worse, the additional troops the president will order into Iraq are not certified as combat ready. The Baltimore Sun reported last week that they would also be without the protection of the latest armored vehicles that withstand bomb blasts. It is an unconscionable failure to support the men and women that are being sent into harms way in Iraq under these circumstances, and it should be as unacceptable to the Congress as it is to the American public."

"A demand that Congress stand up to the administration and reverse course in Iraq was the single most important reason that Americans cast their votes for change in the November 7 elections. We are prepared to support congressional efforts that demand an end to the president's Iraq policy. However, we strongly believe that these efforts must be as binding on the administration as the president's disastrous policy is on our troops and the Iraqi people."


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