News for 2010-09-12

Sunday, September 12, 2010
BP Well Threatens Ancient Libyan Sites
Plans by the energy giant BP to sink an oil well off the Libyan coast could have disastrous consequences for the region's rich heritage of coastal ancient city sites and shipwrecks - already under threat from oil tankers, coastal erosion and tourist developments - archaeologists from around the...
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Quran Burning and US Inconsistency
Barack Obama, the US president, has warned that threats to burn the Quran are a sure and effective way to swell the ranks of al-Qaeda. This may be true, but largely because such symbolic acts of 'Islamophobia' are widely viewed as verifying the perception that the US wars in Afghanistan and Iraq,...
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US Poverty Rate Expected to Post a Record Increase
WASHINGTON - The number of people in the United States who are in poverty is on track for a record increase on President Obama's watch, with the ranks of working-age poor approaching 1960s levels that led to the national war on poverty. Census figures for 2009 - the recession-ravaged first year of...
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