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Monday, May 25, 2015
'Badass Left-Winger' Rebukes Gossip-Style News Ahead of Campaign Kick-Off
Sen. Bernie Sanders, set to host his official presidential campaign kick-off event in Vermont on Tuesday, spent Memorial Day weekend exercising his political chops by saying that his path towards the Democratic nomination will be focused on having a serious conversation with the American people...
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Pushing New Economic and Political Vision, Left Surges in Spanish Elections
Local elections across Spain on Sunday saw the further rise of left-wing parties and candidates as an ongoing populist push from below resulted in the worst performance of the ruling People's Party in a generation. Fueled by the street-level support that began with the indignados movement in the...
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After Lifetime of Discoveries, Climatologist Asks: 'Now That You Know, What Will You Do?'
Though all the awards had been announced and a week of celebrity sightings and red carpet fanfare was nearly complete, the final word at the Cannes Film Festival on Sunday night was not from a famous actor, producer or director but from an octogenerian French glaciologist who in a documentary film...
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