News for 2011-01-15

Saturday, January 15, 2011
Amid WikiLeaks Storm, US Gov't Promotes Ellsberg Film
WASHINGTON -- Even as prosecutors build a case against the Army private suspected of passing hundreds of thousands of diplomatic cables to WikiLeaks, the State Department is promoting a documentary film that celebrates Pentagon Papers leaker Daniel Ellsberg.
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Arab Activists Hope Tunisia Events Inspire Change
CAIRO -- Celebrations over the Tunisian president's ouster spread Saturday as the popular uprising raised hopes throughout the Arab world that it could inspire pressures for reforms across a region dominated by authoritative regimes. But while Middle East leaders may face bolder calls for change -...
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Tunisia: People Power Succeeds Without Western Backing
CAIRO - These are scenes Western powers would have loved to see in Iran - thousands of young people braving live bullets and forcing an autocratic ruler out of the country. But it is in the North African nation Tunisia where an uprising forced the Western-backed autocratic President Zine el Abidine...
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Tunisia: The First WikiLeaks Revolution?
Tunisians didn't need any more reasons to protest when they took to the streets these past weeks -- food prices were rising, corruption was rampant, and unemployment was staggering. But we might also count Tunisia as the first time that WikiLeaks pushed people over the brink.
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