News for 2013-10-19

Saturday, October 19, 2013
[field_image_caption-raw] The U.S.’s 64-Square-Foot “Torture Chambers”
He has not had human contact or a good night’s sleep in nearly three decades. Every single day, he wakes to the sound of metal doors clanging open and a pair of disembodied hands pushing a tray of food through a slot into his 64-square-foot cell. For the next 23 hours, he will stare at the same...
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[field_image_caption-raw] Fireball Hits Sky as Train Carrying Crude Oil, Gas Derails
Emergency workers continue to battle a fire on Saturday after a Canadian National tanker train carrying crude oil and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) derailed near Edmonton, forcing the evacuation of an entire town and sending a fireball into the sky.
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[field_image_caption-raw] Worldwide Actions Call for Clean Energy in 'Global Frackdown'
At hundreds of actions across dozens of countries on Saturday, people are raising their voices as part of the second Global Frackdown to say "no" to the polluting practice of fracking, "yes" to a low-carbon economy fueled by clean, sustainable energy.
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[title] Moyers & Company: Sherry Turkle on Being Alone Together
If you think a lot of people are looking down these days, it’s because they are. We often see people focused so intensely on the latest text or tweet coming from their smartphone, that they seem virtually oblivious to the world around them. This week, Bill talks to MIT professor Sherry Turkle , who...
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[field_image_caption-raw] Police Block Maldives Presidential Vote
Police in the Maldives blocked re-scheduled presidential elections on Saturday, bringng further upheaval to the Indian Ocean nation. Reuters reports that the Maldives has been in turmoil since February 2012 when the then-president, Mohamed Nasheed, was ousted by mutinying police, military forces...
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[title] American Raids in Libya & Somalia Expose Military Lawlessness
The recent raids in Libya and Somalia expose the “utter lawlessness of the U.S. military, the U.S. government, and the CIA,” said Michael Ratner, President Emeritus of the Center for Constitutional Rights. “What's shocking about it is, of course, the fact that there's so little reaction in the...
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