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Monday, November 24, 2014
Chuck Hagel Resigns as Secretary of Defense
U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel is stepping down from the top post at the Pentagon "under pressure" reports the New York Times on Monday. Other outlets report that Hagel's resignation has been accepted by President Obama. The official announcement of the resignation is expected to come from...
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'Dropping Pretense of Democracy,' Israel Advances Bill for Jewish Nation-State
The Israeli Cabinet on Sunday passed a controversial bill which declares Israel a Jewish nation-state, institutionalizes Jewish religious law, and eradicates Arabic as a second official language. Critics warn that the measure, which still has to be approved by parliament, would further codify...
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Vienna Talks Fail to Reach Agreement on Iran Nuclear Program
Update (11:48 AM EST) : Talks extended for for seven additional months As indicated in earlier reporting (see below), Iran and the P5+1 nations failed to finalized a nuclear and sanctions relief agreement after six days of talks in Vienna but have agreed to extend the dialogue and negotiation...
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Dispatch from Syria: US Bombing Campaign Driving Wave of ISIS Support
Months after the U.S. initiated military airstrikes in Syria with the stated goal of uprooting Islamic State (or ISIS) militants, new in-depth reporting from the ground in that country reveals that numerous forces once opposed to the group are now citing the U.S.-led bombing campaign as a reason to...
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