News for 2014-01-05

Sunday, January 5, 2014
[field_image_caption-raw] Chorus of Voices Urges 'Economic Lifeline' Over Austerity
A potential showdown could begin on Monday as Congress reconvenes and is expected to take up the issue of extending long-term unemployment benefits.
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[field_image_caption-raw] Fukushima Worker Says 'Slipshod Work' Done on Storage Tanks
A former worker at Fukushima described his amazement at the emphasis on cost-cutting, time-saving, "slipshot" measures to deal with the clean-up at the crisis-stricken nuclear plant.
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[field_image_caption-raw] Tens of Thousands of Migrants Rally in Israel for Rights
Tens of thousands of African migrants held their biggest rally to date in Tel Aviv on Sunday to protest Israel's refusal to grant them refugee status and new law that allows them to be detained without trial. "We are all refugees," and "Yes to freedom, no to prison!" the marchers chanted.
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