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JULY 13, 2004
2:12 PM
Jessica Smith or Kawana Lloyd
Voters Urged to Support Edwards’ Message of Hope and Trust Over Cheney’s Message of Fear

WASHINGTON - July 13 - New MoveON PAC Web Ad Debuts Today

To view Edwards/Cheney Ad, visit:

A new WEB advertisement comparing the Vice Presidential candidates has been launched on the MoveOn PAC website today. The stirring message shows the clear contrasts between Democratic Vice Presidential nominee John Edwards and Vice President Dick Cheney.

Using stark video images set to music and footage of the candidates themselves, the ad paints a picture of Edward’s commitment to an America that lifts people up and unites its citizenry in compassion and trust. Dick Cheney, on the other hand, is shown promoting a climate of fear. MoveOn PAC sent the message out to members on its email list. The ad can be viewed by logging on to

“As recent polls show, voters understand that Vice President Cheney has no optimistic vision for America,” said Eli Pariser, executive director of MoveOn PAC. “We look forward to the public comparison between John Edwards’ message of hope and Cheney’s cynical fear-mongering.”

According to TIME Magazine, based on a recent poll of registered and “likely voters”, John Edward’s favorable rating “outpaces his unfavorable rating by a margin of 39% to 12%. By contrast Cheney's favorable (41%) and unfavorable (40%) ratings are essentially the same.” The poll further underscores that Edwards does more for Kerry than Cheney does for Bush, revealing that“24% say Edwards as the Vice Presidential candidate makes them more likely to vote for Kerry, compared to 11% who say Cheney makes them more likely to vote for Bush.”

The script of the ad is as follows:

FADE IN: The word “Compassion” comes on the screen.

DISSOLVE TO: John Edwards video (subtle uplifting music)

“We are going to build an America where we say no to kids going to bed hungry. No to the kids not having the clothes to keep them warm and no forever.”

DISSOLVE TO BLACK (Music in background). The word “Trust” comes on the screen.

DISSOLVE TO: Still and video of Edwards

“The Truth is that every child and every family in America will be safer and more secure if they grow up in a world where we are once more looked up to and respected--that’s the world that you and I can create together.”

DISSOLVE TO BLACK (Music in background). The word “Hope” comes on the screen

DISSOLVE TO: Still and video of Edwards.

“We believe you should never look down on anybody. You ought to lift people up. We don’t believe in tearing people apart. We believe in bringing them together!

HARD CUT TO: Ominous heartbeat soundtrack with the word “FEAR” dissolving on screen.

CUT TO: Video of Cheney.

“In this period of extraordinary danger…” cross fade to different clip “…we came to recognize our vulnerability to the threats of the new era” cross fade to different clip “…the ultimate nightmare…the beginning of the end of America…” Repeated “...the beginning of the end of America..”

(The Cheney video is slowly being dissolving away (zoom out) and also slowly turning a reddish tint).

Male Voice over and Tagline:

Choose compassion, truth, hope. Choose Kerry/Edwards.

Cross fade to MoveOn Pac logo.


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