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Thursday, October 30, 2014
France Investigating Mysterious Drones Over Its Nuclear Plants
Authorities in France on Thursday announced the launch of an investigation into a series of mysterious drones that have been sighted flying over a number of the nation's nuclear power facilities. Unmanned aircraft have been documented flying over seven separate facilities operated by the state-...
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On Proposed Mega-Pipeline, Tar Sands Opponents Vow: 'It's Not Going to Happen'
The energy corporation TransCanada on Thursday filed a 30,000-page regulatory application for its proposed Energy East Pipeline Project, which is expected to cost approximately $12 billion and would transport 1.1 million barrels of tar sands oil daily from Alberta and Saskatchewan in Western Canada...
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Amid Fiery Protests, Burkina Faso Halts Bill to Extend Presidency
After anti-government protesters set fire to Burkina Faso's Parliament on Thursday in escalating demonstrations against the ruler they say is making a "constitutional coup d'etat" to stay in power, President Blaise Compaore has reportedly scrapped —or at least delayed—a plan to extend his 27-year...
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Sweden Officially Recognizes Palestinian State
In the midst of a stalled peace process and mounting political isolation for Israel, Sweden on Thursday joined over 130 other nations in officially recognizing the Palestinian state. In response to the development, Israel immediately recalled its ambassador to Sweden, Isaac Bachman. The formal...
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Targeted by Global Boycott, SodaStream to Close Factory in Occupied West Bank
Campaigners for Palestinian rights are declaring success following Wednesday's announcement by SodaStream International, a controversial Israeli-owned company targeted by a global boycott campaign, that it will be shuttering and relocating its factory that is housed in the occupied West Bank. "We...
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Defying State-Ordered Quarantine, Nurse Takes 'Beautiful' Bike Ride
Update (11:59 AM EST) : Defying a state-ordered quarantine on Thursday morning, nurse Kaci Hickox left her home in the rural town of Fort Kent, Maine to go for a bike ride with her partner, Ted Wilbur. The two were not stopped, but were followed on their ride by a state trooper patrol car. “It’s a...
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