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JULY 2, 2003
4:47 PM
CONTACT: 2020 Democrats 
Soh Won Cha 212-548-6324
Former Governor and Presidential Candidate Howard Dean Shares His Vision with 2020 Democrats
Dean Believes That Young People "Have the Power To Take Our Country Back."
NEW YORK - July 2 - One month ago, 2020 Democrats invited young people to write their Visions of the America they would like to see in the year 2020. Young people across the nation have answered this call, and now so has one of the leading presidential candidates, former Governor of Vermont Howard Dean.

2020 Democrats is an independent organization dedicated to uniting young people around a vision of the future - and then turning that vision into a reality. By drawing a contrast between the 2020 Democrats vision and a vision of the way the world will look in twenty years if the Republicans have their way, 2020 Democrats hopes to mobilize a new generation of Democrats. Over the past month, 2020 Democrats has invited young people to articulate their individual visions for America's future. After July 4th - the deadline for visions submissions - 2020 Democrats will invite 150 young people to attend their inaugural conference and to begin to work together to craft a shared vision for our future.

Recognizing the important role that young people have to play in shaping our future, former Governor Dean has submitted his Vision to 2020 Democrats. He pointed out: "Young Americans I have met throughout this campaign understand that there are changes that must occur today to ensure that by 2020 America is still standing firm as a beacon to which people across the world can look." In looking to the future at 2020, former Governor Dean hopes to see "[a]n America where it is not enough to proclaim the words freedom, self-government, and democracy, but where it is a duty and a responsibility to participate together in common purpose with the sacrifice required of each of us to give those words meaning." Furthermore, in emphasizing the significant role young Americans have in helping shape our country's future, Dean asserts the "truth is the future of our nation rests in your hands, and not in mine... You have the power to take our country back, so that we can move forward to 2020."

2020 Democrats Co-Founder Jorge Miranda thanked former Governor Dean for his vision and called on young people to find their own political voice: "A leading presidential candidate has written his vision; have you written yours?"

To read former Governor Dean's vision in its entirety, go to, and to find out more about former Governor Dean, go to his website:

About 2020 Democrats

2020 Democrats was founded in 2003 by Josh Green and Jorge Miranda, who felt that the Democratic Party urgently needed to tackle three challenges: articulating a compelling vision for our future, proposing creative ideas to get us there from here, and connecting in a meaningful way to young people. 2020 Democrats is a stand-alone, volunteer organization and is not formally affiliated with the Democratic Party. Josh Green, 25, works in private equity, and Jorge Miranda, 23, is a public school teacher in Massachusetts. Together, they lead a steering group of thirty-five young leaders from across the country who are committed to engaging young people in a discussion about our country's future.

Fact Sheet:

2020 Democrats is an independent organization dedicated to uniting young people around a vision for our future -- and then turning that vision into a reality.


The Democratic Party faces 2 challenges:

- Connecting to young people, a logical -- but largely untapped -- base of support.

- Articulating an inspiring vision for our future -- as well as creative means for realizing that vision.


By convening 2020 Democrats, we hope to accomplish three goals:

- Mobilize a new generation of Democrats - who, like their predecessors, aspire to change the world - by providing a forum for them to articulate their visions for the nation and the world.

- Facilitate the search for a consensus vision of our future- a new Democratic model that will inspire our country and strengthen our party.

- Provide young Democrats with the tools necessary to turn their consensus vision into a reality.


2020 Democrats will catalyze a process that has four steps:

- Encouraging a broad cross-section of young Americans to express their visions for America in the year 2020.

- Stimulating a discussion between all those that expressed their visions -- a discussion that is grounded in the latest and greatest thinking along a number of different policy dimensions.

- Facilitating a year long campaign to coalesce around long-term vision for America.

- When consensus is found, providing young people with the tools necessary to influence today's leaders and provide support to young people in their efforts to become tomorrow's leaders.

Current Status:

2020 Democrats is currently led by an executive committee that consists of over 35 young leaders from across the country. This group has taken primary responsibility for launching 2020 Democrats and for organizing our first conference, "Your America: See It In 2020" that will be held the weekend of August 1st.

On May 27th, we began accepting Visions submissions from those interested in attending 2020 Democrats' conference. The deadline for Visions is July 4th.


Founders Bios:

Josh Green, originally from Atlanta, Georgia, currently lives in New York City where he works for DKP Partners, a private equity firm. Josh graduated from Dartmouth College in 2000 with a degree in Government. While at Dartmouth, Josh was president of the student government. After graduation, Josh worked as a management consultant at The Boston Consulting Group. Josh is a co-founder of 2020 Democrats and sits on the board of directors for Let's Get Ready, a non-profit group that organizes college students to provide free SAT tutoring and college counseling to underprivileged high school students. In the Fall of 2003, Josh will begin work towards dual graduate degrees in business and public policy at Harvard University.

Jorge Miranda was born and raised in Norwalk, Connecticut, and now lives in Boston, Massachusetts, where he is a public school teacher at Randolph High School. He teaches United States and World History to students with limited proficiency in English. Jorge graduated from Dartmouth College in 2001 where he studied Government and Education. While at Dartmouth, he was president of the student government. In 2002, Jorge was an organizer and education policy advisor for Robert Reich's gubernatorial campaign. Jorge is a co-founder of 2020 Democrats.


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