Saturday, January 21, 2017
President Donald Trump signing his first executive order on Friday. With First Executive Order, Trump Strikes Blow to Obamacare
President Donald Trump's very first executive order was a move toward fulfilling his campaign promise to gut Obamacare. The executive order, signed hours after Trump's swearing-in on Friday, directed federal agencies to "ease the burden of Obamacare," reported The Hill. The Hill explained that the...
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The Women's March in Rome, Italy. (Photo: CNN/Facebook) Women's March Sets Off in D.C. as 'Sister Marches' Take to Streets Around the World
The Women's March on Washington set off at 10am EST Saturday in Washington, D.C. Responding to the frightening rhetoric of the past election, the marchers are demonstrating a show of solidarity "in numbers too great to ignore," the organizers write, to fight for human rights and inclusive...
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Voting sign With Trump in Office, Feds May Alter Course in Texas Voter ID Case
Hours after President Donald Trump was inaugurated, the Department of Justice filed to postpone a hearing on the Texas Voter ID law. The request was granted. The DOJ had previously argued that the law intentionally discriminated against minority voters, but told the court it needed additional time...
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