News for 2012-09-03

Monday, September 3, 2012
[field_image_caption-raw] Speculating Banks Profit as World's Poorest Go Hungry
Reports over the weekend saw some of the world's most powerful financial institutions accused of profiteering on the backs of the world's poorest people and those most vulnerable to the wild price fluctuations caused by over-rampant speculation on the price of food commodities like wheat, soy beans...
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[field_image_caption-raw] Love for Labor Lost? Little to Celebrate This Year for Unions
On a day set aside to honor the sacrifices and accomplishments of organized labor in the US, this Labor Day, according to many observers, may well be noted as the one in modern history where labor unions looked around and found the fewest reasons to cheer.
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[field_image_caption-raw] Palestinian Man, Protesting Deplorable Conditions in Gaza, Dies after Self-Immolation
The father of 18-year-old Mohamed Abu Nada, who died on Sunday in the Gaza strip following sever injuries suffered after he set himself on fire late last week, said the young man did so to protest the deplorable conditions he and his family experienced living under economic and military blockade as...
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[field_image_caption-raw] Israel ‘Pillaging’ Palestinian Resources: Report
JERUSALEM - By mining natural resources from the occupied Palestinian territories for its own economic purposes, Israel is committing the war crime of pillage in the Dead Sea area, according to a report released Monday by Palestinian human rights group Al Haq.
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[field_image_caption-raw] US Diplomats Targeted by Bombers in Pakistan
A US consulate vehicle in Pakistan was the target of a suicide car bomb on Monday, killing at least four people in the deadliest attack targeting Americans for two years in the country's ongoing entanglement with the US/NATO war in neighboring Afghanistan. Reports indicate that nearly 20 people...
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